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oval engagement rings with wedding bands

Oval cut engagement rings caption stunning spell-bounding flash and fire portraits. The kind you find on round brilliant rings. More so, oval diamonds are a terrific option to the conventional round engagement ring cuts. Oval engagement rings with wedding bands beat the aesthetic imagination of most ring lovers.

You may doubt whether or not you want oval engagement rings with wedding bands. If that is the case, simply keep reading. You will discover all the details you need to know about these uniquely shaped rings.

With a burst of grandness and sparkle, an Oval cut diamond is beautiful and distinct. First off, Oval is one not like every other shape. This shape is rather a striking piece.  

Furthermore, the elongated structure makes it seem bigger than other shapes even when they are of the same carat weight. An instance is an oval cut of 1.01 Carat Diamond. This oval engagement ring will look rather bigger in its yellow gold halo setting. Meanwhile, a 1 Carat round diamond in the same setting would appear narrowly smaller.

Additionally, the small stature of the oval diamond produces a lovely, extended appearance. Most times, oval engagement rings cause the hand and fingers to look tinier. The shape of these diamond rings comes with zero sharp corners. Hence, it’s less likely to chip.

Finally, if you are a fan of rounded structures, but prefer a stone showing better character, go for oval rings. These rings are an amazing option. More so, oval-cut engagement rings are virtually often valued lower than their round brilliant counterparts.

Quick Fun Facts About Oval Engagement Rings

  • These rungs rank as the 6th Most Popular Diamond Cut for Engagement Rings with wedding bands.
  • The cut of this diamond comprises 56+ facets
  • The most ideal setting for these rings is the 4 Prong or Bezel setting
  • Suitable GIA Grades: Clarity grades come in at VVS1 to VS1 Color or D to G
  • The standard Length to Width Ratio stands at 1.5. That makes a perfect oval.

History Of Oval Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

The popularity of oval engagement rings with bands existed for centuries already. Historically, the first oval engagement rings existed in the 1300s. Actually, they did not bear this name in literature back then. The name only came later in the 1800s.

History declares that in 1957, a Russian diamond cutter by the name Lazare Kaplan refined the oval cut. This diamond cutter had that mastery in remaking pieces from unwanted rough gems. He makes them into stunning diamonds. 

Subsequently, his technique developed considerably. This development by extension improved the brilliance of the oval diamond in these rings. Furthermore, the technique that Kaplan introduced is what diamond cutters employ to generate oval cut diamonds now. 

This rich history is one of the reasons for the fame of oval engagement rings. These rings always rank high amongst the most distinguished diamond cuts.

Into The World Of Oval Diamonds

These oval diamonds are newer cuts created in the 1960s by the distinguished diamond firm Lazare Kaplan International. By design and aesthetics, these diamonds present an improved version of the brilliant-cut. That way, it preserves most of the grand qualities of the actual design. That is why you have it extremely flashy like round brilliant diamonds.

oval engagement rings

Furthermore, most oval diamonds comprise 56 facets. However, some of them may possess a few extra facets. This difference depends on the cut of the base of the stone. That underside bears the name, the pavilion. 

Moreover, standard and flawless symmetrical ovals come with a length-to-width ratio of around 1.5. For an increased length-to-width ratio, the result is an extended and slimmer oval shape. Hence, they are lower in length-to-width ratios. They present a shorter and chubbier oval shape.

Pros and Cons of Oval Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands


Several pros come with this kind of elegant engagement ring design. We begin with the pros.

  • These oval engagement rings are completely spectacular. Mostly when you have them in a proper cut, you get to preserve the initial features of the oval diamond style.
  • Similarly, the shape itself comes in very steady as well. You cannot find any sharp edges or points whatsoever. Hence, they are not vulnerable to damage. Plus, they do not catch on clothes or hair when worn. This is a big boost for rings that will become a day wear jewelry item.
  • Also, oval diamonds do not cost as much as round brilliant diamonds. They cost lesser than most other kinds of fancy cuts. For instance, the radiant, emerald, and Asscher cuts.
  • More so, you save money when you choose oval engagement rings with wedding bangs over the round brilliant option. The cost you save is mostly in the region of a few hundred dollars. Plus, sometimes you might save up to a thousand or more dollars.

For instance, a 1.60 carat oval ring can sell for thousands of dollars less than a 1.60 carat round brilliant ring. This does not mean their quality is different in any way.

  • Additionally, they share fire and brilliance features with round brilliant rings. Hence, oval diamonds will glow and glitter even in a lesser carat grade. 

Plus, oval engagement rings with 1 carat diamonds or more can virtually be noticed from space!

  • Oval engagement rings appear quite remarkable in gemstone designs. This is more obvious when the stones used are either sapphires, rubies or aquamarines. Lastly, oval diamonds work perfectly with wedding bands as well.


The greatest con of this type of diamond cut is what we call the bow-tie effect. This effect comes with a bad cut. What happens when there is a bow-tie effect is not pleasant. You will see a little shadow in the shape of a bow tie. This appears on every amended brilliant cut.

