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Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi)

Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi)

Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) watch

Aside from being an output of a prominent Swiss watchmaker, watches like the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) are more than ordinary luxury accessories. These watches make a statement of style and personal attitude. Also, Rolex being the king of luxury watches adds to the pedigree. When you parade an extensive list of different collections and models to choose from, it isn’t easy not to be a fan favorite. The question now is, what makes the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) an exceptional timepiece? 

In this article, we look into the incredible GMT-Master watch by Rolex to help you make an informed choice. What edge does the Rolex GMT have over other Rolex timepieces? As a limited-edition time tool, when you buy the Rolex Pepsi watch, what can you expect? 

To begin with, the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) is a force to be reckoned with. Only a few watches like the Rolex Submariner come close. This watch is a valid reference among all steel luxury watches ever. So what more is in this for you?

Brief Overview

Rolex GMT-Master with the Pepsi bezel

Ultimately, it all depends on your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a new Rolex watch. Whether you are a collector or an avid Rolex lover, the Rolex Pepsi watch is an ideal choice. Moreover, if you jet-set more often than you dive deep, then the Rolex GMT Master 2, also known as the Rolex Pepsi watch, is better for you. 

Meanwhile, are you like so many gentlemen who lead the exciting lives of those who say yes? Then, you might need to know more about this timepiece to make a choice. You will love the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) watch for keeping you on track 24 hours no matter where you jet. Here is a wristwatch that remains a cornerstone of any luxury watch collection. Specifically, if you want something a little more grand than other pieces, this watch is what you need. 

Introducing the Rolex Pepsi Watch 

The Rolex Pepsi or the Rolex GMT-Master watch is an Oystersteel steel watch. This watch gets its name from the unique bi-directional rotating bezel. We already dived into some detail about the watch in general, but there are still some details that need our attention. 

First is, of course, the incredible bracelet on this Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi). It is not your usual or traditional three-link Rolex bracelet. It is, in fact, a jubilee bracelet. These bracelets feature extra links with minimal space between them for ultimate comfort and fit. Sought after by collectors, the jubilee bracelet ups the ante for this watch. 

the Rolex Pepsi watch

Wholly set in stainless steel patented by Rolex, the Oyster steel jubilee bracelet makes a gorgeous monochromatic jewelry level look for this watch. This more dress watch design is perfect for traveling and comfortable for the long hours and unmatched aesthetics we love. 

In addition, the five-link Jubilee bracelet aside, this Rolex Pepsi watch carries a distinctive black dial. Here is a perfect selection for your collection. This jet-setter watch is a dream find for exclusive Rolexes. With the right match, this is one watch that truly sets a collection apart with unique and beautiful colors. 

Finally, not all Rolexes get a nickname after all. But this Rolex Pepsi watch has got everything to be an icon of the lesser-known and so well-made exclusive timepieces

The Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) through History

When it comes to history, the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) dates much further back than most other Rolex watches. Moreover, the first Rolex GMT-Master ever created was a Rolex Pepsi watch. In 1955, Rolex introduced a GMT-Master with a red and blue bi-colored bezel. This would later get coined the “Rolex Pepsi” by Rolex fans.

Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) watch

Ever since the Rolex Pepsi watch passed through several upgrades. Here, we look at four key Rolex GMT-Master references named “Pepsi.”

  • GMT-Master reference 1675

Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) ref. 1675 got released in 1959. This timepiece is now a highly collectible vintage watch. It was the second model of the GMT-Master collection and a stainless steel model capped with a Pepsi bezel.

More so, this watch was in production for quite some time, from 1959 until 1980. This is one of the longest-running references in the entire Rolex catalog. If you find one of these today, it will likely have a patina, which is essentially fading, on the bezel and dial. For those who aren’t familiar with the desires of Rolex collectors, then you might not know this is a good thing. Several Rolex collectors want the patina, as any replacement pieces devalue the watch.

  • GMT-Master reference 16750

Introduced in 1981, the GMT-Master 16750 is another vintage Pepsi Rolex. It was in production until 1988. This watch had a few upgrades from the ref 1675, such as a Quickset date function, a new Caliber 3075, and a hacking feature. Moreover, the 16750 Pepsi had double the water resistance.

Most notably, this was when Rolex first used the Jubilee bracelet on the Rolex Pepsi.

  • GMT-Master II reference 16710 “Pepsi.”

This was the second model of the GMT Master II collection and the first Pepsi GMT Master II. It had a long production run, beginning in 1989 and ending in 2007. Reference 16710 had a slimmer design, and it came in a few color variations. One of such, of course, is the “Pepsi” blue and red bezel. 

Throughout its almost twenty-year production life, it underwent numerous modifications, such as new movements and the use of tritium for the lume (followed by Luminova and SuperLuminova).

  • GMT-Master II reference 116710BLRO

This was the reference before the current Pepsi. There were many updates to this reference, many of which are still utilized on the newest reference, 126710BLRO. It had a bigger case size at 40mm, as the modern market calls for larger sports watches.

Additionally, this watch featured a Maxi dial and an impressive Caliber 3186 with a blue Parachrom hairspring. One of the biggest highlights, though, was that it’s the first Pepsi Rolex with a Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Cerachrom ceramic allows for the bezel to be much more scratch-resistant.

