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Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band

Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band

a round cut halo eternity band

When Kate Middleton showed off her eye-popping new engagement ring in 2010, most jewelry enthusiasts turned their attention immediately to this new style. It was a spectacular sapphire center stone set in A DIAMOND HALO SETTING. Therefore, it is no surprise that, ever since then, the diamond halo setting kept growing in fame. Presently it is a wildly preferred option among intending brides. However, our focus here is the round diamond halo eternity band.

Introducing the Halo Eternity Band

When selecting the best ring or eternity band, it isn’t easy to win against a timeless style like a round diamond halo eternity band. Here is one flawless style that suits pretty much anyone. More so, one great thing about classic styles such as this is that they never go out of style. Also, they pair well with a vast array of distinct styles. 

Understand that this halo eternity band is a ring you will wear every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, you want to make sure it is something that you can be pleased with for many years after now. The fact is: trendy items are great and all. Yet, nobody wishes for a ring or an eternity band that gets obsolete in a few years. 

Moreover, not only is this halo eternity band grand and timeless. Also, it presents a style that is the complete manifestation of any solid romance. Originally, the eternity band implies, well, eternity. So, when we promise our love to someone, the impression is that we tie ourselves to them forever. And, knowing that diamonds carry that quality of being forever, what better stone to depict a healthy, happy union than this?

Introducing the Halo Setting

When you see a band of small accent stones, commonly pavé diamonds, that envelop a bigger center stone, that is a halo setting. Keep in mind that halo settings can have the exact shape the center stone has, or they can be varied. A good example is a cushion-cut halo surrounding a round diamond.

an eternity band with a halo setting

Moreover, halos enhance the glitz and sparkle of any ring. These rings are just perfect for a princess. First, they are versatile and easy to personalize. Also, this setting can actually make a diamond seem as much as half a carat bigger than it actually is. 

Meanwhile, we take from the words of jewelers Rohan Agrawal and Adam Patrick to discover more details about this jaw-dropping setting. We also present their recommendation of how best to care for your round diamond halo.

Rohan Agrawal is the co-founder and president of Azeera. Azeera is a family-owned online fine jewelry supply. While Adam Patrick is a jeweler and manager of A La Vieille Russie, a business set in New York City.

Pros and Cons of a Round Diamond Halo

a round diamond halo eternity band

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of halo settings. Also, what are the essentials to look for when searching for a round diamond halo eternity band? 

Jewelry experts and enthusiasts believe that the biggest appeal of a round diamond halo is that it completes the center stone flawlessly. Also, this is an elegant way to make your ring seem bigger. 

According to Agrawal, “The halo setting is designed to accentuate the beauty of the center stone by affordably adding size and brilliance. If the center and accent stones are two different colors, then the halo setting draws more focus toward the center stone. It enhances its visual appeal through a contrast of colors and brilliance.”

Indeed, a round diamond halo will make the round center diamond appear larger. This is a feature that saves money on the original stone. Still, it’s not always the more budget-friendly alternative. In Agrawal’s words, “More metal and more gems mean that the style is more expensive compared to simpler designs, like solitaire or three stones.”

More so, special care is necessary when you own a round diamond halo. This is as the smaller diamonds encircling the larger stone fall out quickly. Similarly, due to the shape of a halo and the way it establishes an edge around the center stone, the setting makes it slightly tricky to pair an engagement ring with a wedding band.

Choosing a Halo Eternity Band: What to Look for

  • Are there particular cuts of diamonds that are perfect blends with a halo eternity band? 

Truly, any cut works with a halo. But, a round diamond is the most distinguished choice. A round diamond halo establishes flawless symmetry. Also, Rohan Agrawal likes an emerald-cut center stone for its visual effect. He says, “The linear faceting of the emerald-cut has a pleasant contrast with round-shaped accent stones.”

  • Can other stones fit in a halo setting? 

Affirmative! Halo rings are incredible if you wish to include colored stones in your setting. Patrick says, “Many halo rings have beautiful emeralds, pearls, or rubies as the center stone, making it more interesting.”

  • How can I make the most of the look of my halo eternity band? 

If you prefer a halo eternity band particularly to make your center stone look bigger, Agrawal recommends selecting one with diamonds of the exact quality. This includes the color, cut, and clarity of the center stone. “A contrast would pronounce the differences between the center and accent stones and lose the desired effect,” he says.

How to Care for Your Round Diamond Halo Band

With a solution of dishwashing soap and warm water, you can easily get rid of any dust, particles, or cosmetics. It is a great way to remove any stain or defect accumulated on your eternity band. Again, you can let your ring air-dry or use a mild cotton cloth to dry it. 

Meanwhile, it’s okay to clean the band yourself once a week. But, we recommend that you take your halo eternity band to a jeweler once or twice a year. That way, you get a more thorough cleaning and you can review any problems with your eternity band. 

