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AP Panda

AP Panda

AP Panda for the gents

Do you want to dress up and stand out in style? How about a perfect crown in your different outfits? Then, what you need is this ultimately stunning and sophisticated AP Panda wristwatch. Audemars Piguet crafted the Offshore Panda with elegance and striking functionality and durability. The Panda wrist watch by Audemars Piguet is what you need to complement every outfit flawlessly.

Since its introduction in 2009, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Panda has since become a timepiece for every gentleman. This Offshore comes fitted with a silvered dial featuring black Chrono indexes and red accents to deliver that racing-inspired look.

You can either fit yours with a stainless steel bracelet or a black alligator hornback strap like this one. Either way, you get a sleek Panda that wears seamlessly.

Specifically, the Offshore Panda we are featuring here has a stainless steel bracelet. In this post, we provide a rundown on the specs, superiorities, and pros and cons of the AP Panda.

The AP Panda In A Bit

Here is a succinct rundown of the specifications of the Panda wristwatch by Audemars Piguet. 

  • Case: The AP Panda comes in a stainless steel case that is 14mm thick and measures 44mm in diameter.
  • Dial: This wristwatch features a silver hobnail-textured waffle dial with bold black hour markers and hands as embellishments. There are also triple subdials and a date counter on display on the dial. Finally, the dial comes guarded by a sapphire crystal window.
  • Strap Or Bracelet: The AP Panda offers two strap options. First is the black Hornback alligator leather strap with a deployant buckle for closure. The second option is the steel bracelet.
  • Movement: This timepiece takes power from a self-winding automatic movement.
  • Water Resistance: AP Panda wristwatch holds its water resistance capability down to 100 meters or 10 ATM underwater.

Panda Wristwatch By Audemars Piguet: Built By The Best

Fitted to function, the Panda wrist watch by Audemars Piguet delivers quality in every of its detail. From the dial to the case, down to the movement that powers it, this watch presents the best elements.

Panda wrist watch by Audemars Piguet

Below is an in-depth dive into the excellence offered by Audemars Piguet in the different parts of the AP Panda.

  • Dialed For Legibility And Looks

Audemars Piguet focused more on delivering an elegant look and impressive legibility on the dial of the AP Panda. Audemars replaced the Arabic numerals on the dial with applied white gold indices to make the watch more sophisticated and desirable.  

Furthermore, the design of the white gold hour and minute hands flawlessly pairs with the hour indices.  And the tachymeter scale comes fitted on an elevated ring to enhance the dial’s dimension and depth.  

Again, AP chooses the perfect font for the subdials on the Offshore Panda to reveal a modern and sporty look.  However, the date font stands out from every other detail on the dial. Meanwhile, we believe the most striking part of the dial is infusing the mega tapisserie pattern in the Panda design. 

Moreover, in our opinion, a purer “white” dial would better the light silver dial used. But, the dynamic dial of the AP Panda watch reveals a purer white dial depending on the light angles. 

Similarly, the unnoticed magnification on the date has a stylish execution and a graceful appeal. Lastly, the delicate red applications on the dial are subtle enough to still reflect its other charming details.  The attention to detail in all its elements is what makes the dial highly legible, desirable, and stunning.

  • Big, Bold, And Cased Beautifully

This 44mm case delivers a big and bold look and feels more like 47mm on the wrist.  The size might seem too large for some, but that changes when you wear it. This Royal Oak Offshore variety features the trademark AP octagon-shaped bezel. The bezel is one element on the watch that strikes you first when you see an AP Panda. 

Big, bold, and beautiful Offshore Panda wristwatch

Additionally, the black ceramic bezel has a brushed and polished finish to reveal a stunning reflection of the Panda’s sleekness. When combined with the case, it gets rid of the undesirable and distracting scratches commonly found on a typical steel bezel model.  

More so, Audemars Piguet brings back the flat ceramic Chrono pushers for the Offshore Panda. On the back is an open case back that reveals a pleasurable sight of the watch’s in-house movement. The solid caseback on the Panda wrist watch by Audemars Piguet follows the trend of all other Offshores released before 2014. 

Overall, the case has a jaw-dropping big, bold and beautiful look and parades impressive quality in multiple ways.

  • Moved By Quality And Class

The Offshore Panda takes power from the top-quality caliber 3126/3840. This movement is a product of Audemars Piguet’s in-house caliber 3120 with the addition of a Dubois Depraz Chrono module. The caliber 3126/3840 movement comes fitted with this 44mm case in stainless steel using rubberized pushers and crown.

Meanwhile, the in-house 3126/3840 caliber contains 365 parts in total and 59 jewels delivering an estimated 50 hours power reserve.  As we mentioned above, the open case back allows you to enjoy a view of this classy and top-quality movement. From the lens of the rear sapphire crystal, you can see what makes the AP Panda a consistent timekeeper.

What We Love About The Offshore Panda Wristwatch

  • Dashing Design

Do you want a modish and sexy timepiece that adds grace to your collection? Then, the Panda wrist watch by Audemars Piguet is your guy. This timepiece is a regular in the faces and ears of every watch enthusiast. One main reason for that is its dashing design!

