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Cushion-Cut Diamond Solitaire

Cushion-Cut Diamond Solitaire

A simple, elegant, and high-quality ring such as a cushion-cut solitaire make a really great option for an engagement ring. What you get is something that is classic and timeless. And for something that you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life, this is an important quality. It is comfortable and can easily fit in with even the most active lifestyle. We know that choosing an engagement ring might, at first, seem pretty daunting. But we have a ton of experience and are here to make the process just a little bit easier. Here, we will break down the main considerations you need to take into account when choosing a ring.


Next, we will discuss the power of the classics. Timeless styles make the most sense for this purpose and we will discuss why in greater depth. Finally, we will take a look at the cushion-cut diamond solitaire that is the focal point of this piece. We will break down its makeup and construction, as well as its benefits. 

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring


Choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might initially seem. The first thing you will want to think about is style. Do you have a preference for materials? Is there a particular cut of gemstone you prefer? Next, you will want to think about your budget. Having your budget set out in advance is a huge time saver. The last thing you want to do is waste a bunch of time on options that are out of your price range. But these aren’t the only things you need to consider. 


You will also need to consider your lifestyle. Do you use your hands a lot for your work or hobbies? Are you really active in your daily life? The answers to these questions will help guide your choice. If you do lead an active lifestyle, it makes sense to choose something simple and unobtrusive. The cushion-cut diamond solitaire we feature here is a great example of this. If these aren’t concerns for you, you have a lot more in the way of choices. For you, the sky really is the limit. You can choose something as ornate as you like!


Why the Classics are Best


When choosing your engagement ring, it might be tempting to choose something trendy and eye-catching. However, this might not be the best choice. Think about trends. They come and go pretty quickly. And our wedding ring is supposed to be something we wear every day for the rest of our lives. The last thing we want is to have an engagement ring that falls out of style in a short period of time. We are then faced with the expensive choice of buying something new or continuing to wear something we don’t like. Neither option is particularly attractive. 


This is why we recommend the classics. Classic styles are timeless and they are so for a reason. There is something about this style that just defies trends and stands the test of time. The little black dress is a great example of just such an article. There are also jewelry styles that fit this bill as well. The cushion-cut diamond solitaire we feature here is a great example of this. It will never fall out of fashion. Like that little black dress, it will always look great. And, this is a versatile style that will look great with any number of fashions. 

The Best Place in Town for All Your Jewelry Needs


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, quality, elegance, and style are always going to be of paramount importance. We also want to offer options that not everyone else has. This is why we strive to maintain the reputation as being the best jeweler in town for rare high-end accessories. Our buyers have tons of experience and connections. This allows us to seek out the rarest, most unique, and high-end pieces to grace our display cases. The cushion-cut diamond solitaire ring we feature here is a great example of our commitment to quality. 


We also offer custom jewelry design services as well. While we have a great selection, we know that we can’t possibly have everything. That is why our experienced jewelers use the latest in computer-aided design technology to help you turn your dreams into a reality. It is our goal to create exactly what it is you have in mind. And, we also offer a comprehensive set of jewelry repair services as well. We have the skills and know-how to take on any job, large or small. Whether you need that ring resized or you have an antique watch you would like to see working again – we have you covered. 

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond is an elegant and classic cut. It is a popular choice for use in fine jewelry and it makes a great option for an engagement ring. This is a square-cut stone that takes its characteristics from two other common cuts: the old mine and round brilliant-cut. 


This is a cut that has the best of both worlds when it comes to diamonds. Most often, diamond cuts are known for either their fire or their brilliance. Fire refers to the rainbow-like hues that stones will give off when seen in sunlight or other bright light. Brilliance is a term that we use to describe the sparkle that a stone gives off. The cushion cut is one of those unique cuts that actually offers a little bit of both. It gives off a ton of fun sparkle, but in the sunlight, you can also see some beautiful fire. This allows you to enjoy both aspects of what makes the diamond such a beautiful stone.


And, the cushion-cut diamond looks great with pretty much any kind of fashion. It pairs well with classic and vintage styles, but it also looks good with more modern or trendy attire as well. 


