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Diamonds and Donuts Import Night Car Show Highlights from Feb 26th

Diamonds and Donuts Import Night Car Show Highlights from Feb 26th

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When you think about the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show, you probably imagine exotic cars like Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 720S, and Ferrari 488, and while these cars epitomize our monthly car show, this month Diamonds and Donuts did something a little different. We threw an Import Car Show BANGER called Diamonds and Donuts Import Night in collaboration with Clean Culture and Superior Street Syndicate. 

import car show boca raton

Over the last year, we’ve been dipping our toes into the increasingly popular and incredibly fascinating import JDM car culture world. This month we decided to go all out by throwing an Import-centric car show. We teamed up with Superior Street Syndicate, Clean Culture and Kyle Murphy to get South Florida’s hottest Japenese import cars with the cleanest builds to come to our Import Night Car Show. It was a major success, even despite the forecast predicting rain. 

Import Night was like something out of Tokyo Drift. It was very “Fast and Furious”, with all types of right-hand JDM cars, heavily modified builds, and noises that make import race car enthusiasts straight up giddy. Moreover, this wasn’t a car show just for the fellas, there were quite a bit of female import car owners on scene showing off impressive builds. 

Diamonds and Donuts Import Night saw the dream car of damn near every JDM car enthusiast out there. We are talking everything from the Nissan Skyline R32 and R34 to Silvia S15 and 240SX S14 to Honda S200’s and even newer builds like the Nissan Godzilla GT-R and 2020 Toyota GR Supras. The builds were just as diverse, with Spoons, Nismos, and Widebody Kits. Big mods like suspension and engine bay work – motor swaps and big turbos – on display all around. What’s more, even though Import Night was geared towards tuners, our usual exotic demographic turned up to take part in the fun. 

It was insane…and one hell of a banger

Let’s have a look at some of the cars and highlights from Diamonds and Donuts Import Night, which took place last month on February 26, 2020, at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton…

import night boca raton

Highlights & Cars at the Diamonds and Donuts “Import Night” Car Show

Let’s start off by looking at a few of the Nissan imports that were among a fleet of many. 

Leading this fleet was one of Diamonds and Donuts’ biggest import car enthusiasts, Kyle Murphy (@slf240sx). He brought out a lot of his friends with Nissan JDM vehicles. 

We will talk about Kyle first then move through the gang of Nissan’s. 



If you’ve been following Diamonds and Donuts over the last year, you’ve definitely seen this electric blue 240SX S14. It is owned by Kyle Murphy, host of SChassis & Skyline meets. 

Kyle, with help from his good buddy Armando, made an incredible build with this Kouki – Kouki simply meaning Nissan’s second facelift, or model, of the S14. 

import car show south florida

Although this Kouki has its original engine, a KA24DE, it has a whole lot of tunes going on. The block has been rebuilt using Wiseco Pistons and Carrillo Pro H-Beam Rods, the head has Supertech components and Brian Crower cams, and a Garrett GT3582R turbo was bolted to a Ground Zero equal-length header. These are just a few of the many modifications and upgrades. 

If you want to learn more about Kyle’s S14 build, check him out on Instagram.

Special thanks to Kyle for helping us make this Import Night that much greater!



@pingisasian_ , a good friend of Kyle, blessed the event with his Nissan Silvia S15, which is a very rare car to see. This car is the definition of a proper build. It has all kinds of modifications, inside and out, with the engine bay being some of the most impressive work we’ve seen. It’s a complete swap, and it has a turbo manifold, T51R modded Gen 2 6266, and blow off valve & wastegate, which is such a killer combo. And it’s all brought together with premium titanium hardware.

So, not only is it pretty to look at, it sounds incredibly badass. It sounds like a sick fighter jet. 

import night diamonds and donuts

His girlfriend Kayla also accompanied him and his S15 with her Nissan 180, which is also straight from Japan. 

@pingisasian_ has a major following on Instagram and he puts out all kinds of cool content, so definitely check him out. Moreover, he gets involved in a lot of the best car shows, so if you head to one, you should be able to spot his distinct S15 in person sooner or later. 



