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Famous Rolex Used By Your Favorite Celebrities

Famous Rolex Used By Your Favorite Celebrities

famous Rolex Day-Date

We don’t need the boredom of rhetoric and the stress of statistics to know how prestigious the Rolex brand is. Rolex is possibly the most prominent and distinguished of all the Swiss watchmaking brands out there. Even your favorite celebrities agree with that. Rolex parade a rich list of celebrated personalities who at different times rocked various famous Rolex timepieces.

This list of celebrities includes movie stars, sportsmen, important political icons, and a host of the world’s most notable men. What is common to all these persons is that they are all famous Rolex admirers. Therefore, when you consider this closely, it is only proper that these men selected a timepiece that suits their personalities. 

Moreover, it is more interesting to see the line of famous Rolex timepieces that they select their wristwatches from. If you don’t know, every single collection of Rolex timepieces tells a unique tale. Consequently, it is easier to understand why each of these persons fitted themselves with each of these Rolex wristwatches.

Why waste time when we can dive right into it? Follow through to find out more about these celebrities and the Rolex timepieces they selected to affirm their personality.

10 Famous Rolex Timepieces On Celebrated Figures

  • Barack Obama Rocks A Rolex Cellini Timepiece

famous Rolex Cellini

While he was president, Barack Obama did not lose his long-time wrist partner. He kept on rocking his relatively humble Jorg Gray most times when he made his public appearances. 

Well, this might be why he remains a man of the people. That might be the reason behind the obvious restraint he displayed in his choice of wristwatches while serving as president. However, since the end of his tenure, Obama now expresses more liberty in this regard. Presently, we must admit that his choice of wristwatch shows his high taste in class.

He did not go for the flashy ‘President’ timepiece or the ever-present Submariner; neither did he choose the Daytona. Instead of all of these options, Obama opted for the Rolex Cellini reference 50509 wristwatches. 

This watch presents itself as a timeless and distinctive dress-watch. You cannot deny the unique aesthetic and intricate design featured in the Cellini. All of these make these Rolex timepieces the ideal choice for a civil man like Barack Obama. 

There is that leather bracelet and untainted, tidied dial to serve the eyes a delight. These Rolex wristwatches give you that luxurious air of rocking a Rolex in a minimalist way. You have a Rolex timepiece on, yet, your wrist doesn’t cry out ‘Rolex’ at every eye that beholds it.

Lastly, Obama’s Rolex Cellini even features in his official portrait. The portrait is present at Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

  • Warren Buffett Sports A Rolex Day-Date Wristwatch

Here is a man popularly identified as the most prosperous investor in the world at the moment. Factually, Warren Buffett is the third richest man on the planet according to the Forbes List. Warren Buffett is held in awe thanks to his financial acumen and wisdom. This is the rationale behind his holdings firm, Berkshire Hathaway buying out some of America’s largest business outfits.

Our first focus and that of most others are on Buffett’s merchandise and how he diversifies. This is one part that several investors continue to copy. This man’s processes are exemplary to most investors. You will discover how they rest solely on Buffett’s every statement.

famous Rolex Day-Date

Furthermore, the next focus will be on his personal spending. In this light, Buffett displays an amazing restraint. This man continues to stay in the same house for most of his life. More so, this business icon only permits himself to enjoy only somewhat limited luxuries. Well, that is aside from his Rolex timepieces.

Do you wish to find out what his Rolex of choice is? Here you go! An 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date!

This is the ‘President’ wristwatch. In many ways, the Rolex Day-Date is striking and distinct. The most striking of these Rolex timepieces is the one in yellow gold. 

In all, this timepiece showcases itself as a supreme emblem of dignity. This is in no way an easy watch to pull off. Regardless, for Buffett, this is the timepiece that can suit him perfectly. 

  • John F. Kennedy Also Owns A Rolex Day-Date

For John Fitzgerald Kennedy, his Rolex depicts a bit of a distinct tale. As much as JFK was an owner of a Rolex timepiece, he didn’t get the chance to wear it. This is no thanks to the situations surrounding the timepiece.

Remember in 1962, when President Kennedy marked his 45th birthday? Then, you will be aware of Marilyn Monroe’s popular ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ rendition. This was a song she sang to President Kennedy before his 45th birthday that year. 

Well, most of us didn’t get the information that Monroe again presented the President with a Rolex Day-Date timepiece. That was a present from her for his birthday. This timepiece had the inscription of the words, ‘Jack, with love as always, from Marilyn.’

President John Kennedy openly joked about that ‘sweet, wholesome’ rendition that Monroe performed that day. But, the watch stayed away from public view. As it seems, the gift and the circumstances surrounding its presentation were not the best for the President. 

Later on, this notorious timepiece hit our screens in 2005. That was during its appearance at auction. There, it sold for a somewhat fair $120,000.

  • Paul Newman Wears A Rolex Daytona Watch

Film director, movie star, and race car lover Paul Newman is a personality that can’t be distanced from Rolex. His name will always come in connection with Rolex as well as the classic Cosmograph Daytona that he rocked.

This timepiece hit the watch industry in 1963. The Cosmograph Daytona is its name, derived from the Florida racecourse. The design of this timepiece is to ensure it satisfies the desires of professional racing drivers. 

Alt-Image: famous Rolex Daytona

Moreover, when you take out his career as a filmmaker, Paul Newman remains an avid racing driver. Meanwhile, all through, his Cosmograph Daytona stayed permanently fastened on his wrist. The fun fact is that Paul Newman’s personal Rolex  Daytona is the costliest watch ever sold. This timepiece fetched $17.8m at Phillips auction house. The auction took place in late 2017. 

