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Alexa Collins Pool-Side Diamond Dip

Alexa Collins Pool-Side Diamond Dip

Elegant jewelry just looks better on a beautiful person and Instagram model, Alexa Collins, is an excellent canvas for some really stunning pieces. This gorgeous, well-known Instagram model recently sat poolside to have a photoshoot with some of our best and most recent acquisitions, and boy does she make our jewlery look good. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we appreciate beauty, inside and out. So, who better to show off our stylish and elegant pieces than this beautiful woman who is as sweet as she is pretty.

Our recent poolside photoshoot with Alexa Collins allows us to show off some of our newest pieces with real style. Try to tear your eyes away from her to take a gander at some recent pieces. She shows off a stunning diamond necklace, earrings, a luxury watch, an engagement ring, and more. These are some of the finest pieces we have in stock right now and they could easily become part of your signature look or as a statement piece. 

Let’s take a closer look at the model, Alexa Collins, as well as the pieces she is showing off for her shoot.

A Beautiful Face for Beautiful Jewlery

When it comes to fine jewlery, Diamonds by Raymond Lee has a long-standing reputation in the Boca Raton area and beyond. This is because we have a dedication not only to fine jewelry – its acquisition and design – but also to the local community. We love the community that has continued to embrace us throughout the years. This is why we do local events that celebrate the community that allows us to make our home here. 

The beautiful Instagram model, Alexa Collins, recently graced our Diamonds and Donuts event. This is a local event, open to the public, where people come together to collect toys and donations for children in need, as well as check out some really fine jewlery and some really stunning women. Ms. Collins would join us again, for a poolside shoot, where she would show off some of our latest pieces. These are some of the finest pieces we have on offer and who better to show them off than someone as gorgeous as Alexa? We are truly lucky to have her as a part of our extended family. She really shows off our pieces well.

Model Alexa Collins

Alexa Collins is a young model that has a big following on both Instagram and YouTube. Born in 1995 in South Florida, she is the embodiment of the Sunshine State. Her modeling career has taken off in recent years and she partners with various brands and for many well-known magazines. From fitness magazines and blogs to fine jewelry photoshoots, Alexa has done it all.

She has that all-American beauty that we love so much. Her stunning blond hair and her rocking body come together to be the perfect canvas for high-end clothing, jewelry, and more. Her sunny disposition and cheerful personality make her a captivating personality, so it is no wonder that she has so many fans and followers from all around the world.

She got into modeling at a young age and continues to wow her millions of Instagram and YouTube followers with her beautiful body and stunning features. She has an amazing personality that captivates her audience and makes her such a popular face for Diamonds by Raymond Lee and beyond. It is her amazing looks and great disposition that has made her such a valuable and important part of our extended Diamonds by Raymond Lee family.

Pool-Side Jewelry Display

We recently met up with Alexa for a poolside photoshoot of some of our favorite and most recent acquisitions. What better way to spend an afternoon than with a stunning and charming woman with lots of high-end, luxury fine jewelry? We couldn’t think of anything better either. So when we got in some new acquisitions, we thought, who better to show off these pieces than the stunning and incomparable Alexa Collins? She was kind enough to oblige.

So we met up with her poolside and had her pose with a range of our newest pieces. The shoot had a definite focus on diamonds and that sparkly stone really looks amazing on such a lovely person like Alexa. She really shows just how good our high-end pieces can look. Whether you choose one of the pieces on your own or a few in combination, Alexa shows us how to make these pieces look their best. 

Poolside photoshoots dripping with diamonds sure seem like a fun way to spend an afternoon, doesn’t it? That’s the benefit of being a photographer for Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Not only do you get to take pictures of beautiful jewelry, but sometimes you also get to take pictures of stunning women wearing that jewelry. 

Featured Pieces

During this photoshoot, Alexa Collins shows off a wide range of high-end diamond accessories. Some of these are recent acquisitions that our experienced and skilled buyers have been able to find in their search for the finest pieces available in the world. Since the photo shoot was poolside with the sunny and wonderful Alexa, we thought that we should focus on the diamond. This means that all the pieces she is wearing in these pictures feature the finest, highest-grade diamonds available on the market.

Alexa shows off a really stunning necklace, as well as other pieces that feature the highest-grade diamonds. She shows off her stunning engagement ring, as well as a few of our other pieces. A diamond-studded luxury wristwatch, diamond earrings, rings, and more, are just a few of the pieces that she wears during this poolside shoot. Let’s take a bit of a closer look at some of the pieces she is wearing since they are so stunning and elegant. These pieces are one-of-a-kind and are available at our Boca Raton location, at least while they last. Stunning pieces like this tend to go pretty quickly.