Remember that a halo eternity band is more sophisticated due to the number of smaller diamonds around the main piece. Patrick believes that, “Ideally, with this kind of ring, you would want to get a wedding band made to fit around or under the engagement ring. If you don’t, the two will inevitably rub against one another, and over time, will wear away the gallery underneath. It’s an extra consideration, as you need to factor in that you will be repairing or replacing the wedding band at some point if you don’t have one made.”

Combining a Round Diamond Halo with an Eternity Band

  • Round Diamond Halo 

A halo band, such as this round halo with an eternity band we feature here, is a lovely and classical style. Indeed, this is a ring that plays up a larger central stone. This centerpiece comes with smaller accent stones that envelop it. 

a round diamond halo piece

You get a huge, round-cut diamond that comes encircled by smaller, brilliant-cut stones. With that it gives off a ton of glitter and radiance. Here is a classic style that reveals two elements that make diamonds so distinguished.

The main stone of the ring is a round diamond. It is a gracious way to reveal the depth and quality of the stone. Also, there is the colorless clarity and high-quality radiance of the diamond. More so, the accent stones that envelop the main stone are much smaller and feature a brilliant cut. With this cut, we get to maximize light refraction and eventually give off the maximum amount of radiance. 

Overall, with the round diamond halo, you get a cut that reflects the flawlessness of the stone. At the same time, these cuts give you that sparkle that we all cherish so much. With a blend of two different cuts, you get a ring with a really classic appearance. Here is one piece made to match so many different styles and trends.

  • The Halo Eternity Band

An eternity band is another distinctive fashion. Frequently, people will prefer a style such as this for their wedding band. Nevertheless, it can also work in tandem with another style, such as the round diamond halo ring style in this post. 

halo eternity band

With that, the ring gets extra refinement and intricacy. Simply put, an eternity band is a band style that comes with stones that surround all or part of the band. Based on the latter part, we can have full eternity bands, two-thirds eternity bands, or half eternity bands. These types imply a reflection of how far around the band the stones get.

In addition, the piece we have here parades a two-thirds eternity band. What this suggests is that the stones go around two-thirds of the band. Also, this eternity band in this post shows off high-grade diamonds. You get the stones held together in the prong style. That is one truly classic and elegant way to have your halo eternity band. 

Likewise, the cut of the stones comes in to improve the sparkle and shine of the stones. This cut gives the ring additional allure and luster that it wouldn’t have with a regular band. With this style, you get a great style that allows extra stones. However, this doesn’t create a ring that is so over-the-top that it doesn’t make sense for daily wear eventually. 

  • Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band: A Flawless Blend

Combining a round diamond halo ring with an eternity band offers you the perfect combination of classic fashions. This two uniqueness come together to develop something awe-inspiring to see. Here is a piece of jewelry that you will be delighted to look at each and every day. 

a round cut halo eternity band

Moreover, the classic style and timeless refinement imply that they will stand the test of time. This halo eternity band will look just as wonderful in ten years as it does when you slip it on your finger. What we have here is a product of only the finest materials. Here is a top-quality diamond and the purest type out there. 

Besides, these are perfectly crafted pieces that will stand the test of time. Plus, they are ideal for daily wear. Here is what to get if you need something strong and durable that can go where you go. This halo eternity band comes fit to withstand your lifestyle. That is exactly what you get when you buy a round diamond halo eternity band. 

In all, here is a stunning and flawless piece with impressive toughness and durability. When you have a ring like this, you get that peace of mind. Everyone wishes they get a high-quality piece of jewelry that headlines the finest construction and design. There is no reason not to get that and the peace of mind with your eternity band. Remember, it is to last an eternity. 

Dealing with the Downsides of a Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band 

We can’t deny that the allure of an eternity band’s symbolism is desirable. The fact that it features an endless diamond, the endless love it denotes makes it desirable. Yet, this endlessly trending design has significant drawbacks. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a round diamond halo eternity band. However, while you consider this, here are a few tips to deal with these downsides.

  • It is High Maintenance

Don’t freak out as you have other options here. A good example is a channel set diamond eternity band. This style protects your sparkly little stones a bit more. It is a great option if you are a bit busier with your hands. You can also try something with small bezel-set diamonds in a full row of grandness like a low-maintenance caviar bead band.

  • Eternity Bands are Damage-Prone

They are at risk of diamond damage especially when such diamond eternity band has any exposed girdle edges. When such edges touch other diamonds on your engagement ring or another band, it could lead to scratches, nicks, and chips. To deal with this, store them separately. Also, you might consider wearing them on separate fingers. You can also choose channel or bar-set styles that come with a bit of metal in between.

  • Unfit for Size Changes

One of the biggest downsides to a round diamond halo eternity band is that it gets difficult to resize them. Hence, getting your ring size just right the first time around is what pays. We recommend taking your time to nail that ring size the first time. Do well to measure twice and cut once. 

Also, you can opt for a half-eternity or three-quarter band. These options come with more diamonds than your normal band. Yet, they still leave enough wiggle room in the sizing. Meanwhile, a half-eternity band will deliver as much of a statement as a full one. It also gives you extra flexibility.


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