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The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

It is a known fact that emerald-cut engagement rings will always steal the show. This ring enjoys a level of widespread fame, especially amongst celebrities. Over the years, many celebrities have rocked these emerald cut rings. Notable amongst them are:

  • Amal Clooney
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Beyoncé
  • Demi Lovato
  • Jennifer Lopez

What is an emerald-cut ring?

This is a stone with a rectangular shape and cut corners. An emerald cut ring comes with step cuts. These step cuts are like huge facets that are in parallel positions to one another.

One special part of this cut is its long rectangular structure and its unique layers of facets. This kind of ring is a perfect fit with top-quality diamonds.

This kind of ring is equally a top-quality piece judging from how it is formed. Emerald cut rings are products of techniques that are best done by experts. Cutting emerald demands very keen attention and expertise.

This is one unique amongst other precious stones. And with the right cut, every inclusion will be clearer. Not just that, the color of the stone stands out more. The cut’s straight shape will be a beautiful view on your fingers. The structure makes your fingers appear lean and long.

This emerald cut will be a perfect choice for you if you love to see neat lines and nicely cut-out patterns. This cut will surely fascinate you!

The Ring For The Perfect Bride

So, are you looking to get an emerald-cut engagement ring? That cannot be a bad choice considering others out there that want the same thing. You are in good company.

As mentioned earlier, a good number of celebrities are also fans of this amazing piece of jewelry. And, there must be a reason why these celebrities like these several cut rings.

Could it be because an emerald-cut diamond ring has a long shape? And, this shape gives the stone a bugger look compared to other diamond shapes.

Or, is it the gem’s steep facets that produce a stunning, mirror-like impression?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain! The emerald cut is a grand cut that sets the tone for an equally grand stone appearance.

Note: If you want a ring that gives you the sparkles, then the emerald cut ring might fall short. This ring does not have the best sparkles out there. Brilliant or round cut stones will sparkle better!

Nevertheless, this is one very elegant piece of jewelry. And as an engagement ring on your finger, the emerald cut will give you that lovely and attractive flatter your fingers deserve.

In all, the emerald-cut diamond is the most suitable option for the perfect bride. First is its broad surface area that gives that larger appearance compared to other diamond shapes. Then there is the overall standing-out look this ring has.

In this article, you will be exposed to the best emerald-cut engagement rings to grace the ring finger of a perfect bride. But, before then, let us go through certain details about this epic piece of jewelry. Keep reading!

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings: History

According to experts in gemology, the emerald cut engagement ring has a rich history spanning over a very long period. This cut is one of the oldest shapes of the diamond. Again, it has been prominent in the jewelry world for centuries.

The origin of its name, emerald cut, is from the emerald gemstone it contains. So, to cut an emerald gemstone can only give you an emerald cut ring.

And for the cut, it has developed over time. With time, gemstone cutters discovered that cutting emeralds the way it is cut presently make them chipless.

Lastly, for a piece of jewelry that has been for centuries, you will wonder how it has remained relevant. Well, emerald-cut rings have not always been relevant. In fact, the ring only became popular again in the early 20th century during the Art Deco era.

Best Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Ideas for The Perfect Bride

Now, we can dive into the main part of this article. Come along as we walk you through minimal, outstanding, and fierce emerald-cut engagement ring ideas. From the ideas we provide, you can easily make a choice of ring for the perfect bride.

However, there is a lot of option to select from. There are many grand designs from famous designers. In this section, you can find the right engagement ring for the perfect bride without any stress.

1.    Tacori RoyalT HT2614 Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting


  • Vendor Model: HT2614EC
  • Size: 6.5 (You can resize it)
  • Full Weight: 12.1g or 7.7dwt
  • Style: Tacori Ring Style
  • Material Used: Available in materials like 18k Yellow, Platinum, and Rose and White Gold.
  • Setting Design: Halo design
  • Accent Diamond Details: Approximately 1.77 carat of Pave Set Round Brilliant Diamonds
  • Center Diamond Details: Can take in an Emerald Cut Diamond of at least 3 carats.
  • Policy: The product follows the Diamonds by Raymond Lee Return Policy
  • Additional Details: This piece of jewelry is packaged in a Diamonds by Raymond Lee Presentation Box


With the Tacori RoyalT emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring setting, you have a CZ center gem. This gemstone measures about 10mm x 8mm.

You can change the stone to any emerald cut diamond you like. The new gemstone must just be at least 3 carats.

There is a round set of brilliant Pave diamonds weighing 1.77 carats around the halo. This embellishment travels three to four times around the ring’s band. Looking at the Tacori setting from a distance, you will see the sophisticated diamond elements and a little milgrain layout on each flank of the setting.

One exciting part of this Tacori RoyalT setting is that it allows you to select your best metal type between rose or white gold, 18k yellow, or platinum. This Tacori RoyalT engagement ring is a very elegant, modern ring with a grand style that passes that vintage impression.

In addition to this, you can check out more Tacori engagement ring types here.

