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Alexa Collins Rocking Our 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex in the Bahamas

Alexa Collins Rocking Our 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex in the Bahamas

Alexa Collins Rocking Our 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex in the Bahamas

You have not misplaced your affection if you direct it to any model of the Rolex collection. And, of course, it is perfect to choose the 116598SACO leopard Daytona Rolex watch as the object of desire. But, like Alexa Collins wearing it in the Bahamas, you can also join the league of icons to wear this timepiece. 

All Rolex watches have their unique touch, feature, and appeal. The 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex is the one you can trust to bring class in all areas. Of all Rolex watches, people recognize the Leopard Daytona for its unconventional form. We must also acknowledge that  Alexa Collins, a famous model, favors this piece. Alexa is an American Instagram model aged 26 and known for her fashion statements. She wore the 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex, which means she knows, understands, and admires quality.

Watch collectors in the world recognize that the 116598SACO piece stands out too. And as expected, they treat it as such. However, the Daytona Rolex did not become a favorite today. Instead, we can trace this beauty back to 1963. Its first official launch happened in 2004 at the Basel fair. This launch gave birth to the name “Leopard.”  

Also known as Wild beauty, the Leopard Daytona Rolex is for the bold and the confident. Its leopard skin may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, it is for people who dare to look different. One of these people is the famous IG model and influencer Alexa Collins. 

The Alexa Collins Rocking the 116598SACO of Leopard Daytona Rolex in the Bahamas

The Alexa Collins Rocking the 116598SACO of Leopard Daytona Rolex in the Bahamas

One of our favorite top models, Alexa Collins, took some time off to visit the Bahamas and cool off. As we all know, the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with incredible views for tourism’s sake. 

It is indeed a very good place to visit and blow off some steam. For a place of elegance, no other type of timepiece matches the place’s quality like the 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex watch. Check out pictures of her rocking the watch with the beautiful view:

We know that Alexa Collins will get people talking whenever she appears. So, you can already imagine the buzz she dragged in when she wore the piece in the Bahamas. 

More on the Origin of 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex

Many decades before the birth of Alexa Collins, Watchmakers introduced the first Daytona. As far back as 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona was only popular among the public. Also, Professional drivers and others with distinct lifestyles admired the watch. Because of its makeup and distinct design, it remained among its tribe for a long time. And then came Paul Newman. With the patronage of Paul Newman, it became popular. But, of course, the Daytona gained better traction through showcases from wearing it. 

In essence, Paul Newman made the leopard Daytona Rolex more popular with the public. In a 2017 auction, Paul Newman made history. He sold his Rolex Daytona for $17.8 million. He was making history as the man to sell the most expensive Rolex watch to date. 

The watch designers made the watch for racers. Hence, the presence of a precision chronograph movement. Of course, it also features a tachymeter bezel that is the rock for accurate measurement. All these features set the model apart from its peers. As expected, the improvement over the years has increased the appeal. 

It has been about growth for the Leopard Daytona Rolex. This improvement has happened across three different generations. In different generations, there have been unique features. However, the type of features is strong enough to give birth to reference numbers. 

Alexa Collins looking gorgeous with the 116598SACO Leopard Daytona Rolex watch

  • Rolex Daytona First Generation. 

As earlier stated, the Rolex Daytona dates back to 1963. The watch designers made their first entrance into the world this year. Then, of course, they created more designs over several years. As we now know, the production of the first design of the Rolex Daytona first design lasted between 1963 to 1988. These watches had their reference numbers in four digits. And some of the other unique features included the 37mm cases. There were also the manual-wind Valjoux movements. Of course, the acrylic crystals were already a thing as far back as the first generation. 

In the first generation, the designers created a gem and improved it after creating it. For instance, the screw-down pushers came later to help improve reliability. It also helped improve the rate at which the Rolex Daytona resisted water. 

  • Rolex Daytona Second Generation

Between 1988 to 2000, designers introduced a new and better set of the Rolex Daytona. Better in the sense that these new watches came with self-winding movements. Unlike the first, the second generation watches came with five-digit numbers as references. 

Compared to the first generation, people called it the Zenith Daytona. The differences between the two generations centered on essential features like the case. While the first generation had a 37mm case, the second came with a 40mm case. And, of course, it also came with the addition of crown – guards. 

Unlike the acrylic crystal in the first generation, they had sapphire in the second. The oyster also made the second generation Daytona an improved version of the first. These changes and differences transformed it into the oyster’s perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. 

  • Rolex Daytona Third Generation

This is the third generation of Rolex Dayton. For observers, it is clear to see how far we have come. It is great to be experiencing transformation and enjoying every moment. However, one thing is clear today; the Rolex Daytona has traveled far and fast. 

The watch designers launched the Rolex Daytona third generation in 2000. On the day of the launch, they made history. 

Regarding upgrades, the first day gave the most. The key features and core design did not change. But other things like the chronograph movement became better. 

It also came with a six-digit reference number. The sign for the watch moved from the 9’oclock to the 6’oclock version. These major changes happened across generations. But the watch crossed great millstones year after year too.

Notable Changes Across the Years for Rolex Daytona

  • 1903 to 1935

Between these years, the major thing that happened to the Rolex Daytona was the speed. People recognized the Daytona Rolex as the world capital of speed. 

