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Pairing luxury accessories: designer hand bags, diamond jewelry, and Rolex watches

Pairing luxury accessories: designer hand bags, diamond jewelry, and Rolex watches

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The luxury lifestyle calls for a truly unique and stunning luxury accessories. We are talking about the pairings that blend together so well they truly do speak to who you are and what you are about. Whether that is a set of diamond bracelet bangles or a layering of necklace pieces. From the diamond rings to the luxury time pieces like a Rolex watch. It is all about bringing together the finer things in life. Combining them for a lovely look that incorporates your designer hand bags and ties your whole outfit together. For the women that are ready to stand out whether through the little details or a big and flashy piece. All of this and more is possible with truly gorgeous jewelry pieces. Where can you get a wide selection that has been curated for the finest luxury accessories? In South Florida you can come to Boca Raton. 

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For the last three decades we have been serving the South Florida community from our family owned and family run store. Our focus on diamonds is of course in our name. However we also bring a widely curated selection of fine luxury accessories like Rolex watches, designer hand bags and other designer accessories. Our acquisitions team is always on the look out to find the very finest pieces that are available out on the market. Whether it is a luxury leather good or some stunning precious metal mixtures. You can find the very best with a little help from our experts. Passionate and ready to welcome you in and help our team is available almost every day of the week. But in the end what luxury accessories are we offering really? Let us see with this week’s luxury accessory pairing featuring a Rolex watch, diamond bracelets, rings and necklace layers.  

Luxury accessories – how to choose a look

When it comes to putting together luxury accessories it might not be easy at first glance to see what can go together. This week we have a look that incorporates a couple of different luxury accessories and luxury lifestyle items. It may seem like you have to limit yourself to one or two accessories. However the trends have lately tended towards much more layering, stacking and combining to get a truly unique look. Just like your personality there is no combination that is exactly like it. That is why the way that you pair your luxury accessories also will not be the same. Each person has their individual looks and personal style. Through the unique combination and preference for types of designs your own voice can come through with your accessories. Maybe you tend to prefer a certain shade of precious metal like yellow, white or rose gold or platinum.

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Perhaps it depends solely on your mood. If that is the case then you really do want to have a wide assortment of luxury accessories that you can choose from. Come a special event or occasion or just how you are feeling. A lot of the luxury accessories can be repurposed and worn a variety of different ways. The look we are showcasing here is really just one of an infinite number of looks that you can come up with using these items. Whether you swap out the red epi leather Louis Vuitton bag for a handle bag or a strikingly different color. Or choose some large statement jewelry pieces instead of the dainty and delicate diamond jewelry worn here. The look still works. The most important thing of all is to get the look that speaks to you. That you feel happy and comfortable with when you wear it. 

Want to get this look? All the luxury accessories featured here are for sale, just reach out to us at (561) 750-6744.

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Rolex 116231 Datejust Two Tone Jubilee Bracelet Pink Diamond Dial Watch

This pink dial and diamond jubilee bracelet Rolex 116231 features the iconic Rolesor two tone design. It is currently retailing for $10,200.00 With the traditional Datejust window and fluted fixed bezel in the Rolesor combination it is an ideal look that is sure to bring feminine tones to your look. It is an absolutely perfect pairing with rose gold jewelry or even items with rose touches. Like for example a pink diamond ring. The rose tones go great with a combination of different precious metals. Each one with their own unique shine can accentuate the lovely tint of the rose. There are many different shades of pink and rose of course. The coloration of the metal at the end of the day comes from a combination of precious metals. As the copper, stainless steel and gold are combined even with platinum and others to create the perfect shade.

It does not have to match exactly but we do in fact have gorgeous rose gold jewelry that you can pair including some pear cut diamond rings. There are even pear shape diamond rings featuring pink diamonds. This is not the pink panthers special stone but it brings just as much fun to your look. When pairing luxury accessories such as these it is easy to put a theme. As you work your pieces together into one common theme you may then want to maintain it throughout. Another way of doing this is of course with stackable rings and bands. These might also feature pink diamonds let us say in this particular case. Or otherwise have rose gold or contrasting colors with the likes of white gold or platinum. The stackable rings are a great way to go because they are so versatile. 

