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High Quality Loose Diamonds for Sale

High Quality Loose Diamonds for Sale

high quality loose diamonds

The majority of high-quality diamonds are sold loose, rather than set in a ring. This is because when you buy a loose diamond, you have more options: you might get the precise shape, size, and quality that you want.

The High quality Loose Diamonds may then be set in the precise engagement ring or jewelry style you choose in your exact size. It’s one of the few occasions in your life when you can order precisely what you want.

You may now select from thousands of loose diamonds online. And, thanks to online jewelry professionals like Diamonds by Raymond lee, you can even design engagement rings from scratch, either from an existing design customized to your diamond or from scratch.

Purchasing High quality Loose Diamonds does not have to be difficult, but there are several options available. Here is a buying checklist to ensure you get the appropriate loose diamond for you.

Make Sure the High quality Loose Diamonds GIA or AGS Certified

loose diamonds for sale

It is difficult to shop for loose diamonds without first determining the diamond’s quality. To ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting, select a certified diamond with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America or American Gem Society Laboratories, often known as GIA and AGS.
These two labs are internationally known non-profit organizations with a purpose to protect consumers. GIA is the gold standard: they created the 4Cs and the diamond grading method which they use all over the world. AGS was the first to provide ideal cut grades and the pioneer of diamond cut grading.
What difference does it make if one of these top labs graded the diamond. Simple, because they are often regarded as truthful and impartial. More so, the market believes that grades from any other laboratory are less accurate and less stringent. Diamonds with these evaluations are worth less. We cannot compare them to diamonds with GIA certificates. The price of cheap diamonds with other reports varies by lab, but it is the uncertainty about the quality that makes purchasing a loose diamond with any other report hazardous.
We recommend engraving your GIA diamond grading report number on the girdle of your loose diamond so that you can readily recognize it and ensure it is a diamond.

Choose Your Shape 

The first step in choosing the perfect loose diamond for you is to select a shape. The most common shape is the round brilliant. It has that timeless look that you’ve seen in a thousand solitaires. Round brilliant cut High quality Loose Diamonds are also the cheapest diamonds to purchase, according to GIA and AGS cut grading. If you select a round diamond with an exceptional cut grade from GIA, also known as an ideal cut, you will be the proud owner of a gorgeous and well-crafted diamond. You could also get an even better cut diamond: a round brilliant hearts and arrows diamond with enhanced light performance when seen through a viewer.

However, it is also worth noting that round brilliant cut diamonds are the most costly loose diamonds on the market. You may save up to 20% per carat by selecting a fancy shape like an oval, cushion, or princess cut! Some fancy shaped diamonds appear bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight. If you need a fancy shape but also the sparkle of a hearts and arrows diamond, the Brilliant Cushion, a hearts and arrows cushion cut diamond, may provide both.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is the next step in locating the perfect loose diamond. How much are you willing to pay in the thousands of dollars? You must also decide whether to prioritize quality, even if it means going smaller, or size, even if it means going lower in quality.

At this point, you can begin researching the 4Cs of diamond quality, ideal proportions, price per carat size boundaries, and other factors such as fluorescence and the location of inclusions that can reduce a diamond’s value, or you can let ROSI, a diamond-picking artificial intelligence powered by IBM’s Watson, weigh all of those factors for you.

We aren’t math whizzes, so we let the machine calculate the numbers: Diamond sellers have educated ROSI on how to balance 30 diamond quality criteria to get the greatest loose diamond value for your budget.

Be Responsible

Make sure you get your High quality Loose Diamonds from a vendor committed to responsible sourcing. Supporting the Kimberley Process is a good start, but we believe the diamond industry should go above and beyond by buying diamonds directly from sight holders and mines wherever feasible. We also believe that your jewelry should come from recycled gold and platinum.

Keep Your Diamond Safe

Where you store your high quality loose diamonds matters a lot? A parcel paper or plastic box is a nice place to keep it safe, along with its grading documentation. If you’re storing it in a box, make sure there’s enough foam to keep it in place so it doesn’t rattle about. Remember that diamonds may chip and damage other diamonds and gemstones.
Packing a high quality loose diamonds in a twist of paper or cotton and tucking it into a jewelry box is not a good idea. There are far too many cases of diamonds lost unintentionally. We recommend you insure your diamond by purchasing a Jewelers Mutual policy or adding a rider to your home insurance policy. Don’t assume it’s covered by your current policy: it probably isn’t.

Get Ready to Get Set

Now that you’ve obtained your lovely loose diamond, it’s time to place it in an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry. Your possibilities are only limited by your creativity, but most people select for a timeless look that will last generations. If you want to surprise someone with this diamond, you may do it with or without a surprise ring.

Most of our clients pick a conventional solitaire engagement ring, generally on a pave band, or a halo engagement ring, which enlarges the central diamond. 

