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5 Green Rolex Perfect to Rock On St. Patties Day

5 Green Rolex Perfect to Rock On St. Patties Day

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With St.Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, it’s about that time to start thinking in green. Rolex has been crafting luxury watches since 1920. If you were thinking about giving a gift to someone significant, or if you were thinking about giving yourself a gift, a green Rolex might be the perfect gift this St. Patrick’s Day. In case you weren’t familiar with the story behind St.Patrick’s Day, here is a little back story. You can also feel free to skip ahead to the list of top 5 used Rolex Boca Raton watches to purchase this St.Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is a 17th century holiday, celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. St Patrick’s Day didn’t become a national holiday in Ireland until 1903. initially, the color blue was associated with St. Patricks’s Day, but because of the Irish flag, clovers, and Ireland’s nickname, Emeralds Isles, the color was switched to green during the Irish independence movement. Although St.Patrick’s Day wasn’t always associated with alcohol, it is now the fourth-biggest drinking holiday in the U.S, after Christmas, Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. If you are familiar with Rolex’s slight obsession with green, then you are already prepared for a list of fantastic St. Patrick’s Day Rolex watch gift ideas.

Green GMT-Master II 116718LN

The GMT-Master was initially designed to allow pilots the ability to keep track of dual times zones while flying. The first GMT-Master become available in 1955. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rolex GMT-Master, Rolex released the GMT-Master II 116718LN in 2005. The GMT-Master II 116718LN is built from solid 18K yellow gold, and the dial sports the British racing green, with a black bezel to contrast against the British racing green. The GMT – Master was one of the first watches to utilize a cerachrom bezel. Rolex developed and patented the cerachrom bezel for use in certain models to prevent fracturing and cracking. The bidirectional bezel rotates and is marked with a 24-hour arrow indicator. The central hour, minute and arrow tipped GMT-hand allows users to keep track of 3 separate time zones. The hour marker and minute marker emit a blue glow that can last up to eight hours. The GMT- Master is water-resistant to 330 feet due to the triplock triple waterproofness system. Wearers of the GMT-Master II are also able to shorten the watch by one link.

Submariner 50th anniversary 16610 LV

The Kermit wristwatch was released in 2003 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the submariner line. The Kermit Rolex was the first of Rolex’s watches to be released with a green bezel. The display was protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The oyster link bracelet is made of 904L stainless steel. The Kermit used Rolex Boca Raton was discontinued in 2010 and since then the value this Rolex watch continues to rise significantly.

Submariner Hulk 116610 LV

The used Rolex Boca Raton model Submariner was partially made famous because of the thriller films 007. The submariner was first introduced in 1954 and became the first commercially available timepieces that were water-resistant to 100 feet. By 1959 the Submariner was water-resistant to 200 feet. The submariner hulk was released in 2010 and came with a green dial and green bezel. The hulk is an heir to the 2003 Submariner 16610 LV. The submariner has an oyster bracelet with solid links and the watch is comprised of 904L stainless steel.

Day-Date 40 Green Dial 228235/Date-Just Green Dial 126233

The Day-Date was launched in 1956 and is still a flagship of the Rolex brand. The Day-Date is also known as the president’s watch because of the many heads of states from around the globe who have worn this watch. When the Day-Date was released used Rolex Boca Raton was able to make their wristwatches with the day and date simultaneously displayed. The Day-Date 40 2282355 uses an everose gold, a type of gold created and patented by Rolex, to prevent the watch from oxidizing. Everose Gold was first introduced in 2005 and since then has been used on all Rolex models in pink gold. The Day-Date 40 228235 uses an olive green dial and was released in September 2016 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Day-Date. The 60th anniversary Rolex uses applied Roman numerals and everose gold or white gold for the dial. The Day-date 60th-anniversary watch uses a new caliber, the 3255, which has a power reserve of 70 hours. The 3255 is able to consume less energy and store more energy than the previous Rolex calibers. The Date-Just Green Dial 126233 makes the perfect gift for any woman. The Date-just 126233 has an olive green dial and a 18kt yellow gold bezel to contrast against the olive green. The band is made of high-grade stainless steel and yellow gold. Wearers can expect the band to be extremely hardy due to its famous Rolex oyster band.

Milgauss Doomed Bezel green crystal 116400 GV

The first Milgauss was released in 1956. Rolex designed the Milgauss for people who worked in medical facilities, power plants and research labs. The Rolex watch was designed with an antimagnetic feature for these workers. Professionals who worked around an electromagnetic field greater than 50 to 100 gauss would experience a disruption in the timing of their watches. The Milgauss was first tested by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), in the 1950s. Other institutions and scientists joined CERN to test the watches’ capabilities and eventually it was established that the Milgauss resisted magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss. The name Milgauss came from the combination of the Latin millie, meaning one-thousand, and the unit of the magnetic field. The original Milgauss looked very similar to the Rolex Submariner. The Orange lightning bolt second hand has become one for the Milgauss’s most recognizable features. Rolex only released two models for the Milgauss before Rolex discontinued the line in 1988. The Milgauss line was revived in 2007 with the Milgauss 116400. The Milgauss 116400 GV uses a green-tinted sapphire crystal. The green-tinted sapphire is present throughout the entire material crystal, so it will not fade or discolor over time. The band is an oyster band made of 904 L stainless steel and like all Rolex oyster cases, the Milgauss is water-resistant to 330 feet.


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