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Top 5 ways to wear diamond rings and bands

Top 5 ways to wear diamond rings and bands

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. What can we say? It is in our name. Diamonds are our passion and the ultimate luxury lifestyle accessory. Whether you wear your diamond ring, earrings, bracelets or a combination of all of these. There are so many different ways to wear your diamonds. This week we are taking a deeper dive into a quick look at the top 5 ways to wear diamonds. When it comes to diamond rings like eternity rings and diamond engagement rings the combinations are what it is all about. Whether you choose to wear them all together in ring stacks or individually. How to wear them for the perfect combination and of course match them up with wrist accessories like luxury watches and bracelets for an arm party. We have all the options now let us jump into what they might look like with our local jeweler diamond experts.

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Luxury lifestyle and fine jewelry accessories are not your average purchase. So knowing which and what to get can be difficult. Even more so is the combination of all of these. First things first is your personality and what you prefer. However the great thing about diamonds is that they are forever. And they go with everything for ever. It is the one precious jewel and fine accessory that you know you can wear no matter where you are going. A gorgeous sparkly to bring some brightness to your look. This week is all about the hands. How to wear diamond rings and turn it up with bracelets for a full look that is always in sight. We are featuring a few of our diamonds from our extensive curated collection here too. If you are interested in buying any of them just chat to us, they are all for sale!

5 ways to wear diamond rings

When it comes to how you pair up all of your jewelry there are so many different ways. For diamond rings specifically you can arrange them in all sorts of different combinations. Particularly when you have a couple of different rings and they do not all look the same. In these instances it is more about how you set up the combination of rings in a certain order than anything else. From your ring or rings that you wear each and every day like say for example your engagement ring to the unique statement rings you might only wear once in a while the combination is all about your own personal style. How high you stack them, what fingers you end up wearing each ring on and the color combinations of fine metals all matter. Maybe even more so than the stars of the show. The stones on diamond rings. 

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For the more traditional brides and women who prefer the classical style there are many vintage diamond cuts that perfectly fit with that aesthetic. Then for the more modern styles we have unique diamond cuts like pear cut diamonds. These feature a tear drop shaped diamond that has a sharp edge. These pear shape diamond rings are modern and unique in their own right but perfect for an engagement ring that is both stunning and on brand. Generally surrounded by accent diamonds in a diamond ring halo or pave set band it is no surprise that this unique engagement ring style has become more and more popular. For those that prefer the classic style and more traditional looking designs a ring stack offers the opportunity to make a truly unique set out of the combination of traditional style rings. If you prefer to wear one ring per finger here’s how.

pear cut engagement ring

14k White Gold 2.89 ctw Pear Shape And Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

A large 14 carat white gold 2.89 carat pear shape diamond ring this round brilliant diamond accented diamond ring is an absolute stunner. It combines the modern pear cut ring along with some striking round cut accent stones along the band. From the front and the side you can see the stones bringing this ring into a whole new level of engagement ring. Retailing at $10,495.00 it brings together the additional diamonds for a beautiful show stopping statement piece. 

Eternity ring

A truly beautiful and modern look is the eternity ring. Also referred to as an infinity band the eternity ring is a diamond ring that has stones set all around the circumference. That means that no matter from what angle or even if the ring spins around on your finger there are always diamonds there ready to glow brightly. There are a wide variety of different eternity ring or infinity ring options. As each one can be a different diamond cut. This really can change the style of the ring as well as the price. Because if we say take the round cut diamond. There can be an infinity or eternity ring of almost any size with diamonds of different carat sizes. However if we then go to an eternity ring with a unique diamond cut like say the emerald cut diamond then it is a different story. 

diamond engagement ring and eternity ring

That is because emerald cut diamonds require not only a certain carat weight but also quality. The emerald cut features mirror like rectangular shapes. The diamond stones must not have any blemishes so that the ring looks clear and of quality. Further the emerald cut diamond has flat faces. These fit snugly together creating a comfortable and smooth look on your finger. Even these can be further accented with round diamonds placed at the top and bottom of each one of the emerald cut diamonds too. For a truly glamorous statement ring. Whether it is for your wedding band, anniversary ring or just because these are stunning choices. They also make for a great feature in ring stacks. These ever more popular style of piling and pairing rings up together is practically made for eternity ring features. Whether your ring stack is your engagement and wedding ring or just because.

