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Luxury life style: ultra cars, jewelry and watches

Luxury life style: ultra cars, jewelry and watches

For a luxury lifestyle there are a few things that are absolutely necessary. Your luxury accessories, super fast cars and the elegance of fine jewelry. A combination like absolutely no other the luxury lifestyle calls for refined accessories for the occasion. Particularly in a formal gala or events. Combining the finer things in life can create those incredible memories of life’s luxuries and precious moments. Nothing fits the luxury lifestyle better than diamonds. But when you pair diamonds with emeralds and other gorgeous colorful gemstones you get a truly fine jewelry look. Add on a fine time piece like a Rolex Daytona and your luxury accessory style is ready to go. For this week we are showcasing some truly gorgeous pieces from our curated collection of luxury accessories. Combining diamonds, gems and time pieces for an indisputable glamorous look ready for a fine evening event at any occasion for you.

luxury lifestyle photo of woman in evening wear with luxury accessories in front of rolls royce

First the combination of diamonds and gems. We will look at how you can wear a string of diamonds around your neck for a beautiful look. Pair it then with some gorgeous emerald and diamond drop earrings for a striking and dramatic look. Moving to your hands we look at a Rolex Daytona classic. The perfect luxury watch to match a sports car and keep up with its time. Then of course what better to add on to your Rolex than some diamonds in a bracelet. Maybe even a ring to go along with it too. An arm party happening in combination with your earrings and necklace. A luxury lifestyle look from top to bottom. You can dress up any outfit with this pairing. From a little black dress to a glamorous evening gown these diamonds go with everything. Sparkle subtly or go big, we have all of these options.

Luxury lifestyle living: fast cars and fine jewelry

When it comes to fast cars and the luxury lifestyle you know exactly what luxury accessories go well with it. The ones that bring the extravagant and refined looks together. For formal events when you have a lot of sports cars and glamorous looks involved you want to make sure your luxury accessories are on point. The first place to go is of course white diamonds. Whether you wear these on your hands, around your neck or dangling by your face there is never a bad time for diamonds. The luxury lifestyle accessories at Diamonds by Raymond Lee of course feature diamonds. In all of their cuts, shapes, and sizes. For a look to go with the fast cars of the luxury lifestyle fast lane we have a wide variety. A diamond collection will always ideally feature at least one tennis style fine jewelry piece. But which one to wear?

luxury lifestyle photo woman in front of rolls royce wearing emerald earrings and diamond necklace

For an elegant gown like this one featured here we suggest a long length diamond tennis necklace. You can also always pair it up with a tennis bracelet as well. However for a strapless and classic little black dress a string of diamonds is a sure go to choice. The size of the diamonds in a necklace like this can vary quite widely within a range. That is because of the length of the necklace you can go between large carat or smaller cart diamonds for very different style looks. Or even take a new style to it with a graded difference with larger and smaller diamonds paired together for an aesthetically symmetrical look rather than a uniform necklace with all the stones at the exact same size. For all of these different options there is a preference and an occasion. For this particular piece featured below we chose long.

18k White Gold 14.68ctw Diamond Long Tennis Necklace

This long diamond tennis necklace is set in 18 carat white gold. It features approximately 14.68 carats of round cut white diamonds along its length. The current price for this piece is $25,495.00. With 32 inches of solid gold and diamond stones it is a necklace that is sure to catch plenty of attention. The 313 diamonds in total are all G/H in color and VS in clarity. It is held together with a tongue in box with safety clasp. At 29.7 grams it is a heavier set necklace but not so much that you will feel it bearing down. A classic and ultra classy piece perfect for a not too extravagant night out. 

woman wearing luxury accessories and emerald and diamond earrings

Further down you will see we also featured a diamond tennis bracelet. While the diamond cut for this one is slightly different there is a combination of diamond cuts. It gives an additional texture and movement to these items. Mixing and matching different diamond cuts and even metal colors can create an interesting look featuring more than one traditional matching set.

If you are interested in buying this 18 carat white gold long diamond tennis necklace talk to one of our diamond experts at (561) 750 – 7808.

Emerald and diamond fine jewelry pieces

For a truly dynamic look how about combining the glitter and glow of white diamonds in all sorts of cuts, shapes and sizes with some colorful and unique gems. The deep gemstone tones of the rocks like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies can add a touch of classical and traditional style while further creating a balance between the base clear or white diamond color. For more shades within the colorful gemstones the combination with white diamonds is refined. For one example let us look at some emerald and diamond fine jewelry pieces. These incorporate the colorful gemstone and diamond stones together for a unique look. 

woman wearing emerald and diamond earrings in luxury lifestyle shot wearing other luxury accessories

There are also emerald and diamond fine jewelry rings, bracelets and necklaces in our collection. These earrings are just one of the examples of what is available in our widely curated collection of luxury accessories. For a luxury lifestyle that is unlike any other come and check out the best pieces that we have to offer. 