Floral Diamond Necklace

One of the most obvious and elegant pieces Alexa Collins shows off during her poolside photoshoot is a diamond flower-shaped necklace. This necklace features the purest white gold and high-grade diamonds that have a configuration that makes them look like small flowers. This is a piece with a lot of personality and is a great option for the nature-lover. Only the finest high-grade diamonds feature in this piece and it is elegant, yet whimsical.

Floral-inspired jewelry is a unique way to show off your style and personality. Not everyone wants a simple piece of diamond jewelry in a standard cut. Why shouldn’t our accessories tell others something about our personality? This is why some people prefer pieces like this that use naturalistic or stylized imagery. Choosing a piece of jewlery that visually represents something that we love or hold dear is a really wonderful way to show off who we are and what we care about, all while looking amazing in the process.

This necklace features small, round-cut diamonds that take on the shape of a simple flower. This gives the piece a lot of sparkle and shine. It is elegant, yet whimsical and fun. It is the perfect necklace for the person who loves nature and also the finer things in life.

Elegant Diamond Earrings

There is nothing quite as timeless and elegant as diamond stud earrings. This is one of the most classic and elegant styles of earrings and Alexa Collins shows us just how beautiful they really are. Stud earrings are earrings that generally feature one stone – large or small – that affix close to the ear. They do not hang or dangle from the ear at all. This is a timeless style of earring and will give whatever you pair it with an instant and effortless elegance. 

Alexa is wearing diamond stud earrings that are in a pear-style cut and are quite large. This makes them incredibly elegant and the focal piece of any look. This cut of the diamond is perfect for those who want to show off the depth of the stone. Since there is but a single diamond in each ear, this is going to be what draws the eye. This is why you want to select the highest quality diamonds you can afford. Any flaws within the stone will be evident. While it might be tempting to buy a larger, but lesser-quality stone, these earrings will show off any flaws or imperfections in the stone, so we recommend going to quality over size. 

Beautiful Engagement Rings

Additionally, our poolside photoshoot with Alexa Collins also features gorgeous diamond rings. These are engagement rings that feature the finest diamonds and purest precious metals. Here, she models engagement rings that feature large stones and high-grade white gold. These rings feature different cuts of stone. A large central stone and smaller accent stones create a truly stunning piece that you will be happy to wear every day for the rest of your life.

When it comes to engagement rings, you want to choose something that is going to work with your lifestyle. If you are particularly active or you work with your hands, something as large and ornate as the rings we feature here might not be the best option. But for those who don’t have these restrictions, elegance and glamour are the name of the game with these rings. They feature large, flawless diamonds that are the epitome of quality. 

Alexa shows that these rings are elegant and stylish no matter what the occasion. Your large, elegant engagement ring will also look just as amazing poolside as it does the day you walk down the aisle. 

Alexa Shows Off!

We are happy to see that Alexa Collins had a great time on our photoshoot. Her happiness and personality shine through in the pictures and serve to make the pieces even more attractive than they already are. This Southern Florida-born beauty really is the perfect canvas for high-grade diamond jewlery. Her sparkle and the sparkle of the stones really come through and make for a great way to show off these pieces. We love that her happiness and whimsy shine through in every picture of her.

It is her sunny disposition and great looks that make her one of the most popular models that are part of the extended Diamonds by Raymond Lee family. We couldn’t think of a better person to show off these recent acquisitions. Her sparkle and the sparkle of the stones come together and really accentuate the elegance and fun of the pieces we feature in the poolside shoot. 

We love how well her looks and personality work with our fun and elegant jewelry. And we thank her for all the time and effort she has put into being part of our family. Hats off, Alexa!

In Closing

When it comes to showing off fine jewelry, what better way to do it than with a stunning and charming model? We couldn’t think of anything better either, which is why we chose to work with the beautiful Alexa Collins. Alexa Collins is not only part of the extended Diamonds by Raymond Lee family, but she is also a famous Instagram model with millions of followers from around the world. It is her good looks and sunny personality that makes her such a favorite of so many around the world.

Recently, we had her do a poolside photoshoot to show off some of our favorite recent acquisitions. And, boy, does she deliver. Her stunning looks and body and exceptional jewelry make for stunning gorgeous pictures and it is a great way to show off our finest pieces. During the most recent shoot, we had her focus on diamond jewlery. She shows off some of our latest pieces that including a floral-inspired diamond necklace, a high-end diamond watch, engagement rings, and prong-style diamond earrings. 

We thank her for her commitment to the Diamonds by Raymond Lee family and love that we have our own Florida-born beauty to help us show off our latest pieces. Any of the pieces she shows off here would look great on their own or in combination with other fine pieces. 


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