Where’s The Best Place To Buy High Quality Loose Diamonds?

Diamonds By Raymond Lee
Before purchasing a High quality Loose Diamonds, it is important to perform some research into the diamond’s origin. It is critical to ensure that the website you are working with is reputable and well-known.
Buy only certified diamonds. Certified diamonds pass through rigorous quality testing in the laboratory. An experienced gemologist handles the testing processes. This is to guarantee that buyers receive the highest grade diamond.
An online jewelry store is the best location to get a loose diamond at the best price. Online platforms can provide you with high-quality diamonds at reasonable costs.
Diamonds by Raymond lee is one of the best places to buy a diamond if you want to buy loose diamonds of high quality. Diamonds by Raymond lee is the only firm that employs Augmented Reality technology, allowing users to test diamond rings on their own hands and compare them to over one million diamonds from all of the world’s major diamond suppliers. They can provide high-quality loose diamonds from reputable sources. Furthermore, they provide High quality Loose Diamonds at the most competitive prices.
When it comes to purchasing High quality Loose Diamonds, the world has seen many changes. Gone are the days when you needed to know someone who would use every trick in his or her bag to ensure that you were receiving a fair bargain.
With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to search through hundreds of diamond listings, view videos and images, compare pricing, and compare the same diamond among various diamond sellers.

Best Place to Purchase Your Diamonds

Trust is the one constant that remains unchanged. Diamonds by Raymond lee allows you to choose the best diamond online from a wide range of high grade diamonds. Buying a loose diamond online is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are looking for an engagement ring or something else. Diamonds by Raymond lee offers a pricing, value, and selection advantage that are unrivaled.

Buying a Loose Diamond In The Store vs. Online

High quality Loose Diamonds

A store has limited choices, therefore you must pick from the available inventory in the store’s limited scope. Diamonds are highly expensive, which is why most retailers have a limited supply of diamonds.

When making an online purchase, you can go straight to the store. You would be able to get in touch with hundreds of stores and dealers. As a client, you have the opportunity to secure the best value for your tastes.

Approximately 95% of all online diamond jewelers have little or no inventory. The statistics are quite astounding. Contemporary jewelers typically use the same or similar diamond sources, or they may have access to the production supplier. As a result, they are capable of supplying you with an outstanding inventory containing over 100,000 selections. The ultimate winner here is the customer. As they have plenty of options to buy High quality Loose Diamonds, that can be preferable to the experience of visiting a store.

If you go to a store, you will be confined to a small number of options at a high price. As a result, an agreement will never be a deal in the true sense.

The diamond market is similar to the real estate market. It is able to correct itself with comparable diamonds and setting standardized pricing. If you discover that the diamond price is really low, there might be a quality-related concern. Browsing loose diamond inventory might be useful in the given circumstances. The benefit of excess inventory is that it allows you to compare pricing and other choices in order to make an informed buying decision.

Contact Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Furthermore, you can choose diamonds of similar grade but with somewhat different pricing. You can use the internet to your advantage in this situation. Feel free to contact Diamonds by Raymond lee to get the best pricing on the market. Before making a final purchasing choice, you should educate yourself on the 4Cs of diamond shopping. There are four of them: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Take the time to learn about diamond pricing and then begin comparing prices from other companies on Diamonds by Raymond lee’s website.

What should I look for When I Buy High quality Loose Diamonds?

High quality Loose Diamonds

Just like you would when looking for an engagement ring, you will use the 4 C’s of diamonds to choose which stone is ideal for you. Let’s review.


People regularly mix up diamond form with diamond cut. Diamonds come in a variety of forms, including round, oval, and pear. The cut of a diamond, on the other hand, is a measure of the artisan’s ability in planning, charting, and hand cutting the facets on each unique diamond. Our grading scale ranges from ‘good’ to ‘ideal.’


When we talk about color in diamonds, we are essentially referring to the absence of color. We determine the grade of a diamond’s hue on an alphabetical scale. It usually begins with D and down to Z, with D being colorless and Z being yellow. We don’t have any colors lower than J at Clean Origin. Moving up or down one color is a simple method to save money for a subtle adjustment that would be undetectable to the naked, untrained eye.


Clarity is a measure of how many natural inclusions or imperfections are present in a diamond. Although lab-induced diamonds emerged by replicating what happens under the earth’s surface. They still contain different degrees of these “blemishes.” Our diamonds range from SI2 to VVS1.


Carat is the size of a diamond and is the most well-known of all the ‘C’s. The price of a diamond is strongly influenced by its size. Nevertheless, if you save 20-40% by going with lab-grown, you could easily acquire a diamond that is 20-40% bigger for the same initial budget. We have a broad range of carat sizes available, starting at 0.30.


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