White Gold


White gold is a beautiful material that makes a great alternative for people who like the qualities of gold, but don’t like the yellow buttery hue of traditional gold. What’s interesting about white gold is that its development was first for a less expensive alternative to platinum. A lot of people love the cool silvery hue of platinum but don’t really like its price tag, so this was a less expensive, but still high-end, alternative. This metal has the cool silver color that we all love, but it is tough and durable like traditional gold. In fact, white gold is even stronger than traditional yellow gold.


Like traditional yellow gold, white gold is not pure gold. In its pure form, gold is far too soft for jewelry making. Anything made with pure gold would quickly lose its shape. What happens is that 24-karat pure gold is blended with other metals, such as silver or palladium. For white gold, there are more silvery metals blended into the gold mixture. This allows the silver of these metals to shine through, while still maintaining the beauty and luster of gold. Sometimes, white gold will have a rhodium coating for added protection. This is something that may, on occasion, need to be recoated. 

The Solitaire Ring

Thinking about classic styles, it is hard to think of anything more classic than a solitaire ring. This might be the epitome of what we think of when we are thinking about engagement rings. It is a beautiful and timeless style that just never falls out of fashion. Women were wearing solitaire rings for many centuries before us and will continue to do so long after us. This is just such a beautiful look that pairs so well with so many other fashions and looks. As the name implies, a solitaire-style ring is one that features a single central stone which is the focal point of the piece. This may be a large stone or something more modest. Here, we feature a decent-sized cushion-cut stone as our focal point. 


The band is made from white gold and has some elegant embellishments on the side. These are unique designs incised into the band to give it a more unique look and texture. It gives this classic ring more personality than it might otherwise have. So what you have is something that is classic and timeless, but that also has some features that will give it more style than your average solitaire-style ring. 

Beautiful and Versatile

We have to think about the fact that our engagement ring must be something meant for every day. Of course, you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, but you need to choose a ring that will still work with your daily life as well. The cushion-cut diamond solitaire we feature here is a really excellent example of this. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will sparkle and shine with you on your wedding day. But it isn’t going to look out of place at the park with the kids either. 


It is a comfortable ring that is really well suited to daily wear. Even if you live a really active lifestyle, this ring makes a great choice. It won’t get in the way of your daily activities. And it looks great with pretty much anything. Whether you are pairing the ring with formal attire or something more casual, we know you will love the elegance it imbues your look. And, since your style is likely to change over time, you have the peace of mind that this ring can evolve with you. 

Simple Elegance 

We discuss why the classics make the most sense for the purposes of an engagement ring, but there are more reasons to love the classics than their ability to stand the test of time. There is a classic and simple elegance that certain accessories or attire give us that is really hard to beat. These looks allow us to have that effortless elegance that makes it seem like our sense of style is just innate. The cushion-cut diamond solitaire ring we feature here is a really great example of this. Yes, it is simple, but simply does not take away from its beauty. In fact, if anything, it adds to the beauty of the piece. It looks amazing with anything you pair it with and we know you will love that instant style that anything you pair it with takes on.


The quality of the ring is second to none. As you know, we pride ourselves on selling only the finest jewelry. That means the jewelry must be well made, and it must be made from the highest quality materials available. You can see the quality of the solitaire ring we feature here. The diamond has high clarity and flawlessness that you will love to look at every day. 

In Closing


Finding the perfect engagement ring might not seem like an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing either. We have a ton of experience helping happy couples from all walks of life choose the best ring for their lifestyle and budget. Here, we break down some of the main things you will want to take into account when choosing your ring. We also discuss the value of the classics. The last thing you want is to have an engagement ring that is no longer in style – that is really disappointing. This is not something you will have to worry about if you stick to classic styles. 


The cushion-cut diamond solitaire ring is a really great choice for those who want something elegant, classic, and simple. This ring features a large, cushion-cut diamond that gives off a ton of sparkle and fire. It features a white gold band that has incised embellishments to give the ring some texture and more style. The ring will look great with a huge number of different styles and can go where you need to go. As your style evolves with time, this ring can evolve with you. It really does make a wonderful option for an elegant and timeless ring that has beauty we can all appreciate. 


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