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The Cartier Roadster is a new age recognition of the 1950s “golden age of the sports car.” Being the modern Cartier that it is, it’s another ageless item displaying upscale fashion.

With a size dimension of 33 mm x 30 mm in height and width respectively, this stainless-steel Cartier Roadster captions the unique “Porsche” or “Vegas Roulette” dial in its appearance. The Cartier Roadster is the perfect model of Cartier’s most enterprising new age watch.


The journey for this watch began in the early 2000s. The entry of the Cartier Roadster stirred up scrutiny due to its fierce combination of luxury, automotive moves, and sports watch versatility. Check out a rundown of some of the wristwatch features and style.

·         Shape

Its shape is caught between a tonneau and a rectangle. Even though it is not really any of these two.

·         Dial

You can get that sense of automotive imagery from every Cartier Roadster dial. The “Porsche” dial even extends this imagery to a logical breaking point. You have the white and red Arabic figures taking turns, inboard minute hashes, and a concentric circular hour track. Then, there are the needle-like baton pointers revealing an exact likeness of the Porsche 356 speedometer from 1950.

This is not just a trip to the oldies. The Cartier Roadster’s appearance is alluring, functional, and completely different from other new luxury watches.

·         Date Window and Magnifying Lens

This luxury watch again has a hidden date window with black discs that match the dial. This addition comes in for the Arabic figure at three o’clock. There is all to desire when you check out the magnifying lens.

·         Crown Assembly

Similar to its Cartier peers like the Pasha, the Cle, and the Ballon Bleu, the Cartier Roadster utilizes that unique crown assembly.

But with the Roadster, there is an unexpected twist. The crown, the bezel, the crown guard, the date magnifier, and the case flank are combined into a sole sinuous structure. This structure boosts the Roadster’s appearance to a higher level.

·         A Convertible Roadster

The Cartier Roadster just like every other wonderful “roadster,” is a “convertible”. Each one of these timepieces parades a powerful rapid-release lug system to enable 15-second strap changes.

This inclusion gives this timepiece an edge over other power-operated auto roofs. They cannot come down that quickly!

·         Metal Bracelet

There is also that supple and brilliantly-finished metal bracelet. This bracelet comes with a double deployant grip to complete the elegant lines of the Cartier Roadster. The brand further provides a vast range of straps and bracelets as accessories. With them, you can easily complete an immediate do-it-yourself makeover on your Cartier Roadster. The pull-tab strap release system also comes in handy here.

·         Water-Resistant

No doubt, the Roadster is a Cartier with an edge of excellence. Plus, it is expected that a watch named in reference to a sports car reveals a gauge of “sports watch” grit. The Roadster does not disappoint either!

This dual-purpose timepiece runs from zero to 100 meters of water without stress. That is about 330ft of water resistance. This is way ahead of what most tux-ready timepieces have to offer.

·         Caliber

The Cartier Roadster features a tiny and nice automatic Swiss ETA 2892-A2 caliber. This caliber comes with a 42-hour power supply. There is again the two-way winding to allow it to work smoothly on the wrist.

There is likewise an element of a hacking system (stop seconds) in Its design. With that, you can perfectly synchronize it to any reference watch or clock.

·         Durable and Reliable

This exact movement wields a track record of being reliable and durable. Its thin structure of 3.6mm enables the Roadster’s distinct cambered (curved) view in length.

In all, the Cartier Roadster is a lot of perks and extras to interest lovers of good wristwatches.

A Wristwatch Made of Class and Purpose

Cartier is not just any word you heard daily on the streets. It is like gold that generates impressions of prominence, riches, and good taste. There is even enough worth in the name.

This is why the use of this word on an item adds depth of instant interest always. If you think that is not a balanced or fair worth given to just one name, then consider this. What sort of response do you get when you ask any of your relatives, close friends, or even random strangers if they will love to get an item from Cartier?

They will certainly always be down for it!

An encounter with one product from Cartier is all you need. In this article, our focus is an item from Cartier. Very close to the entry-level model, yet still expensive. This is the modern CARTIER ROADSTER.

The Cartier brand has one basic desire. That is to maintain the relevance of their products in eagerness for those years where there will be a reduction in general high spending in their stores.

Moreover, maintaining a vast variety of luxury items that cover different ranges of luxury (high end to entry-level), is promising for any luxury brand

So, Cartier is not only focused on raising the bar higher continually. The brand seeks to allow those on the lower end of the luxury hierarchy to gain access to some of their classy and lovely movement-based watches.

Even at that, this amazing product is still quite a pricey item, yet still a catch for most watch lovers. The price of the Cartier Roadster still begins at $4,200. This price is still a pricey figure to several people.

Unlike several other timepieces, a Cartier watch still carries enough value worthy of saving up for, at this price. It is a beautiful and sophisticated watch.

The production of this item has lasted for a while with very rare issues or differences recorded over time. Enthusiastic watch lovers will be even more interested in pieces like Cartier’s new Caliber collection. With a brand new in-house made computerized movement, Roadster enthusiasts will love this new watch.

