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Our Predatory Fish Tank is One-of-a-Kind

Our Predatory Fish Tank is One-of-a-Kind

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers, we do more than just sell jewelry as our new predatory fish tank shows. This is a unique opportunity to check out fine jewlery as well as some incredibly rare and unique fish. We want to offer our clients a fun experience that they will always remember and the new predatory fish tank allows us to do just that. The fish tank isn’t just a visual experience, it can also be a learning experience. You can catch a glimpse of these predatory fish eating live food and more.

The predatory fish tank is a large, saltwater tank that houses a range of different fish. These are rare and unique fish that have a range of behaviors that is interesting to behold. Saltwater predatory fish are rare and they require a special environment to ensure they stay healthy and safe. We provide these rare fish with the optimal conditions and seek to ensure that they live a long, healthy life for the enjoyment of everyone who sees them. 

While we do, of course, specialize in fine jewelry, we want to offer our clients an experience they will never forget. This is why we offer a range of different events throughout the year. Our Diamonds and Donuts event is one of the largest rare car shows in the area. And we do it for a good cause. We gather donations of money or toys for children in need so they’ll have a better Christmas. Our new predatory fish tank is just one more offering we have to add something extra to the community. 

More Than Just Jewelry

While we are, of course, best known for our jewelry, we do a lot more than just provide high-end pieces. We are thankful for our place and the welcome of the community of Boca Raton. Because of this, we want to give back. This is why we schedule a range of events throughout the year. Diamonds by Raymond Lee wants to do more than just be a luxury jeweler seller in the community. We also want to add value to the community and give back where we can.

This is why we offer a number of different events during the year. One of the most popular events is the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. To our event calendar, we now offer viewings of our high-end predatory fish tank. This fish tank offers viewers a glimpse of rare fish you might otherwise never have the opportunity to see. And you can do a lot more than just watch them swim around. You can actually watch them eat live food! This is a truly unique experience that you will never forget. 

While our jewelry is second to none, we want a reputation as more than a jeweler. We want to be a valuable resource to the community. This means giving back where we can and offering the local community different free events. From car shows to predatory fish tanks, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is showing that they have far more to offer the community than just great jewlery.

Come in to check out some stunning pieces and leave with the experience of seeing some of the rarest and most unique fish in the world. These are predatory fish that hunt live prey and have unique behaviors. This isn’t your average fish tank. And these aren’t goldfish. These are specialized predators that have behaviors unlike any fish most of us are familiar with. 

Events and More

predatory fish tank

Our business is known for providing some of the best fine jewlery in the Boca Raton area and beyond. We have a range of different types of jewlery. From high-end watches to stunning engagement rings, we have it on offer. And, we do more than just sell luxury jewlery. We also create custom pieces. If you can’t find the perfect piece from among our fine selections, no problem. Our jewelers use the latest technology to create pieces that are exactly what our clients want. 

However, we also do a lot more than just sell jewelry. We give back to the local community in a number of ways. Throughout the year, we sponsor a range of events in tandem with other local businesses. These events are meant as a thank you to the community that supports us so much. However, these events are often a lot more than just a fun way to spend the afternoon. We want people to have fun, but also to do good. 

Most recently, our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show was the best event we’ve had yet. We had tons of people show up to see some high-end, rare, and unique cars. They were also able to see beautiful Instagram models showing off some of our newest acquisitions. The event had a breakfast, lunch, and beverage bar. This means that you could stay all day and not go hungry. During the event, we seek to raise money and take toy donations. These go to needy children in the local community.

Our predatory fish tank is our newest offering. This is a huge saltwater tank that features some rare and highly unique fish for your viewing pleasure. 

Our New Predatory Fish Tank

Recently, we installed a predatory fish tank for our clients. This is a large saltwater tank that features a range of different rare fish species. These predatory fish are given as close to the environment they have in the wild as possible. This allows them to lead happy, healthy lives, not much different than what they would find in the ocean. And you get to see them in all their fishy glory!

This fish tank is something we are truly proud of. We seek to obtain some of the most interesting and unique fish available. But more than that, we also want to provide them with a healthy environment. Rare fish can be a bit of a challenge to keep healthy. However, we have done our research and know exactly what these fish need to thrive. And this is exactly what we provide.

