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Diamond Eternity Bands: A Symbol Of Endless Love

Diamond Eternity Bands: A Symbol Of Endless Love

diamond eternity bands: a symbol of endless love

Pieces of jewelry like diamond eternity bands stand out for a reason. If you want a symbol of endless love, then diamond eternity rings are your best bet. These pieces of jewelry are a staple of romance for couples because of their uniqueness in form and significance.

Presently, the diamond eternity band fever affects couples of different kinds. Both the minimalist and those that do it big always, there is no exemption from this fever. Wondering why these pieces of jewelry are famous and special? Keep reading to find out the uniqueness, meaning, and allure diamond eternity bands possess. 

Note: We highly recommend buying your diamond eternity rings from a reliable jeweler like Diamonds By Raymond Lee. Then, you can be sure both the diamonds and jewelry will come in the best quality.

An Overview Of The Uniqueness And Significance Of Diamond Eternity Rings

You can call them eternity rings, eternity bands, or infinity rings. Regardless of the name you prefer, these bands are always unique! These bands are products of precious metals set with a full coil of diamonds. Check out its endless circle of diamonds; then, you will understand how these bands symbolize infinite love.

know more about the unique and beautiful diamond eternity bands

Additionally, this type of ring produces more sparkle as the diamonds used in an eternity ring cover the entire finger. However, there are various alternative styles of diamond eternity bands. Popular among them is the type containing diamonds set only on the face of the ring. These are the half-eternity bands.

As for their significance, diamond eternity bands are often the best for special occasions. You can present a diamond eternity ring as:

  • Anniversary presents
  • Gifts to commemorate major successes
  • Presents to celebrate milestones such as an important promotion or retirement
  • Gifts for the birth of a child
  • Romantic gifts

Furthermore, the consecutive circle of diamonds set on an eternity band is how it illustrates eternal affection. Also, when you present diamond eternity bands to anyone, it always carries a meaning. Most times, this meaning revolves around love and special bonds.

Finally, it’s conventional to wear an eternity ring on the left-hand ring finger regardless of your chosen style. In cases where the ring is a milestone anniversary gift, you can wear it between your wedding and engagement ring. We will provide more details on how to wear your diamond eternity bands as you read on.

Diamond Eternity Bands On Your Favorite Celebrities Throughout History 

diamond eternity bands rings on your favorite celebrities

The history of diamond eternity bands dates back to ancient Egypt. These diamond eternity rings have been notable pieces of jewelry for nearly 4,000 years. One fun fact is that these rings were not always in the diamond and precious metal form they are today.

Noteworthy wearers of these diamond eternity rings throughout history include several celebrities and royalty. Here are a few of them we feel you should know:

  • In 1954, Joe DiMaggio presented Marilyn Monroe with a platinum eternity band displaying 35 Baguette diamonds as her wedding ring.
  • Later on, Elizabeth Taylor got two Emerald Cut eternity rings from Richard Burton. These two diamond eternity rings are for their first marriage in 1964 and their second marriage in 1975.
  • Prince Felipe of Spain in 2004 presented Princess Letizia of Asturias a white gold eternity band featuring 16 diamonds.

There are other celebrities we found these diamond eternity bands on. Some of them are:

There Is No Settling When It Comes To The Quality Of Eternity Bands

When you assess the quality and refinement of eternity rings, here are three crucial facets to look out for. 

  • Which diamonds coil around your eternity band?
  • How is your eternity ring set? 
  • What type of precious metals makes up the band?

Which Diamonds Coil Around Your Eternity Band?

Gemstones found in diamond eternity rings are somewhat smaller than the center stone an engagement ring features. Their smaller size makes it typically “uneconomical” to grade and certify them like the diamond used in engagement rings.

top-quality diamond eternity bands

Here is a good example. Grading and certifying the diamonds used in a regular eternity ring would normally cost nearly one thousand dollars. That leaves you with a greatly inflated cost for the ring which means it becomes far less accessible for shoppers.

The whole point is that you won’t get certifications for your diamond eternity bands. So, buying these bands from a reputable jeweler like Diamonds by Raymond Lee becomes essential. That is the best way to ensure you get diamonds that meet a desirable high standard.

How Is Your Eternity Ring Set?

Every penny you pay for an eternity ring is for different aspects of the rung overall quality. For diamond eternity rings, the jewelry’s craftsmanship and style take a chunk of this money. The form of the jewelry and the setting the stones come in holds huge importance in the overall elegance and quality of the band.

Jewelers like Raymond Lee Jewelers offer an impressive level of expertise. They put in a lot of time and care in the creation of an eternity ring. You should expect a more detailed and appealing setting from these jewelers compared to other less reputable, less prominent jewelers.

What Type Of Precious Metals Makes Up The Band?

Reviewing a diamond eternity band is incomplete if you fail to check out the level of brilliance the diamonds offer. Watch out for the amount of sparkle the diamonds produce and how well it reflects white light. 

In addition, you’ll also want to verify that the diamonds are eye-clean with no obvious inclusion.

As for the color, make sure that the diamonds come off as white in relation to the setting. When you use a yellow gold setting, the diamonds might appear less white than what you get with a white gold setting.