  1. Jaffe MES677 Emerald Cut .08ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


  • Brand: A. Jaffe
  • Origin: USA
  • Vendor Model: MES677
  • Carat Weight: Weighs about .08 carats of accent diamonds.
  • Material Used: Available in materials like Platinum, 14k Gold, or 18k Gold
  • Highest Diamond Size: This ring is suitable for any diamond customization
  • Policy: This product follows the Diamonds by Raymond Lee return policy. It does not feature a center stone.
  • Additional Details: This product is delivered with a Diamonds by Raymond Lee Presentation Box


This A. Jaffe emerald cut .08ctw diamond engagement ring setting comes with an elegant and glossy split shank. On the flanks of this A. Jaffe. Engagement ring, there is about 0.08 carat of accent diamonds. Furthermore, the mounting of this ring is a perfect fit for any kind of emerald cut diamond or gemstone you like.

In addition to this, you can check out more A. Jaffe engagement ring types here.

  1. 18k White Gold 14.22ct Emerald Cut Emerald 3.62ctw Diamond Ring


  • Material Used: 18k white gold
  • Full Weight: 7g or 4.5dwt
  • Ring Size: 6.25 (Can be easily resized)
  • Diamond Details: Approx. 3.62ctw of brilliant round diamonds and trillion shape
  • Gemstone Details: Approx. 14.22ct Emerald cut with Emerald measuring nearly 16.23mm by 12.57
  • Ring Dimensions: 1.06″ by 0.68″ by 0.87″
  • Additional Details: This product is delivered with a Diamonds By Raymond Lee Presentation Box

This emerald ring is grand and lovely. It comes with a total of 3.62ctw of brilliant round diamonds and trillion shape diamonds. Also, the green emerald on its own weighs 14ct emerald. That is grand!

  1. Platinum 9.78ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band


  • Ring Size: 6.5 (cannot be resized)
  • Weight: 10.4g or 6.1dwt
  • Material Used: Platinum
  • Design: Platinum 9.78ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band
  • Diamond Details: Approximately 9.78ctw of emerald-cut diamonds.
  • These diamonds are VS1/VS2 in clarity and H-I in color
  • SKU: A30310225
  • Policy: Diamonds by Raymond Lee return policy
  • Additional Details: This product is delivered with a Diamonds By Raymond Lee Presentation Box


This emerald-cut engagement ring is handcrafted and made from a high-polished platinum material. This piece of jewelry is a complete beauty to behold.

Furthermore, about nineteen spell-bounding emerald cut diamonds go round this wedding band. With that, each diamond can be at its brightest glow.

This diamond eternity band contains about 10ctw of diamonds!  As we mentioned above, the diamonds are of the H-I color grade. The color clarity is graded to be VS1/VS2.

Lastly, this particular ring is one of the exclusive designs from our Diamonds by Raymond Lee bridal assortment.

  1. Platinum 1.41ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring


  • R5212
  • Material Used: Platinum
  • Ring Measurements: 0.89 inches by 0.27 inches
  • Ring Size: 6
  • Total Weight: Weighs roughly 4.7g or 3.0dwt
  • Center Diamond Details: Approximately 0.7ct Emerald Cut Diamond. The diamond color grade is pitched at G/H and VS in clarity grade.
  • Adjacent Diamond Details: Approximately 0.71ctw of baguette-cut diamonds. These diamonds are similar to the ones above in color grade and clarity.
  • Additional Information: This item comes with a year warranty and one Diamonds by Raymond Lee presentation box.


This ring is quite a catch for lovers of diamonds and glitters. It is not only sleek in its design; it is a top-quality material too. Also, the sizing and weight of this ring coupled with the platinum material used are enough to flatter your fingers.

In all, however, several perks in this ring set it aside as the best fit for the perfect bride.

Important Details to Pay Attention To When Shopping For An Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

Contrary to other cuts, emerald-cut rings are all about giving prominence to how clear the stone appears. The stone’s clarity is even more important than the sparkle.

So, whenever you are shopping for an emerald cut ring, ensure two details are present.

  • The Stone’s Clarity
  • Color Grade

These two details are quite pronounced on an emerald cut ring. Also, this is due to the open facets and large table this ring has.

Furthermore, we always recommend that you look for a stone with certain levels of these details. First is a color grade of at least H. It can be more. Then the clarity level must be a minimum of VS2. It can be more too.

Most jewelry lovers go for emerald cut rings that look colorless instead of yellow ones.

So, you should ensure you ask for good quality videos and images first when you shop for engagement rings online.

Caring for Your Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Now, you have gotten the emerald cut engagement ring that suits your need as a bride or for a bride. What happens next?

You must know how to take good care of this ring. If for nothing, these emerald cut rings are too chic and elegant to be handled poorly.

Here, we will run through certain steps to follow to keep your emerald cut rings in the best condition. Follow through!

·         Clean with Warm Water and Soap

Whenever you want to clean your emerald cut rings, ensure you use warm water and soap. Do not use anything sharp on your emerald cut ring.

·         Scrub Mildly Using A Soft Toothbrush

Again, we advise that you use a mild-bristled toothbrush. Use this toothbrush to scrub the ring mildly. Pay attention to the tiny corners and the spaces between the prongs.

·         At Least One Visit to A Jeweler Yearly

Another step in this home-care routine is a minimum of one visit yearly to a jeweler. This step is necessary as it helps you restore the ring to great condition.

Your jeweler will fasten the prongs of your rings to keep the stone in place and firm.

There are other things jewelers do professionally to clean your ring. That way, they restore that beautiful first-time look the ring has.


Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring for yourself or someone else, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is where to be.

And for lovers of the general cut engagement ring, this text must have exposed you to many details. By now, you can make the right choice of engagement ring to bring out that perfection you desire. Check here for more emerald-cut engagement rings.


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