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Pearl Jewelry for Unique Style

Pearl Jewelry for Unique Style

An accessory like a piece of pearl jewelry is a unique and elegant addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The pearl is one of those stones that is unlike any other. Other stones are mined from the ground, whereas with the pearl, we actually obtain the stone from a living creature. When most of us think of pearls, we think of creamy white circles. While the creamy white pearl is one of the most popular, it actually comes in a range of colors.

You can find pearls in a huge number of colors. One of the most popular outside of the traditional white pearl is the black pearl. This is a rare type of pearl with rich, vibrant color and a bit of iridescence. You can find black pearls, cream pearls, and even orange pearls. Each color will give the accessory a unique look and feel and what works best for you will be dependent on your style and fashion sense.

Another great thing about this type of jewelry is that it works so well with a range of different looks. For classic elegance and timeless glamour, it is hard to beat a creamy white pearl. However, if you have an edgier style, something like a black or other colorful pearl might be the way to go. It will give any accessory it features a really unique and stunning look and feel. It is easy to see how a piece of fine jewelry like this could easily become part of your signature look.  

High-End Accessories

The accessories we choose tell others a lot about who we are. And we never have to say a word to make this impression on others. This is why so many people take great care in the clothing and accessories they choose. We only get one chance to make a good first impression and how we look and comport ourselves will really affect how others perceive us. If we want to give off a look of timeless elegance, pearl jewelry is a great way to go. The pearl is such a classic and elegant material. When we think of some of the most timeless beauties, chances are a pearl necklace or other type of jewelry features in their look.

Why not make the best first impression possible? Select quality accessories that enhance the look you are going for. You can find these stones in a wide range of types of jewelry. From rings to earrings and necklaces, the pearl can beautifully feature other stones and different types of metal. This means it is easy to find the perfect piece to fit your style. And if you can’t, our experienced jewelers have years of experience in creating custom pieces. This allows you to create a true one-of-a-kind piece that is exactly what you had in mind. Having something that is one-of-a-kind really helps give you a truly personal signature look. 

Something a Little Different

pearl jewelry yellow gold

When we think of high-end jewlery, chances are we are thinking about diamonds. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend. But some of us want something a little different. And, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still have a little diamond action in our accessories. Pearls have a creamy, circular, and truly elegant look and feel. They are naturally gorgeous. Plus, you have the benefit that it isn’t something that many people wear on a daily basis. Why not have a piece of elegant pearl jewelry in your signature look?

The pearl looks really good with a wide range of metals. It pairs well with all colors of gold, as well as silver, platinum, and even stainless steel. So, whatever your favorite precious metal, it will look great with this sea stone. And, the stone pairs well with other precious gemstones as well. From diamonds to a whole colorful array of gemstones, the pearl pairs beautifully. Especially if you choose a white pearl. The creamy color allows it to pair with a whole rainbow of other colors and blend elegantly. 

Whatever you choose, you will get a piece that has timeless elegance and glamour. The pearl is just one of those materials that scream class and style. 

The Stunning Pearl

pearl jewelry diamond earrings

Pearls come from mollusks. It is made from calcium carbonate and forms in concentric layers in the animal. The most desirable pearl shape is round, but you can actually find them in an array of shapes. Odd shapes of pearls have less use in jewelry because of their lack of a uniform shape. This doesn’t mean they can’t feature in jewelry, but it is pretty rare and most of us want the lovely round shape we have come to expect from the pearl. 

Natural pearls are the rarest type of stone. The natural pearls form in the animals in the wild and when ready, fishes will harvest them. However, since there aren’t enough wild pearls, an industry to farm them has sprung up. Freshwater mussels are the majority of pearls that people farm. The farming of pearls allows us to have a huge range of options that we couldn’t have if we had to rely on wild-caught pearls alone. There just isn’t enough of a supply to meet the demand. 

Of course, there are also imitation pearls, but there is nothing like the real thing. The interesting thing about pearls is that they feature in jewelry and even as buttons on clothing, but they have actually been in many more products than this. Some would crush pearls and use them in paint, medicine, and even cosmetics.

While most mollusks can technically produce a pearl, many of them are of low quality and value. This is why molluscan bivalves and clams are the most common cultivators that feature in the farming of pearls. A wild pearl will always be more valuable, but they are also a lot more expensive and hard to come by. Much modern jewelry comes from pearls that people farm, rather than wild pearls. 

