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Introducing the First Level 3 Rapid Charger in Boca Raton

Introducing the First Level 3 Rapid Charger in Boca Raton

As we learn more about climate change and the related environmental concerns, more people are driving electric vehicles, which prompts us to install the first level 3 rapid charger in all of Boca Raton. We understand that our clients care about the environment and want to do their part. And part of this, for them, is by choosing electric vehicles over those with internal combustion engines. This allows them to reduce their dependence on gasoline as well as reduce the emissions that are associated with their vehicle. Remember, for many of us, our driving is where we release the bulk of our emissions.

The thing is, for electric cars to really meet their potential, there is going to need to be infrastructure that can provide for the needs of this new automotive fleet. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we want to be at the forefront of the movement, offering our customers the ability to charge their electric vehicles while they shop with us. Like many things we do, it is our way of saying thanks to the local community by providing a service they might not find elsewhere. To meet these new needs, we currently offer six level 2 electric chargers. But most excitingly, we just went through the installation process for a level 3 rapid charger. And we are the first business in Boca Raton to offer such a charging service.

The Installation Process

level 3 installtion

The installation of a new rapid charger is not just as simple as plugging something into an outlet. While this may be the process for the end-user, the actual installation of these chargers is quite complex. It requires experts who have an understanding of construction as well as electricity. It can be a bit dangerous and it is an all-day event. There are many things that the installers must prepare to ensure that the level 3 rapid charger is properly installed, safely connected to the local utility grid, and ready for operation. 

We brought in experts who have many years of experience in electrical work and the installation of rapid electric vehicle chargers. This ensures that the installation goes according to plan and the unit is properly installed the first time. It was enjoyable to watch these men at work. They are quick, efficient, and know exactly what they are doing. The process involved getting our utilities in order as well as the entire installation of the level 3 rapid charger. 

ChargePoint Level 3 Rapid Charger

While there have been electric vehicle chargers for many years, one of the biggest problems with them is the amount of time it takes to actually charge the vehicle. This is especially an issue for businesses who want to offer these services. Most customers don’t want to sit at the establishment for hours on end, waiting for their vehicle to charge. 

This is where the ChargePoint Level 3 rapid charger comes in. This is a scalable electric vehicle charger that is meant to charge vehicles far more rapidly than traditional chargers. The level 3 rapid charger provides 25% more power than traditional 50kW charging stations. What this means is that these chargers can provide more power and faster than other chargers. 

The interesting thing about these level 3 rapid charging stations is that they are easily scalable to provide more power. You can actually pair multiple chargers together to increase the power and efficiency you can get from a single charger. The company that provides these chargers is a trusted and reputable company that has become an industry leader in the world of electric vehicle charging. 

Easily Charge Your Vehicle While You Shop

If you are looking to charge your electric vehicle, chances are, there aren’t a ton of options to choose from, especially if you are out and about. Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to make it back home to our personal chargers before we need a top-up. It is for this reason that so many businesses are beginning to offer electric vehicle chargers on their premises. We have seen the rise of electric vehicle usage at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, which is why we had already overseen the installation of 6 level 2 chargers. These are cutting-edge chargers that do a great job, but the advent of the level 3 rapid charger really changed the proverbial game.

This is a charger that you can easily plug your electric vehicle into and get a nice charge, all while shopping in our store. This isn’t a unit that takes hours to give your car that extra juice you need to get through your day. You can easily top up your battery while you are inside our store, checking out our beautiful jewlery. 

Quick Charging and Efficient

With the recent installation of the Level 3 rapid charger, you can now easily top up your battery in just a short time. Whereas traditional chargers can take hours to provide your battery with the power it needs, this charger provides 25% more power in a much shorter period of time. Chargers that take hours to charge may make sense for home use, but when you are out and about, chances are you don’t have hours to sit around and wait for your battery to top up. With this new rapid charger, you don’t have to wait hours.

You can come into our store and check out some high-end jewlery and fine watches and know that when you leave, your car will have the extra juice it needs to get you to where you need to go. Talk about double-duty! You get to check out our latest acquisitions and see the best collection of fine jewelry in the area, all the while your electric vehicle is charging on one of the most cutting-edge chargers on the market. To us, this really is a win-win situation. And we know our customers value this service.

