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Hate to Love Stories of Rolex Watches

Hate to Love Stories of Rolex Watches

hate to love stories of Rolex watches

These are Rolex watches; and without needless and boring rhetoric, we all agree that this Swiss watchmaking brand is no push aside. We can talk about its impressive rise to prominence, its groundbreaking innovations, and outstanding timepieces down to the historic moments they enjoyed over the last decades. But, what about the hate to love stories of Rolex watches?

In addition, we don’t need the boredom of long talks and the stress of facts and figures to recognize how prestigious the Rolex brand is. This watchmaker is perhaps the most well-known and celebrated of all the Swiss watchmaking brands out there. However, it has not been all merry for this famous brand.

A Brand for the Stars

In fact, your favorite celebrities agree with that too. Rolex boasts a rich array of celebrated personalities who at different times donned various outstanding Rolex watches.

popular Rolex timepieces

This array of celebrities comprises movie stars, sportsmen, influential political icons, and a host of the world’s most well-known and respected figures. One thing is common to all these individuals, is the fact that they are all prominent Rolex lovers. So, when you consider this closely, it is only right that these men chose a watch that matches their personalities. 

Besides, it is more fascinating to see the line of famous Rolex watches that they make their choices from. Just so you know, every single collection of Rolex timepieces has a unique story to tell and lives a story in itself. Therefore, it is easier to understand why each of these persons fitted themselves with each of these Rolex watches.

Overall, Rolex watches lend themselves to worship. Here is a watchmaker with timeless collections, classic designs, and modern edge. Rolex provides you with a favorite piece for all varying preferences. This explains why Rolex watches are favorites for every serious collector. 

The Hate to Love Stories

However, the harsh reality is, not every watch Rolex produces was an instant hit. Actually, if history has taught us any lesson, it’s that some of the watches we covet most today at one point weren’t always a great option. Therefore, we chose to give a closer look at some of these outstanding Rolex watches. These are watches we love now but used to hate.

Below is a list of the hate to love stories of Rolex watches. These hate to love stories significantly display the shifting interest and preference in style among watch lovers.

  • The Rolex Daytona

A good example is the Rolex Daytona! Presently, we all love the Rolex Daytona. But, when the watch first hit the watch market, collectors were far from impressed. In all honesty, collectors downright abhorred this Daytona watch.

At that time, the very first dials (white, black, silver, or champagne) always had sub-dials in a contrasting color blend. Sometimes, you will find a silver or white dial with black sub-dials. This dial variation is also known as the panda dial. Again, there was the black dial with white sub-dials which was also known as the reverse panda dial. 

All of these dials options came with a bold and fresh appearance, at least for the era they debuted in. Well, we must point out that they polarized watch collectors.

hate to love stories of Rolex Day-Date

Then came the change a few years later. That determining change factor came with a stamp of approval from the globally recognized and celebrated actor and racing driver, Paul Newman. The change all began when he started wearing a Rolex Cosmograph. The Rolex Cosmograph would later get a rebranding with the new name, the Daytona. This rebranding came after these Rolex watches gained new popularity. 

With that stamp of approval, the public came around to this timepiece. Presently, these first-generation wristwatches, especially the ‘panda’ and ‘Paul Newman dials’ are watch lovers’ beloved. These Rolex watches are amongst the most sought-after by watch collectors. A popular example is Paul Newman’s Daytona selling for a record-breaking $17-million.

  • The Rolex Day-Date ‘President’ With Stella Dial

The Rolex Day-Date President is popular and stands out because of its balance of classic and elegant appeal with the bonafide strength it possesses. More so, this variety of Rolex watches has graced the wrist of world leaders and celebrities as well. 

Meanwhile, this ultra-luxe timepiece is always a product made out of precious metals like 18k gold and platinum. This use of materials gives the watch a polished, refined aura when on the wrist. Also, up until the 1970s, the dials fitted with similarly perfected and reserved designs and styles 

hate to love stories of Rolex timepieces 

However, the 1970s turned out to be a groovy time for both Rolex and this timepiece. During that period, Rolex continued to dominate the world of watchmaking. The brand produced limited amounts of modern, brightly colored lacquered dials to satisfy the surging demand from the Middle East market. 

With the striking and brilliant high gloss dials combined with the serious Day-Date timepiece, we got an overly dramatic juxtaposition. This was a kind of design that collectors just couldn’t work with. Well, that was the case until recently. Ultimately, not only were these dials produced in very limited quantities. Also, the enamel came with a tendency to crack, which means only a few Stella dials came in great condition.

Presently, Stella dials are some of the most collectible vintage Rolex watches out there for both collectors and Rolex lovers as well. This is one of those hate to love stories that stood out. This story is a product of the outstanding uniqueness, essence, vintage appeal, and ultimate rarity of this array of Rolex watches. 

  • The Rolex Oyster Perpetual with the Rolex Stella Dial

When we consider the hate to love stories involving the Stella dials, it appears like Rolex utilized the power of an advantage they enjoyed. In this case, Rolex made the most of the ever-increasing fame of one of their vintages to put in order and intensify the attraction and allure of their entry-level classic, the Oyster Perpetual. 