Race Car Kev rolled in with his gold 240 S14 and popped the hood to show off the goods. Kev’s has a very well put together, responsive engine build. 

As Kev says “Attention to detail is key ? built not bought”. 

We have to agree…In fact, this S14 has one of the cleanest engine bay’s in South Florida probably. It’s what some call the Copper Show Stopper. 

Peep more about this build @racecarkev.



Another good friend of Kyle and a Diamonds and Donuts regular, Vince @davinci_r34, joined Import Night with his classic Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T. 

Not to beat down the word “clean” here, but this car also has a clean MF bay. We can’t even imagine the time and work that went into this one.

Although not talked about as much as the GT-R, the R34 GT-T ranks high on the JDM status throne. It has a notorious spirit, rivaling cars like the rivaling JZA80 Toyota Supra and the FD3S Mazda RX-7. 



Pictured in the middle, we have a Nissan R33 GTR stunner. The car has a midnight purple wrap with gold Rays Volk Racing Wheels. We don’t know about all the mods on this bad boy but we do know it has a Tomei extreme full titanium exhaust, which sounds exactly as it reads, extreme…like Fast and Furious, purebred race car…on steroids. 

See more pics of this Nissan R33 GTR @foampositeking10.



A JDM lovers dream car, the Nissan R34 Nismo Skyline. This car is super sexy. Day and night.

The car is street tuned with true racer spirit. It’s a GT-R after all and the Sparco racing seats help amplify this mood. We especially love the gray wrap with red and black accents that match the wheels. It makes this car stand out, even among a crowd of its own kind. 



Ladies and gents, pay close attention to this show stopper…

This is Katrina Gopaul’s Nissan 370Z. This is what Car Culture is made of. Moreover, this is the type of car that makes a “car show banger” a BANGER. 

jdm car show boca raton

Katrina’s Nissan 370Z has a widebody kit, air lift performance suspension, crazy rear wing, some sick wheels, a gorgeous new wrap, and more. All in all, it’s a genius build, a gorgeous car, and it’s “Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal ?” – @katrina_z34.

See more photos @katrina_z34.


japanese car show south florida

Here’s a car that knows no limit. It is a 2015 twin turbo Nissan GT-R, known as the Godzilla. 

This Godzilla is absolutely stunning, with its pearly white demeanor and black tints, rear wings, and VSXX wheels. It’s easily one of the finest Nissan’s of this era.

What’s more, it drives even better than it looks, and that’s saying A LOT.

It has superb road grip and steering control. It grips the road at high speed, making you want to take it the track just to see what it can really do. With its V6 twin turbo engine, the car can hit speeds over 190mph, we believe, and it can do something insane like a 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. It’s called Godzilla for a reason. It’s a monster. A sexy monster, but a monster no less. 

Sinful Sandwich Food Truck

The sinful sandwich

It wouldn’t be a Diamonds and Donuts event without some good eats! The Sinful Sandwich set up shop serving all types of delicious hearty food like big bacon burgers, loaded sandwiches, overflowing gyros, po boys and more. The food was so good it truly did feel “sinful”. 

Little Snokyo

little snokyo florida

It also wouldn’t be a Diamonds and Donuts car show without sweets! After a heavy meal, shave ice was the perfect dessert. They had cherry, lemon, rainbow and more. 

To top it all off, the branding was extremely fitting for the Japenese Import Night Car Show. Come on, Little SNOKYO. We had to have them. 

Diamonds By Raymond Lee

diamonds by raymond lee car show

As with all of our car show events, we opened up the doors for guests to pursue our collection of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry and luxury Swiss watches. Our Rolex collection definitely caught the eyes of the import mob.

Jewelry Giveaway!

diamonds and donuts import night car show

Another thing we do at all of our Diamonds and Donuts car shows is a jewelry giveaway. Import Night was of course no exception. Guests signed up and one lucky winner received a fine piece of jewelry from our store. 

Nikko Entertainment

nikko entertainment

Nikko was lighting up the party with some great music, providing the perfect vibe for the demographic. He always kills it. Big thanks to Nikko for the entertainment!

