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Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

Not everyone will love hip-hop. But, many people align with the fashion wear that hip hop artists have made popular. To date, many hip hop artists run wild with their diamond prong Cuban link chain. If we are keeping it real, a Cuban chain is the other signature style apart from tattoos in the rapper’s world. It sets rappers apart from others

And you know what is even more intriguing? The fact that the world seems to have caught up on this style. So, yes! You will likely meet a random person on your street rocking a diamond prong Cuban link chain.

Are you wondering how we got here? Well, we have also been there, and here is what we found out:

Origin of Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

The origin of the diamond prong Cuban Link chain dates back to the 1970s. Miami being the origin of the chain is why the chain is also known as Miami Links. And you should know that many referred to it as the Miami link before it became popular. We can credit the rise of Cuban Link chains to DJ Kool Herc, one of the founding fathers of hip hop movement. As far back as the 1970s, DJ Kool Herc organized hip hop themed parties in his house.

The idea was a treaty! And given his flair for excellence, the execution was even more perfect. He didn’t just play music from his record player. DJ Kool gave his best by mixing his original songs and playing them to his audience. As expected, many other rappers followed his path. And soon, hip hop became a big thing in communities.

Having music in common was a great thing for hip hop artists. They were proud music makers and more! They also had fashion tastes in common. Soon, many of these hip hop artists started showing off their biggest golden chains. As they made golden and diamond gemstones signature wear, people noticed. And, of course, most of them favored the Cuban link chain.

What started small rose to stardom. Today, we use prong settings in jewelry and decorative hardware items. Items such as bracelets, necklaces, and so on. The popularity of these chains has grown over the years due to their elegant and stylish look. Diamond prong Cuban link chain is among the most sought-after chains.

What does a Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain look like?

When you see the Cuban chain for the first time, many things will run through your mind. However, we are certain that clarity will be at the top of the list. Jewelers not only put in their effort with this one, but they also used the best resources. All jewelry collectors know that they made this one from clear stones. So, when you look at it and stand in awe of its shine, remember that the clear stones are speaking to you.

Apart from the appeal and high quality peculiar to a Cuban link chain, the design is perfect. The Cuban Prong Chain has platinum or gold, with a twisted chain design, commonly known as Prongs. The prong setting stands out. Although, prong settings, in general, have always been exceptional. The Cuban link chain gives greatness a different definition. It is better than what you can imagine, and it captures the glitters from all angles.

What Does a Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain Look Like?

Thanks to the secure clasp, you get to wear a diamond prong Cuban link chain. When you wear the Diamond Prong Cuban link chain as it is designed, it forms rows. Two, three or more rows – depending on how long the link is. Each row falls conveniently on your chest, adding glamor and class to your style. Depending on your preference, you can wear it and show it off to the world.

The Cuban link chain can pass as the most exquisite and unusual chain in the jewelers’ arsenal. First, it is unlike some of the most popular chains with pendants. However, its size and shape remain a unique feature about it. The patterns of this link chain are bold and larger than the average chain size.

A diamond prong Cuban link chain is perfect if you love a comfy neckpiece. The nice feel around your neck tops the list of all the things that make it impeccable!

Here is another thing we know: The Cuban link chain is not as burdensome as it looks. Indeed, looks can sometimes deceive us. Looking at a typical diamond prong Cuban link chain on people can be a chore. Many would think the weight is additional. But, this isn’t the case. The weight is just right – more than fine!

It is glaring that this neckpiece excels in looks. So, we understand if everyone seems to be putting on a Cuban link these days. It is even more understandable that other features make the Cuban link chain stand out. Check below to see the other features of a diamond prong Cuban link chain

  • It is multipurpose

Adventurous people explore a lot. So, if you are one, you might get bored if this Cuban link chain is straight-laced. Thankfully, there is nothing straight-laced about the Cuban link chain. If anything, it is one of the most versatile chains out there! It is bold, brave, and exciting! Do these features sound interesting to you? Then you might be in for a treat.

You are free to explore, combine, and customize as you wish. And if you are wondering what makes it versatile, here is it:

  • The width is adjustable

We do not always get the opportunity to go for the perfect size when it comes to jewelry. For most pieces, it is either you settle for thin or thick. For Cubans, you can have your preference without having to do much. Indeed, the diamond prong Cuban link chain has made the adventure more interesting. From what we know, the diamond prong Cuban chain can be as thin as 8.5mm. And as expected, you are also allowed to experiment with the size and get as thick as 19mm or more.