Supporting the Values of Our Customers

We want to make sure that at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we are supporting the values of our clients. There are many in Boca Raton who have a grave concern for the environment and want to do their part to reduce their emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. This isn’t just a preference for many, it is a value statement. This is part of who they are and what is important to them And we feel that it is our job to help support these important values. So as more and more electric vehicles grace the roads, we know that we need to step in. That is why we already have 6 level 2 electric vehicle chargers on site. 

But we also realize that this isn’t enough. These chargers, while great, don’t provide the power that people need fast enough. This is why we made the investment to install a level 3 rapid charger. This allows our customers to quickly top off the battery of their car without taking a huge chunk of their day. We know that our customers appreciate the ability to quickly top off their vehicles while taking a peek at some of our latest acquisitions. It is important to us to help further the values of what is important to people in our community. 

Doing Our Part 

By installing a level 3 rapid charger on our premises, we feel we are making an effort to help do our part for the local community. Infrastructure is an important part of moving the world to an electric future. We want to be at the forefront of the movement and since our customers care so much about this issue, we felt that adding these chargers is just us doing our little part for the local community and the world at large. There aren’t, unfortunately, a ton of places in the area for people to easily charge their electric vehicles. This is a sad situation and part of why we originally installed the six level 2 chargers.

But as technology advances, there are better and more scalable solutions for these new technologies. The level 3 rapid charger is the perfect example of this. With this new technology, we can easily provide our customers with a service that is valuable and that they cannot find elsewhere. We are proud to be the first business in Boca Raton to offer these new technologies and sincerely hope that other businesses will follow suit.

Pioneering for Boca Raton

Part of our decision to install a level 3 rapid charger was to lead the proverbial, well, charge, for the local area. We are the first business in Boca Raton to offer this advanced and cutting-edge charger. It is one of the few electric vehicle charging stations that can provide the power people need, without it taking hours to obtain. This is a really important part of making electric vehicles more accessible to more people. There has to be infrastructure in place for people to use. And we need smart infrastructure. It has to be scalable and provide for the needs of the local community.

By having the first level 3 rapid charging station in the area, we hope to provide an example that others can follow. The more people that adopt this new technology the more accessible it will be to the greater community. This pioneering decision allows us to put our money where our values are. We want to make sure that we are providing our customers, and the community at large, with the services they need and want. By offering a rapid charging electric vehicle station, we feel like we are setting a good example that other businesses can then follow. 

In Closing

We know that our customers value far more than just fine jewlery. With the growing concern about the environment and our personal responsibility for these negative impacts, many people are making changes to their lives to reduce the burden they place on the environment. One of the best ways people are doing this is by giving up internal combustion engines and switching to electric vehicles. While these vehicles definitely produce far fewer emissions than traditional gas-powered vehicles, there are impediments to their large-scale adoption. Perhaps the biggest impediment is charging. There aren’t many places outside our homes where we can reliably get a charge for our vehicles.

So we wanted to step in and change that, at least for our local area. And that is exactly what we did.

Your Values

This is why we installed six level 2 electric chargers at our flagship location. And this is also why we made the recent investment to install the first level 3 rapid charger in all of Boca Raton. We want to offer our customers something they can’t get elsewhere and that will be a high value to them. So we became pioneers in this field by becoming the first business to offer such a charging station. It was a bit of an endeavor to get the charger installed, but the process is more than worth it. We are now the proud owners of the only level 3 rapid charger in the area. This allows us to provide a really valuable service to our customers. 

This charging station has far more power than your traditional electric vehicle charging station. And it takes far less time for your battery to charge with this style of charger. When you are out and about, you don’t exactly want to hang around a parking lot for hours so you can ensure you have enough juice to make it where you want to go. And we appreciate that your time is very valuable. This is what made us realize that we really needed to do something for the local community to remedy this. And with our level 3 rapid charger, you can now easily top off your battery in the short time you spend checking out our latest offerings.

What better way to get that extra charge than by spending a few minutes checking out our fine jewelry? You’ll love our huge number of high-end offerings as well as the ability to fully charge your battery in such a short period of time. 



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