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Double-band Eternity Rings

Double-band Eternity Rings

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a signature piece, a double-band eternity band is a great option. The eternity band is an incredibly popular style of ring. But these versions of the ring are almost like two different rings in one. Many times, eternity bands are simply bands that have diamonds around most or all of the band. These rings have the addition of having large central stones. Some even have accent stones in addition to the main stone. 

There is a lot of versatility in this style of ring, which is why it is such a great option for a variety of different occasions. While many of us might think of rings like this as simply engagement rings, they are actually a lot more versatile than that. They do, of course, make a great engagement or wedding ring, but they can also easily become part of your signature look as well.

Whatever reason you choose, we know that you will love the versatile and timeless elegance of the double-band eternity ring. This broad category of style allows for a lot of variation. This means you can easily find the perfect piece for your taste and lifestyle. 

Elegance and Style

Though you don’t have to choose diamonds, eternity bands, including double-band eternity rings, most often feature high-grade diamonds. This is because they are one of the most elegant stones available. They are also really durable and this is a good feature for a ring you will wear daily. You, of course, don’t have to choose diamonds. There are tons of different stones to choose from. Whatever you choose, this is a style of ring that is incredibly elegant. 

Anything you pair one of these rings with will instantly take on glamour and elegance it wouldn’t otherwise have. It gives you that punch of style and panache that can really make a look complete. The timeless style will stand the test of time, regardless of fashions. In some ways, this style is like the little black dress of rings. Whatever trends may come and go, this style of ring is still stylish and elegant, no matter what is currently all the rage. 

This surprisingly versatile style of ring is a great choice for a wide range of differnet occasions. And since there is so much variety, you can easily find the perfect style that will fit your life and needs. You can choose this ring as an engagement ring or a statement piece and will be more than happy with the result. 

The Eternity Band

The eternity band is a popular and timeless style of ring. What really sets this style apart from others is the simple elegance of the style. Basically, an eternity band is a style of ring that features some kind of high-grade stone that encircles most, if not all, of the band of the ring. There are full eternity bands that have stones around the entirety of the ring. Others may go halfway around the ring. Still others may only go a third of the way around the ring, and so on. The main thing that makes this style are the stones that go around the band of the ring.

Though diamonds are the most common stone that will feature, you can really choose any stone you want. And, colorless diamonds aren’t your only option. There is a rainbow of different colors of diamonds. They are collectively called fancy colored diamonds. From black to pink and everywhere in between, you can find colors that will fit your style. This allows you to have the hardness of diamonds, which gives you tons more options when it comes to cuts and shapes but with also a punch of color.

Depending on the cut and shape you want, this will guide your ultimate stone choice if you want something other than diamonds. This is because other stones are softer than diamonds and since they are more fragile, may not be suitable for all cuts and shapes of stone. 

Double-band Eternity Rings

A double-band eternity ring is a ring that features two different rows of stones around the band of the ring. This, too, is actually a pretty wide category of styles. There are simple double-row eternity rings that are two rows of stones that surround the band of the ring. However, the versions we feature here also boast a central larger stone as well. This gives the ring an extra panache and can make them a great option for an engagement ring. And if this is what you are choosing this ring for, you have many different options as well.

Of course, you will have to choose whether you want a full eternity band or something a little less stone-studded. The versions of the rings we feature here are of two main styles. One is a classic prong-style ring. This is a ring that features a classically-cut diamond that is held to the band via prongs. This is a timeless style that really looks great with an eternity band. The other version we feature here is a halo-style version of the ring. It features a large marquis-cut diamond that also has accent stones around the main stone of the ring.

The double bands may be right on top of each other, creating a true double-row of stones. Others may be twisted or braided. There really are tons of choices.

Stunning Beauty

Whatever style you choose and for whatever occasion you choose it for, we know that you will love the elegant beauty of this ring. They feature the finest materials available. We only stock the best quality jewlery available. Our trusted buyers have many years of experience. This allows them to choose only the finest pieces to feature in our store. This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a truly quality piece. The metals and the stones that feature in the pieces we sell are the purest and highest-grade we can find. 