  • 1935

The British driver named Malcolm Campbell put the Rolex Daytona in the news headline. Yes, he broke the 300 MPH speed barrier at Utah salt flats. The fact that he wore the Rolex Oyster while he did this became a big deal among racers and people. 

  • 1959

In the year 1959, they introduced the first Daytona international speedway race. It became an official race this year and has stood the test of time. 

  • 1962

The Rolex watches became even more widely accepted among the public. It was the first Rolex 24 at the Daytona race. And, of course, it turned into the official timekeeper of Daytona International Speedway.

  • 1963

In 1963, Rolex designers introduced a new model with a four-digit reference. They established the 6239 Rolex this year. 

  • 1964

The watch designers added a new feature again. This time, they added the word “Daytona” to the watch. They put this name right under the 12 o’clock dial. 

  • 1965

In 1965, the 6240 model became a thing in the Rolex Daytona universe. 

  • 1967

The placement of the word “Daytona’ in 1964 became outdated. Instead of being below the 12′ o’clock dial, they moved it above the 6 o’clock dial. 

  • 1968

The Rolex designers introduced a new series, the second series of the Rolex Daytona. With this new series came the self-winding movements, a historical feature of the mix. 

  • 2000

The designers made the third series known by 2000. The first-in-house chronograph came as the signature improvement of the model. 

Features of the Leopard Daytona Rolex

The third generation is where the leopard Daytona Rolex belongs to. And as expected, this special brand of the Rolex Daytona comes with its features and parts. 

  • Materials 

Some things have remained constant across the generations of different Rolex Daytona generations. One of these things, which is the most essential, is the quality. The other thing, which is the most obvious, is steel’s presence. Never doubt that all Rolex Daytona has the finest stainless steel. The first reference, the 14k and 18k gold have always been available in steel. 

We cannot also ignore the presence of two-tone stainless steel. The yellow gold in the second generation is also worthy to note. With the introduction of the third generation came the ultra-luxurious platinum. Of course, this platinum is also known as the ever rose gold. 

  • Bezels

Bezels on the Rolex Daytona have always been as pivotal as they are on other Rolex watches. Concerning the Daytona, the Bezel has always had the tachymeter scale. This scale is common with all Daytona except for gem-set versions. 

There have been improvements over time for the Bezel. Of course, this is also true for other features. The first Bezel design, which we may refer to as the original, had stainless steel. When it was not stainless steel, it was gold. The introduction of better features brought in the black acrylic bezel. This bezel feature came a bit after the first one. As expected, it did its work and added elegance to the Rolex Daytona. It was so until the second generation. The acrylic bezel outran its course with newer features in the second generation. The designers of the watch saw the tachymeter as the only fitting Bezel. And so, they introduced it. In 2011 when the Ever rose gold Daytona came around, the likes of ceramic bezels became a thing. 

The use of the ceramic Bezel centered the scratching and fading resistance. The ability to resist fading and scratching was appealing. So, the designers did not have a choice but to use the ceramic Bezel. And, as expected, the Cerachrom made the ceramic Bezel a possibility. 

After two years of the ceramic bezel reign, watchmakers introduced another key feature. They used this key feature to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and it was worth it. The brown Cerachrom bezel and ice blue dial did their bit for the Daytona Rolex. It is still doing a lot. Since 2016, we have seen less of the stainless steel tachymeter bezel on Daytona watches. However, we have seen more Cerachrom or 18k gold bezels in the current production.

While the number may be small, we have observed that some models favor the leopard Daytona. And, of course, others favor the Rainbow Daytona. But, one thing is for sure; both are rare and exceptional types under  Daytona Rolex

  • Sizes

The sizes of Rolex Daytona have differed across different generations. This is not so much a surprise after establishing the difference in the size of the case. The first generation gave birth to 37mm, and the second generation gave the 40mm. 

Nothing spectacular has happened in the size range since the second generation. Even in the third generation, which has extended, the 40mm size has remained. While the 40mm has not changed, crown guards came in. These guards came to protect the side of the case to give better results. 

  • Bracelets and Movements 

The oyster bracelet is a star when it comes to the Daytona Rolex. It could be stainless steel or two bracelets. It could also be a solid gold or platinum oyster bracelet. Whichever it is, as long as it matches the alloy of the case, you are good to go.

Movements in all Rolex watches have always been a priority. Hence, the constant change in the form of movement. The movements across all the series and categories include the manual Valjoux. 

Benefits of the Leopard Rolex Daytona. 

All the features and parts of the Rolex Daytona show that it is a good investment. Among the other things to convince you of the worth of a Rolex Daytona are the benefits. Which are:

  • Finest materials

If the material is mediocre, you should not attach the Daytona Rolex to it. However, from its first launch, everything in the feature has pointed to excellence. To date, each series proves that the Daytona will always excel in materials. 

  • Good investment

What is a good watch if it does not have value, right? Right! With the Rolex Daytona, you should not worry about value. You would get the value of your watch and still have the chance to resell. If an investment is something you cherish, getting a watch like the Rolex Daytona may be the best option.

Getting Rolex Daytona

You now know the details of the 116598SACO leopard Daytona Rolex features. So, it is time to decide. The decision to use a Leopard Daytona Rolex will always be valid. We encourage you to find the style most fitting for your generation. 

If any of the references in the third generation should get you, the 116598SACO is about right. So, check the design out here to be sure. 


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