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AP Encrusted With VVS Diamond

AP Encrusted With VVS Diamond

AP encrusted with VVS diamond 

Watches encrusted with VVS diamonds are no push-asides when we consider men’s diamond watches. These iced-out timepieces made their entry into the fashion world about a century ago. Since their introduction, they have enjoyed quite remarkable success and fame among lovers of luxury watches. This explains why most luxury watch and AP enthusiasts want their AP encrusted with VVS diamonds.

The demand for personalization in the watch industry continues to rise in recent years. As a lover of exquisite watches, you also can’t say no to VVS diamond-encrusted AP watches. These iced-out timepieces look really nice when merged with the sleek design of a brand like Audemars Piguet.

Therefore, it is understandable and, in fact, trendy to want your AP encrusted with VVS diamond. So, do you want one of these iced-out timepieces? Diamonds By Raymond Lee is where you can get the finest watches encrusted with VVS diamonds.

However, AP produces certain models of the Offshore line with full-factory set diamonds. Yet, most of these iced-out timepieces out there are custom sets. When done right, this custom-set AP with encrusted VVS diamond is not different from the factory set versions. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of the elements involved, process, and value of aftermarket AP watches encrusted with VVS diamonds. Dive in!

Why AP Watches?

Understanding why AP watches are perfect for custom-set iced-out timepieces requires a sound knowledge of AP history. This time, we refer to the history of the brand’s most significant collection (THE Royal Oak). 

Introducing the first AP Royal Oak model in 1972, Audemars Piguet took off for a successful run. This model came fitted in stainless steel instead of gold. That choice of material and the price of the timepiece made it a significant entry into the watch industry. The price of this timepiece was as though Audemars made it with gold materials.

Regardless, this original Royal Oak model obtained successful heights in the international watch industry. This timepiece will remain one of the most distinguished sports timepieces in watchmaking history. That was one way Audemars Piguet set its standards and earned an outstanding reputation in the sports watch niche.

  • Then Came The AP Royal Oak Offshore

AP released the Royal Oak Offshore model in 1993 with a complete stainless steel make-up and an insane price tag. After this 1993 Royal Oak Offshore came a sportier and more masculine dominant adaptation of the landmark Royal Oak. Audemars Piguet once again set another trend for the watch industry to follow.

  • The 2002 Rubber Clad Design 

The Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad reference was the next version to be introduced. Introducing this timepiece nine years later in 2002 sent another shock wave around the watchmaking market.

The watch came with a shockingly audacious design with rubber wrapping a gold bezel plus a rubber diving strap. That was a bold and groundbreaking move that affected the entire industry.

Presently, we see several watches using rubber on their crown, as their straps, or other exterior elements. Well, AP set the trend and others are simply following.

The success of the rubber-clad design reached the celebrity world, with many celebrities preferring this innovative wristwatch. Here is a list of celebrities that have rocked this timepiece in the last decade:

  • Sean Avery
  • Tom Brady
  • Swizz Beatz
  • Ed Burns

Why VVS Diamonds?

To begin with, what does VVS mean? Simply put, it is an acronym for Very Very Slightly included.

VVS diamond on an Audemars Piguet timepiece

This perfection in terms of diamond clarity falls below only the Flawless and Internally Flawless grades. The VVS diamonds are nearly flawless, having only a few spikes thrown in in featureless areas. VVS diamonds are one of the highest and most valuable grades of diamond clarity.

There is also a very substantial reduction in their price compared to flawless and internally flawless diamonds. But they look similar when viewed with the naked eye.

In addition, VVS diamonds only contain a negligible amount of microscopic inclusions. These inclusions are still hardly noticeable under 10x magnification, which speaks volumes of their minuteness.

  • The Subdivision Of The VVS Diamond Clarity Category

This category of diamond clarity is further subdivided into VVS1 and VVS2. These subdivisions are the third and fourth-best grades, respectively, on the clarity scale. The inclusions on the VVS diamond have zero impact on both the appearance and the structure of the diamond. Safe to say the inclusions are as good as being absent.

Meanwhile, the VV’s as a collection only have slight differences between them. Inclusions on the VVS1 diamond are commonly on the bottom for the diamonds or the pavilion. While inclusions on the VVS2 diamonds are on the crown or the top of the diamond.

iced-out timepieces

It doesn’t matter if they’re at the top or the bottom, these inclusions are still very hard to see. When using magnification, they are still almost unnoticeable. Let alone when you see them with your naked eye.

More so, the inclusions found in any VVS diamond mostly are trifling things like:

  • Clouds
  • Pinpoints
  • Feathers or 
  • Internal graining.

Finally, VVS diamonds are a delight for local and luxury jewelers because of their enviable level of quality. Plus, they do not come with the heavy price tag of the flawless diamond grade.

Creating Magical AP Watches encrusted With VVS Diamond 

VVS diamond on an Audemars Piguet timepiece

Enough of the history lessons. It is time to let you in on the process that births AP watches encrusted with VVS diamonds. We begin with the stage of removing the rubber from a rubber-clad bezel.

  • Getting The Rubber Off The Bezel

The rubber covering the bezel on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber clad is removable. While some purists prefer to leave the rubber-clad untouched, other luxury watch lovers disagree. Nothing beats these iced-out timepieces in the luxury watch game. 

Icing out any AP wrist watch is not a simple task. When done poorly, it seriously damages the watch and replacing the bezel with a new one becomes necessary. Diamonds By Raymond Lee is one of the watch dealers in South Florida that can remove the rubber faultlessly.

