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Diamonds and Donuts: COVID-19 Response & Plans Moving Forward

Diamonds and Donuts: COVID-19 Response & Plans Moving Forward

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This is our official COVID-19 update for the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. We will be monitoring the rapidly changing situation of the novel coronavirus and we will be keeping an update log for all of our beloved guests. Below you will learn about Diamonds and Donut’s plans moving forward and how we are adapting our event to the current public gathering state of affairs.

The Coronavirus has kept us contained in our homes for over a month now and we can’t be certain how long this is going to last. It is completely reorienting our relationship to the outside world, to the government, to businesses, to the food we eat, and even to our friends and family. While we foresee that as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides people will be eager to return to “business as usual”, things will not be the same for quite some time…if ever. The initial impact is likely to last 6 to 12 months, at a minimum, but the effects on how we socialize may very well be long term.

Will handshakes and kisses be a thing of the past? Will there ever be large gatherings again? How many of our favorite events will still be around when the local and national authorities deem it safe to meet in public?

These are all questions that can’t be answered right now, but what we can assure you is, the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show is not going anywhere. That being said, we will be making some pretty significant changes to ensure the safety of our guests. Does this mean our monthly car event won’t be as awesome? Absolutely not, it will just be different, at least for some time.

Update (May 11, 2020):

We are pleased to announce that our showroom is now open to the public. However, we are requesting customers book appointments in advance. We are still trying to keep our store low traffic, allowing customers more privacy when shopping or utilizing our jewelry and watch services. 

As for jewelry and watch repairs, we are continuing to handle those by Curbside Pickup. Also, we are still doing outdoor sales appointments for customers who prefer an open setting, so the below information remains valid.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

diamonds and donuts coronavirus update

We deeply care about our Diamonds and Donuts community, our friends, our family, our employees, and our amazing city of Boca Raton. We all must work together during these uncertain times by remaining calm, following the facts of this pandemic, and staying prepared and heedful of health concerns. Everyone’s health and safety is of the utmost importance, so this will be top of mind with every step we take forward as we try to recommence our cherished monthly car show.

While this pandemic is extremely surreal and absolutely horrific on so many fronts, we can take some comfort in the thought of how much it is proving that we all support each other in adversity. There has already been a decline in the polarization of our fellow Americans. We are united against one common enemy, the virus. This is forcing us to reconsider who we are and what we value, and in the long term, it is likely to help us rediscover the better version of ourselves and our nation.

diamonds and donuts covid-19 response

Diamonds and Donuts Official COVID-19 Update

Needless to say, we absolutely can’t wait to get back to holding Diamonds and Donuts events at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. However, we are going to alter the way we run our car shows, and we will be taking serious precautions before, during and after events. Again, the safety of our community is top priority, but we believe our plan will not sacrifice the greatness of Diamonds and Donuts.

Let us explain how we will do our thing moving forward…

Private, Tailored Events

Diamonds and Donuts will take place on a regular basis at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, as per usual. In fact, we will be throwing even more events. However, we will be significantly reducing the number of guest who can attend. 

Going forward, we will be hosting private events that are specifically tailored to different demographics and interests. Think ‘Supercars Only’, ‘Imports Only’, ‘Teslas Only’, and so on. The specifics for the first event aren’t finalized yet, but you get the point. 

We will have a lot fewer cars and spectators, and our process for choosing the cars and people that attend will be stringent, as will our health precautions. Our goal is to keep crowds to a minimum, safety standards resolute, and to only have the best of the best for each demographic. We are thinking “quality over quantity”.

Best of the Best – Quality over Quantity

The mindset right now is bespoke, best of the best, and safety. When Diamonds and Donuts starts back up, it’s quality over quantity. We will have fewer guests, but we won’t be sacrificing fun or experience. We have a great feeling that this fresh, intimate, niched-out take on Diamonds and Donuts is going to be awesome. It will allow the guests to connect in new ways. Attendees will be with likeminded people, learning and discussing things that specifically relate to their interests. Moreover, it will better ensure the safety of each and every attendee.

All in all, we are very excited about what the future holds with the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. We will not fault in our ways and we plan to do amazing things with these small yet spectacular events. 

will diamonds and donuts car show continue

Safety of Diamonds and Donuts Guests

We can say it enough. The safety of our guests is of the greatest importance. This new approach to Diamonds and Donuts will allow the locals of Boca Raton to still gather over shared interests and discuss things they love most, yet it will be done in a very safe and precautious manner. Diamonds and Donuts will be a stress-free and anxiety-free environment, which will lead to a much better time and experience. 