18k Two Tone Gold 14.40ctw Heart Shape Emerald And 4.50ctw Diamond Drop Earrings

These 18 carat two tone gold drop earrings are a stunning example of the emerald and diamond combination. Going for $99,000.00 currently these earrings feature heart shaped emerald encased in 4.50 carats of white diamonds. Hanging at a subtle yet gorgeous length these drop earrings frame your face and bring out the green tones in your eyes. It is perfect for any time of year and is sure to catch attention even at formal galas when everyone is dressed to impress. 

Rolex Daytona – a luxury lifestyle time piece

Another gorgeous luxury accessory for the luxury lifestyle is this incredible time piece. A Rolex Daytona Zenith yellow gold watch. The Rolex Daytona, introduced in 1963, was designed to meet the tough requirements of professional race car drivers. It is no surprise then that this watch keeps the company of Lamborghinis. An iconic watch that is always thought of in relation to the legendary racing city of Daytona in Florida. This model of Rolex remains in a class of its very own. A sports chronograph watch with three sub dials it is a powerfully precise tool. 

For the high performance world of sport racing tools it is when time keeping needs to be unparalleled. Particularly when it comes to elite racing vehicles so the Daytona comes to the task. Matching and catching the speed of these super powerful rides you need a powerful and precise watch. A look that is instantly recognized the world over it is the perfect luxury accessory for a luxury lifestyle. 

luxury accessory rolex daytona zenith watch worn in front of lamborghini

Rolex 16528 Daytona Zenith 18k Yellow Gold Champagne Serti Dial Watch

An 18 carat yellow gold watch in the traditional three link Rolex crown bracelet it is currently retailing for $48,000.00. Featuring a Champagne serti dial it is an exquisite and refined watch carrying on the monochromatic look more than testing out modern types and details. The fixed bezel and all gold everything paired with the champagne dial make this fine watch perfect for any occasion. While the design and history of the watch says sports and speed the look and aesthetic of the watch say luxury and sports cars – on the way to the gala. 

Interested in buying this Rolex Daytona Zenith 18 carat yellow gold champagne dial watch? All of the luxury lifestyle luxury accessories featured here are for sale! Just reach out to one of our fine watch experts at (561) 750 – 7808.

Luxury accessory pairing: how to wear your best 

For a look that is truly tied together. Whether you are heading out for a late afternoon outdoor lunch or an elegant gala the best thing is diamonds. They are the versatile and easy to wear luxury accessory that can never go wrong. No matter what the color of your outfit is, what time of day or even what you plan to wear there is in fact no better pair than a simple classic. A diamond tennis bracelet. 

fine jewelry diamond ring and rolex daytona watch worn together on motorcycle close up

Platinum 13.20ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This particular diamond tennis bracelet features 13.20 carats of emerald cut diamonds set in platinum. A gorgeous mirror style luxury accessory it fits perfectly alongside a luxury watch like the Rolex Daytona Zenith. Although they are different precious metal colors together the combination creates an absolutely stunning look. Currently retailing at $49,000.00 this is just one of the many options for fine jewelry that we have available here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Check out below for our contact information and a bit on other services that we offer. 

Where to buy luxury accessories? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, Florida

If you are looking for a place where you can buy luxury accessories like diamond fine jewelry, luxury watches like a Rolex Daytona, emerald and diamond pieces or any other luxury lifestyle items then Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place. Trusted by our refined clientele from the world over to carry the highest quality fine luxury goods. You can come and see the latest from the vintage and pre owned market as well as brand new pieces at our show room. With a widely curated collection and a focus on our customers above all we know there is something for everybody. Whether you are looking for pieces for yourself, a loved one or your family there is a fine jewelry piece for everyone to be happy. From diamonds and engagement rings to sports car level fine time pieces we have the whole range for you and yours to discover. 

luxury lifestyle outfit with rolex daytona zenith yellow gold watch

At our state of the art showroom we also have an in house workshop. Featuring some of the most cutting edge equipment and master craftsmen this is a place where you can trust your fine jewelry is in good hands. Whether one of your watches need a bit of regular maintenance or you want to totally change up your look with a bespoke iced out watch we can do it. Custom pieces and one of a kind creations are also possible with us. So if you have a loose gemstone that needs tightening or a diamond ring that you have been dreaming of here is the place. With over three decades of experience our staff is here to offer superior service and find you an ideal gift. For yourself, for your loved ones and for every occasion. No matter the budget or the dreams, there is something for everyone. 

jewelry image

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