According to reports, Paul Newman had this watch on every single day for an incredible 15 years. Afterward, he gave it to the then-boyfriend of his daughter in 1984.

  • Tiger Woods Loved His Rolex Sea-Dweller

Tiger Woods remains one of the greatly fulfilled and very distinguished golfers all over the world. This man amazed every golf lover with his resounding successes. In 1997, he won the U.S. Masters at Augusta. He did this with a record score even though he was only 21 years old.

Woods continued in his strides. It was only a matter of time before he became the Number One golfer in the world according to the PGA ranking. Again, he was the first to win four consecutive majors. This is one claim that no other golfer but Tiger Woods can make.

Furthermore, Tiger Woods is a life-long lover of the ocean. So, when you do not find woods playing golf, the next stop to find him is in the water. Plus, that he grew up in Southern California made him a surfer and a very good diver. 

Based on all of these, you see why the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is the exact fit for Woods. These famous Rolex timepieces remain the brand’s most refined diving watch. With the Sea-Dweller Deepsea, you have no worries surviving even the harshest underwater conditions.

When asked, this golfing legend disclosed that his Rolex goes everywhere he goes. He confessed that the watch traveled around the world with him ten times. More so, it accompanied him on his ocean expeditions.

  • Steve McQueen Wore A Rolex Submariner

Steve McQueen holds the reputation for wearing a ton of distinct timepieces. This is why the Rolex Explorer II reference 1655 gets the tag as the Steve McQueen Explorer. Nevertheless, the King of Cool even possesses a firmer bond with the Rolex Submariner.

 famous Rolex Submariner

A specific Rolex Submariner linked to Steve McQueen continues to draw in special interest in recent times. This timepiece was a gift that McQueen gave to the stuntman, Loren Janes. On this particular Rolex Submariner, you will find the caption, ‘To Loren, the best damn stuntman in the world. Steve.’ 

Moreover, this is the only watch we know that carries McQueen’s name. This watch lived through a wildfire in 2016. The same wildfire razed Janes’ home to the ground. Yet, after some dispute with McQueen’s estate, Phillips chose not to auction this timepiece.

When we set aside these recent disputes, the Rolex that Steve McQueen sported most was the Submariner reference 5512. This is one classic Rolex to fit one of the most celebrated American movie stars of all time.

  • Winston Churchill Was A Proud Owner Of A Rolex Datejust

Only a few persons can be said to hold so much influence throughout world history as Winston Churchill did. This British Prime Minister presided over the eventual triumph of the allies in World War II. That exactly was the reason behind Hans Wilsdorf in 1947. He chose Churchill as the best person to own the 100,000th certified chronometer manufactured by Rolex.

famous Rolex Datejust

Moreover, this timepiece Wilsdorf gifted to Churchill was an 18ct gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. This Datejust came with a white dial, a fluted bezel, and a Jubilee bracelet around it.

Winston Churchill warmly received the gift from Wilsdorf  In his letter of acceptance, he wrote saying: ‘I look forward very much to receiving this Wristwatch, and I trust you will realize how much I appreciate this very kind gesture of goodwill.’

  • Martin Luther King Also Owned A Rolex Datejust

Till the end of time, Rev Dr. Martin Luther King will hold that reputation as one distinguished individual. He was the biggest frontier of the US civil rights movement. Even till he died untimely in 1968, Dr. King promoted the civil rights movement via nonviolent opposition. He had his inspirations from his Christian beliefs and the strides of another activist, Mahatma Gandhi.

The story behind the timepiece that Dr. King owned isn’t clear to anyone. That doesn’t seem like a bother here. Especially when we closely consider the life of Dr. King and his vibrant crusade for civil rights. 

What we do know certainly is that this great man wore one of the most famous Rolex timepieces. We saw this in various pictures capturing crucial moments. He rocked a gold Rolex Datejust designed on a Jubilee bracelet. You can see this on his wrist. No doubt; this is a timepiece that suits a King.

  • Jay-Z Wears A Rolex Daytona

The life of hip-hop artist and thriving entrepreneur, Jay-Z as a cultural idol remains special. This is one man who has attained several huge successful feats. His feats were not only in music, he also achieved a lot in various business endeavors over the last twenty years. 

Jay Z has won 22 Grammy Awards. That is one number no other rapper can contend with. Again, he holds the record for the highest number of number-ones delivered by a solo artist on the Billboard 200.

Additionally, we cannot ignore his musical accomplishments, together with the progress of his business endeavors. Business like Tidal, 40/40 Club, and Rocawear, is enough to finance his relatively luxurious taste in watches. Among his vast collection, there are numerous famous Rolex timepieces. One of these Rolex wristwatches is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 116500

  • Roger Federer Also Wears The Rolex Datejust

Finally, we have tennis champion, Roger Federer. He is one of the most outstanding tennis players of all time. He holds 20 Grand Slam titles and has more Wimbledon titles than any other tennis player. Roger Federer has various historic moments to himself.

For example, Federer smashed Pete Sampras’ all-time Grand Slam record in 2009. As he lifted the trophy, Federer sported a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II on his wrist. According to Federer, this timepiece reminds him of that remarkable success. 


Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Jay Z, Churchill, and Obama as well as others are only a few names. The list is quite extensive. However, these are the most famous Rolex wristwatches used over time. These Rolex wristwatches told different stories. That is one thing Rolex wristwatches do best.



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