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The Ultimate Guide to the Rolex Submariner

The Ultimate Guide to the Rolex Submariner

Rolex 116610LV Submariner "Hulk" Stainless Steel Watch

It may seem like a near impossibility to find out a definitive answer to which is the most fashionable high-end watch of all time. However, the Submariner from world-renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Rolex Submariner Boca Raton is a strong contender for that title. The submariner is a watch model with as much history as it has class. It is not something you would want to miss out on. A Rolex watch is something that can be passed on down the generations in a family or something that will impress the wife when you go out for your twentieth anniversary. There is only one thing you can say for certain about a Rolex watch. It makes a statement. 



The submariner model was first introduced to the world in 1953. Since the time of its first inception, it has become so ubiquitous as a status symbol that many people will recognize one without even realizing what it is. The submariner model has defined the diving watch category for an entire generation. It all started with the original model reference number 6204 released in 1953. 6204 was an amazing sight to be held at the time. Its innovative design helped to create an entirely new category of what he’s. Before its release, most of the watches Rolex Submariner Boca Raton had at the time would be described today as all-purpose watches. 

In comparison to later models, the original 6204 has a few key differences. Perhaps most noticeable is the thickness of the case on the original model is slightly thinner to later models. Along with a tiny 5.3-millimeter crown it had a very small and sharp profile. It was rated to be water-resistant up to depths of 100 meters. The mechanics underneath the hood in the original 6204 model are powered by the same A260 which had been borrowed from the Oyster Perpetual models that were popular at the time. It was the most robust watch system on the market.

three rolex on hand

If you look at the most recent modern variation of the submariner the 114060 models share several common characteristics that make it obvious the lineage shared between it and the 6204 model. While the modern variation boasts a larger overall size and the materials that are used are different it is still quite obviously a Rolex Submariner Boca Raton

A Rolex Submariner is a watch with a timeless design. The oyster case with its screw-down crown and the self-winding watch hands are just a few of the noticeable traits to keep an eye out for. Before releasing the submariner in the 1950s Rolex had already developed a handful of other water-resistant watches. The Panerai Radiomir is an example of the early predictors of the iconic Submariner. 

Rolex 116610LV Submariner “Hulk” Stainless Steel Watch

rolex hulk

It was not until September of 1953 that the world’s first Diving watch made by Rolex was truly revealed. That month Auguste Piccard dove over 3000 meters into the ocean while wearing his Rolex Submariner Boca Raton. After the diver resurfaced the watch continued ticking. This ushered in a new age of prominence for the Rolex watches. 

Rolex quickly capitalized on the fame and popularity these successful demonstrations had provided and in 1954 there were three different models of the Rolex Submariner available for purchase. These are the 6200 model, which sports a self-winding caliber and water-resistant up to 200 meters, the 6204, with water resistance up to 100 meters, and the 6205, with the self-winding caliber and water resistance up to 100 meters. The earliest of these models did not have the word submariner engraved anywhere on them but by the end of the year, these words were being displayed promennitely. 

Rolex 16610 Submariner Stainless Steel Back Dial

black submariner ceramic

Over the intervening years, there have been numerous small enhancements and changes to the Rolex Submariner Boca Raton offerings over the years. These can include better water resistance, new movements, and other small cosmetic changes. 

Modern Rolex watches are impressive feats of engineering. The Submariner models can resist water up to 300 meters down. They also have a triplock system and waterproof crown. The crown has a triple gasket system that is capable of being identified by the three dots on the crown of the watch. The case is made of a solid block of 904L stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant allot or gold. The white and yellow gold is made in a Rolex Foundry. The unidirectional bezel is important in helping a diver memorize and follow immersion time. The fact that the bezel will only rotate counterclockwise allows a diver to never have to worry about adding time to their dive. the perpetual rotor in the self-winding mechanism allows the watch to run indefinitely as every single tiny movement of the wrist is used to generate energy for the watch spring. 

Of course to top off any story about the history of the Rolex Submariner you simply have to include a brief mention of the prominence given in the classic spy film franchise James Bond that has been given to the watch. The watch has shown up in several of the films. It has made an appearance in From Russia with, one, Dr. No, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. Each and every time they were used as a timeless set-piece to establish that famous sense of British class that has been given to special agent 007.

Finally, we can talk about the last generation of 5512s which were released in the timespan of 1969-1980. In comparison to the previous generations, there were a few substantial changes that were present in these new models. The easiest way to spot these is to look for the markings of feet instead of meters. These were popular in the US market at the time. 

Of course, there are also some of the special variant models made from materials such as solid gold. One example of such a watch is the 1680 model which is made of 18k yellow gold. This was released in the 1970s and quickly became a major hit. The Rolex Submariner Boca Raton is simply another example of how the ingenuity and taste of people is capable of transcending time to create something that is coveted over many generations. 


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