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An engagement ring is not always supposed to be bold, huge, and flashy. In recent times, the trend is tilting towards simpler and less-cluttered pieces of jewelry. Especially in the bridal spectrum, more couples are going for wedding rings that are modest, subtle, yet, classic.

Even beyond this minimalist wedding rings becoming the new big thing, there is more to please you about them. One advantage you get from these ring designs is that they will remain stylish for a very long time.

Contrary to other trending engagement ring designs, you might find yourself struggling to pick the best minimalist wedding ring out there. But, by choosing nice gems and styles, you can still get as much elegance as other rings offer.

In this article, we will take a look at all a minimalist engagement ring entails. We will begin with what it is and how it looks like. Then we will proceed to the best minimalist wedding rings you can get to bring out the cool bride in you.

Follow through!

First, catch a brief glimpse. You are minimalistic if you are someone with a very modest lifestyle. When it comes to wedding rings, a minimalist does not show off too many sparkles while they’re engaged. If that person is you, then you’re in luck.

Sporting a minimalist wedding ring is not the same as not being stylish enough. In fact, most of the coolest wedding rings over time have been the simple ones. With minimalist wedding rings, little is more!

What is a Minimalistic Wedding Ring?

A minimalist wedding ring is one with basic and modest styles. This kind of ring mostly parades one focal stone. This focal stone always comes with simple and clean silhouettes.

The whole idea is that minimalist rings are the simpler kinds. Even though they may appear to be less in vogue, they are well fitted for almost any outfit.

Aside from this, these modest designs are very durable. You can rarely have them unfit for any piece of clothing or with other jewels.

What is a minimalistic wedding ring that might appear like a regular question? Yet, it is a necessary one. Minimalism simply preaches that less is more. For some people, it is a way of holding on to only what matters the most. And, those ones that are the distractions, they are taken out!

But, how does this minimalist lifestyle apply in the wedding ring world?

A minimalistic wedding piece of jewelry takes out the needless embellishments. Then, it presents a ring that looks quite basic yet classic.

Flashy Wedding Rings Vs. Minimalist Wedding Rings?

There are two different kinds of rings here.

Flashy Rings: This first kind of ring comes with a lot of decorations, such as huge diamonds. Then, there is also a channel set shank mixed with some melee diamonds. The flashy rings feature more sophisticated prongs and a band that is thicker than usual. In general, flashy rings are huger and simply striking when on your fingers.

Minimalist Rings: The second ring is charming and small. It also contains some gemstones, but they are not the same as the first one.

The question is: Is the first ring a better choice than the latter? That’s not the case. If you go for the first or the second, you have not made the wrong choice. Your choice is a function of your style and what you prefer.

Who is a Minimalist Wedding Ring For?

Now, you have an idea what a minimalist wedding ring is; the next question is, is it right for you. Minimalist rings are the best for you if you find one or more of these relatable.

·         Comfort

You are a fan of small and subtle things. And, you find them pleasing to wear every day. You also do not find these small things a problem when you have to use your hands.

Many people do not consider this, but a huge flamboyant diamond ring can be difficult to wear. You will begin to struggle with the ring, getting caught in almost everything you come in contact with.

Aside from this, a huge elegant ring can make using your hands (typing, etc.) difficult.  You might not be able to work with your hands actively.

So, if you know you will be wearing this ring every day, then you should go for a minimalist design.

·         Doing Things Your Own Way

Are you the kind that is not concerned about how people feel about what you do? You are not governed by societal norms.

The reason most people buy large diamond rings is that they feel it is what they should do. Judging by societal standards, a wedding ring should be of the diamond type. And a huge diamond ring is always a better option.

But the question is, will that fit your style and preference?

Do not forget what your wedding ring is for. It is to be an emblem that reminds you of your commitment and love to your spouse. It is not just a fashion item that should follow social trends or norms.

·         Affordability

If you don’t buy the idea of spending a lot of money on a wedding ring, you are not doing badly. You might prefer to put that huge sum of money into something more valuable. Something like traveling or getting a house can be a better way to spend your money.

You will spend an average amount of $6000 to get most diamond wedding rings. Meanwhile, you can get a beautiful minimalist wedding ring for just about $500.

·         Preference

Is your preference for the small, fine kinds of jewelry? And it has been that way for a while now. You would not want to change that all of a sudden just to rock a huge gemstone. This decision is simply a product of your preference.

Minimalistic Wedding Ring Ideas for The Cool Bride

When you check out your options for minimalist wedding rings, you’ll discover how long your list of options is. From this long list of options available out there, we singled out some vital features to always look out for.