Now, let’s have a look at a few of the cars from the Honda/Acura crew. 



Sheldon Tran honored Import Night with is level one Honda S2000 S2KI Spoon…We said Sheldon Tran not Johnny Tran.

His car has a Voltex specialty aerodynamic and body kit, Volk racing wheels, and, of course, a tune by world-renowned Spoon Sports. Plus more. This car is as impressive on the tracks as it is on the street. It’s an absolutely magnificent build on all fronts. It was truly a pleasure to be in its presence. 



We were honored by not one but two S2000s. This one you may have seen at previous Diamonds and Donuts events. It is owned by @afam561

You are looking at a 2006 Widebody Honda AP2 S200. The looks of this car and the build as a whole is spectacular, and even, imposing..in the best way. It has your typical mods, such as wheels, coilovers, I/H/E, bbk, and more.  But the thing that stands out most to us is the official J’s Racing GT Widebody kit and “chalk” white paint job, a color by Porsche. The J’s Racing GT Widebody kit is one of those kits everybody wants but not everyone can get. We don’t know the wait time on one of these but we assume it ain’t short. 



A car we were waiting to see, the Phoenix Yellow 2001 Acura Integra Type R, owned by @mickey3o5.

This car is a pure classic in the world of Japenese imports. Even more so when you have a build like this one. It has a Honda 616B (Type R) inline four-cylinder DOHC/SOHC engine, generating 170 HP at 7,800 rpm with a torque of 160 Nm @ 7,300 rpm, redlining at 8,200 rpm. Truly insane. 

Furthermore, the bay features a 98Spec ITR 4-1 header, K&N Intake elbow w/Blox velocity stack, CJ’s Titanium spark plug cover, Civic Type R N1 pulley, Exedy Stage 1 clutch & lightweight flywheel and a bunch of Spoon Sports parts.

We can’t go into the interior as we aren’t sure right now but you can be sure it’s got its fair share of mods too. Overall, lovely build. 



You are looking at a car that will make the classic import world’s jaw drop. One of those cars you see and you have to get a picture of. Needless to say, it got VIP parking at Diamonds and Donuts Import Night. Right at the front entrance.

This build is a 2020 Toyota GR Supra in Nitro Yellow, owned by Alfred Nunez And Ana Amador (@alsa90supra).

japanese import car show florida

A few of the modifications include a freshly installed @maxtondesign_official design lip kit and new @zl1addons rock guards, 20” Velgen Wheels and H&R springs, and an MHD tuning. 

This is one of those cars were you gotta learn more. Moreover, it has a sibling, a turbulance grey 2020 GR Supra. Definitely check them out @alsa90supra.


As with every Diamonds and Donuts, the future was in attendance. This is a Tesla with a very fitting Miami Blue Wrap. Absolutely stunning. 


Below is a shot of some Teslas charging up at our Free (open to the public) Electric Charging Station (we have eight Tesla charging stations and two Level 2’s) during Diamonds and Donuts Import Night.

teslas charging station boca raton

**APRIL 18, 2020 – Saturday Brunch For All Tesla and EV Owners. RSVP**

Now, let’s quickly give a shoutout to those who made this all possible. 


Diamonds and Donuts Import Night Car Show would have been possible with Clean Culture and Superior Street Syndicate. They have all the JDM import car connects here in South Florida so they were a huge help in putting this together. 

Superior Street Syndicate is run and owned by Jeff Cooper who also runs Superior Tint which is a local shop from around the corner from Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Clean culture diamonds and donuts import night car show florida

Clean Culture is renowned in the import scene across the country. They throw huge circuits and have created a mass culture. Their motto is “We Throw Bangers“. If you’ve seen their car shows, you know exactly what that means. They have the sickest import cars at their circuits, people extra hype, cars spitting fire, the whole nine. 

Lastly, thanks to sponsors HD Werks and Superior Tint


UPDATE: Tesla Brunch – Saturday, April 18th, 2020 – Brunch for all Tesla & EV owners at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. RSVP Now.

diamonds and donuts import night


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