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Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot with Rawtenders Owner Jacinta Ducreay

Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot with Rawtenders Owner Jacinta Ducreay

cluster diamond floral ring

Jacinta Ducreay, owner and operator of Rawtenders juice, stopped by Diamond By Raymond Lee last week to drop off our weekly order of cold pressed juices, which is available for all of our customers. We decided to ask her to dress up in some of our new baguette diamond jewelry so we could do a little photoshoot with her.

We created an ensemble of exquisitely well coordination stunning white diamond jewelry that we are proud to show off, as it looks absolutely breathtaking on Jacinta. Moreover, we are excited to share a little bit about Jacinta Ducreay and Rawtenders because we positively love her juice and she is such an awesome person. 

jacinta ducreay

Rawtenders – Cold Pressed Juices

Jacinta Ducreay created her very cool, very healthy brand – Rawtenders -with the plan to provide the best, tastiest, and fun cold pressed juices in South Florida. Her goal was to help cleanse people’s bodies so they can lead a healthier, happier life. We are proud to say that our friend Jacinta has succeeded at that. Rawtenders is now South Florida’s favorite vegan cold pressed juice.

“Turning Rawtenders from a hobby to a business had been a dream of mine, and I’m thankful to say I turned that dream into a reality. Since its creation, Rawtenders has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from our customers.”

We, at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, are one of those customers. Rawtenders juices are absolutely delicious, which is why Diamonds By Raymond Lee stocks up on it for our customers each and every week.

Not only are the juices tasty, but they are also healthy and the names have a fun play on words. There’s Smooth Applerator, Tossed Salad, Grow A Pear, Hula Julep, Nutty By Nature, Butterfly’s Breakfast, H2 OH! That’s Spice, Aloe Can You Go, Heavy Metal Detox, Morning Buzz, and our personal favorite 24K Rose Gold. 

rawtenders juice

The cold pressed juices provided by Rawtenders allow for a simple and natural way to consume and flood your body with vitamins and nutrients. With one Rawtenders juice a day, you’ll be giving your body all it needs. 

The cleanse is designed to reset your system, flushing out all the toxins, giving you a clean slate to start developing a healthier life. What’s more, Rawtender’s gives you increased energy levels, a sense of well being, and it promotes clearer skin. 

You can find Rawtenders at The Market At Costa in Palm Beach, Bikram Yoga West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens Green Market, Green Market Wellington, Title Boxing Gym in Wellington, and LA Fitness City in West Palm Beach. Of course, it also available for clients of Diamonds By Raymond Lee. So, next time you stop by our showroom, be sure to ask us for a try!

Jacinta Ducreay Owner of Rawtenders Wearing Stunning Baguette & Multi-Shaped Diamond Jewelry from Diamonds By Raymond Lee

diamond jewelry photoshoot

Jacinta Ducreay is wearing one of the most stunning ensembles of white diamond jewelry that we’ve put together this year. The underlying theme for this orchestra of jewelry is baguette diamonds and white gold. One could say it’s glacial.

Baguette diamonds are the hottest and most sought after cut for diamond jewelry these days. People simply can’t get enough of baguettes. Rightfully so, they provide a completely unique appearance…

On the whole, everything matches beautifully, and while there is a clear harmony of color, there is also a lot of contrast thanks to the different diamond shapes and cuts. You’ll also notice Jacinta is wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm, which is typically a man’s watch. It gives her outfit a blissful touch of hardiness, among what is an otherwise very feminine get up. The jewelry and watch is a very contemporary take on dressing up with luxury diamond jewelry. It’s an outfit and jewelry ensemble made for the modern woman. 

Let’s have a look at each individual piece that Jacinta Ducreay is wearing. As this was simply just a photoshoot, all of the jewelry seen below is available at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. If you want to see the full sales listing and price, click on the associated link. 

18K White Gold 3.87Ctw Oval Halo Diamond Bracelet
oval diamond jewelry with baguettes

Jacinta Ducreay is wearing a stunning oval halo diamond bracelet. It comprises 145 baguette cut diamonds, totaling to 3.87 carats, and 492 round brilliant diamonds that total to 1.12 carats. 

The ovals that line the length of the bracelet are formed using multiple baguette diamonds at the center, with round brilliant diamonds encompassing each individual group of baguettes. This creates beautiful contrast both in terms of the diamond shapes and sparkle. The baguettes refract and flash light like a hall of mirrors while the round brilliants produce a frosty appearance. 

baguette diamond jewelry

Altogether this bracelet has all you could ask for in terms of fire, scintillation and brilliance. It is the perfect example of an elegant and sophisticated diamond bracelet for the modern woman. It is a versatile piece, as it can be paired with other diamond jewelry for an exquisitely luxurious look, like how Jacinta is wearing it here, or it can be worn without too many other diamond jewelry pieces for a casual style. No matter where or when you wear this, you will generate an impressive effect. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Diamond Pave Watch
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Diamond Pave Watch

The AP Royal Oak needs no introduction. It is one of the most iconic watches in history. A status symbol made for the elite. A horological great that watch collectors love, everybody wants, but not everyone can obtain.