Regarding the Cerachrom ceramic bezel, the Pepsi wasn’t the first GMT-Master II to receive the new and improved bezel. According to history, it was the Rolex Batman that did.

Dissecting the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) Watch

  • Cased in a 40mm Oyster Steel

The GMT-Master (Pepsi) case is 40mm in diameter, but it wears slightly larger. Overall, the Oyster Architecture offers the ideal proportions that most people desire.

Made from Rolex’s patented Oyster Steel, you have a watch with a premium cased feel. Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family, a high-tech alloy used in aerospace and chemical industries. It is famous for being extremely resistant to corrosion. Hence, the Rolex watch is as well. Moreover, once Rolex polishes the Oyster Steel with its unique finishing techniques, it keeps its beauty, even in the most extreme and harsh conditions.

The case comes equipped with a screw-down, triplock triple waterproof system. These materials make it waterproof down to 100 meters (330 feet). It’s not incredibly deep, but it’s more than enough for a typical dive. Moreover, it’s not about extreme waterproofness when it comes to GMT-Masters. This watch is a tool watch made for intercontinental travel.

  • 24-Hour Two-Toned Cerachrom Rotatable Bezel

Also, there is the two-tone color Cerachrom bezel that makes these watches so notable. In addition to this is the bezel with incredible functionality. Then, Rolex added these to your conventional hour, minute, and seconds hand. Overall, the GMT-Master watch features an arrow-tipped hand that circles the dial once every 24 hours and a bidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel. 

Thanks to this function, here, you get an ideal travelers’ watch. The distinctly colored, bezel-matching 24-hour hand shows the home time via the bezel’s graduations. Regarding the local time, you can easily set it by jumping the hour hand in one-hour increments. You can do this thanks to the remarkable winding crown technology employed by Rolex. 

So, the hour hand can change independently of the minute and seconds hands, both forward and backward. That allows for a quick time adjustment without affecting the precision of the wearer’s timekeeping when changing time zones.

For emphasis, the Cerachrom ceramic bezel is incredibly scratch and fade-resistant. More so, it’s pretty much as scratch resistant as the sapphire crystal.

  • A Black Dial with Premium Legibility

The dial has a striking black color and large hour markers of different, coordinated shapes. The hour markers are white and completely filled with lume. This makes the watch super legible. What’s more, the hour markers come crafted from 18ct gold to avoid tarnishing throughout the life of the watch.

The Rolex dial comes completely designed and manufactured in-house. This part of the watch comes meticulously crafted by hand to make sure each watch is a show of perfection.

  • Braced with the Distinctive Oyster Steel Jubilee Bracelet

When it comes to luxury watches, aesthetics are essential, and Rolex is one of the best when it comes to top-of-the-line aesthetics. This is because Rolex employs advanced technology and the human eye’s ultimate aesthetic control. Every Jubilee bracelet is flawless and supple. Also, Jubilee bracelets are incredibly comfortable. This five-link bracelet design existed since the 1945 Oyster Perpetual Datejust.

  • Powered by the Caliber 3285 Movement

At the heart of the GMT-Master II is a new caliber 3285 movement. This new-gen movement’s development and manufacturing are all in-house by Rolex. Here’s a movement with ten patent applications. They include Chronergy escapement, incredible 70 hours of power reserve, and a Parachom hairspring for extreme resistance to shock and temperature changes.

As expected, the 3285 movement features a Swiss chronometer certification. This means it is of the highest precision in the industry, with only +2/-2 seconds per day. In all, this is the best movement the GMT-Master watch ever featured. It is the most reliable movement anyone could ask for or even expect.

How does the Rolex Community See the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) Watch Against Other Rolexes?

In a bid to get a feel of the Rolex community’s opinion on the matter, we scanned through several threads on this timepiece on forums like the ‘Rolex Forums.’ Based on what we researched and tallied, about 70% of the Rolex community leans towards the Rolex Pepsi watch. Still, those who love other watches made their points.

Most times, we will see people regarding this timepiece as the new OG as it is the first GMT-Master to use the Cerachrom bezel technology with a two-toned color.

On the other hand, others prefer the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) for its history. This makes it a true fit for most Rolex fans. Moreover, the Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) had to figure out how to create a blue and red bezel with the new Cerachrom technology. This achievement is more impressive in its own right.

One other common thing we saw was that many people don’t like the GMT-Master with the Jubilee bracelet. Most of them prefer the previous reference, which used the Oyster bracelet. We think they’ve just gotten used to the look of it. More so, this watch being brand new means they will come around and stick around sooner than later.

Conclusion: Making a Choice

Overall, most Rolex lovers make it clear that it really comes down to personal preference. Well, we do agree. This watch might not have collector status; still, it has most of the features and aesthetics Rolex is popular for. There is also the color of the bezel and 24-hour arrow-tipped hand.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice if this is what you prefer for color. Also, if history means something to you, then go for this Rolex GMT-Master (Pepsi) with the history it has.

For us, it’s impossible to leave out a classic superhero. Hence, we recommend getting this timepiece as it is an iconic, highly coveted watch. Plus, it is available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. We can’t guarantee they will still be available by the time you read this, but if they are, jump on it because the waiting list is typically quite long for this Rolex Pepsi watch.


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