As event planners, we will be in contact with both local and national public health authorities and we will fully communicate preventative measures to attendees, including respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. We will be strictly controlling crowd density, the layout of the event, and we will be prescreening participants and registering everyone, ensuring that we can easily locate people after the event concludes if necessary for public health reasons. We will explain all of this in more depth now…

Entry Criteria 

Diamonds and Donuts will be planned and managed carefully. We will be undertaking all the necessary precautions and risk assessments to make sure everyone is safe. These rigorous measures will allow us to carry on with doing what we love – bringing people together over a common adoration for cars, diamonds, and watches.

When it is deemed safe to put together a private event, the first line of precaution is entry criteria…

We will make certain that attendees have not been to areas deemed high risk zones since the start of this pandemic. We’ll also promote messages that thoroughly discourage people who are sick, even in the slightest, from attending our car show. We will cover a questionnaire to check for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

All guests will be accounted for. Those who attend will undergo temperature checks prior to entering the event and making any contact with other guests. 

will there still be a diamonds and donuts car show in boca raton

Establish Health and Safety Rules for Your Event

First of all, we will make sure that all guests understand that they have absolutely no reason to feel rude or embarrassed that they don’t want close contact with other guests. We will also establish health and safety rules so there are no misunderstandings and people don’t actually have to outright say, “please no handshakes” or “could you step back a few feet”. Things will be perfectly clear prior to the event and we ask that everyone follows our precautions. We may create a group chat prior to the event so guests can discuss things together. 

New etiquette is likely to be no handshakes, hugs, kisses, or unnecessary touching, making sure no one feels uncomfortable. There will also be strict respiratory etiquette, which is simple but effective. Any coughs and sneezes must be covered by the bend in your elbow or in a disposable tissue. Tissues must be immediately thrown into a closed bin and hand sanitizer used on hands afterward, which leads us to our next line of precaution…

Creating a Sanitary Environment

We will be routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched. This includes any jewelry or watches that we have on display. As for food and beverages, we will keep you updated on this but, we will also be taking serious precautions with that as well. 

We will have a station at Diamonds and Donuts for those who want to clean their hands and use hand sanitizer. We may also provide masks if at all possible. 

Lastly, we will remind people to not touch their mouth or eyes and to overall just be aware of things that health authorities are advising. 

diamonds and donuts moving forward after covid-19


The layout of Diamonds and Donuts will be intimate, yet very close contact will not be necessary. We will park everyone is a manner that makes things fun but doesn’t create tight spaces. 

Now, these precautions may seem severe, but the ultimate goal is that those who attend Diamonds and Donuts know they are in a safe environment. Again, this allows guests to have a much better time. Moreover, it seems like a lot to take in, but as hosts, we will make everything as smooth and seamless as possible. 

boca car show covid-19 update

Communications Channels Completely Open

Our communication channels are completely open to everyone. You can DM us, email us, or call us at (561) 750-6744 anytime with questions, concerns and just to say hi and keep updated.

Moreover, we will be providing real-time updates as things are changing quickly. So stay in touch by following Diamonds and Donuts on Instagram and Facebook and give us your email or phone number as we will be proactively updating guest and communicating with you leading up to and after the event.

diamonds and donuts 2020

Virtual Attendance & Recaps: More videos & streams for those who can’t make it to the car show

We’ve always done a good job of providing recaps of our Diamonds and Donuts car shows and events at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. However, we are planning to take things a few steps further moving forward. Not only will we be doing very thorough recaps, as usual, but we will also be taking live videos and webcasting events so all those who couldn’t make it to the event will feel like they are right there and they won’t miss a thing.

By live streaming events, people will be able to take part in Diamonds and Donuts without the need to leave their homes. We will do our best to fully immerse online participants by answering questions and showing everyone around the event. This will require some testing. But we are sure we will do a great job of proving a remote Diamonds and Donuts experience for everyone that has the interest to see what’s going on with the private, bespoke car shows.

What’s also great about this is people who can’t watch it live will still be able to see what went down. As the videos will automatically upload to our social. It’s a wonderfully advance world we live in. 

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Message to our community

In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe, stay healthy, and stay united. We will all get through this together. To do this, it’s as simple as checking up on your loved ones and friends. Give them a call and see how they are doing. We want you all to know that we are here for you. Our Boca Raton community fully has our support.

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