This AP Royal Oak 41mm Chronograph is unique in that it is completely encrusted with round brilliant diamonds. So, let’s start there…

The case is fully covered, both front and side, with small round brilliant diamonds. The setting is so tight that no metal can be seen except for the high polished beveled edges. 

As for the bezel, it features larger round brilliant diamonds at the center and smaller diamonds along the perimeter and sides. Only the classic Royal Oak bezel screws are left untouched.

Then you have the bracelet, which uses two different diamond sizes. It has round brilliants that are the same size as the case and larger diamonds that are the same size as the bezel. This adds wonderful contrast to the bracelet and harmony to the watch as a whole. 

Let’s not forget about the dial, which is a major feat all on its own. It features countless tiny round brilliant diamonds. The workmanship on this is so incredibly well done. There is not a single flaw with the setting. After all, it was done by a master diamond setter.

All in all, the white diamonds that cover this Royal Oak 41mm make it as frosty as a snowman and it gives the watch a captivating monochromatic tone. The silver and white combination is absolutely jaw-dropping. And while it looks great in pictures, it looks 100 times more impressive in real life. 

iced out royal oak 41mm
Calibre 2385

Now, speaking to the heart of this Royal Oak 41mm, it has an in-house Audemars Piguet 2385 automatic chronograph. The movement is what we’d call “old-school”. It operates at 21,600 bhp and has a power reserve of 40 hours. So, nothing crazy by today’s standards. Nevertheless, this older movement design is supremely reliable and will survive not just generations, but lifetimes. This is an heirloom timepiece that transcends time without ever losing track of it. 

18K White Gold 5.43Ctw Multi Shape Diamond Flower Cluster Ring
cluster diamond floral ring

Here’s a ring worthy of immense praise. The designer of this ring should be tremendously proud, as this thing is unbelievably gorgeous.

It is an 18k white gold cluster diamond ring with a flower motif. It utilizes pear diamonds, marquise diamonds, round brilliant diamonds and baguette diamonds to achieve this. 

The diamonds along the edges are all pear shape, as are the top and bottom inner four-piece clusters where the pear diamonds all point in opposite directions. At the center of it all, you have three long baguette diamonds, with marquise diamonds to their sides and small round brilliant and square baguettes to their top and bottom. The multiple shapes of diamonds and the directions they are set not only creates a distinct floral motif, but it also gives this large ring some powerful contrast and polarity. You literally have never seen anything like it…after all, it is one of a kind. 

The ring will shine and sparkle, glisten and glare, and flash and twinkle with every movement. This breathtaking cluster diamond ring attracts all beams of light, absorbing it and reflecting it back onto those in its presence, thus placing itself in the spotlight at all times.

So, if being the center of attention isn’t your thing, this ring might not be for you. But, if you appreciate compliments and stares, you will fall in love with this white gold cluster diamond flower motif ring. 

18K White Gold 19.23Ctw Triple Strand Oval Halo Diamond Necklace
baguette diamond necklace for women

This incredibly grandeur piece is the necklace counterpart to the oval halo bracelet. However, it is a lot more overstated thanks to its sheer size. Plus, it has its own unique flair. 

Just like the bracelet, it features oval halos made from baguette diamonds and round brilliant diamonds. Unlike the bracelet, though, it also features non-halo oval baguettes, which separate and space out the baguette halos. They are also used around the entire backside of the necklace, as they offer a lot more comfortability. 

Combining the 654 round brilliant diamonds and the 675 baguette cut diamonds and you are left with a whopping 21.28 carat diamond necklace made from solid white gold…

As you can clearly see, the necklace is a three strand design, with the first strand at choker-level (17”), and the last strand at princess-level (20”) – So, a 3” drop. 

jacinta ducreay wearing diamond jewelry at diamonds by raymond lee

It rests beautifully on the décolletage, creating an appearance that is full and dare we say incredibly vivacious. What’s more, how the oval halos are juxtaposed between the non-halo ovals makes the necklace burst with even more vividness and vigor. 

This necklace seems to be made for Jacinta, as it looks spectacular on her. Because her beautiful skin tone gives it so much pop, and just the pure volume of this necklace, it is likely that it will draw the most attention out of all the pieces she is wearing. Thankfully for you, this was just a photoshoot and this majestically graceful, fantastically opulent necklace is still available for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

18K White Gold 7.57Ctw Two Row Diamond Dangle Earrings
baguette diamond dangle earrings

The finishing touch for this ensemble is a pair of strikingly beautiful diamond dangle earrings. As with all the jewelry in this ensemble, it complements the rest heavenly. This one especially supplements the necklace, as they will be seen together, naturally, per line of sight. 

The 18k white gold two row dangle diamond earrings are formed from baguette diamonds, just like the necklace. The baguettes are set perfectly so that they create a flawless oval shape. Altogether, there are 210 baguette diamonds that make for a grand total of 7.57 carats. 

Overall, these two row diamond dangle earrings are sexy and feminine. They move graciously like a classy woman with every step and sweep of the head. They are the quintessential earrings for just about any out-on-town outfit and casual upscale outing. 

Diamond By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton

If you loved the diamond jewelry and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak seen in this photoshoot with Jacinta Ducreay, you are going to fall in love with the rest of what we have in store for you. 

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jacinta ducreay wearing diamonds by raymond lee jewelry


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