Ring stacks 

A ring stack is a great way of pairing up your diamond engagement ring and eternity ring or other accent band together. It does not necessarily have to be your wedding band or anniversary ring. The stack can be any diamond engagement ring pairing that you choose to create for a stunning look. How high your ring stack goes is up to you. However that is the really great thin about combining a couple of different rings. There is no one way that you must do it. You can change it up whenever you choose to wear it and the look is never the same. Further you can play with different diamond colors or even precious metals for a more unique look too.

Ring stacks can be formed from a wide variety of different styles of rings and designs. They also do not all have to fit perfectly snug together. The space in between them creates openings for the rings to visually breathe. The aesthetic of a ring stack is all about the preferred look and combination that works for you. Whether that means a small and delicate style featuring a couple of different bands. Or a striking show stopper diamond engagement ring and ring stack legend of diamond combinations that might even look too heavy for your finger! They all each depend.

ring stacks of diamond engagement ring and diamond ring

Henri Daussi AMDS 0.42ct Diamond Engagement Ring

This incredible Henri Daussi diamond engagement ring is a local jeweler favorite. Retailing at $5,155.00 it is a designer diamond engagement ring that is perfect for any ring stack that you are planning. It combines the diamond setting and halo feature with a unique combination just a couple of other diamond rings away. For a gorgeous ring stack do not overlook these traditional styles from modern designers like Henri Daussi.

What order to wear your diamond rings 

When you pair a whole lot of rings but not all on one finger you do not want it to look messy. Or as if you have put together a combination more likely to look like knuckle weapons. The most important thing is to choose how many statement rings that you will wear. There should ideally be a balance between the large and present rings and smaller thinner day to day rings. You can wear these on adjacent fingers creating space for the statement rings like the round diamond wide pave ring below to really shine. Then of course if you are choosing to only wear two or three statement rings we suggest the same. Leave at least one finger as a space between them. That way they are not all crowded together and can show off their glow. 

eternity ring and statement diamond ring

Individually you may not really consider your engagement ring and perhaps eternity band as part of the look but remember they tend to take quite a large portion of visual space on your hand. You do not have to pair matching fine metals. For example a combination of yellow gold, rose gold and platinum rings works really well together. As well as different diamond colors or even gemstones. The main importance is around the size and shape. That way your hand party does not look over loaded. There is just enough room for the glittering stones as well as your unique personality to carry through. This style of wearing a couple of different unique rings together is a modern look for the luxury lifestyle accessories that we showcase. It is a personal taste option that we here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee absolutely love. 

18k Rose Gold 3.07ctw Round Diamond Wide Pave Ring

This 18 carat rose gold round diamond pave ring is a wide statement piece. Almost like a bubble it sits on your finger with a stunning texture and shape. It has 3.07 carats of round cut diamonds set in a pave style all along and around the ring. A stunning piece it can be paired alongside thin rings of the same style or otherwise with interesting shapes and styles too. This particular ring is currently retailing at $6,995.00.

eternity ring and diamond engagement ring

Local jeweler in Boca Raton to buy diamond rings: Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

When it comes to diamonds of all shapes, colors and sizes Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to go to. With an incredible selection of precious stones and fine jewelry our store is the ideal place for a gift that wows. From one of the most widely curated collections of diamond engagement rings to diamonds rings for any occasion we have them all. Think of ring stacks that you can set up a new way every day. Or even an eternity ring that adds even more glam to your engagement ring. At the jewelers near me that everyone is raving about we have them all. Along with 30 years of experience in the business our background and passion makes us the premier diamond destination in Boca Raton. We pride ourselves in our superior service and excellent quality. Always here to help you find the perfect piece for your family.

engagement ring and diamond ring worn together in front of jewelers near me

Whether that is a diamond gift, an engagement ring, wedding bands or a luxury time piece. We have experts in our stores who can help you find the exact one. Whether you are buying it just because, for yourself or for a special occasion. The best part is that buying with us means you have a guarantee not only of quality but also of support and maintenance. We offer discounted Rolex tune ups for only $159 and can adjust or repair jewelry any way that you like. From everything in between replacing a missing stone to getting one of your luxury watches iced out. It is our master craftsmen and our state of the art in house workshop that make this possible. Undoubtedly one of the best in Boca Raton you can see the quality and experience in our work. Each item is carefully considered and every change is tailormade. 

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