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Iced out jewelry and luxury watches: Cartier Love bracelet, AP & Patek Philippe

Iced out jewelry and luxury watches: Cartier Love bracelet, AP & Patek Philippe

There are luxury watches from world renowned brands that tend to be recognized as power houses of the industry. That is true not only of the brands but also of course of more than one of their materials. We are talking about the high quality fine materials that go into making the world’s very best watches. Whether that is platinum or gold forged in their own foundry like Rolex. Or innovative materials and techniques added up with diamonds like in iced out AP watches. Iced out Patek Philippe watches round out the curve when we are talking about the finest all diamond iced out jewelry pieces. They go well with what you might ask? First iced out chains whether Cuban link or wide. Truth is an iced out watch matches with just about anything. If you really want to dial forward the clocks though how about some Cartier Love bracelets?

iced out jewelry 6 Cartier love bracelets all diamond in yellow gold and white gold held together

Iced out jewelry is everything. The very best of fine jewelry and luxury life style accessories paired up with the world’s truly greatest jewel, the diamond. It is no surprise that the world’s hardest stone makes jewelry and watches that are already at the highest of their game an even better deal. Crafted to catch the eye and glinting at every angle. Iced out jewelry and iced out watches are the luxury life style items that you need for a bold and confident look. Pairing up the finest of the fine and adding some shining sparkles just turns the jewelry up a notch. As you know at Diamonds by Raymond Lee it is in our very name. Diamonds are it! The biggest and baddest options when it comes to fine jewelry and luxury accessories. So let us get to it what are the best iced out jewelry pieces we have.

Iced out jewelry: how to turn up fine jewelry

For iced out chains we decided to focus on Cuban link style iced out jewelry. We have a couple of different types and each one with their own unique features. The general idea here though is that these iced out chains feature carats and carats of round cut white pave set diamonds all along and around. The necklaces and bracelets can match or not. They can be paired up and layered together. Or not. It is all up to you. So here is a quick overview of what it is that we have to offer and the prices so you can get an idea. Depending on the size, number and quality of diamonds as well as the precious metal the prices range accordingly. 

Interested in buying one of these iced out chains? They are all for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee! Just give us a call at (561) 623 – 8205.

Cuban link iced out chains necklaces

These necklaces are iced out chains featuring Cuban links. Available in both yellow and white gold as well as two tone gold the diamond counts range as do the lengths of the necklaces.

These are perfect for a layering effect at different lengths. As well as mixing it up when it comes to the colors of the precious metals that reflect through the diamonds. 

iced out chains cuban link bracelets and necklaces worn together

Matching Cuban link iced out chains bracelets

In a similar style to the necklaces above these iced out chains are cuban link bracelets that you can wear together or separate as well. For a monochromatic matching style choose a bracelet that matches the necklace. Or as we tend to prefer mix it up with different colors and widths. It is all about creating unique textured looks.

Iced out jewelry: cuban link ring 

Cartier Love bracelets iced out 

Another option of iced out jewelry to wear is the iconic luxury designer Cartier. The Cartier Love bracelet and bangle collection is one of their most famous jewelry collections ever. Instantly recognizable with their visible accent screws all along the bangle these bracelets come in a couple of different styles. Always though in the same beautiful look. For this series on iced out jewelry we of course chose the bracelets that are studded with diamonds. There are options with diamonds in the place of the oh so famous exposed screws. Or just with pave set diamonds all along the band. Like most other fine jewelry this Cartier collection comes in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. The best is of course a combination of all three together. Whether you choose to mix them up with iced out chains or pair them with iced out watches it is a look.


Interested in buying one of these Cartier iced out jewelry pieces? They are all for sale right now at Diamonds by Raymond Lee! To find out more give us a call at (561) 623 – 8205.

