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Eternity Bands with Eternal Brilliance 

Eternity Bands with Eternal Brilliance 

striking eternity bands with eternal brilliance

The eternally brilliant eternity bands are elegant and unique accessories. It can be worn for a wide range of reasons. Many people think of this kind of ring as exclusive to wedding bands, but that doesn’t have to be the case. While it looks great as a wedding band, it can also be worn as a statement piece on a different finger. Some people will incorporate a piece like this into their daily accessory wardrobe and others will save a ring like this for special occasions.

Whatever reason you choose, a striking eternity band is an elegant and stunning accessory. It features the highest-grade gemstones, most commonly diamonds, and showcases the quality of the stones in the piece. It is a simple, timeless, yet stunning, accessory that works with a wide range of different kinds of fashions. Adding a bit of extra sparkle and bling to your life is always a good thing and this type of ring makes an excellent option.

The ring we focus on in this piece is the popular and eternally brilliant eternity bands. But it should be noted that there are eternity bands made from a wide range of gemstones. This means if you have a favorite gem, you can feature it in a ring like this. But for this piece, we are looking at a diamond band. 

Getting Brilliance out of Diamonds

When it comes to timeless elegance, it is hard to beat the diamond. This is one of the rarest and most stunning stones that feature high-end jewelry. This stone has a sparkle and shine that is unlike any other stone you can find. As the hardest natural stone on Earth, the diamond is great for jewelry for this very reason. Since it is so hard, it can be cut into pretty much any shape or cut. Other softer gemstones are too fragile to take on some cuts. But this isn’t the case with the diamond.

So, not only is the diamond a stunning symbol of beauty and luxury, but it is also versatile and durable as well. This is great for an accessory that you plan to wear regularly, if not daily. And for those who want to give off an air of luxury, elegance, and timeless style, you really can’t get much better than the diamond.

For many eternity bands, the diamond is the focal stone. This is because it is such an elegant and gorgeous stone. Since it is clear, it works with a range of other types of jewelry and also looks great with a range of different styles.

Meet the Eternity Bands

striking eternity bands

The striking eternity bands are simply large versions of a popular style. What sets this style apart from others is that diamonds feature around the band of this diamond. In most cases, the diamonds will encircle the band entirely, but some versions only have stones on half or two-thirds of the band. 

However, traditionally, the stones will go around the whole band and this is the case for the large version of the ring we feature here.

Since the diamonds are the focal point of the piece, you will want to choose the highest-quality stones you can afford. As the focal point of the piece, the eye is going to be drawn to the stones and any flaws within the stone will stand out. 

If you plan to pair an eternity band with other jewelry, it is recommended that you stick to the same type of metal that features in your other pieces. There isn’t a problem mixing various stones, but sticking to the same kind of metal helps to ensure that your pieces won’t clash.

The eternity band is a subtle, elegant, and timeless style that looks amazing as a wedding band or a statement piece. 

Striking Eternity Bands with Eternal Brilliance 

striking eternity bands with eternal brilliance

The style of the eternity band we feature here is a large version of this popular classic. This ring features the highest-grade white gold. However, any type of metal may feature in an eternity band. They look great in all colors of gold. But they also look great in rarer metals like platinum or titanium. You really have your choice of favorite metal. All of them will look great in this style.

As we noted earlier, the diamond, being so hard and durable, can take on pretty much any cut you can imagine. Here, the stone features a round, brilliant cut. This is the most sparkly cut of stone you can find. 

The cuts on the stone make for a high level of light refraction. It is light refraction that gives the diamond its elegant sparkle and shine. These stones are held in place by prongs made from the same metal as the band of the ring itself.

If you want something with a little less sparkle, you might choose a different cut or shape. The different shapes lend a different air to the subsequent ring and the style that will work best for you will be dependent on your preferences and personal style.

This type of ring looks amazing with pretty much any cut of diamond you can imagine. You can go with larger stones than appear in the ring we feature here, and it will have a more dramatic and bold look. Conversely, you can choose smaller stones for something a bit more subtle.

  • Making a Statement

Most of us, when we see an eternally brilliant eternity band, likely think of a wedding band. Since the style of this ring is so simple, it does make a great wedding band as it can pair really well with a wide range of engagement ring styles. It makes a great wedding band, but this isn’t the only reason to wear an eternity band.

striking eternity bands that make a statement 

This type of ring also makes a great statement ring. You can wear this ring on pretty much any finger and it is going to draw the attention of anyone who sees you.  It makes a great signature piece that helps define your look and style. But this ring also looks amazing with formal attire and can be saved for a special occasion.

