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Plat. 2.50ct Round Brilliant Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Plat. 2.50ct Round Brilliant Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

2.50ct diamond sapphire 

Are you looking for a huge, beautiful, and stunning engagement ring? Then, you should consider getting a 2.50 carat plat. round brilliant diamond sapphire halo engagement ring. A 2.50ct diamond sapphire halo engagement ring is sure to make a statement every time.

A 2.50 carat diamond sapphire halo engagement ring can look truly grand. This engagement ring type gives a lovely appearance and outstanding brilliance. Also, its large size gives it a real presence on your finger or that of your fiancé-to-be.

Generally, diamonds in the 2.50 carat range are considerably bigger than the average diamond used in an engagement ring. Due to this, they’re priced to match. Therefore, whenever you’re out for a large diamond like this, it’s particularly crucial to check that it’s a high-quality stone. You must be sure it’s free of issues such as coloration or inclusions.

Additionally, the huge size of a plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire implies that any blemishes, which might not be visible on a smaller diamond, can be more visually noticeable. In this post, we explain what a 2.50ct diamond Sapphire is. Also, discover how this diamond stacks up next to other common diamond carat weights. Then, discover more about a plat. 2.50ct round brilliant diamond sapphire halo engagement ring. 

Lastly, we also provided our expert advice on what you should look for if you’d like to purchase a 2.50ct diamond sapphire halo engagement ring.

Introducing the Plat. 2.50ct Diamond Sapphire 

plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire 

A plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire is a diamond with a carat weight of 2.50 carats, or 500 milligrams (half of a gram). Typically, a plat. 2.50ct round brilliant diamond weighs just over half as much as the regular raisin. This ring type measures just under nine millimeters in diameter.

Most 2.50ct diamonds are considerably bigger than average. Also, they are quite rare. Due to this, it’s rare to find a high-quality, well-cut diamond of this carat weight in a local jewelry store or from a brick-and-mortar diamond jeweler. Rather, you’ll find the best range of high-quality plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire rings only from trusted vendors like Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Similar to other diamonds, 2.50ct sapphire diamonds can vary majorly in their looks. You may find some diamonds showing noticeable coloration, inclusions, and other imperfections. While you may find others seeming mostly colorless and free of visible flaws.

plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire Halo engagement ring

Always keep in mind that evaluating the four Cs will help you get the best deal on any diamond. That also applies to every diamond sapphire of this carat weight. When it comes to diamonds, the highest price doesn’t always mean the best, most beautiful stone.

The Price Range of a Plat. 2.50ct Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring 

Plat. 2.50ct diamond Sapphire halo engagement ring can vary in price. It ranges from as little as $10,000 to $75,000 or more. This majorly depends on the quality of the diamond and the type of setting you prefer. 

plat. 2.50ct diamond sapphire Halo engagement ring 

The price can also vary depending on where you buy your diamond sapphire halo engagement ring from. More so, a range of factors influences the price of a diamond. Of all of these, the four most important are the four Cs. That is a term that relates to a diamond’s cut quality, clarity, color, and carat weight. With a higher quality in the diamond in terms of cut, color, and clarity, the more the price will be eventually.

Choosing a 2.50ct Diamond Sapphire 

When choosing a 2.50ct diamond sapphire, we advise choosing an eye-clean diamond. Aim for a clarity grade of VS1/VS2 or more. Select a color grade in the G to I spectrum for a diamond that looks colorless to the naked eye. This also costs less than a colorless D, E, or F grade diamond. In addition, we recommend restricting your options to diamonds with an excellent or ideal cut grade. Do not forget that the cut quality has the greatest influence on a diamond’s look.

2.50ct diamond sapphire 

Finally, to get the best deal, buy from a trusted jewelry vendor such as Diamonds by Raymond Lee. Here is a vendor that offers a vast variety of 2.50ct diamonds and settings. You also enjoy highly competitive pricing and some of the best customer service in the jewelry world.

More so, do you want personalized assistance in deciding on your best diamond option? Feel free to contact us. We are always on hand to help you find the best 2.50 carat diamond for your preferences and budget.

Welcome to the World of Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Rings

diamond sapphire Halo engagement ring

Are you a bride looking to break tradition with your choice of an engagement ring? Then, a diamond sapphire halo engagement ring is a graceful way to do so. This ring type became popular in 1981 thanks to Princess Diana. At present time, Kate Middleton again made the sapphires a regal choice of jewelry. For those who don’t know, she wears the late princess’s engagement ring.

The Diamond Sapphire 

Sapphires are as traditional as they are trendy as stone choices, especially for halo engagement rings. This type of diamond is a good cover for either “something old” or “something new.” However, they will really wow when brides opt for “something blue.” 

The special thing about sapphires is their rarity elegance, durability, and grandness. So, whenever you step out to buy a sapphire engagement ring diamond, it is best to get it right. Hence, some knowledge of this gem’s optical and physical attributes, grading, and varieties will be of great help if you must get the best. 

diamond sapphire

As an adaptable gemstone, sapphire diamonds belong to the corundum family of minerals. More so, sapphire is also the September birthstone and at some point, was thought to bear certain spiritual virtues.