Whatever you pair a ring like this with will instantly take on a style and elegance it wouldn’t otherwise have. And, since this ring works so well with so many different looks, it is also incredibly versatile. This means you can wear it with pretty much any fashion to pretty much any occasion. There aren’t really many high-end accessories that are versatile like this. Most often, they will look great with a very particular look. But with a ring like this, you can wear it with pretty much anything and it will look absolutely amazing. 

Many Different Options

As we mention a number of times, this style of ring is actually a pretty broad category. The only thing that is really necessary for a double-band eternity ring is, well, a double-band of stones. Outside of that, there are really endless options. First, you will need to decide what metal you want. This style looks great in any precious metal. Next, you will want to figure out whether you want diamonds or some other stone. Diamonds are a natural choice, but you really can choose any stone you wish. Just remember that if you choose something outside of diamonds, there will be fewer options for cuts and shapes. Other stones are too fragile to take on all the cuts that a diamond can.

Some people will choose a mix of different stones. They may choose a diamond for the large central stone of the ring, such as those we feature here. Others may choose different fancy colored diamonds. If you are going to choose a ring that also features a large central stone, you will have more choices to make as well. You will want to choose the cut you want for your main stone. It is possible you may also decide that you want accent stones around your main stone, like a halo-style ring.

Additionally, you also have to choose whether you want a classic band or something a little more unique. Classic bands look great with classic, simple cuts. However, you may also choose something like a twisted or braided band as well. This will give the ring a really unique look and feel, but it won’t have the classic seamless lines that an eternity band is often known for. Since there are so many options, it is easy to find the perfect piece for your needs. 

Perfect for an Engagement Ring

Since this is such an elegant style of ring, the double-band eternity ring makes a great engagement ring. It is elegant and timeless, which is really important for something you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life. This beautiful ring is timeless in style. It is a style that will defy trends. Regardless of what is in fashion, double-band eternity rings look great. That is why people often liken them to a ring version of the little black dress.

And since this is something that you will be wearing every day for the rest of your life, a timeless style is a great option. This means it will stand the test of time as your relationship does. This is a style that will always look great. It looks great with today’s fashions, and it will look great with tomorrow’s as well. Since it is so versatile, it won’t look out of place with a variety of different looks. And because this is such a timeless look, it is a popular option for an engagement ring. Whether you want something classic and simple or you want something more eye-catching and ornate, this style is a perfect option. 

Also Suitable for Your Signature Look

While this elegant ring does work really well for an engagement ring, this isn’t the only reason to wear one. This style of ring is really versatile and elegant. And since it looks so great with such a wide range of different looks, it can also easily become part of your signature look. The type of clothing you wear, how you carry yourself, and the accessories you choose will define a look that is all your own. And who doesn’t want to be a style icon in their social group? This is why the double-band eternity ring also makes a great part of any signature look.

Though it is often worn as an engagement ring, you can actually wear it on any finger on either hand. It gives you a look of sophistication and elegance, and it also shows you appreciate fine quality and style. Anything you pair it with will take on an effortless and instant elegance. And this ring will look great with anything. Whether you want to pair it with something formal or you want to pair it with something more casual, it will look stunning and beautiful. 

In Closing

The double-band eternity ring is an elegant and timeless style. It is also a really broad and varied category of rings. What really makes this style is that it will feature two rows of stones that go around part or all of the band of the ring. Outside of that, there really is a lot of wiggle room within this style. You can choose a simple double-band eternity ring, or something a little extra like the options we feature here. These rings also feature a large central stone and one features accent stones as well.

This ring looks amazing in pretty much any type of metal. It looks amazing with diamonds, of course, and this is a natural choice, but you can choose any type of gemstone. Just remember that not all stones are hard enough to take on all the cuts and shapes that a diamond can take. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose something else, it just means you will be more limited in the cuts and shapes you have to choose from. 

You can really choose a ring that is perfect for you since there is so much variation within this style. Whether you want to wear it as an engagement ring, or you want a really elegant signature accessory, a double-band eternity ring makes a great choice. 


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