Check Out Rare Fish

predatory fish tank front

Our predatory fish tank contains some unique, rare predatory fish. One of the most easily recognizable fish is the Pterois volitans. This is also what we know as the lionfish. This fish got popular from a cartoon movie, but they are truly a sight to behold. Unique, beautiful, and somehow a little cute, the lionfish is always a favorite. 

We have other rare fish as well. We have balloon puffers, which are classic pufferfish. These are the fish that we know that blow themselves up into a large ball when they feel threatened. It is a really unique sight to see these fish puff themselves up to their largest possible size. It’s easy to see how this would intimidate a potential threat. 

In addition, we also have spiny porcupine fish. These fish live up to their name. They have unique spine-like appendages that fan out off their bodies. These are part display and part protection. We also have orange toadfish, scorpionfish, and wrasse. 

Schedule a Feeding

predatory fish tank up close

The predatory fish tank is a lot of fun to look at. You can easily spend time watching the fish just swim around and interact with each other. However, these are predatory fish. This means a lot of us are interested in their, well, predatory behavior. One of the most classic examples of this is feeding. While they do display a range of predatory behaviors when they feel threatened, we don’t want to stress our fish. We try to keep their environment as calm as possible.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t see some of their most unique behaviors. They are predatory fish and this means that they hunt other fish for food. This is a really interesting thing to witness. Because of this, we offer the opportunity to witness the feeding of these fish. To find out when we have live feedings and how you can get a spot, check out our Facebook page under events for more information. 

Here, you can find information about when we offer time slots for viewing the fish feed. This is a truly unique experience that many never get the opportunity to witness. Take advantage of this unique offering. 

Live Fish Feeding

You might wonder what is so special about watching a fish eat. Well, just think about it. What we have is a predatory fish tank. The keyword here is predatory. This means, in the wild, they hunt their prey. The food they eat is often smaller fish or other small sea creatures. In order to ensure these fish are as happy and healthy as possible, we do everything we can to provide them with an environment that mimics what they would have in the wild. One of the most important parts of their life is how they eat. 

Predatory fish eat live food. You don’t simply drop in some flakes as you do for a fish like a goldfish. They need to actually be able to hunt and eat live food in order to thrive. So that is what we do. We put live prey into the tank and the fish are able to hunt them. And you can witness this unique behavior as well. Finding an open spot via our Facebook page will allow you to reserve a spot to watch the fish eat. It is a truly unique experience that is hard to beat. Not everyone can say they’ve gotten to watch a scorpionfish hunt for prey!

A Steady Rotation of Food

Keeping our fish happy and healthy is paramount. In order to do this, we provide them with as close to the environment they would have in the wild as possible. We keep their tanks incredibly clean and ensure that the temperature and salt content is what they need to thrive. Additionally, as we mention earlier, we feed them live food. This allows them to eat as they would in the wild. But fish in the wild have a varied diet. They don’t eat the same type of prey day in and day out. This is how they get optimal nutrition.

Since they have a varied diet in the wild, we want them to have the same in our predatory fish tank. In order to do this, we go through a steady rotation of differnet food options. We give them a variety of different types of food to ensure that they get the nutrition they would get if they were in the ocean. This helps to ensure that they stay as happy and healthy as possible. Just think about it, you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, so why would a fish?

In Closing

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we strive to maintain our position as a pillar of the community. We do this in a variety of ways. First and foremost, we offer a huge selection of stunning, high-end pieces. Our employees are courteous and highly knowledgeable about jewelry. But we go a lot farther than this. We also want to give back to the community and provide fun and entertainment they can’t get elsewhere. This is why we have a number of events throughout the year. 

Our latest acquisition is a predatory fish tank. This large saltwater tank is stocked with unique and rare fish. You can come in and watch these fish and their unique behaviors. We strive to provide the fish with the safest and healthiest environment possible. We want to mimic their natural environment as much as we can. So we feed them a variety of live foods that best match what they would eat in the wild. And you have the opportunity to watch these fish hunt their prey and interact with other predatory fish. What a fun and unique opportunity for people of all ages. Stop by and check out our unique selection of fish, or schedule a  spot to watch a live feeding in person.


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