Overall, diamond eternity rings come in different carat weights (CTW) depending on your preference and budget. Should you have any doubt or need assistance in verifying the diamond quality, simply contact our experts.

Setting Your Diamond Eternity Rings In Grand Style

In the aspect of choosing a setting and style, your personal preference makes the whole difference. However, your options are quite diverse with options ranging from platinum pavé settings to white gold eternity rings. 

Note: Is your diamond eternity ring going to be next to your engagement or wedding ring? If yes, then, matching the style and metal as closely as possible is essential.

You can use any of the four diamond eternity ring styles available. They include:

  • Prong Settings
  • Channel Settings
  • Bezel Settings
  • Flush Settings

The majority of diamond eternity bands out there use prongs for their settings. Why not? This prong setting allows more light to enter each diamond on the band. With this setting, you also boost the number of angles from which light can penetrate to each stone. What you get from the prong setting is outstanding brilliance and appeal. 

Meanwhile, the other three settings are options you should consider as well with each setting having distinct qualities. Also, the diamond shape and metal choice affect the type of setting that works for different diamond eternity bands. 

The Right Metal Choice Equals Stunning Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity bands are like other jewelry, no one can say this is the “best” metal option. Rather, your personal preference and taste determine the type and color of the metal you opt for. Typically, the options you have with metals are:

  • Platinum
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold

Since eternity rings are pieces of jewelry for everyday wear, the materials used when making them must be very durable. You can only use metals with outstanding durability for your diamond eternity rings. Remember, they are eternity rings and they will not be eternity without durable materials. Your band must be fit for everyday wear. 

You can read more on gold and platinum metals for more details on their key differences. Knowing the distinctions between these two prominent metals helps you make the best metal choice for your next eternity bands.

Eternity Bands Only Wear Right When They Size Right

According to the established convention, eternity bands go on the left ring finger. So, it is easy to determine the right size from your existing engagement ring or wedding ring. More so, you can get the size of an existing engagement or wedding ring by measuring the inner diameter of the ring. Afterward, compare it using a ring sizing chart. 

size your eternity bands right

Another way to do it is by wrapping a thin piece of paper around your finger. Use a pen or a pencil to make a mark at the spot where the paper overspreads.

Additionally, a printable ring sizer can help you measure someone’s ring size with ease. Finally, if after measuring your ring or someone’s, you still have doubts, then seek professional aid. You can get a detailed professional measurement from the nearest jewelry store to you. 

How about those who are unable to get the size and want to present the ring as a surprise? We suggest having a family member or close friend of the person you’re getting the ring for wriggle out the information.

The Right Moments Matter When Gifting An Eternity Band

diamond eternity bands: a symbol of endless love

Typically, eternity bands are favorite gift items. Most people prefer to celebrate an important milestone in a romantic relationship or marriage by gifting these bands. A good example is how it is something of a contemporary tradition to gift an eternity ring on important anniversaries. 

Diamond eternity bands also fit in as gifts for other momentous events. Wedding anniversary milestones like the 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, or 50th years deserve eternity bands as gift items. Here are other celebrations and milestones where diamond eternity bands are special gifts:

  • The birth of a child
  • Jewelry Christmas gifts, Hanukkah, and other holidays
  • Special birthdays
  • Celebrations of an exciting achievement 
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Retirements

The Right Finger To Wear Diamond Eternity Rings On

We already mentioned above that an eternity band normally goes on the ring finger of the left hand. That finger is the same finger an engagement ring or wedding band goes on traditionally. Having said that, there’s no right or wrong finger for an eternity band. You can wear your diamond band on any finger depending on what you prefer.

Moreover, try opting for a precious metal that completes the engagement and wedding ring seamlessly. That way, your eternity band takes on a more outstanding appearance on your finger or whoever you buy it for.

In a situation where you have a big engagement ring, ensure your eternity band doesn’t clash with it. Do this by wearing the eternity band on your middle or ring finger on your right hand.

  • Is There A Specified Way To Wear Your Wedding, Engagement, And Eternity Bands?

Conventionally, you wear your wedding ring first on your ring finger. Your engagement ring follows outside your wedding band, and your eternity band goes outside your engagement ring. In this order, your engagement ring stays locked in or framed on the ring finger of your left hand. 

Nevertheless, this traditional order for wedding, engagement, and eternity bands doesn’t mean you can’t wear your rings differently. You can choose to wear your eternity bands on your right finger or any other way it pleases you. This rule is not a mandatory stipulation!

Conclusion: We Help You Get The Best Diamond Eternity Bands Out There

Buying diamond eternity bands starts with searching for beauty. Then, you must consider what will match the style and personality of the wearer. Afterward, buying from a reputable jeweler is non-negotiable. 

Whenever it becomes difficult to find the perfect eternity bands to complement your style, our experts are here to help. Do you need help recognizing diamond eternity bands that utilize high-quality metal, gemstones, or diamonds? Get in touch with our team of experts at any time. They are always on hand to render assistance in reviewing and assessing eternity bands. Also, you can stop by our store or contact us online to choose from our collection of diamond eternity rings


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