Features and Description

·         Appearance

The Cartier Roadster forfeits the sophisticated sapphire crystal with a magnifier lens that is an obvious portion of the crown assembly. It similarly let’s go of the screws on the cover of the watch as well as a barely more intricate case construction.

Most Cartier watches possess blue crown cabochon crystals. The Cartier Roadster model doesn’t. In all, the Roadster is Cartier’s release that captions the tonneau shape in the form of a barrel. Cartier has brought down luxurious appearance to watch lovers.

·         Sizes

The Cartier Roadster comes in many sizes. You can either go for the small, the medium, the large, and the extra-large sizes. Cartier believes the Roadster is majorly a large piece even though we can argue that is a medium-sized timepiece.

The case could be sized technically around 46mm wide. But that is majorly because it has a huge crown and a bulge at the center of the casing.

The Cartier Roadster is not a large item. It is comfortable, averages thick, with a curved case that places itself well on the wrist, void of any issue. It snuggles on your arm firmly without any discomfort even on the rubber strap kind.

·         Case

The case of the Cartier Roadster reveals a curved surface that extends a bit to the Sapphire crystal. The steel case relishes a top-quality polish that matches with the pedigree of Cartier as a brand.

·         Style

Most people believe the actual version of the Roadster watch is slightly different in style. Yet, it is an appealing sight always. Cartier Roadster is an item following a dynamic style trend.

There are two styles of this watch from Cartier. First, is the all-steel version placed on a metal bracelet. Them, there is the steel model with a DLC bezel placed on a rubber strap.

The latter version is the sportiest style made by Cartier. It is even probably, one of the sportiest watches to ever be released by Cartier.

·         Comfortability and Usage

The Cartier Roadster is agile, and light on the wrist. It is a perfect fit to use for activities. The rubber strap of this watch can be made right to give a more comfortable and secure fitting.

·         The aDLC Impact

Only a few years ago, Cartier launched aDLC. aDLC is a narrowly different use of the DLC coating (diamond like carbon). It is wrapped around the steel (or any other metal used).

This coating can either make it black or give it another fashionable color. aDLC is great as the right application will surely produce an even look. Aside from this, it is quite scratch-resistant.

It is general knowledge that Cartier is not a constant producer of black items, and aDLC is one of their early endeavors into producing black timepieces. The first version of an aDLC coated watch was a Santos watch. to

Only the rubber-strapped kind of the Cartier Roadster comes with the bezel coated with aDLC. The watch has a well-brushed glow to stand against the polished case. This creates a stunning and lovely look that extends down to the black rubber strap.

The strap has a bit of a pattern only at the ends. These patterns look like the connections you see on the metal bracelets. While the steel bracelet kind of the Roadster watch has a negligibly tinier version of the bracelet used on it. Hence, what you have is an unusually styled bracelet with extended, narrow metal connections.

·         The Dial

This wristwatch has an amazing dial that screams Cartier all through it. The sapphire crystal is curved slightly but still gives as much clarity as any dial can.

The AR coating is quite a lot. And the completely equal crystal thickness allows for a complete glare look that is free from distortion from any viewing angle. The way Cartier has designed this watch AR ratings and crystals should be an example to other watchmakers. Flawless!

This dial even makes the watch easier to use and read thanks to the slightly more basic version of the Cartier Roadster dial style. There are the Roman numerals and the internal hour marker ring to create that effect.

Generally, the dial on the Cartier Roadster is peculiar to the brand. In Cartier’s unique style, there is a unique outline on the ring placed where the bullet-shaped magnifier lens was. That way, the shape is maintained.

·         The ETA 2892 Movement

Cartier makes use of a black-colored disc and silver color font to show the date. That is very classy! The hands of this watch are basic and readable.

There is the Cartier’s automatic Caliber 049 on the inside. This is a product from the ETA 2892 movement. It is quite a formidable movement that functions perfectly even though it isn’t anything flashy.

It will pass as a good movement as it gives this sport watch a good level of comparative durability.

The Cartier Roadster summarizes that it is a no-action-adventure timepiece, lightweight, water-resistance of 100 meters, and comfortable fit on the wrist. This watch does not come in the way of any activity you may be involved in. However, this is not to say that the watch can be used for wild activities.


There are only a few cons with this watch. The issue is mostly with the RUBBER STRAP.

·         The Clasp

The strap release system is fine, but the clasp is where there might be a slight challenge. There is really nothing to secure the strap over time.

Due to this, it loses at intervals. So, you will have to keep adjusting it as you use it. That is not an excellent system for a good luxury watch.

·         The Surplus Rubber Strap

Again, there is the surplus rubber strap that creeps out from below the strap. This also happens from time to time and can really be a pain.

·         The Tension Clasps

Cartier will do a lot of good by creating locking clasps. The tension clasps used mostly by the Cartier brand require pressure to snap and fit the watch.  With this, a jolt can loosen the clasp. It can also wear and tear with time which will make it less fitting and secure.


In all, the Cartier Roadster is not one wristwatch with several surprise perks to look forward to. Yet, it doesn’t fall short considering the standard Cartier has over time. Pricey, yet, worth every dime!

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