Simon G Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Bands
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Simon G Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Simon G Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Simon G Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Let your ring speak for you! Simon G Engagement Rings and Wedding Band collection are specifically designed to reflect the beauty and elegance of the woman wearing it. A classic elegant look, with a modern twist, Simon G Bridal Collection carries a verity of designs and styles. Going above and beyond the rest, this exclusive bridal collection has an engagement ring that comes with a matching wedding band, which they like to call “bridal duos”. Your engagement ring is created with a distinct design in mind, with uniformity and comfort built into each piece the engagement rings and wedding bands truly make lovely pairs. There may be times when purchasing your engagement ring and wedding band at a separately proves difficult, which is why these bridal duos are designed with the client in mind. Making it simple to join together both engagement and wedding bands to make one stunning work of art. Shop more Simon G. engagement rings.

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