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Why Cuban Link Bracelets & Rings are a Must-Have

Why Cuban Link Bracelets & Rings are a Must-Have

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At Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we love Cuban link chains because it’s a type of jewelry that will never go out of fashion. The Cuban link is a classic, indispensable style in the world of fine jewelry. What’s more, Cuban links turn heads like crazy, especially when they are Miami Cuban links flooded with diamonds. Wearing Cuban link chains, bracelets, and rings doesn’t just declare status, but it also showcases your fine sense of style. From fashionistas to big-time ballers, Cuban link jewelry is a must-have. They are investment pieces made to last forever. Cuban links chains are the most durable and valuable type of non-branded jewelry there is.

Below, we want to show you some of our favorite Cuban link rings and bracelets. All of these pieces are for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. Feel free to stop by our showroom to try them on or contact us for sizing and pricing.


cuban link rings

Cuban rings are one of the newest creations in the evolution of Cuban link jewelry, which dates back to the 70s. However, they’ve already been a very hot trend for quite some time now. Moreover, it’s clear that Cuban link rings are here to stay. They received instant classic status. It is a very highly recommended item for those who are into modern, high-end fashion jewelry. They are a staple in any Cuban link enthusiast’s jewelry box.

Cuban rings are very versatile. You can wear them on any finger and with all different types of jewelry to flawless effect. However, if you want the Cuban ring to fit a specific finger, you need to get it sized as these rings are not resizable. You can easily find your ring size by printing out a ring sizing guide online or going to your local jeweler, like Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

In terms of price, these Cuban rings are not going to cost an arm and leg, but they aren’t exactly inexpensive either. After all, they are made of solid gold and they are covered in diamonds. That said, you need to understand this is not your average jewelry piece. Cuban rings are investment pieces. They hold value exceptionally well, as does all Cuban link jewelry. If you ever needed to flip the ring, you can get at least 90% of what you paid for the ring.

bustdown cuban link rings

Cuban Link Styles

As you can see by the three rings in the pictures, we have different link design options. Not all Cuban links are the same. You can get tighter, thicker Miami style Cuban links, LA style Cuban links, or traditional Cuban links. Whatever style you prefer, we can make it. Just tell us what you have in mind or show us a picture and we can have the ring made exactly to your liking. You can also choose from the existing Cuban link rings in our collection at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Big Cuban Rings

Our Cuban link rings are crafted entirely by hand and the diamonds are hand-set.

These are big beefy rings with a lot of weight to them. Again, they are solid gold and they are chock full of diamonds.

These rings obviously look good and they are very sizable, but what you can’t see by looking at them is just how comfortable they are. This is an important factor that is sometimes overlooked by jewelers. For as big as these rings are, they fit very nicely and they wear comfortably on the finger.

These may not be everyday pieces for everyone, but for men or women who love diamonds, they can easily be your new go-to staple everyday wear, just like a Cuban bracelet and necklace. Cuban rings go with all kinds of jewelry, watches, and any outfit.

Note: If you prefer a smaller width Cuban ring, we can accommodate that request.

are there cuban link rings


Not only are the links perfect, but the diamond settings are too. There are no errors on these rings. Each ring has over 2 carats of round brilliant diamonds. These Cuban rings are completely iced out. You couldn’t fit another diamond on these rings if you wanted to.

The shine is almost unbelievable on these Cuban rings. They are stuck on top performance. If there’s any source of light around, these rings are going off like a fire alarm. They are loud. These are homerun style rings that make a big statement.

If you aren’t much of a diamond lover and you want a more subtle look, you can get Cuban link rings without diamonds.

As for the specifics on the diamond setting, we use prong settings that let the diamonds pop in all of their glory. They look like they are dripping with diamonds because they basically are. This is a bustdown ring so each link is hand-drilled and then meticulously filled with diamonds.

You have the choice of one, two or three rows of diamonds, depending on the size of the round brilliant diamonds. All of our diamonds are of the highest quality. These are not lab-made diamonds like many Cuban rings you find on the internet. These are natural high-grade round brilliant diamonds with light performance that will drop jaws without missing a beat.

The diamond setting was done by an expert gem-setter, so you can be sure the diamonds are set for life. These rings are meant to last many lifetimes.

Gold Options

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we don’t really mess with anything less than gold. As such, you have the options of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Our gold alloys don’t tarnish or fade. The blend of 14k or 18k gold is the best in the business.

