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Shopping for a good quality ring will never be complete without answering certain questions. Your jeweler asks these questions to satisfy you. But the questions will be around the 4 Cs.

You want to be certain about your desires as regards the following Cs.

  • Color
  • Carat
  • Clarity
  • Cut

That is one of the surest ways you can get the best of rings out there. So, how much do you know about the color, cut, carat, and clarity you want? Do you have something specific in mind as regards these 4 Cs?

If you do not have an idea about these things, we can begin with the knowledge of the various types of rings. Check out the ring settings, and two major kinds of rings that will certainly catch the eye.

Types Of Rings

Just as it should be, there are several distinct types of rings and ring settings. To give a list of all of them is practically impossible. We will check out the most prominent ones and the two special ones that will form the basis of this review.

The popular types are:

  • Trilogy
  • Solitaire
  • Halo
  • Semi-alliance
  • Vintage
  • Eternity
  • For men
  • Pave
  • Illusion
  • You & me
  • Cocktail

The two that we will focus on in this review are the Cocktail Rings and the Pavè Rings. Knowing what these rings are will further help you make an informed decision when the time is right to do so.

Pavé Rings

Pronounced as pa-vey, these are rings with several tiny diamonds. It is simply like a paved street.

Unlike every other ring, the pavè ring is not fixed for a particular purpose. Although, some pavè rings fit best only on August occasions due to how elegant and impressive they look.

A pavè is simply a cluster of several diamonds. But there is a significance attached to the ring most times. This is why most people go for them. The row or lined up diamonds set on the hoop of the ring standout always!

This time, they are just there to fill out and complement another big stone or string of bigger stones.

Pave Rings: Description

This pavè ring is not a ring setting entirely now. It is a way to add more sparkle to a different ring setting. Most times, they use it to boost the sparkling look of a cocktail ring setting.

Nowadays, this is the kind of pavè seen majorly in the jewelry world. And trust us to have a good and rich collection of this kind of pavè rings for you to select from. Just be certain beforehand which kind of pavè ring you want.

Cocktail Rings

For cocktail rings, there is even a larger list to select from. The varieties of cocktail rings available to you here are impressive. You will even have a hard time making a choice. But one feature sets the cocktail rings apart always. They are always huge, flashy, and lovely.

You will certainly catch the eye of those around you when you have one of them on. Pavè cocktail rings are not your everyday piece of jewelry. These rings are the number one piece of luxury you can get. They are jewelry pieces made for special events.

Aside from being huge, cocktail rings are also known for mostly being one of a kind. That is one quality most other rings do not have. So, when you get a cocktail ring from a good store, you can be sure of one thing. The ring you have is definitely peculiar to you.

Now, a mixture of a pavè ring and a cocktail ring can only produce one thing! Magic!

You can be sure to get the best out of such a combination to stand out when next you attend a special event. And as you would expect, there are varieties. So, your desires come to pass.

With a good list of outstandingly elegant pavè cocktail rings, you can pick one that will certainly crown your occasions.

Shopping For A Huge One Of A Kind Pavè Cocktail Ring

When shopping for any cocktail ring at all, it has to be a mindful process. You must consider certain things as you proceed.

To start with, check out what stones is your cocktail ring made with.

The center stone on a cocktail ring is always big. This size makes it more pronounced. Hence, its flaws become more obvious with the size. To be safe, opting for a simulated or synthetic stone will work best. It will give you better clarity. That will clearly be a wise choice.

You want to also be sure that you are not getting a ring with a weak structure.

So, inspecting how these pieces of jewelry appear or manufactured will do you a lot of good. The prongs say a lot about how firm the rings are.

  • First, the prongs should not be thin.
  • Then, the gemstones should not be held too tight. When the stones on the rings are set in a loose way, you should not get such a ring.
  • When the rings are bent and out of place, avoid them.
  • You should as well avoid rings that have excess prongs.
  • Pay attention to the alloys and metals that make up the ring. Any ring made with 10k yellow gold or white gold with nickel is not advisable for anyone with a nickel allergy.

Ask questions to confirm all of these. Get the best always! That’s why we are here to provide you with enough options to pick from.

Huge One-of-a-kind Pave Cocktail Rings: Review


  • They make this piece of jewelry from a metal substance of 925 Sterling Diamond
  • This product contains rhodium.
  • It is a nickel-free piece of jewelry
  • It contains pavè gemstones as its gem type
  • The stone’s color is clear white
  • Stone cut is a Round Cut
  • Stone size is 6.5mm for 2 pieces
  • Total center stone weighs 2 Carat
  • Average clarity is set at FL-IF

A lot of perks come with owning a one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring. First, you are selecting a fashionable, outstanding and adaptable ring setting. It does not matter which kind of pavè you choose. Be it a scalloped pavè, French pavè, or micro pavè, you are certainly in for a stunner!

