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Considering how well women of today are making impacts, it all gets clearer. You will understand why Richard Mille created the RM 07-01 wristwatch as the flagship Richard Mille women’s watch. 

Generally, a woman’s life in this era is different from what it used to be. Presently, the life of a woman is as demanding as it can get. This is far different from how it was in earlier times. 

In line with these present high responsibilities placed on modern women, a woman must remain elegant always. Therefore, she must always incorporate the practical in her elegance and style. That is one way every woman can maintain that womanly grace regardless of conditions surrounding her life, leisure, and work.

This must be why Richard Mille made this move with the blue Richard Mille watch. This watchmaking giant recognized these intimate pressures surrounding every woman. This recognition led to the creation of a new ladies’ wristwatch, the RM 07-01 wristwatch.

This watch entirely embodies the exact mechanical balance between Haute Horlogerie refinement and its functions. It reveals that ‘tough love’ birthed by modern materials in the making of an intricate 21st century time tool. This is the watch of the season for our lovely ladies.

More so, Richard Mille draws attention to its feminine aspect by introducing this nice piece. The two new RM 07-01 automatic wristwatches are the subject of this article. To be more precise, the RM 07-01 blue Richard Mille watch is our focus. 

Note: This timepiece parades all the high-tech thresholds of this watchmaking brand. However, it retains every bit of the Richard Mille trademark elegance.

The Aesthetic Qualities Of The RM 07-01 Wristwatch

The RM 07-01 wristwatch collection remains that unrivaled feminine hero of the Richard Mille brand. This timepiece continues to stimulate that widespread spectacle with every single iteration released. The blue Richard Mille watch is still our favorite and the focus of this article. 

There are three new limited-edition models of this timepiece. They feature technically refined ceramic and luminous multi-material guilloché dials. These timepieces symbolize the RM 07-01 wristwatch line’s zero-compromise strategy towards aesthetics and function. Richard Mille combined the very loftiest degrees of mechanical watchmaking, movement makeup, with a touch of pure aesthetic brilliance.

Furthermore, each of the three editions of this new RM 07-01 blue Richard Mille watch collection is different. What sets them apart includes their various case colors as well as their lovely dial elements. These timepieces are limited to only 50 pieces. 

These three models include:

  • RM 07-01 Pastel Blue
  • The RM 07-01 Pastel Pink 
  • The RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender 

All these three Richard Mille women’s watches are products of sheer summer thrills sheltered in ceramic cases. Finally, there is the inclusion of the animated automatic CRMA2 in-house movement. 

Additionally, the central dial plates come in segments. These segments follow an assemblage from supplements of ceramic. Also, the dial features geometrically patterned rubber, and the novel Richard Mille hand-crafted guillochage.

Below is a detailed description of these aesthetic qualities to aid a better understanding of all of the features.

  • The Guillochage Feature

Guillochage is the first aesthetic feature we will consider. This addition is one decorative craft with its origins rooted in the ideals of the 16th century. 

This feature comes in its most genuine form. The dial guillochage comprises a set of unique repeating lines. Then a hand-turned lathe cuts in to divide and extends over it. The result of this is a striking and colorful motif. 

Moreover, experts of this art referred to as guillocheurs go through training for decades. After these long years of rigorous training, they become masters of their art. This piece of art features today in every wristwatch of refined style.

Hence, the Director of Creation and Development Cécile Guenat incorporated this artistic feature within a Richard Mille timepiece. This time, Richard Mille does it with a remarkably different pop of energy. 

Consequently, in the usual Richard Mille way, the RM 07-01 wristwatch, the view is different. The brand takes this centuries-old style and infuses it in ingenious ways. This application is a clear demonstration of the brand’s mastery in reinventing conventions uniquely.

  • The Rhodium-Plated Dial Feature

The rhodium-plated is another dial element. You will find this feature at the center of every RM 07-01 wristwatch.

It is a portion of a bigger pattern. This is an aesthetic motif that exists as a partly botanical piece, partly Art Deco, and partly sunburst.  

The lines delicately measure up with the afloat hour markers. This takes place right on the micro-blasted titanium flange. Then we have geometrically shaped materials of ceramic and rubber. These materials envelop the guilloché dial portion. This arrangement reinforces the theme of a new age working with age-long ideas. 

In all, these elements are in excellent complement with the bi-color rubber straps and the ceramic case.

  • Colored Ceramic Infusion

In addition, there is the addition of new colored ceramic in the broader collection of the RM 07-01 wristwatch. This inclusion is more than being fun and animated. Instead, it fronts outstanding performance, especially with the case material. 

For example, TZP ceramic is soft, hypoallergenic, reliable, and practically scratch-proof. This is as a result of its zirconium oxide makeup and entire manufacturing procedure. Furthermore, the brand matches this level of performance flawlessly with the automatic in-house caliber CRMA2. This movement is a product of micro-blasted and electro plasma-treated titanium. 

More so, it takes its power from a 5N red gold variable-geometry rotor. These all maintain the timepiece, keeping it optimally wound always. Lastly, this movement delivers a power reserve of 50 hours once it is properly wound.

Richard Mille Women’s Watch: A Blend Of Varieties 

RM 07-01 wristwatch

This wristwatch collection embraces the love of variety. The collection features three color variations. 

  • The TZP blue ceramic with an olive-aqua rubber strap which is the focus here.
  • TZP lavender ceramic with a coral-tangerine rubber strap 
  • The TZP pink ceramic with a cerulean-lilac rubber strap

In agreeing on the colors and textures of these latest editions, Cécile Guenat and her team checked out numerous versions. Eventually, they arrived at these ultimate compositions. 

