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Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split Shank Engagement Rings

split shank engagement rings

“I have heard of engagement rings several times, but what are split shank engagement rings?” This question is most likely what is on your mind as you clicked to view this blog post. However, your knowledge of engagement rings will come in handy. Every engagement ring has a band or a part of the ring that enfolds your finger whenever you wear them. That part or band is the Shank!

Commonly, the shanks on engagement rings are round, but there are other more creative shapes like the square shape. As for split shanks, these are rings with their shank split into two. So, you have two different metal pieces that emerge from the center gemstone or diamond. 

Meanwhile, there are a wide variety of styles and variations of split shank settings out there to select from. You can find several distinct types of engagement rings crafted in a split shank structure. Oftentimes, these split shank rings have smaller diamonds lining the shanks. 

Overall, you can identify split shank rings as long as two shanks emerge from the center stone.

The Stylish World Of Split Shank Rings: A World Of Choices

In addition to this ring being a variety on its own, it also offers a variety of choices in style. Therefore, no matter what your style is, or the distinctions you want, there are split shank bands out there for you.

Moreover, the variations in split shank engagement rings come in various proportions. Also, these variations heavily depend on the center stone’s carat weight and shape. Those two aspects of any ring can affect the number and depth of splits featured on the split shank rings. Also, the size and width of the shank depend on them. Also, these center stone’s parameters define how the split shank’s edges touch and unite at the center stone.

Remember that these split shank engagement rings come set on a distinct band. They also artfully split through the band as they touch the center stone. The number of strands on split shank bands varies between two to four with interwoven or spaced separation. 

Most split shank engagement rings have the shanks come together at the bottom of the ring right below the finger. In some other cases, these split shank rings sustain the split all the way around the finger. 

More so, split shank engagement rings can be noticeable and stunning, or subtle depending on what you prefer. Any of those two options still produces a beautiful and desirable ring. So, eventually, all of the choices are yours to make. 

The Appearance Of Split Shank Bands Is The True Spice In Variety

split shank rings

A fascinating quality of split shank engagement rings is that they offer a great chance for personalization. These bands’ appearance provides so much variety to select from. Below are a few of the varieties of diamond shape choices that are available for split shank bands.

  • Princess-Cut Split Shank Engagement Rings

These rings can produce a lovely field of sparkle with their large central diamonds. They also open up the opportunity to pave accents in the band.

  • Oval Split Shank Rings

This ring type can lend itself to a subtle band design that perfectly fits a finger-flattering extended focal stone.

  • Emerald-Cut Split Shank Bands 

These split shank bands can combine a sleek, Art Deco evocative stone with a modern flowing band. This combination is both grand physically as it is a perfect blend of both worlds. 

Overall, there are split shank engagement rings for every shape of diamond. Also, the round brilliant cut diamond remains a distinctive and the most prominent diamond shape option out there. Plus, this diamond shape pairs flawlessly with split shank bands. How about the Asscher shape? That is another famous shape that has a great appearance when combined with split shank bands.

Split Shank Engagement Rings For The Modern Couple

Split shank engagement rings have a design that is fierce and outstanding with the bands splitting near the diamond. What this design produces is a cradle-like appearance surrounding the center stone. Also, this often evokes the false sight of two bands instead of one. 

In some cases, these split shank bands come decorated with accent gemstones, mostly diamonds. Other times, they come plain, depending on what the buyer prefers. Furthermore, certain more intricate engagement rings add a unique look. These rings have their band split more broadly or allow the split to broaden farther around the ring. In fact, they may even include an uneven band shape.

Split shank rings might be a more contemporary design trend, yet, their timeless appearance evokes the design of classic vintage rings. Also, they present the luxurious and elegant nature of jewelry of past eras. So, choosing a split shank ring is a surer bet compared to most popular rings you might find out there.

One outstanding feature of split shank engagement rings is that their style is permanent. You have no worries about them appearing dated even several years from now. The split shank style is timeless and fresh, averting two dominant issues most engagement rings have— being trendy or dated. 

Additionally, the design of these split shank bands establishes a more sophisticated appearance to draw the eye. Also, the design makes room for additional accent diamonds. So, what you get is a modern ring with sufficient sparkles. 

split shank bands for the modern couple

More so, this style adds extra volume or height to the ring, enhancing its loveliness. Split shank rings are perfect pairs with different diamond settings. So, you have the opportunity to select whatever style you desire. 

Modern couples can choose from the various split shank rings featuring cushion-cut diamonds and halo or double halo settings. Besides, elongated diamonds like pear or oval shapes elegantly show off the split design. Regardless, any diamond setting can be integrated into split shank engagement rings.

Why Split Shank Engagement Rings Are A Perfect Choice?

With split shank bands, you get something extra. There is extra refinement and symmetry. Also, the two shanks leading up to the center stone add extra flair. Eventually, the diamond at the center is the main focus of all the sparkles. 