As the gem sparkles and the light runs through the stones, leading to a vibrant centerpiece, you will be pleased you made this choice. Get ready for the attention. You will get loads of it!

Huge One-of-a-kind Pave Cocktail Rings: Pros and Cons

Similar to every ring setting, pavè cocktail rings setting has a handful of wonderful pros. There are a few cons as well.

You now have to decide if these cons are deal breakers for you. Well, it will depend on what you are shopping for and what you expect.

Here, we’ll give you details about all the favorable and unfavorable aspects of having a one-of-a-kind pavè cocktail ring.


  • Puts in that desired extra glitter
  • Places emphasis on the center diamond piece.
  • Doesn’t require top grades of diamond
  • An excellent match with several ring arrangements


  • Costs more than other rings
  • Tinier diamond centerpieces have a greater chance of falling out
  • Lastly, jewelers find it hard to resize these rings

So, regardless of which opinion you get from the pros and cons, we know one thing for sure. You must be a lover of sparkles to go for a pavè cocktail ring. We recommend you go for regular-sized pavè stones to get more sparkle.

Huge One-of-a-kind Pave Cocktail Rings: Features

There are certain features common to one-of-a-kind pave cocktail rings. We can find some of these features on other rings. Yet, most of the features are peculiar to this kind of ring

So, take your time before you shop for a ring. Check out the features of a one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring. That way, you will know if it is what you want. Thankfully, we have provided a list of these features in this review article. Follow through!

  1. Quality from The Look

First, the diamonds are valued based on the 4 C’s parameters (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat). This ring contains a top-quality gem. Hence, based on all the 4 Cs, this product aces them all. The cut, color, carat, and clarity are the same for every unique quality.

The gem produces higher dispersal and refractive index. What this produces as an extension is a brighter and better fire color. A good huge one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring is always an excellent choice.

These peculiar rings will provide you with the optimal experience you wish for. Every one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring will easily pass the diamond selector test. Expect the “beep” sound to show that it is top quality.

  1. Durability at Its Best

When shopping for a ring, you are extra attentive. You do not want to get a product that lets you down with how long it lasts. We have checked this pave cocktail ring. And, we can say for sure, it offers you durability at its best.

The durability of this ring is just as good as it can get even on daily use. It is very difficult to scratch. Plus, the hard texture is graded 9.25 using the Mohs scale.

On the other hand, Pearls are not this hard. At most, the hardness is valued at about 2.5. For Moonstone, the hardness is about 6.5. For Sapphire, it is graded at 9 at most. Be certain that your one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring gemstone is assured to stay just as lovely as the day you got it newly.

  1. Luxury Redefined

The huge one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring is a top-notch piece by all means. For a lover of luxury jewel, this is a perfect option. It is a premium product for luxury seekers.

Thanks to this product, a lot is changing with luxury. There is even a higher and new standard it has created in the fine jewelry world.

Thanks to this amazing piece, you can get the best of luxury at a budget-friendly price. The huge one-of-a-kind page cocktail ring is an excellent choice already. It then adds to its perk with its affordability. Certainly, an option every lover of luxury should go for.

  1. Made Better with A Better Cut

This piece of jewelry is made with unique components. It is a product born out of a unique, limited recipe with the best hands and facility.

It is a brainchild of experts who have similarly created other high-quality jewelry items. Done in a standard lab, you can only expect the best. You are provided with a specially designed, artistic, socially dependable, and ever beautiful gem.

  1. Made to Beat Standards

In addition, this huge one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring is the perfection of the lab-made jewel. It showcases perfection in color, carat, shape, clarity, and cut.

This then makes it a unique piece from other pieces of jewelry. Pave Cocktail ring is a stand-out from the crowd of gems. It is virtually impossible to have a similar version of this out there. We can conclude it is truly one-of-a-kind.

  1. Handmade to Perfection

Furthermore, Most rings made by this brand are handmade by experts. Also, the elegance and quality of this huge one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring blend with the focus of this brand. The quality of this piece resonates with the brand’s passion for perfection and its readiness to create the best.

Best Place to Shop for Your Pavè Cocktail Rings

For your best pavè cocktail rings as well as your sapphire, emerald, diamond, or, ruby rings, Raymond Lee Jewelers is that number one store where you can get the best of them all. You even have the opportunity to check out every part of the ring quality as you want.

Not just this, there are other pieces of jewelry you can choose too. Be assured that every one of them is top-quality and made to perfection.

So, are you ready to get your own huge one-of-a-kind pave cocktail ring? If yes, contact Raymond Lee Jewelers now to get the best of this product and many more.

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