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What You Need To Know About Eternity Rings 

What You Need To Know About Eternity Rings 

what is special about eternity rings? 

You never forget some things in life—the first kiss or holding a baby for the first time. Using an eternity ring for the first time is another moment you will always remember. People who have experienced this can talk about the class eternity rings adds to a look. For people yet to wear an eternity ring, they can start to prepare for a pleasant surprise.

Whether it’s a way to express love or celebrate a milestone, an eternity ring remains a useful tool. It features diamonds around the band for ultimate sparkle. This makes it a perfect fit for whatever you decide to use the ring for.

A row of round diamonds runs to the edges from the center of this ring. It is unlike other types of rings. While some rings have gemstones in the center, eternity rings have stones around them. Making it a full circle.

The eternity ring is now more popular than ever. And the reason behind the popularity of eternity rings is the extraordinary look. Also, it beautifies your hands and gives them a classy and attractive look, making them stand out.

Genesis of Eternity Rings 

The eternity ring has made a major comeback in recent years. But it made its first appearance 4000 years ago. Famous for their representation, the rings are bands of precious metal – platinum. And they are sometimes made of gold or white gold.

The tradition of wearing eternity rings began with  Ancient Egyptians. It represented eternal love and life to the Egyptians. 4000 years after discovering the first eternity ring, the design is still the same. But, of course, some of the ancient designs stood out.

After its first appearance, and its popular reign, eternity rings went into extinction. And, true to its originality and star quality, it became popular again in the 60s. The re- emergence of eternity rings happened because of an important agreement. Indeed, the agreement happened between diamond merchants and the Soviet Union. Where both of them agreed to buy uncut diamonds from Russia.

It is no news that the eternity ring is the merging of smaller rings. Because of its nature, the diamond merchants suggested the use of bands to make them compact. So, they used gold and platinum bands to mount them. After the design, they marketed to husbands and encouraged them to give it to their wives.

The eternity ring has peaked in popularity among people.  Many people now prefer it to an actual wedding ring. And the ones who do not prefer it, do not mind combining it with their wedding ring.

How to Choose When You Want To Buy An Eternity Ring

Thinking of buying an eternity ring? you are not off beam. You are one of the many people in the world who have the desire to own an eternity ring. But, before you get yourself or a loved one an eternity ring, you want answers to these questions.

How to Make Your Choice When You Want To Buy An Eternity Ring

  • What’s Best: A Full Eternity Ring or Half Eternity Ring or ¾ Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is in different designs. Apart from the most popular which is the unbroken circle of diamonds, there is more! An eternity ring could have a diamond halfway. Another type of eternity ring is the one that has a diamond 3/4 of the way around the finger.

These types of eternity rings have their uniqueness. For the half eternity ring, you can resize the parts without diamonds. Metals make up some parts of a half or 3/4 eternity ring. So, you do not have to fear the possibility that your finger will grow. A half eternity ring is also perfect for anyone thinking of passing the ring to the next generation. You would not have to worry about passing the ring only to the person with the same finger size.

Of course, the full diamond eternity ring excels in the area of aesthetics. With this type, you would not have to worry about seeing metal when you look down at your ring

Like the price of the ring, this comes down to personal preference. If you are after beauty, then you should stick to buying the full diamond eternity ring. If you are looking for something that will serve you for the long term, you might want to go for the half diamond. Are you still confused? Well, you might want to visit sites like this for clarity.

  • How To Wear An Eternity Ring? 

There has never been a standing rule for how to wear an eternity ring. So, before you buy one, you must know that you are at liberty to wear it how you wish. There are, of course, arrangements that have worked and have enhanced beauty over time. And it is only normal that more people have come to lean towards these arrangements.

For instance, the combination of an eternity ring with other rings can be great. Other rings like engagement and wedding complement the eternity ring. with the wedding ring at the bottom and the engagement and eternity ring following, you can’t go wrong. Again, no rule says you have to wear your eternity ring a certain way. Depending on your feelings, there is always room to explore with arrangements.

What is the ideal size of the diamond in an eternity ring? 

  • How big should the diamonds in an eternity ring be? 

Before picking out the size for the diamond, you may want to put other things into consideration. one of the things that will help you determine the size of the diamond is the size of the other rings that you have. You want to choose the size that complements the rings on your finger.