We take insight from the recommendation of the design director at Taylor & Hart, a custom engagement ring and wedding band jeweler, Kate Earlam-Charnley. She explained that “Unlike diamonds, which are known for their fire and brilliance, sapphires are known for their variety of colors. Sapphires are often bought not because they are more affordable than diamonds, but because of their outstanding colors…from rich indigo blue to ocean spray blue, from white (colorless) to orange, champagne, and even green.”

Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring: Symbol of Romance Then and Now

Sapphires get linked to several symbolic associations. This type of gem has long been prominent as engagement ring stones among nobility and celebrities. Even as a poor soldier, Napoleon splurged on a ring set for Josephine with an inverted pear-cut sapphire and an upright pear-cut diamond back in the day. Legend has it that each stone was only one carat in size. 

Meanwhile, this ring style is also known as “You and Me,” and it became incredibly popular during the 18th century. 

When you check out Princess Kate’s engagement ring, it features an oval 12-ct Ceylon sapphire enveloped by a halo of diamonds. Back in the 1980s, Prince Charles chose the center stone with Lady Diana and had it set in a ring. Later on, in 2010, Prince William, their son, gave the ring to Kate Middleton. 

This ring continues to be one of the most famous engagement rings in the world ever since. Also, other celebrities with striking diamond sapphire halo engagement rings are Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley.

So, whether you are on for something antique or something trendy, diamond sapphire halo engagement rings always fit in. 

Pros and Cons of Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Rings

According to Kate Earlam-Charnley, “A sapphire is the perfect balance of classical beauty and contemporary expression, allowing you to choose one that reflects you or your partner’s personality.” 

When you wish to choose this gem, go for a 2.50ct diamond sapphire for a halo engagement ring. Here is another benefit, sapphires come in a vast range of colors (not just blue!) such as purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, and even white. But, according to popular demand, Kashmir and Ceylon blue are the most sought-after varieties.

Nonetheless, some of the lesser-known sapphire colors are extremely rare. Our expert says, “The rarest type of fancy sapphire is the Padparadscha, a delicate balance of orange and pink. The variety and range of color ensure that each gemstone has subtle differences.”

Meanwhile, a diamond sapphire halo engagement ring can vary greatly in cost. As we mentioned above, the price is dependent on carat weight and quality. Generally, sapphire rings cost just less than diamonds. Plus, they range from about $500 to $2,000 per carat. However, Earlam-Charnley concedes that “the sky’s the limit.”

Factors to Consider in a Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Do you want to buy a diamond sapphire for your halo engagement ring? Below are a few queries and answers you should seek before you choose what will be your preferred option.

  • The Most Important Factor to Consider

As for the factor that is the most important part to consider when choosing a diamond sapphire halo engagement ring, Earlam-Charnley explains, “While all sapphire engagement rings are graded by foundational factors such as cut, clarity, color, and carat, a sapphire’s quality is primarily determined through its COLOR AND SHAPE.”

  • The Best Stone Cut to Pair with Sapphire Diamonds

Truly, sapphires can look lovely cut in any way. Yet, the oval cut shows off a sapphire’s rich color the most. Our expert explains, “Oval cuts allow the most light to travel through the gemstone, enhancing its color and making sure the sapphire does not appear flat.”

  • The Best Settings and Metals to Use with a Sapphire Diamond 

Earlam-Charnely explains, “Sapphires look stunning in both contemporary and traditional ring settings. Given their diversity of colors, sapphires look wonderful against white metals like platinum and white gold, and depending on the shade of stone you select they can look lovely against the warm hues of yellow and rose gold.”

  • The Durability Level of Sapphire Diamonds

Diamond sapphires are hard and score 9 when measured using the Mohs hardness scale. Late Earlam-Charnley adds that they are “Second only to diamonds, a sapphire should last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations.” What this implies is that sapphires are suitable for everyday wear.

Where Is The Best Source For My Sapphire Piece?

According to Earlam-Charnley, some of the best sapphire stones come from Thailand, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. She further adds that the “source of origin is usually a factor in price.” The question is what difference does a sapphire’s source make?

Truly, one can find sapphires in different parts of the world. Still, their origins have a great influence on how much they cost eventually. Of all the sources, the most significant locales include Kashmir, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Madagascar, and Montana amongst others.

All of the origins mentioned above are famous for producing quality sapphires. Therefore, any sapphires from these regions automatically carry a particular prestige and value. Nevertheless, not all of the sapphires from these sources exhibit the characteristics of top stones as anyone would expect.

Taking Good Care of a Diamond Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Kate Earlam-Charnley cautions, “While diamonds and precious metals are not easily damaged, they do need frequent care. Pick up your ring from the band, not the center stone. This keeps your setting from becoming loose. And avoid touching the stone, you’ll protect it from the build-up that comes from our skin’s natural oils.”

Also, try to store your sapphire jewelry separately from other pieces. It is also important to always remove your ring when taking part in any physical activity. Also, make sure they never come in contact with household cleaners.

How about when you want to clean your diamond sapphire halo engagement ring? Kate Earlam-Charnley again advises that wearers do this at-home monthly. Also, they should get professional cleaning once every year. According to her, ” With a small drop of washing up liquid, gently scrub your ring with a soft clean toothbrush. Rinse your ring under warm water and gently scrub again to remove any soap residue. Dry with a microfibre cloth.”


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