  • Striking and Beautiful

Whatever reason you choose a striking eternity band, you can be sure that what you are getting is a stunning and elegant accessory that will add instant glamor and class to anything you pair it with. Diamonds are, as they say, a girl’s best friend, and that is for a good reason. 

striking eternity bands 

Who doesn’t love a sparkly, elegant, and stunning diamond accessory? They are the epitome of style, class, and luxury. Not to mention, that sparkle and shine are just so timeless and appealing. 

Anything you pair this ring with will instantly take on glamor and style it wouldn’t otherwise have. It is a great piece for those who want to show their appreciation for the finer things in life, but liken the elegant and timeless design that never goes out of style. 

These pieces, of course, work really well as a wedding band since they are simple and can work with a wide range of engagement rings. However, it also looks great as a statement piece for special occasions or as part of your signature look. 

  • Classic Style

One thing that makes the striking eternity band such a great accessory is that the style is timeless. You might liken this style of ring to the little black dress. No matter how the current style or how styles change, there is just something about the little black dress that looks great, regardless of trends. The same is true of the striking eternity band. It is a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry that will always be in fashion.

The simple design of a diamond-encircled band looks great with the latest trends or with classic styles. It is subtle and elegant, but also refined and luxurious. It is a great way to enhance any style or look and if you plan to wear it on a daily basis, you will love the versatility of the style. 

Since it will never go out of style, you have the peace of mind that this is an accessory that you can continue to enjoy for many years to come. There is something timeless, but also modern, about this style of ring. It has clean lines and classic design elements that make this ring look wonderful, regardless of the time.

  • High-quality Materials

All pieces that we feature at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are of the highest quality. We carefully source each and every one of our pieces. Our experts have years of experience in the jewelry industry and know how to select the finest pieces available. So you get the peace of mind that any piece you purchase from us is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality. We make no exception for our eternally brilliant eternity band.

The band and prongs of the ring are made from the purest white gold and worked to perfection. It also features the highest-grade diamonds that encircle the band. These are flawless and clear stones that just beg to be admired. They have perfect cuts and fit seamlessly within the prongs and band of the ring. It is a high-quality construction and looks great on pretty much anyone.

We give you the guarantee that all the pieces we sell have been carefully chosen and are of the highest possible quality. This helps to ensure that you also get the best value when you choose Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our years of experience allow us to select only the best pieces out there. 

  • Versatile and Beautiful 

Obviously, you will love the elegance and the style of a striking eternity band. The quality of the materials, as well as the sophistication of the design, make it a great piece for a wide range of occasions. Chances are, though, you will find it surprising just how many different looks this style of ring looks great with. 

One of the reasons it is so popular as a wedding band is that it looks great with pretty much anything you pair it with. This is an important quality for a piece that you will be wearing every day, and with tons of different kinds of fashion.

While this is an elegant and stylish ring, it will look great, even with casual clothing. In fact, you can give something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt can be taken to a whole new level of class and style when you pair it with a striking eternity band. 

Of course, with the high-grade diamonds, it will also look perfect with more formal attire as well. This is why the piece looks just as great with formal wear as it does with casual attire. 


Diamonds look amazing in pretty much any application you can think of. They look especially elegant in the striking eternity band. This type of ring is a great option for a wide range of reasons. Many people wear striking eternity bands as wedding bands. Since it is simple, but also adds extra sparkle and shine, it makes a great companion to engagement rings of many styles. 

However, this type of ring isn’t just for wedding bands. They also look great as statement pieces you bring out for special occasions. And, it can also easily become part of your signature look and become a piece you wear each and every day. Whatever reason you choose this style of ring, you will love the simple elegance and luxurious sparkle and shine of this type of ring.

Most commonly found with diamonds, the eternity band is a timeless and elegant style that works for a wide range of occasions and looks amazing with a wide range of fashions. It is stunning and surprisingly versatile. 

The timeless design means that this piece will never go out of style. It looks great with trendy fashions, as well as more classic styles. Whatever your fashion sense, we are sure that you will love this elegant and stunning piece.


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