In her own words, Cécile explained saying: ‘I was inspired by the Art Deco architecture you see in Miami, these pastel colors and bold patterns that are so distinctive and convey such an amazing vibe and attitude.’

Richard Mille combines these varieties with the hand-finished sheen of the gold guilloché dial. Then, the brand adds on the luminous vitality of the bi-color rubber straps. Therefore, the ceramic cases of the new RM 07-01 wristwatch easily pass as three of the most desirable Richard Mille timepieces. 

Every one of these three timepieces in the new Richard Mille women’s watch collection is distinct in style. We mentioned already how they parade different spanking new ceramic case colors. Plus, their graphic dial components vary from one another.

Lastly, the three-part case comes in as a water-resistant addition. You have 50 meters guaranteed thanks to the 2 Nitrile O-ring seals. More so, the case components include 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws. There are also abrasion-resistant washers featured in 316L stainless steel. 

You can get your new blue Richard Mille watch exclusively at Richard Mille Boutiques anywhere in the world.

The Movement In The Blue Richard Mille Watch For Women

The nucleus of this new blue Richard Mille watch functions on the novel, in-house created caliber CRMA2. This movement is one highly skeletonized automatic movement. The movement’s creation is specifically for the RM 07-01 wristwatch. 

Additionally, the movement incorporates baseplate and bridges obtained from grade 5 titanium. More so, the CRMA2 contains a variable-inertia balance that retains that long-term performance you desire. 

Also, there is a rotor coated in 5N 18K red gold with flexible geometry. That helps it to adjust the rotational speed of the rotor in line with your activity as the owner. Hence, you have a watch with an optimized winding of its barrel’s high rotation. 

Furthermore, this is new from Richard Mille. The patented crown structure displaces the established system. Presently, there is no direct connection to the interior of the movement. Therefore, it does not dislodge or break thanks to the additional protection it comes with.

Moreover, this timekeeping composition allows it an excellent balance between performance and power. This explains why the RM 07-01 parades a power reserve of approximately 50 hours. That is a huge feat for a ladies’ movement. 

Likewise, the elegance of this watch’s technical proficiency comes out faultlessly all through the skeletonized movement. This is as it features its balance set at the 6 o’clock position. This highlights the maintenance provided for the high-grade finishing the movement enjoys.

The Case Design Of This Blue Richard Mille Watch

The RM 07-01 wristwatch does not only shine with its striking mechanical perfection. Again, it adds the pleasing and curvy lines of its tonneau-shaped case design. Then, its dial features a gemstone set centerpiece. 

When all of this comes together with water droplet-shaped indexes, the result is amazing. These components differ in an extremely beautiful manner from the lines of the movement. This elegant view further typifies Richard Mille’s strategy for 21st-century watchmaking.

Also, the Richard Mille RM 07-01 wristwatch collection parades the tripartite case for the first time. The RM 07-01 wristwatch is out there in a variety of colors and ceramic. As an owner, you enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful visual contrast and an incredibly high level of scratch protection 

In addition, there are dimensions of 45.66 x 31.40 x 11.85 mm available as well. These Richard Mille women’s watches come in a perfect fit for different events.

The Technological Excellence In RM 07-01 Wristwatch


In a lot of ways, the design and general makeup of this RM 07-01 wristwatch take a lot of inspiration from Baselworld 2019. The launch of the Richard Mille RM 07-01 wristwatch brings with it a very thrilling improvement. Richard Mille in-house research and development section presented a new composition. One that never existed before then.

This novel introduction made the blue Richard Mille watch the first watch with the new Carbon TPT Bracelet. The bracelet comes with an exact construction as Richard Mille’s well-known case material.

Over time, several cases hit the watchmaking scene with the application of the TPT carbon layering strategy. However, the structure of a bracelet in this design is an entirely new approach. It took the brand production team a total of 13 months to create the Carbon TPT Bracelet.

This bracelet comprises 200 elements. Also, it weighs a meager 29 grams.

  • Introducing New Materials

Most wristwatch lovers enjoy the appearance and feel of a bracelet on their wristwatch. However, they find it difficult to wear these watches because of the weight. It makes it uncomfortable.

Now, there are new materials that are portable, compact, sturdy, and comfortable. These new materials are quite big deals for watch lovers.

So, this is quite a good development for Richard Mille. The launch of the Carbon TPT bracelet solely on the Richard Mille women’s watch is thrilling. 

Now, this RM 07-01 wristwatch is an excellent way to illustrate cool aesthetics and elegance. 

  • A Novel Construction

Another question is how the bracelet design works? The bracelet is a product of dozens of Carbon TPT plates built on a grade five titanium structure.

RM’s bracelet comes with a hold from 44 of Richard Mille’s instantly recognizable screws: the spline screws. The convenience and sturdiness of the material are certainly a huge talking point. However, what fascinates me the most is the bracelet’s aesthetics.

Finally, the homogeneity of the bracelet extends over the neat, angled lines of the tonneau case. It is always a pleasant sight on the wrist. When this joins the entire blue Richard Mille watch, the result is a piece with all-round elegance.


Majorly, due to the Carbon TPT addition to the long list of fresh additional materials, this timepiece presents something different. You can get your RM 07-01 wristwatch in several varieties aside from the blue Richard Mille watch type 

More so, the movement powering the Richard Mille women’s watch is the CRMA02. This movement adds a flexible geometry rotor weight. Also, it provides a 50-hour power reserve. In all honesty, this form-fitted caliber is a pleasure to own in one’s timepiece.

Ultimately, the use of numerous materials and colors conforms perfectly in the RM 07-01 wristwatch. When its case and its elegantly designed dial come in too, the result is stunning. 


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