Sometimes, you are not looking to combine your eternity ring, and that is fine. Even in cases like these, you have your preferences. While some people do not mind using a tiny diamond, some prefer a larger diamond. From the thinnest size of 1.4 mm wide to 3mm or wider, you are free to choose the one that is fitting. it can also range from .05 to 0.20 carat. Whichever you choose is fine as long as it serves the purpose you want.

  • What’s Your Ring Size?

This question is even direr if you are hoping to get a full diamond eternity ring. With this type of ring, you do not have the freedom to resize. So, you want to get one that fits your finger.

The best brands of eternity rings have made this easy. On request, the designers will help you design the ring that fits you. So, your ring size should not be a problem as long as you go to the right place for sizing.

  • What Is The Quality Of The Diamond?

The quality of the diamond to use for an eternity ring is important. If you are thinking of wearing it with other types of rings, you want the 4Cs (color, cut, clarity and Carat) to be similar. You also want to go for colorless diamonds and favor the G or H grade when choosing the diamond.

  • What is the Best Metal for an Eternity Ring?

The best answer to this question about metals is simple. You should only favor precious metals when choosing metals for your eternity rings.

  • Are the Diamonds Secure?

After you have bought your ring, it is important that you confirm the security. To do this, you need to tap on the ring as it sits on your finger. Doing this helps you watch out for movement. Movement may mean that they are loose and are not secure. Of course, you need to check out for this when you clean the ring every month too.

Fun facts about eternity rings

Interesting facts about Eternity Rings

Here are things you should know about eternity rings that you may not have heard about before:

  • Eternity Rings make good anniversary gifts

This does not mean that they are not useful for other things like an engagement. We have used Eternity rings to seal engagements or other love celebrations. We can also use them as birthday gifts, valentine’s day gifts, and retirement gifts. But, what’s common is different from what is acceptable. In essence, it has become more common to use eternity bands to celebrate anniversaries.

  • Professionals Made the Eternity Ring. 

Looking at the eternity rings from a far distance of any angle may convince you. And the conviction would be that

Eternity rings have a peculiar design. So, not everyone can create it. Since the beginning, only professional gem makers have designed it. With different parts of the ring being distinct, it requires expertise. Therefore, experts in different designs choose the parts they specialize in. The brilliance of different experts is what gives birth to a well- designed eternity ring.

  • Resizing Eternity Rings is difficult.

The complexity of an eternity ring contributes to the uniqueness. And of course, this is one of the basis of its beauty. But, the complexity is also one of the things that make it difficult to resize the ring.

In fact, you cannot size a full coverage eternity ring. This is because there is no metal to add or remove.

  • We call Eternity Rings infinity band

You may have only associated eternity rings with this type of design for a long time. And then one day, you find yourself among people who regard the same object in a different way. It’s possible that you hear them call it an infinity band instead of an eternity ring. This is not a mistake. Many people have only referred to these types of rings as infinity bands since the beginning . In essence, another name for the eternity rings is an infinity band.

  • People wear Eternity rings on the same finger that has their wedding rings.

It is easy to see how an eternity ring complements a wedding ring. With the absence of a centerpiece calling for attention, it blends with your wedding ring. Asides from the complementary attribute, ancient Egyptians have also influenced the position. The Egyptians believed that there is a direct flow of blood from that part of your finger to the heart. It is obvious that they still hold the belief even after all these years. It is evident in the way the world wears an eternity ring to date.

  • We can use diamond to make eternity rings or choose to use metals

Preferences differ with people. So as much as diamond remains one of the most popular gems, some people don’t like it. If you are in this category, there is no need to worry. Eternity rings as we have come to love and put the icing on the cake with diversity. So, yes. Designers can make it with platinum, gold or other gemstones.

And no, it is not a case of either diamond or no diamond. There is room for even more interesting creativity! You could opt for one-third, one-quarter or three–quarter diamond coverage. It depends on how you feel, and how far you are willing to explore.

While you explore designs, Don’t forget to explore other factors that can affect your ring. It is wise to consider these factors before you buy an eternity ring. With these factors, you stay on track. And of course, do not miss on the direction that you need to get a suitable eternity ring.


If you’re looking for a symbolic ring to wear forever, it’s hard to find a better option than an eternity ring. These rings are beautiful, and they have intricate designs. So, you would be right to add them to your jewelry collection.

By checking here, you get to see different models of eternity rings. And, of course, get to choose the most fitting for your finger or for the person you are getting it for.


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