When you go out to shop for a simple and modest minimalist ring, watch out for the following features.

·         Smooth Rings with Thin Sizes

An unembellished band delivers that neat minimalist appearance. This is a good example of such.

This kind of simple and smooth wedding ring does not make too much of a show. But they are grand in their own way.

A simple solitaire ring may be thick in texture or with different stone sizes. Nevertheless, they always have that neat, minimalist appearance. The smaller the stone size, and the thinner the frame, the more minimalistic the ring will look.

Another option closely related to this is a metal hoop with a plain texture. This pave-styled ring fits this description.

·         Smaller Gems

Small gemstones give the wedding ring that lovely petite look. Imagine a 0.07 diamond wedding ring. That is exactly how nice it will look.

Select a diamond gemstone that is smaller in size for your wedding ring. This helps to bring out the exquisiteness of the ring design.

As we mentioned earlier, the gemstone does not have to be so big for it to glow. Most people even prefer a 1-carat diamond ring.

For instance, in Japan, the regular size of a diamond is .30 carats. But, if you want to go lower, as low as .07can still work. Even with that size (.07), you can still get a ring that makes a statement minimally.

·         Select Your Preferred Setting

Amongst all the engagement ring settings out there, the classic solitaire is still the most popular. A classic solitaire has a diamond as its gemstone. Between 4-8 prongs hold up these stones.

The way the prong is set is ageless and elegant. With this setting, you get the best out of the ring’s lightness and still have the stone kept safe.

Another setting you can opt for is the flush or bezel setting. This setting gives a more minimalist look. The gemstone is enveloped by metals coming together around it. That makes it safe and secure from hard blows, exposure, and damage.

The flush setting sees the gemstone flushed into the metal. The stone is placed on the same level as the metal. This setting also keeps the stone well protected and secure.

Nevertheless, these two last settings are likely to reduce the glitter of the gemstone. This is as a lot of metals are used to keep the stone firmly in place.

Check out this minimalist wedding ring to know if the setting fits your style.

·         Put in a Few Special Details

There is one good way to have your ring stand out from the crowd and still keep it minimalistic.  That is by putting in a few special features into the ring.

For instance, you can decide that your stone will be set horizontally instead of doing this vertically. That will produce an immediately charming look.

For some rings, their designs caption a mixture of gemstones. This ring is a very good example. The ring combines sapphire and diamond in a very different way. What you get at the end is a completely stunning ring.

Unearth a means to make your ring different. That is a good way to get the best from a minimalist design.

·         Nature-Inspired Elements

When you go minimalist, you are just keeping it simple and modest. Designs from natural inspirations are a wonderful way to go.

Start by adding some natural-looking extras to your ring. You can try flowers, vines, and leaves. These three are prominent options and can be used in a lot of designs.

Aside from this, you can simply go about it by choosing a tough stone. Try rough gems like sapphires. Natural diamonds, in particular, are very elegant. Most times, these raw diamonds are often combined with equally natural settings.

Best Store to Buy Your Minimalist Wedding Ring

Minimalist wedding rings are fast becoming a big fashionable trend. Due to that, it is no longer a rare piece of jewelry.

Now, you can find these minimalist wedding rings in various popular jewelry stores. Even beyond the store, your local jeweler or any local jewel retailer can have these minimalist wedding rings available for sale.

If you want something more personal too, you can get it. You can get yourself a custom-made minimalist ring to suit your preference. You can get this made for you easily at a reasonable price.

Clearly, you have a long list of options to choose from in this regard. Yet, we will advise that you begin your search from the best store you can get these minimalist wedding rings from.

For a good touch of artistic flair and varieties, we recommend Diamonds by Raymond Lee. This platform welcomes you into a world of artisan jewelers all coming together in one place. You will certainly get distinct, handmade, and amazing minimalist wedding rings on the platform.

Although, Diamonds by Raymond Lee as a store has a unique set of terms and policies. Due to this, it might require additional time and effort to go through every piece of information about them.

This is not to say that researching about this brand ahead of buying a piece of a minimalist ring from them is a bad idea. In fact, doing so is always a time and effort used right.


Contemporary wedding rings and bands for the minimalist cool bride are in no way ordinary or boring. Regardless of your own minimalist preference, you are in safe hands. We have options for ethically sourced, elegantly crafted, and fully embellished engagement rings.

You can start with modest silver bands or move to the more sophisticated ones. There are even ones with a little sparkle. Regardless, you can always bring out the cool bride in you from the terrific choices we have provided from the minimalist range.








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