What color gold you choose comes down to personal preference. Yellow gold is a classic, as is the more subdued white gold, but rose gold is probably trending the hardest right now. If you can’t decide, you could easily mix and max these rings, which is the hottest look in the game, but stacking is obviously not a great choice considering these are very wide rings. Nonetheless, you could go for multiple fingers or get 4, 6, or 8 millimeter versions of these. We just prefer the bigger 10+ mm Cuban rings because that’s what in right now. The thicker the better when it comes to Cuban link jewelry. Nevertheless, it just depends on your style and how you plan to wear them.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a Cuban link ring and there are plenty of options that can make the ring unique to you. From diamond settings to gold color to the Cuban link style, the Cuban ring world is your oyster. If you decide to buy an existing ring, you will obviously be saving some money for the same look. Just make sure the ring fits your finger. You can come try on any of our Cuban rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and also discuss options for making a custom Cuban link ring exactly to your size and preference.


cuban link bracelets

The Cuban link bracelet has been one of the hottest pieces of jewelry for contemporary, city-dwelling men and women since the Cuban link design was invented. It’s arguably the most versatile piece of jewelry there is. Cuban bracelets go with anything. Pair them with a Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe or any other luxury dress or sports watch in your collection. And if it’s not a watch, it can be a diamond tennis bracelet or more Cuban link bracelets. Stacking Cuban link bracelets is a style that all the rich and famous show off, especially rappers.

Down here in South Florida, Cuban link bracelets are a staple in every urban-residing flashy-wearing jewelry box.

Miami Cuban Links

Chain jewelry has been around for thousands of years. You can find historical references as far back as ancient Egypt.

However, the Cuban link is a modern design.

Cuban link chains are a type of curb chain design, which has been around for longer than the Cuban link, but it has its own specific style. Cuban links have an interlocking pattern that is thicker and in our opinion more attractive. The single links of a Cuban link bracelet will all have the same pattern, which looks similar to diamond cut patterns. The links are thick circular or oval shapes. When finished, it looks very unique and actually much more masculine than other chains. Nevertheless, women love Cuban links just as much as men.

Now, Miami Cuban Link chains are rounder, bolder, thicker and tighter than standard Cuban link chains. Chains don’t get more steady and durable than the Miami Cuban link. These chains are extremely hard to break. It’s also the flashiest look, which is why it is the absolute favorite among hip hop stars.

The bracelets you see here are Miami Cuban links, because that’s far and away the most popular option for bracelets. They pair up beautifully with a Cuban Link chain (or chains) and rings. As you can clearly see in the pictures.

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If you went back to the 70s and 80s when Cuban link jewelry hit the scene, you might think it was a fad. However, the Cuban link held strong through the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Now, in the 2020s, the Cuban link is actually more popular than ever. It has gone far beyond gangster rap fashion. It is now among true pop culture. Moreover, it is a classic jewelry piece. As classic as a diamond tennis bracelet and a Cartier Love bracelet. Its popularity is proven not only by the sheer volume of sales but also how they resell. Cuban link bracelets typically sell for almost the same amount as they are bought. And if you have one from back in the day, you’ll probably even make money on it due to the price of gold rising.

miami bracelets and rings

Diamond Setting

As you can see, these Cuban link bracelets all have diamond settings. Each one has over 5 carats of diamonds on them. The shine they produce is powerful. Pictures only do the diamonds a very small amount of justice. These are what you call fully flooded Cuban link bracelets.

To do this kind of diamond work, you need a seasoned gem-setter.

The gem-setter first marks each link where the diamonds are to go. Depending on the size of the diamonds and the links, you can have one to three rows of diamonds. Obviously, three rows require even more of a careful touch. From there, the gem-setter drills tiny holes in the links, where they were marked for the diamonds. The gem-setter will also carve small areas around the diamond for the prongs, which will hold the diamonds.

Then, placing the diamonds in the holes is next. The holes are sized perfectly so the diamonds won’t be able to move. Once they are in, you’d have to break the links just to get the diamonds out. Even so, prongs are set in place after to give the diamonds extra security. After all that is done, polishing and finishing is the last step.

All in all, it’s a whole lot easier said than done. You will see some “bustdown” Cuban link chains on the market with awful settings. They are easy to spot for experts like us, but some people may need to pay extra attention. In any case, when you buy from Diamonds By Raymond Lee or other reputable jewelers, you can be confident that you are getting the best workmanship and quality diamonds. Our Cuban link jewelry, like these bracelets, are flawless all the way around. Our diamonds are meant to stay in place forever. And, of course, the stones are all-natural, high-grade diamonds that will perform like crazy in the light. This is iciness at its finest.

Precious Metals

For our Cuban link bracelets, you can choose from any color gold (white, yellow or rose) and platinum. We use only 14k or 18k gold and 950 platinum. Anything else doesn’t make sense. 24k gold is too soft.

The white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold all have a very strong color presence. The white is super icy, the yellow is classic and powerful in its luster, and the rose is a very eye-catching pink. We love to stack them because they go together so beautifully. The contrast works way better in demonstration than in theory. As you can see by just looking at our pics. Anyone who says you need to wear the same color metals is simply wrong. Popular high-end fashion jewelry will confirm this truth.


best place to buy chains in boca raton

You can buy the best quality Cuban link jewelry from Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. We can create links and bracelets of any size. Moreover, if you are a fan of some bling, diamond settings are done completely in-house. We also have a wide range of bustdown diamond Cuban link jewelry already made if you are looking for the same style at a better price. You can come in, try them on, and walk away with a Cuban link necklace, bracelet or ring on the spot. Custom pieces will take a week or so to complete.

See our collection Cuban Link Jewelry

Contact us if you want to learn more about our services and what we have in store.


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