Here is how the process of getting the rubber off the bezel goes. We strip the rubber coating and uncover the lovely 18k Rose Gold octagonal bezel lying underneath. Then, we set round brilliant diamonds in place. How about a more detailed stepwise description? 

  • First, the entire rubber-clad goes off, piece-by-piece. We get the rubber off the bezel by scorching it off with the right instrument. 
  • After the rubber is off fully, the hexagonal screws will bulge above the bezel. These screws come with a design that keeps it in line with the rubber coating always. Only a highly skilled watchmaker can solve this problem. The watchmaker must carefully smoothen the bottom of the hexagonal screws until they rhyme with the metal of the bezel.
  • Encrusting the VVS Diamonds

This part where the diamonds get encrusted is the main part of the entire process. It is an extraordinary task that needs the expertise of a watch surgeon if it must be a success. While encrusting the VVS diamond, we always ensure we retain the integrity of AP’s design. When you see watches from AP encrusted with VVS diamonds, they look flawless.

More so, you can either encrust only the bezel or cover the AP watches entirely (full set). Either way, here are the steps involved in encrusting the VVS diamonds.

  • First, a metal excavating tool helps to drill into the gold.
  • Ensure each setting is in the perfect size and shape. That way, the VVS diamond fits in seamlessly. 
  • After creating the holes, the diamonds go in and with the right frame holding it in place properly. 
  • We understand that light can’t reflect from the underside of the diamonds when encrusted. So, we use a different setting that reflects the most achievable shine. 
  • Moreover, for each diamond to remain secure, the gold gets folded slightly at the external edge close to the diameter. We do this using a special tool (the pneumatic hammer). 
  • We ensure every bit of the VVS diamond remains secured flawlessly within the setting. In addition, we use a partial setting for an utmost reflection of the diamonds’ brightness, fire, and elegance.

Overall, we handle each step with care and tenacity. We ensure nothing gets damaged in the process. It is pure watchmaking magic!

AP Encrusted With VVS Diamond: A Piece-By-Piece Beauty


AP encrusted with VVS diamond 

Now that you understand the process, the materials used (the AP watches and the VVS diamond), let’s review the parts. The watch under review is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad.

  • The Perfect Case For Diamonds

With a big and bold 42mm case, this timepiece makes a perfect stage for the VVS diamond. There is the addition of the intervening links connecting the strap and the case to produce an imposing 58mm measurement.

The AP Rubber clad presents a flared, wide-body appearance on every wrist thanks to its bold case. However, the case is relatively compact when we consider its width. It is barely 14.6mm tall. Aside from the crown, guards, and chronograph pushers, this iced-out Audemars Piguet watch case comes fully encrusted.

Besides, the alignment and definition of this timepiece are flawless. You rarely find iced-out timepieces this fascinating. With the VVS diamond, it is a beauty and with the size; it is a beast. All of these are in one package. 

Also, AP attached the strap to the case using screws rather than spring bars. With screws, they have more durability and protection which is what a case of this size needs.

The case makes it perfect aftermarket customization. One would easily believe it was factory set when done properly. With the VVS diamond, this high-end, extravagant watch case takes a next-level look. This case drips diamond glows when properly encrusted.

Additionally, there are the sides of the case that take on a new grand look with the addition of these diamonds. This case from AP encrusted with VVS diamonds boosts the value, total carat weight and elegance of the wristwatch. 

Meanwhile, it is best not to adjust the original functionality of the AP timepiece. For this particular AP encrusted with VVS diamond, we protect the watch’s waterproof quality through the process.

  • Dialed With Diamonds

Naturally, the dial possesses a Tapisserie texture before it gets encrusted. AP encrusted with VVS diamond gets totally adapted by coating it with tiny round brilliant cut diamonds. 

VVS diamond on an Audemars Piguet dial

The dial further features 3 white sub-dials: A 12-Hour Totalizer, Chronograph 30-Minute Totalizer, and Constant Seconds. There is a radiant coating on the hour and minute hands. Also, the black numerals running through the white subdials and hands come coated. The combination of these coated components reveals a fascinating bi-chromatic color blend. 

Furthermore, these iced-out timepieces feature rose gold and VVS diamond encrusted in their dials. Also, you find a Q-set aperture set at the 3 o’clock position with a magnifying cyclops covering. There is also a glare-proof sapphire crystal glass covering the dial of these iced-out timepieces.

Finally, there is a Tachymetric scale on the perimeter of the dial. With the Tachymetric scale, you can measure the speed of an object as it moves at a particular distance. A good example is measuring a standing mile.

  • Support And Comfort From The Rubber Clad Strap

With the diver-style rubber strap, you get just the support and comfort that big and stylish face needs. The rubber used is a supple, raw vulcanized rubber used in an innovative design. This allows the strap to effortlessly flex and trace the arc of the wrist to the delight of the wearer. 

The black Rubber Clad strap perfectly fits and contrasts the AP folding clasp and the full-set diamond-encrusted face.

  • Automatically Powered Timepieces

An automatic self-winding AP 2326/2840 caliber powers these iced-out timepieces from Audemars Piguet. The movement delivers a 38-hour power reserve with 28,800 beats per hour offering enough power to sustain these beauties.

Conclusion: The Real Show Stoppers

Every lover of iced-out timepieces wants a timepiece that draws the limelight. These stone-cold aftermarket AP encrusted with VVS diamonds are excellent options. With their bold look, chiseled octagonal structure, and diamonds, they are always show stoppers.


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