Iced out watches

Another incredible iced out luxury accessory that you really should be considering when you are looking at what you would like to wear are iced out watches. That is because a nice luxury time piece has and probably always will be a pivotal item in luxury accessories. It is the most traditional and yet can be the most modern style to wear. Whether you choose an age old brand or one that is rocking the boat there is nothing quite like a luxury brand watch. How do you turn up an AP Royal Oak Offshore though? A super modern and cutting edge watch that is already changing the game? Try for an iced out AP featuring 40 carats of CVD diamond pave. Otherwise go for the old all time classic an iced out Patek Philippe Nautilus. The traditional watch with baguette diamonds to up the ante.

For these iced out watches and more like the Rolex models ranging from Date Just watches to the Daytona time pieces there are so many to choose from. Iced out watches featuring diamonds of all different colors and sizes. Just tell us what you want and we will make sure to get it ready for you. 

iced out watches held together, from left to right iced out Patek Philippe Nautilus, iced out Rolex and iced out AP Royal Oak watches

Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus 18k White Gold 65 ctw Baguette Diamond Wrist Watch

An icon that is completely unrivalled Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is one that is well known among not only watch experts but anyone with an interest in luxury life style accessories. Currently retailing for $129,000.00 this iced out Patek Philippe takes the style to a whole other level. With 65 carats of baguette cut white diamonds set into every inch of this 18 carat white gold watch it is no surprise that the 5711 iced out Patek Philippe is a stunner. The Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is an undersea beauty. Intended for a sportive style the diamonds make is a definitively sportive look of absolute elegance. After all it does pair the most essential elements for a luxury sports watch in one. If the bust down Patek is not for you though there is the iced out AP. A modern and sportive icon in its own right.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 40 ctw CVD Diamond Pave Stainless Steel Watch

An iced out AP Royal Oak option is this incredible 40 carat CVD diamond pave watch. A stainless steel beauty it features the iconic Tappisserie Audemars Piguet dial. Instead of icing this watch out with pave diamonds in the dial they kept the classic look instead. The dark black face dial is a striking difference with the white diamonds. Together these two create an effect similar to that of shining stars in the dark of the night.

A glamorous and striking iced out watch it is the perfect combination to pair up with an all diamond Cartier Love bracelet or iced out chains cuban link bracelet like those seen above. The assortment of diamonds along with the stunning and sharp edged design makes this a watch to truly be seen from a distance. For that bold presence and a look that is eye catching no matter where you are this is the watch you are looking for.  

All diamond Rolex watches 

Another option of course is to wear an iced out Rolex watch. The iconic brand crowned king of watches comes in a wide variety of different diamond styles. Whether with pave diamonds set all around the case or just on the dial face. There is a diamond Rolex for everyone.

All of the iced out watches featured here are currently for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee! Get more information on iced out Patek Philippe or iced out AP watches here (561) 623 – 8205.

Where to buy iced out watches and bracelets? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

For the very best quality iced out jewelry in all of the iconic styles and designs that you are searching for come to Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Our extensive collection of fine iced out jewelry will let you choose your diamond set. Whether you are just looking for a new watch. Or want to take all of your fine jewelry up a notch. Then we have the iced out jewelry, iced out watches and iced out chains for you to make that happen. In yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and combinations of the three you can be styling in just one visit. For the luxury watch aficionados we have iced out AP watches, Rolexes, iced out Patek Philippe time pieces and so many more. From your classic all white diamond studded pave set piece to the truly unique colorful arrangements. Our collection delivers what you’re looking for every time.

jewelry image

Check out all of the fine pieces in our collection online or at our store. Our diamond experts and luxury watch craftsmen will be happy to welcome you in and show you around. Whether you already know exactly what it is that you are looking for or if you are just interested. We can help you find the perfect time piece and iced out jewelry combination for you to stun. No matter what the occasion is. Or even if you are planning for one. An iced out jewelry set with an iced out watch is the kind of turned up fine jewelry look that you need. It might not be for everyone but for those who are bold layering Cuban link iced out jewelry or Cartier Love bracelets with watches is a mood. A little taste of the luxury life and a care free style of street fashion turned up.

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