14 carat Rose Gold GIA Certified 1.31 carat Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

First let us talk about pear cut diamond rings. This particular 14 carat rose gold GIA certified pear cut ring for example can be matched up. It features a stunning 1.31 carat pear cut shape and gorgeous diamond halo. Currently the price for this piece is at $10,945.00 However we do offer a wide range of different diamond halo rings. As well as other pear cut diamond rings too. In fact if you want a truly unique diamond ring to pair with your luxury accessories what better than a pink diamond? The dazzling color diamond is cut into a pear shape as well. Set in precious rose gold the color is further emphasized. 

Now for the stackable rings these come in such a wide ranging variety that it can even be hard to know which ones to go for. The ideal here is to build up a collection with quite a few of them. A ring stack can be different each and every time that you wear it. Wearing stackable rings means putting your personality first. So if you have a little bit of fun and a little bit of serious you can get a gorgeous array. For example some stackable bands come in unique designs and patterns with textures that tell a story. Mix and match those looks for a truly eye catching combination. It is luxury accessories like no other. Diamond rings, bubble rings, plain old metal band rings. Put those all together and what have you got? A gorgeous ring stack to wear with your fine jewelry and watches. Even if that watch is not a Rolex but rather a more masculine look. 

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Black Themes Watch

Another gorgeous luxury accessory option if you want something that is a little bit more exclusive than a Rolex watch it would be an Audemars Piguet. A Royal Oak Offshore model this black themes rubber clad time piece is currently going for $14,995.00 It is a stunning modern classic pairing together the function and form. The more masculine look of the sharp octagonal bezel of the watch is a perfect contrast to the very feminine and delicate jewelry it is paired with. A robust watch face featuring the iconic Tappisserie dial in all black including the sub dials makes this watch a show stopper. When paired with an all red Louis Vuitton epi leather bag the masculine and feminine merge.

A combination of black and red that recall the red carpets. This is a day time look that brings a power pose with it. No movement required on your part. From the textures of the epi leather and the Tappisserie dial to the interesting shapes of the octagonal and tote there is so much for the eye to take in. Not forgetting of course the sprinkling of diamonds on your fingers as an added touch. This softens the strong visual cues from the designer hand bag and luxury AP Royal Oak Offshore watch. Without muting the powerful presence that they both bring on either side of the spectrum.

Interested in purchasing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch or other luxury accessories featured here? They are all for sale! To make an enquiry just reach out to us at (561) 623 – 8205.

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Gabriel & Co. BG4183Y45JJ 14K Yellow Gold 0.49ctw Diamond Bangle

Another luxury accessory that is perfect for any collection and can be paired in at least a million ways are traditional yellow gold jewelry like bracelets. How do you make a well known and well loved classic stand out though? How about adding some diamonds? That is exactly what these Gabriel & Co. bangles do. With 0.49 carats of diamonds set in yellow gold in a uniquely modern design these 14 carat yellow gold diamond bangle bracelets are stunning. Currently retailing for $1,970.00 these bangles are just some of the diamond bracelets available from our extensive collection. They can easily be paired with a variety of different rings, bracelets and watches.

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Another fantastic way of adding to these looks is with unique diamond rings. Much like the pear shaped one crossover rings featuring unique designs are great. The thin bands interlocking create space and a modern feel that not even a ring stack can compare. Definitely a statement ring these are still fine and feminine too. There is no telling what kind of pairing you can make with these diamond rings and bracelets on their own. Let alone when you put them all together then for an arm party that is sure to cause attention.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, South Florida

That is just one look that you can create with some unique luxury accessories. It is all about how you put them together at the end of the day. Whether you want to take it up a notch and have all diamond everything. Or you want to go with subtle small details everything is possible. If you want a little help in getting some inspiration do not be afraid to chat to one of us. Our diamond experts are always available to answer any questions that you might have and to help guide the way. Whether that is in how to put together items in your collection or add to them. If you are preparing for a special occasion or just working on what some of your day to day looks will be we can help. With thousands of options of luxury accessories to choose from Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

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Over thirty years our family has proudly been serving our South Florida community. Always with passion and care. For the discreet conversation to figure out what the exact perfect piece that you are looking. We can show you around or just be available to answer questions that you might have it is entirely up to you. If you are searching for a present for a special lady in your life enjoy a cold local craft brew or a glass of our finest champagne while we show you some of the options available. There is something for everyone in the family at our state of the art showroom. Expertly designed to pair the jewelry items you might want together it is easy to get an idea of what you are looking for when it is all laid out for you. We would love to welcome you please drop by any time.

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