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Custom Heirloom Cross

Custom Heirloom Cross

Sometimes, when we are looking at jewelry, we have something really specific – say an heirloom family cross – in mind. But say we can’t find exactly what we are looking for. We want something pretty specific with particular parameters and materials. What are we to do when we can’t find something that perfectly fits our needs? This is where custom jewelry comes into play. Custom pieces, as the name implies, are one-of-a-kind pieces that the customer designs to his or her exact specifications. This can mean the way the piece looks, its size and dimensions, and, of course, the materials that will feature in the said piece.

Thankfully, we at Diamonds By Raymond Lee have tons of experience making a wide range of pieces of jewelry. From simple to incredibly ornate, we have made it. And, we have the latest computer technology that allows us to create really unique pieces and hone in on their design before we ever touch a gemstone or piece of metal. With this technology, we can really ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and that there are many times in the design process that you can make changes and further customizations. 

Truly Custom Pieces

Thinking about custom pieces of jewelry means you want something that is unlike what anyone else has. This might be because you want something that is truly unique, or that you already have something in mind that you haven’t been able to find. For these types of pieces, custom design is a great choice. There really is no better way to get exactly what you want than through this process. And with the latest in computer technology, it has never been easier to create a custom piece of jewelry. The custom heirloom cross we feature here is a perfect example of the process and the skill it takes to create a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry.

We have made a huge range of custom pieces over the years and as the technology advances, so too does our ability to create exactly what you want. To show this, we will take you through the process of making a custom heirloom cross. It will show you how we design, build and create custom pieces of jewelry for our clients. 

The Design Process

Our design process is both simple and complex. It is simple in that we let our clients guide the entire process to ensure that we are making exactly what they want. The process is complex in that we use the latest technology to make sure that the piece is perfect down to the last detail. With the heirloom cross we feature here, we start with a conversation with the client. We then move over to our computer software to begin the basic design outline. Once we have a basic shape or outline made, we will then check with the client to ensure that it still meets their expectations. 

After we have that basic shape, we will move on to the detail of the piece. During this process, we will be in close communication with our client to make sure that it is coming along as they wish. This also gives them the ability to request changes in the design. Sometimes during the creation process, we or our clients, see something that we hadn’t thought about at the initial stages of design. Since we start the process with computer programs, it is a lot cheaper and easier to make custom pieces than it once was. 

Building the Custom Heirloom Cross

Once we have the basic design made in our computer program, we can begin to assemble our materiales to actually make the piece. Our client had very specific requests for this piece in terms of materials used, as well design. This would guide our selections throughout the entire process as the end goal is to create the piece that our client has in their head. So we start with pure yellow gold. This is a richly-hued material that has a brightness and shine that is really stunning. 

We start with the general overall shape of the heirloom cross and then we move on to more details. The main element is going to be the outer shape of the cross. Once we have this shape roughly made, we can then hone in on the details of the edges of the cross. Then, we can move on to the raised detail of the text and the other design elements. The final part of the process is going to be buffing and shining the piece and affixing the gemstones to the points of the cross. Once this is done, you can see that the piece almost perfectly resembles the computer design. 

Custom Heirloom Cross

The custom heirloom cross we feature here as an example of our fine custom jewelry work really is a sight to behold. We were able to take our clients’ vision and turn it into a beautiful reality. And they were definitely happy with the outcome. What better type of accessory than one that is from your very own mind? We all want to have our own unique style and it really is hard to beat something that actually is one-of-a-kind. This heirloom cross is elegant and stylish and will be something this family can happily and proudly pass down through the generations. As it passes down, memoires will go with it, creating a family history in the form of a piece of jewelry.

We were thrilled that this client believes in our skill and experience and hope that the process of making this heirloom cross will show you our wide range of skills and abilities. When this client came in, we couldn’t wait to get started on this piece. They were excited about their vision and we were excited to be able to make their dream a tangible reality. We work with our clients through every step of the process and this helps us ensure that we create exactly what they want. 