Pearl Jewelry

One of the great things about this type of jewelry is that it comes in a wide range of forms and can feature different materials as well. Most of us think of the classic pearl necklace when we think of this type of jewelry and it is a great piece of jewelry. It has that classic, elegant, and timeless look and feel that the stone is known for. And, it looks amazing with a range of different fashions. From something formal to something a bit more casual, a pearl necklace just looks spectacular. While this is a great piece for those who like those timeless looks, you can also find bolder, edgier pieces as well.

You can find pearls that feature in earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. They may be standalone, or they may pair with other stones. When you pair them with other stones, it gives the end piece of jewelry a really special look and feel. You have the creamy elegance of the pearl, as well as the sparkle and shine of other gemstones. This can create a really eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Whatever you choose, you have a piece that exudes class and style. 

Pairs Well with Other Stones

As we have said above, pearls will work with a range of other gemstones. If you choose a classic white stone, you have a lot of options on what to pair it with. Since they are white, they will work well with pretty much any type or color of stone. One of the most commonly chosen pairings is the diamond. What better than pairing two of the most iconic stones into a single piece of jewelry. You have the iridescence of the pearl with the sparkle and shine of the diamond which is a truly gorgeous pairing. If you want a pearl that is of a different color, diamonds still make a good pairing. Since they are colorless, they won’t clash even with a black pearl.

You don’t have to relegate yourself to diamonds either. Pretty much any type of gemstone that commonly features in jewelry can pair with pearls. If you like a lot of colors, you can really get creative with the accent stones you use. You might choose stones of a single color to pair, or you may choose a whole rainbow of stones to create a really colorful piece of jewelry. 

Works with Different Metals

pearl jewelry necklace

Not only do pearls look great on their own or with any number of gemstones, but they also pair well with a variety of different metals. Obviously, the most common type of metal will be gold. Gold is a natural choice to pair with such classic material. Traditional yellow gold sets off the creaminess of the pearl and provides just the right amount of shine. Rose or pink gold are also great choices. They have a warmer color than regular yellow gold that some people prefer.

Pearls also look amazing with white gold. The silverish hue of the metal actually sets off the iridescence of the stone even more. In many modern pieces of pearl jewelry, white gold is a common choice because of how nice it looks with the stone. The silverish hue looks amazing for pieces that also feature other gemstones as well, whether it be diamonds or some other stone. This means that metals like platinum, titanium, silver and stainless steel will also look great with pearls. 

Some people really like the look of two-tone jewelry. This is jewelry that features two different types of metal. This is most commonly gold. For example, people might choose to pair yellow and white gold in a single piece to create a unique-looking accessory. 

Available in Many Forms

We don’t often think of the pearl as versatile, but it really is. It can feature in pretty much any type of jewelry you can think of. In fact, in days gone by, pearls would often feature as buttons in the clothing of the upper classes. It has a long association with luxury, status, and quality, so it isn’t a wonder that it has been so popular with discerning consumers for centuries. The pearl necklace is the quintessential piece of pearl jewelry and is a truly timeless accessory. It looks amazing with a nice dress or with jeans and a t-shirt. 

However, you don’t have to choose the classic string of pearls either. Necklaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can also find pearls that feature in earrings. Whether they are stud earrings or drop earrings, the pearl is a beautiful choice of material. You can also find pearls in bracelets and rings as well. Rings aren’t the most common accessory to see pearls, but they actually make really stunning and unique pieces of jewelry. This is a great place to show off something more unique like a black Tahitian pearl. 

In Closing

When it comes to the accessories we choose, it is okay to think outside the proverbial box and use less common materials. The pearls are something that has long been thought of when we think of classic and timeless elegance, but it doesn’t feature in jewelry as often as we think it should. We all know the classic string of pearls, which is a gorgeous piece of jewelry, but it really limits the pearl in terms of what it can do.

Pearls look amazing in all sorts of jewelry. From necklaces to bracelets, from earrings to rings, pearls can feature and look truly stunning. You can find these stones in the classic creamy white color, or you can choose something more daring. From black pearls to orange pearls, there are other colors that will create truly unique pieces of jewelry. These stones also pair really well with other gemstones. You can choose from pretty much any precious metal as well. They look amazing with gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, or even titanium. 

Since these are versatile stones and if you choose white pearls, you have a lot of room for creativity. This means creativity in the design of the piece as well as the colors you choose. Let your personality shine through!


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