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Bezel Set Rings

Bezel Set Rings

Choosing an accessory like bezel set rings allows you to show off your style and taste in a truly unique way. There are tons of different settings to choose from when it comes to rings, some more traditional and others a bit more unique. If you want something that will set you apart from the crowd, but that still looks amazing and has a lot of versatility, the bezel setting is a great choice.

Rings are a great way to show off your style and sense of fashion. There are tons of different styles of rings for differnet occasions. We need not limit ourselves to thinking that wedding rings are the only way to wear this type of jewelry. A bezel set ring can easily become a piece of statement jewlery or part of your signature look. It will show those who see it that you have discerning tastes and care about quality.

There are ring settings that are better for those who lead more active lifestyles and the bezel setting is one of them. Due to the way the stone is inset into the ring, this is one of the most secure settings you can choose from. Choosing a ring with this setting gives you the best security for your ring. You are far less likely to lose a stone with this setting. Additionally, this setting also makes the stones more resistant to scratching and chipping than other settings. 

Whether you lead an active lifestyle and still want to be able to wear high-end accessories, or you simply want something a bit different, bezel set rings are a great choice and a high fashion option. 

Unique Rings as Style Statements

The accessories we choose tell others a lot about our personality, our lifestyle, and our sense of fashion. Whether we are married or not, we need not limit ourselves to only wearing a wedding ring. Rings make great accessories and look good on any finger. Whether you are a man wearing a signet ring, a woman wearing a cocktail ring, you can be sure that a unique ring will make a big style statement.

A high-end, unique ring is a great way to take any look to a whole new level. You have tons of options to choose from and can select any variety of precious gemstones. Some may prefer a classic diamond ring, whereas others may want something more colorful and unique. Whatever works best for you, you should definitely consider including a ring as part of your look.

Choosing a ring with a unique setting, but that still features classic lines and a subtle profile allows you to create an elegant, glamourous look that is still differnet from what you normally see. We all want to have our own unique style and choosing a ring with a less common setting is one way to do this. 

Tons of Different Settings

bezel set rings

If you’ve spent much time looking at jewelry, you will notice that there are a ton of differnet settings. These settings will create a very differnet look and feel for the ring. Each setting has its pros and cons and what will work best for you will depend on your taste and lifestyle. Those who are particularly active should take care when choosing the best setting for you.

Traditional settings like a prong-style ring may look great, but if you lead an active lifestyle, the ring is more prone to damage. Since the stone sticks out from the band of the ring, it is more fragile and in danger. With something like a bezel set ring, you can enjoy the look and feel of a high-grade gemstone, without having to worry about damaging it. This setting makes the stone flush with metal that holds the stone in place. This means there isn’t a stone sticking off the ring.

If you are more active, you will also want to take care to choose a setting that protects the stone and makes it less prone to damage and chipping. This will help extend the life of the ring and reduce the chances you damage it in the course of your activities. 

For those who do not have a particularly active lifestyle, you have lots of settings to choose from. You may still like the bezel setting due to its unique look and feel. It creates a smooth finish and you can use either cut or uncut stones in this setting. This makes it a very versatile set that is unlike anything else you’ll see. 

The One-of-a-Kind Bezel Setting

bezel set rings

Some styles have truly unique settings, like the bezel. Bezel, in this context, is the hoop that surrounds a gemstone in a ring or other piece of jewelry. This style of ring may actually incorporate multiple types of stones and settings in the same ring. However, the central stone of this ring will be the bezel set. 

A bezel set ring features stones that jewelers hold in place using a piece of metal which they call the bezel. The stone of this style of jewelry is often level with the bezel, which means it does not stick out above the band of the ring as in other settings. 

While not the most widely known type of setting, the bezel setting is actually one of the earliest settings we know of. This is because using this type of setting makes it easy to keep a stone securely in place. It would not be until later that prongs and other techniques would hold stones in place. 

Jewelers will solder a piece of metal into the shape of the stone, and the stone is then inset into the setting. A stone will go into the bezel and this will secure it in place. This is a great setting for those with more active lifestyles as it is one of the most secure settings you can find.

This setting can feature an unfaceted stone, which jewelers call a cabochon stone. The jeweler will cut a shallow angle into the stone in order to allow the stone to be inset securely into the bezel. Uncut stones have a much different look and feel to cut stones and you may find that you prefer this to a cut stone. A stone with facets can also feature in this style of ring. 