Elegant Design

Custom jewelry can come in pretty much any shape or size you can imagine. It can be simple, or it can be eye-catching and ornate. It really is up to the designer. Looking at the heirloom cross that we are featuring here, we see something that has an elegant and timeless design. A lot of thought went into the design of this piece – both on the part of the client and the jeweler. The idea was to create something that was meaningful and that would have a lot of special symbolism for the client. But, they also want something that is elegant, beautiful, and stylish as well.

Together, we were able to create something that is really special. It perfectly meets their needs and is an elegant and really unique design that is unlike anything mass produced. And we strive to ensure that each and every piece of custom jewelry we create is exactly to the liking and standards of our clients. This is how we ensure that they will want to come back anytime they have custom needs. And since we have the latest technology, we can ensure that you will be happy with the end result. 

The Finest Materials

Any piece of jewelry that makes its way into our display cases is going to be of the highest possible quality. Our buyers have tons of experience and know how to source the best pieces made from the best materials. This is part of how we have been able to create such a name for ourselves and we will continue to maintain our high standards. But you should know that these standards extend beyond the pieces we purchase for sale in our stores. Like thecustom heirloom cross we feature here, any piece of custom jewelry we make will also be made from the finest materials. 

We use the same rigorous standards when sourcing our materials as we do when we purchase pieces to display at our stores. This means that only the finest and purest metals will feature in any of our custom pieces. Additionally, any gemstones that end up in our custom jewelry are also going to be of the finest quality. We work hard to maintain our reputation for quality and part of how we do this is to ensure that anything we sell – whether we create it or simply source it – is the best possible quality. 

Exactly As You Want It

There is nothing wrong with having incredibly high standards. In fact, that is part of what has allowed us to become one of the finest and best jewelers in the Boca Raton area. So we expect our clients to have the highest standards as well. So when you come in for a piece of custom jewelry, it is our goal to create exactly what you have in mind. We can do this through our experience, as well as the technology that we have at our disposal. If you have something in mind, chances are we can make it come to life. 

Being able to design a piece of jewelry to your exacting tastes and standards is a really attractive option. When we are looking for pieces that fit our taste and style, we can often find pieces that will do. But “will do” is not the same as “perfect”.  For perfect, you are going to have to make your own piece of jewelry so that it will be exactly as you want it to be. And we are here to provide you with the skills and know-how it takes to make that dream a reality. 

Custom Jewelry Design

The custom heirloom cross we feature here is just one example of custom pieces we have made for our clients. It shows that we can take our clients’ vision and turn it into an elegant piece of high-end jewelry that they will love for many years to come. Whether you are at our flagship store or at Raymond Lee Jewelers, our jewelers have the skills, resources, and technology to turn your dream into a reality. We have made pretty much any type of jewelry you can imagine and we always look forward to a challenge. Our process is simple, we let our clients direct the design, select their favorite materials, and then work with them each step of the way to ensure that we create exactly what they ask for.

If you are in the market for a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry, look no further. We are happy to work with you to ensure that we create the perfect piece of jewelry for your tastes and needs. The technology we use allows us to test different ideas and configurations before we ever start working on a piece of metal. Being able to make these kinds of design tweaks also helps us to ensure that what you get will actually be what you are hoping for. 

In Closing

Sometimes, you have something really specific in mind when it comes to a piece of jewelry. That is where custom jewelry design comes in. And, at Raymond Lee Jewelers, we have a ton of experience making custom jewelry. In this piece, we use a custom heirloom cross to show how we design and create a piece of custom jewelry. Our clients work closely with us throughout the entire process so we can ensure that we are making exactly what they want. And since we use the latest computer technology, we can ensure that the piece is as perfect as possible, before we ever even work a piece of metal.

With the latest computer technology, we can model the design and finalize any little detail before we actually start to build the piece. We then use the finest materials and highest quality design to make that piece into a reality. The end result speaks for itself. We have many happy clients that swear by us for all their custom jewelry needs and we are sure that we can provide for yours as well. If you have something in mind, come on by and let us show you how we can turn that into a reality. 


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