However, when a diamond presents an outstanding shape ideal to a very good cut, the result is different. What you have now is a graphic influence. Likewise, a bow tie shadow might seem quite notable in a poor cut elaborate oval diamond. Also, it reduces the radiance and spark of the gem as well.

Similar to several other kinds of amended brilliant cuts, oval engagement rings may bring out any flaws. It may be a shade of color, blemishes or inclusions in a diamond. Therefore, a diamond with an increased color and clarity grade comes first in this cut.

Also, occasionally, it can pose a difficulty finding a bigger carat quality diamond in elaborate cuts. 

Best Settings For Oval Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Oval engagement rings are adaptable in the sense that they appear nice in virtually all kinds of settings.

Nevertheless, the best settings for oval engagement rings with wedding bands normally have four or six prongs. These prongs display the cut of the diamond in the rings clearly. Oval diamonds most times also look fabulous in bezel settings. 

Furthermore, certain oval engagement rings, especially those with three or five gemstones come with four or six prongs. These prongs hold the center diamond fully in place. Likewise, there is also a bezel setting that holds the diamonds on the sides too.

When we consider the style, there is a barrage of options. You can style your oval engagement rings with nearly any type of setting. It can either be vintage or side stone; any setting at all.

Oval Diamonds: Cut Quality

The most essential component in any diamond is the cut quality it possesses. This is the same with oval engagement rings. The cut quality of oval diamonds influences the basic elegance and layout of the stone. Also, it determines the capacity of these rings to deliver that glow and spark your desire.

Note that the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gives Cut grading for certain cuts. One of them is the Round Brilliant Cut. However, the GIA does not give cut grading for Oval Diamonds.

Due to this, basic cut requirements for desirable Oval engagement rings are unachievable. This is as the Oval diamonds have a complicated and unusual layout. Regardless of how anyone portrays it, there is no mystical blend for table percentage or depth percentage. Every cut suggestion for Oval diamonds is simple broad, general, and mostly nonobjective.

Lastly, the beauty of oval engagement rings is a product of what you see. 

Oval Engagement Rings: Length To Width Ratio

The length to width ratio of a diamond indicates how well it measures up judging by its expected shape. Will it be a square or a rectangle?

More so, to evaluate the length to width ratio, divide the length of the diamond by the diamond’s width. For example, take a diamond with a length of 5.5mm and a width of 3.5mm. Such a diamond will have a length to width ratio of 1.57.

Overall, your choice is mostly based on your style and choice. However, the Oval Cut Diamond is often best with a ratio ranging from 1.30 to 1.50. Ensure you take your time to review different oval diamonds. That way, you can find out which ratio is best for you.

The Clarity Of Oval Engagement Rings

Below are the grades specified by the GIA for Clarity. The grading ranks from the best to the worst:

  • IF: Internally Flawless
  • VVS1: Very Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VVS2: Very Very Small Inclusions 2
  • VS1: Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VS2: Very Small Inclusions 2
  • SI1: Small Inclusions 1
  • SI2: Small Inclusions 2
  • I1; Inclusions 1
  • I2: Inclusions 2

The kind of cut of these rings makes inclusions and flaws nicely concealed. Hence, oval diamonds do not reflect these flaws clearly compared to other shapes. Especially close to the circular edge or the point where the jewelry setting is. In those areas, you might not see any of these blemishes. 

Therefore, we suggest an SI1 or an SI2. These grades offer outstanding Clarity with the best value. Based on your preference, you can choose to go higher in clarity. But, whatever difference there is will be hidden away from the naked eye. In that vein, your budget is best used in another aspect of these rings like the carat weight or the cut.

Aside from examining the bowtie effect and the Clarity grade, ensure you carefully evaluate the oval diamonds yourself. Besides, you can seek the services of an expert. 

Oval Cut Diamond: Color

The GIA grades color on a scale from D to Z. If a diamond comes with a Z Color grade for instance, what does that imply? Simply put, the diamond had an easily visible brown or yellow shade. On the flip side of the scale, the D grade depicts the most colorless diamond.

Although it’s often difficult to see the difference between two color grades, take a clue from the price difference.

Using your naked eye, it is impossible to see the differences between color grades. So, we recommend concentrating on how the color looks to you.

Furthermore, as a general tip, we suggest an H Color or anything better than that for your oval engagement rings. With such a choice, you can be sure your stone will appear white in a platinum or white gold setting.


The hollowed pattern of oval diamonds gives them an edge. With this structure, they are excellent for those with an active day-to-day life. This is as oval engagement rings do not come with any sharp ends that might catch your cloth or furniture.

Oval engagement rings with wedding bands also parade a unique aura thanks to their high level of glow and spark. The fire and brightness these engagement rings provide are why they are a popular choice among jewelry lovers.

Conclusively, oval diamonds aren’t only chic, elegant, rare, and distinct; they also are perfect alternatives to the round brilliant cut. Therefore, do you want a beautiful appearance with a distinctive flair and outstanding strength? Then, your pick should be these oval engagement rings. 

Lastly, you can find oval engagement rings with wedding bands in various jewelry stores. But to get the best of these rings, the value and at a reasonable cost, contact Raymond Lee Jewelers now.


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