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual at the time only displays the time and comes with a simple dial design. As a result, these Oyster Perpetual watches often got overlooked by collectors for years as being only the ‘entry-level’ piece. You can’t blame them because this watch had no real increase in value. This stalemate in value was sad, the reality of these Rolex watches at the time. 

Moreover, every Rolex lover will agree that the Oyster Perpetual is a fixed classic at a great price range. This situation with the timepiece provided new and young collectors (especially) with a great passage into the Rolex lineup.

Meanwhile, while a Rolex always comes with great value, the majority of these straightforward timepieces weren’t striking. Also, they were not rare enough to ever really rise in value over time.

Therefore, it came as a shock to everyone when Rolex launched their 2020 Oyster Perpetuals with a brand new streak of colorful dials. Right in that instant, collectors recognized these Rolex watches as the ‘modern Stellas.’

From that point until this day, they have been a hit in the watchmaking market globally. Presently, you can buy one retail (if you’re fortunate) for $6,500. Nevertheless, because these Rolex watches have so much publicity and frenzy around them, the case is different. You might discover that they may go for more than twice that price on the secondary market. 

Overall, it is amusing how a vintage dial everyone used to hate has now restored the pedigree of an entire line of overlooked Rolex watches. This story is one of those jaw-dropping hate to love stories of Rolex watches.

  • From Hate to Love with the Rolex Sky-Dweller

After launching this line of Rolex watches in 2012, it took a while for Rolex’s newest watch to get off the ground. As a supreme luxury travel time tool, the Sky-Dweller integrated intricate style within remarkable and stunning details. This blend of qualities included an ingenious annual calendar complication with true GMT functionality.

 hate to love stories of Rolex Daytona

When this first hit the scene, in all sincerity, we believe most Rolex collectors just didn’t know what to do with the timepiece. On the flip side, the brand’s other flight watch, the GMT-Master II, already had its frame fixed and well detailed. 

In addition, the price tag on this new watch was eye-watering. The price was eye-watering enough for collectors to give it a second thought before investing in one. There was that uncertainty over whether it will be a favorite among Rolex lovers or not. Collectors were skeptical about how the market would receive this new line of timepieces. 

Hence, for virtually the whole first decade of its life, the Sky-Dweller sat there, with its amazing appearance. Truly, it paraded one of the brand’s most spectacular and complicated complications. Yet, it didn’t get the appreciation and acceptance it deserved. 

But, in the last couple of years, the Sky-Dweller began to get serious attention. First, we believe this has to do with a couple of things. The first reason will be that collectors could notice how this watch was sticking around. 

Even though it was still new, Rolex ensured they made the effort to improve the watch with movement upgrades and a lot of style upgrades. In addition, Rolex expanded the collection beyond just gold alloys by putting in Rolesor options and even rubber Oysterflex bracelets gave the watch a bit more convenient feel. Lastly, over time, people have just come to understand, recognize and admire just how much this timepiece can do. It is also important to respect how elegantly this timepiece serves its timekeeping functions. 

  • The Rolex Milgauss Watches For Scientists

Today, there is a high chance that we will concentrate on Rolex’s sports models and classics. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Rolex started by making beautiful, functional specialty time tools. These Rolex watches were to serve various industries. 

Remember, the Explorer had functions to serve mountain climbers. As for the Rolex Milgauss, it was a time tool designed and perfected for scientists thanks to its anti-magnetic movement especially.

Well, this might be a core example of the kind of clever craftsmanship Rolex is capable of. Yet, the Milgauss falls into this array of hate to love stories as well. This timepiece mostly dwelled under the radar for a while as flashier, sportier, and more refined timepieces enjoyed all the attention. 

The Rolex Milgauss even went unnoticed when it was first launched in the 1950s. This neglect happened because, at the same time, Rolex was going through an ingenious growth surge. The brand released the ever-popular Submariner, Explorer, GMT-Master, and Day-Date all within the same period.

Regardless, there was a small community of collectors who appreciated how distinct the Milgauss was as well as scientists. Hence, this watch continued to be a niche timepiece. The Rolex Milgauss was always the black sheep of the Rolex line of watches. It came with an eccentric lightning bolt second-hand and orange accents that felt more audacious than sophisticated and classic.

Nevertheless, it all changed when Rolex doubled down on the distinctive nature of this timepiece. At that point, the watchmaking world then began to recognize this line of Rolex watches. Then, the watch got discontinued in 1988 before coming back into the game in 2007.

  • Rolex Milgauss with the Blue Dial

Then, in 2014, Rolex launched the Milgauss with the Z-Blue dial. This timepiece variation came with an unusual blue only used for the Milgauss line. Specifically, the Z-Blue dial is a kind of metallic electric blue with a sunburst finish to its aesthetic. 

This dial expresses the greenish tones developed by the green-tinted sapphire crystal above it. Furnished with bright orange highlights as accents, it had enough to complement its orange lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand. 

Particularly, the Z-blue dial is lively and unique and now totally admired and sought after by the watch community. All this is thanks to the dial. With a single dial change, Rolex completely transformed the way we look at a classic timepiece.


The hate to love stories of Rolex watches overall indicates the ever-evolving attention and efforts Rolex put into every timepiece. Cheers to a brand with a strong zeal to satisfy its customers. No wonder it is a brand for the stars. 


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