Your first contact with the AP Panda will make you realize why this watch is so popular in the market. It is a timepiece with multiple dimensions and outlooks (depending on your strap option). Yet, overall, its execution makes it an intricate and stylish fashion staple that stands out always. 

the dashing AP Panda timepiece

The face welcomes you with a very sporty and masculine aura because of its stainless steel case and dial details. More so, the polished octagon steel bezel that accompanies the case is another delightful addition to the design. 

In addition, the dial is spectacular with its tricolor dynamics revealing silver, red, and black. Also, the white gold Royal Oak hands add more sophistication to the watch’s textured silver dial. 

How about the dash of red from the seconds hand to the subdials and tachymeter scale? It is a seamless infusion of color to this timepiece with unusual beauty. 

The case offers two strap options that can be smoothly and securely tapered to it. First is the equally exquisite hand-stitched Hornback black alligator leather strap. Then, there is the well-crafted silver bracelet.

In all, this timepiece makes a name and figure for itself with its design. This Offshore Panda is one with the looks and for the books!

  • Durability And Strength For Everyday Wear

Nothing disappoints more than a beautiful timepiece that can’t be flaunted because of its lack of strength. The Panda wristwatch by Audemars Piguet understands this and ensures the beauty of this watch is combined with enough strength. 

Take away the dashing looks, and the AP Panda still delivers durability to survive everyday wear regardless of the condition. 

The Offshore Panda comes in solid stainless steel to produce a timepiece that withstands the test of time itself. Also, there is protection covering the good-looking dial with the sapphire crystal window. This sapphire crystal window remains the most reliable crystal material out there offering optimal durability.

  • Fitted To Function

This watch is truly stylish. But, more importantly, it gets really functional as well. There is the main dial containing bold, black hour markers with outstanding legibility under different lighting conditions. Telling the time on the AP Panda is very easy with zero distraction on the dial. Every part of the dial serves a function.

Additionally, the hour indices and the hour and minute hands come with lume to enable crystal clear nighttime viewing.  However, the running second hand fixed in the subdial at the 12 o’clock position has no lume. But, it is white, which still makes it readable enough.  Although when in the dark, this running second hand will not be instantly noticeable.

Similarly, when working at night or under low light conditions, the hands have a luminescent coating that comes in quite handy. The coating gives enough light to the dial, making it easy for you to tell the time. More so, the dial features a date counter, the 60-second, 30-minute, and 12-hour subdials to better the wristwatch’s functionality. 

As we mentioned earlier, this watch takes power from a self-winding automatic movement that delivers an impressive 50-hour power reserve. That is one other reliable feature that makes the AP Panda fitted to function always!

  • Easy To Use And Wear

Various parts on the AP Panda wrist watch deliver ease of use and wear nicely on the wrist. First is the ceramic crown that is easy to pull and unscrew. The Offshore Panda is insanely sexy with the flat ceramic Chrono pushers allowing the chronograph to work effortlessly. Automatically, all the Chrono hands on the watch reset to their normal position.

Regardless of the strap options you opt for, you have the soft texture to always enjoy. Both the leather strap and the bracelet offer comfort and easy wear. While it claims to be a 44mm case, it really feels like a 47mm timepiece on the wrist.

Offshore Panda wears nicely on the wrist

Besides, the lugless layout of the case and the tang buckle ensure the large size of the watch remains comfortable always. In all, you have a timepiece that always wears nicely with various features offering you comfort as well.

  • Value For Every Penny

The Offshore Panda wrist watch comes at quite an expensive cost. Mostly, watches within this price range are made of gold. Well, the AP Panda begs to differ. Instead, it offers enough value with several features to the owner’s delight. 

Similar to many other stainless steel watches out there, this timepiece features outstanding quality in the following areas:

  • It comes with a date feature 
  • This watch is a chronograph timepiece with a tachymeter complication
  • The AP Panda features various ceramic elements for strength and durability
  • The powerhouse is a top-quality in-house, self-winding movement.  

This Panda wrist watch from Audemars Piguet leaves us wondering why it comes at such a high price. But, not for too long! Once you come in contact with this timepiece, you will understand how it offers value for every penny. From the looks to the strength, functions, comfort, and other benefits, this watch is worth the price.

Furthermore, the Offshore Panda like other Royal Oak Offshores retains its value pretty well in the second-hand market. So, the value stays with you long enough. 

A Few Drawbacks

As grand and exquisite as the AP Panda watch is, it still has some flaws. 

Beginning with the size of the watch measuring 44mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness. This measurement is a little bigger and thicker than most timepieces of its kind. The size makes it unfit for people who are lovers of slim watches or watch enthusiasts with slimmer wrists. 

Also, the AP Panda is a self-winding automatic timepiece. Hence, the watch needs the motion of the wrist to get power to function. This is not a problem if you wish to have this for everyday wear. Otherwise, it might be a slight bother if you’ve got enough watches in your collection and would use them interchangeably. 

Finally, while all the functions offered on the dial might be exciting, a lot is going on the dial. This will not be the best news if you love it smooth and minimalist.

Conclusion: Top-quality Wears Perfectly

The Offshore Panda wears perfectly for its size and similar to all other Offshores, it provides an impressive sporty feel. With all its barrage of features, functions, quality elements, and elegance, this is a blend of quality, style, and comfort. 

With the AP Panda, you get an iconic timepiece perfectly made as an addition to your watch collection. It is also a great option for those looking to buy a wristwatch for everyday use. AP Panda features a blend of different worlds to deliver various desirable looks and aura on the wrist. 


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