The split shank setting is dynamic, flexible, and striking for various diamond settings, colors, and shapes. You will find several split shank rings designed with a halo (a circle of diamonds around the center stone). These same rings feature certain pave elements (smaller diamonds edging the shanks). With these extra diamonds come sparkle and more style to the ring.

split shank engagement rings

Moreover, we mentioned above that split shank bands can work with any Diamond Shape because of their dynamic layout. When you’ve two shanks combined, the beauty often compliments a variety of styles, be it princess or round cut rings.

Pros And Cons Of Split Shank Bands

Just like every other piece of jewelry out there, there will always be impressive features and certain drawbacks. So, do you wish to know if split shank rings will be great options for you or your fiancé-to-be? Check out the pros and cons in this section. These details will expose you to more about the benefits and flaws of this ring style.


  • Provides extra surface area for side stones and extra sparkle
  • Produces an extraordinary, attention-grabbing appearance on the finger
  • Directs the eye toward the centerpiece, making the diamond more evident and distinguished
  • Comes in both classic and modern designs 
  • Delivers enough variety to satisfy different buyers’ needs 


  • Needs more cleaning compared to other basic settings
  • May not offer as much practicality as required by those who do frequent work with their hands

More Details On The Benefits of Split Shank Engagement Rings

You will agree that these split shank engagement rings are absolute stunners. However, specific qualities of split shank bands can make them truly stand out and a spectacular choice. Below are some of the benefits this ring style delivers to its wearers. 

  • Jack Of Many Trades, Master Of All!

This quality remains one of the most fascinating features of split shank rings. These rings lend themselves to various design alternatives and possibilities and do so excellently.

Split shank bands can be as elaborate or basic as you want them to be. These split shank rings can be stunning and fierce, with enough space between the arcs of the band. Do you want a more modest appearance, split shank bands can also give you that additional classic style.

  • Drilled To Last

Here is another advantage of split shank engagement rings. These rings are very durable because they come set in a secure setting. This durability is mostly true for the center stone of these rings. For those that have an active lifestyle, this is the ring for you. Now, you can have confidence that the center diamond will not fall out of place while you work. 

  • Shine Bright Like A True Diamond

No one talks about split shank bands without mentioning how much sparkle they produce. The amount of sparkle they produce is one popular distinction split shank engagement rings have over others. This sparkle makes it easy to pair them with pave set diamonds on the shank. 

sparkling split shank engagement rings

With that pairing comes an additional and immense amount of beauty that climbs up to the center stone. This sparkly quality is what makes the ring very beautiful. Split shank engagement rings are perfect for you if you want pave diamonds. When you part the band, you provide additional surface area for the tinier diamonds and more radiance.

It does not matter what your choice of a center stone is. With the elegant bands of split shank engagement rings, it is easier to emphasize the center stone regardless. Split shank bands are terrific for generating a false image of a larger diamond. This quality alone makes it a favorite option for many couples out there.

Why not? This appearance can make the ring look like a product with a higher value than it already has.

  • Excellence Truly Has Many Friends

Split shank rings are an incredibly popular option for most engagement rings. Their level of popularity keeps climbing during the past two decades. One area where this ring style found dominance is among celebrities. Here are a few instances:

  • Beyoncé sported a split shank engagement ring with an 18-carat emerald cut diamond. 
  • Blake Lively made a show of her pink oval-cut diamond engagement ring with a split shank band. We learned this ring was a gift to her from Ryan Reynolds. 
  • Paris Hilton also marked her 2018 engagement to Chris Zylka with a split shank ring headlining an oval-shaped center diamond.

Conclusion: It’s Either 100% Beauty And Value Or Nothing!

For all of us at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, our primary goal is constant. And that is to help you buy the most striking diamond within your budget. All of our resources (articles, videos, etc.) can be your guide to buying the perfect ring for the love of your life. As for split shank engagement rings, consider the following before buying:

  • The Diamond Cut

Only give thought to diamond rings with Excellent and Ideal cuts if you must get the most beautiful stone. The cut is the aspect that most extensively influences a diamond’s elegance and grandness.

  • The Diamond Shape

Examine the variety of diamond shapes you have at your disposal very closely. Go for the diamond shape that best matches the style chosen by your significant other.

  • The Diamond Clarity

Look for an eye-clean diamond. What this means is that you should only choose a diamond that has no flaws or inclusions. You do not want these inclusions or blemishes being visible when you look at them with your natural eye. Most times, a VS1 or VS2 Clarity grade will give you the eye-clean diamond you need. Plus, this clarity grade delivers the eye clean quality without the higher price of a higher Clarity grade.

  • The Diamond Color 

Note that your diamond should always have that white appearance in relation to its setting. Choosing a diamond in the G to I range will almost give you a colorless appearance which is better. Also, it comes at a far lesser cost than a D to F range diamond piece. 

Consider all of these before making your choice of diamond to crown your split shank bands. That is your one-way ticket to getting the best of the split shank engagement rings out there. 


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