The Cuban link chain can be whatever you want it to be. While the width may be the most common adjustable feature, it does not stand alone. We know that many people love to experiment with designs. If you are one of these people, you are lucky. The Cuban link chain gives a chance for other types of modifications.

The opportunity to explore this chain does not end with the chain design only. It extends to other important areas like styling. Are you the type to worry that your accessories will not fit in with your attire? You will let go of that burden now. Diamond prong Cuban link chain will go with you everywhere and with any attire. It fits with any and every ensemble, and when you decide to use no ensemble, it still finds a way to be exceptional!

  • It continues to grow

As we have said many times, this one is unlike any other. Follow from the start, and you would agree that the fact that it is unique already sets it apart. So, we can claim that the initiation of a Cuban link chain is an evolution in the fashion world. While many people do not say it out loud, it is what they think. So, we will let it stand! Away from the growth that we have attributed to the existence of the Cuban link chain, we have more proof of growth. It is in the styling, the design, and the evolution of the resources.

How to Wear a Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

There is no doubt that the Cuban prong chain is one of the most popular chains in the world. With all the features, we cannot be angry at its rise to fame. We support it in every aspect

This chain is versatile and can add a touch of glamor to any piece of jewelry. We already know that it cuts across many sectors regarding usefulness. We also know how flexible the Cuban link chain can be. You can open up the chain and wear it long or close it up, so it fits around your neck. Thanks to its flexible nature, you may customize your piece. Some people prefer to always wear their chain without customization, which is not bad. However, deciding to use customization always does the magic.

How to wear a diamond prong Cuban link chain

For instance, using a pendant is always a step up. It adds more individuality to a rather bland look. And yes, you can use a pendant for all existing chains. However, the Cuban link chain produces a different result with a pendant. If the plain diamond prong Cuban link chain did not manage to impress you, we understand. However, there is no way; anyone witnesses the use of a pendant with a Cuban chain without being in awe. So, yes! Prepare because it is time to sweep you off your feet. As you may have guessed, the Pendant- Cuban chain combination will make you fall in love.

We have talked about the beauty a pendant brings to the table. So, it is only right that we talk about the limitation the pendant will likely bring. And the limitation would be that a pendant may not fit right with a Cuban chain of 19mm. So, if you are keen on using a pendant, you need to ensure that the width of your Cuban chain is slim.

You have learned many things about the Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain. And we are certain that this knowledge about this special product will prepare you. At this stage, you should arrange to get your Cuban link chain if you have never done that. And if you have one already, you might want to add it to the collection.

How to Care for Diamond Prong Cuban Link Chain

From the way you wear your diamond prong Cuban link chain to the design, it makes a statement! You get a treasure if you ever get any form of this Cuban chain. And so, you need to treat it like one. It is not enough to ensure it is safe from wandering hands and wandering eyes. You also have to guide it. Indeed, you don’t want this prized possession to get spoiled too soon. How to care for diamond prong Cuban link chain

So, how do you care for the diamond prong Cuban link chain? Well, the methods you need to care for this chain are not far from the ones you need to keep a typical diamond chain. However, it would help if you never forgot that a Cuban link chain is extra in many ways. Keep this in mind after buying, and you will understand why you need twice the care to keep this one.

Here are typical ways to protect your diamond prong Cuban link chain:

  • Cleaning

It’s important to clean the Cuban chain so that dirt and grime don’t build up on the links. The way the jewelers have designed this one, you would agree that it can become a house for dirt in no time. As a responsible owner and a user of this piece, you must not let that happen.

  • Storage

When you’re not wearing a diamond prong Cuban link chain, it’s best to store it in an airtight container. This way, you’ll avoid any damage caused by humidity during storage periods.

  • Maintenance

Diamond prong Cuban link chains are more susceptible than other materials. So, do not ever miss what is on the menu concerning the maintenance of a Cuban chain.


It is easy to say that the diamond prong Cuban link chain is a beautiful choice for people. But, beauty should not be the only reason to get it. The reasons for buying this type of chain are many. The chain does not age, does not lose its shape, and the quality of its shine is superior. It was very popular in the 90s and is still here today. So, feel free to check out the Cuban link chain here.


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