Unique and Secure

If you choose a stone with facets, grooves will be made in the bezel itself, not the stone. From there, the jeweler works the stone into the grooves to create a solid hold. Whether you want an uncut stone or one with facets will depend on your taste and style.  

Since the stone is flush with the bezel setting, it is incredibly secure. Not only are you less likely to experience the loss of a stone in this setting, but you also have greater protection of the stone as well. With a bezel setting, the stones are inset which helps protect them from chips, cuts, or other damage. Again, this makes this style a great choice for those who live more active lifestyles. 

Bezel Rings

The bezel set works well with a range of different metals and gemstones and looks great for pieces for both men and women. A lot of men like this setting since it is inset and makes it less flashy. Some men still want some diamond bling in their jewelry and this is a great way to get a little sparkle without going over the top.

Traditionally, a diamond features in a bezel set ring, but this isn’t your only option. Most stones of moderate hardness can feature in a bezel set ring and look great. Since you can use uncut stones, you have a host of different options that you don’t have with certain cuts and shapes. Bezel set rings look great with a single large, central stone, or with accents.

You will often find bezel set rings that feature a large central diamond in the bezel setting. These rings may also feature accent stones such as smaller diamonds that surround the diamond like a halo. Or, the ring may feature accent stones that aren’t diamonds at all. You can easily pair a range of stones to create a truly unique and colorful ring that is perfect for your taste. Gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and amethyst look amazing as accent stones in a bezel set ring. 

Elegant and Sophisticated

The bezel set ring is a great choice for an elegant and classy accessory, whether you are a man or a woman. These are eye-catching, yet classic rings that look great with pretty much any style of fashion and for any social occasion. You are sure to be the style icon and envy of any event when you show up with a high-end, stunning bezel set ring.

These rings pair well with business attire and formal wear. They also look great with casual clothing. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt become a look of effortless class and sophistication when you pair them with a bezel set ring. This is a great way to make a fashion statement and this ring will quickly become part of your signature look. 

Something a Bit Different

bezel set diamond sapphire

For those who want something that is elegant and classy, but that is also a bit different from what most people have, the bezel set is a great choice. It allows you to feature high-end, high-grade gemstones and precious metals, but in a unique setting, you don’t see every day. This setting flanks the central stone wtih precious metal and provides for a safe and secure setting.

This is an excellent option for those who want to make a unique style statement and create a look that is all their own. It is also a great option for those who live a more active lifestyle. Just because one is active doesn’t mean they don’t want high-quality jewlery. Bezel set rings provide a safe and secure way to wear a gemstone that also protects it from chips, cuts, and other damage. 

Gemstones and More

While most people choose diamonds as the main stone in a bezel set ring, this isn’t your only choice. Diamonds are a popular choice for many reasons. First and foremost, this is a tough stone that has a long association with glamour, high class, and style. It looks great and stands the test of time. The diamond can pair with any type of metal and since they are clear, they also look great with other gemstones.

Don’t forget that you can also select a fancy colorful diamond as well. This is a great option for those who want a punch of color in their ring but that still want the hardness and toughness of a diamond.

Pretty much any gemstone looks great in a bezel set ring. You can use a cut or uncut cabochon stone. The bezel set ring is a great choice for those who prefer a more natural look. This is one of the only settings that work well with uncut, natural stones.  You can really let your imagination and creativity shine when you choose a bezel set ring. You can choose from a rainbow of colorful stones to create the perfect ring for your tastes and style. 

In Closing

Rings make wonderful accessories. They look great on any finger and work for both men and women. The bezel set ring is a unique and one-of-a-kind setting. This setting creates a more flush surface for the ring. A stone is inset into a bezel, which is a ring of metal that surrounds the stone and holds it in place on the band of the ring. 

Since the stone is more flush with the ring and doesn’t stick out over the top, it is a great choice for those with discerning tastes but a more active lifestyle. Other ring settings, like the prong-style, have stones that jut out from the band. For active people, this means your gemstones are at great risk of damage. With a bezel set ring, you get the glamour and style of a high-end ring, but the safety and security that your gemstones are safe against cracks, chips, and other damage. 


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