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Rolex Men’s 39mm Tridor Masterpiece Watch Model 18948

Rolex Men’s 39mm Tridor Masterpiece Watch Model 18948

Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch

For a long time now, we studied the Rolex watchmaking brand and we can boldly affirm that this brand has a message it preaches. The gospel of Rolex, as we’ll love to call it, is the creation of highly functional time tools with equal attention to the aesthetics on display. Rolex always wants to give you the function unaltered and enough elegance to go with it. The Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch is a testament to this gospel. 

Whenever you check out Rolex timepieces, quite a number of them pass the gospel of Rolex in its wholeness. Watches like the Rolex Tridor Masterpiece are top-of-the-line Rolex offerings with enough emphasis on both accuracy and appearance. This explains why when you think of high-end watchmakers, Rolex is one of the top brands you remember. 

Now, with the Rolex Tridor Masterpiece, you have an outstanding option if you prefer an accurate timepiece that is also pleasant to the eyes. Here is a watch that features the highest quality craftsmanship. Rolex also uses the best fine materials to create this line of watches that is hard to beat. The good part is that this line of watches satisfies both men and women. For this article, our focus is on the men’s version.

Into the Classic and Iconic Watchmaking Strides of Rolex

Rolex watchmaking strides

As a watchmaker, Rolex doesn’t need much introduction. You will rarely find a watch enthusiast who isn’t familiar with the brand and attribute it to outstanding class and luxury. What you get from Rolex are luxurious and well-crafted time tools. You get watches that utilize only the finest materials. Also, there is a clientele that can pay for these watches thanks to them being of higher status. Overall, Rolex watches blend both form and function seamlessly to make iconic and effortlessly recognizable pieces. These watches are what others try to copy but cannot meet up with.

  • The History of Rolex

Born in England, yet, Rolex broke into the mainstream while in Switzerland. Switzerland has a long bearing link to exquisite watchmaking. If you know of Swiss watchmaking, well, that is where the finest timepieces in the world come from. 

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that Rolex would prefer to establish its operations in Switzerland. From the core of the finest watchmaking territory in the world, Rolex innovates and puts out design and quality standards that other watchmakers follow globally. 

No sooner had the brand begun production than it began to make a name for itself. Rolex got patents for distinctive mechanisms and other watch components. That way, this watchmaker soon set itself apart from other watchmakers. From there on, Rolex became associated with luxury, style, class, and exactness. To this day, this watchmaking brand continues to innovate and develop new watch designs that are always one step ahead of the rest of the world

Do you prefer something rugged and versatile? Or do you want something with a lot of bling so you can steal the show always?  Regardless of what your choice is, Rolex has options that will suit your taste and preferences. By getting a Rolex watch, whether the Masterpiece or some other model, you are sure to get satisfaction with the top-notch quality of craftsmanship, materials used, and the entire appeal of the watch.

The Rolex Tridor Masterpiece Watch: Precious Metals in a Trident

Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch

With the Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch, Rolex presents an option for those who appreciate the finer things in life. If you seek an elegant and timeless watch to establish a put-together, elegant appearance, the Tridor Masterpiece is your best bet.

As a reminder of the 1980s, the Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch is a fascinating spin on the Day-Date. Being the most prestigious of Rolex dress watches, the Day-Date line of watches is only ever built in gold or platinum. As for the Tridor Masterpiece version, it is a product of three distinct varieties of gold. This medley of three metals gives it an unusually pleasant aesthetic.

  • Introducing the Rolex Tridor Watch

The Rolex Tridor watch is a distinct version of the prestigious Date-Date timepiece. By Masterpiece, Rolex simply resonated that this is a higher-end model of the watch. Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watches come from the finest materials and can even have diamond accents for extra sparkle and appeal. 

Rolex Tridor men's watch

Many versions of the watch like the 39mm men’s version feature diamonds that surround the entire dial of the watch. What you have here are high-quality stones that add to the watch’s charm and style. You get a watch that is ideal for those who want an eye-catching, and grand accessory.

You can get the Rolex Tridor men’s watch in yellow gold or white gold. This male version of the watch comes in a large 39mm case to give you a chunky and sporty feel without losing its elegance. Every Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals in its composition.

Also, they all feature automatic movements. What this means is that the watch rids you of the need to ever have to wind the movement by hand. Still, it guarantees you accurate timekeeping. Also, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 30 meters (100 feet). With that, this watch can go where you go, even for those who live an active life. You can use this watch if you like to spend your time outdoors and still want to look stylish always.

  • An Overview of the Tridor Masterpiece

Housed in a 39mm Oyster case, this particular Rolex Day-Date ref. 18948 comes built in a combination of gold variants. Then, it gets topped off with a fluted bezel in 18k yellow gold. All of these wrap over a silver dial with yellow gold hands and yellow gold hour-markers. In all, this unearths an aesthetic that is particular to the President line of watches. Also, with its President bracelet, the Tridor earns its name and trademark expression.

The bracelet of the Tridor watch is why it even bears the name, Tridor. That is Rolex’s name for a three-toned gold bracelet. What this watch presents is a bracelet that features rose, yellow, and white gold all in one. With such unique design elements, you can understand why Rolex remains a prolific and highly-referred watchmaker all around the watchmaking world.

the Tridor Masterpiece

By using three different colors of gold, Rolex equips the Tridor Masterpiece watch with a totally distinct and stunning look. This Rolex Tridor watch sets itself apart not only from other watches but also from other Rolex offerings. Here you have an amazing medley of color and material. With this, you have a watch that blends in perfectly with various types of outfits and styles.

  • The Rolex Tridor Men’s Watch Powered by an Automatic Movement

This particular Tridor 18948 men’s wristwatch’s powerhouse is an automatic movement. With an automatic movement, it means that you have a watch that functions seamlessly regardless of the lifestyle you live. More so, this movement presents a water-resistant option that allows you up to 100 feet or 30 meters. 

So, for every Rolex fan that desires a luxury watch that is different and can support an active lifestyle, the Day-Date Tridor Masterpiece watch is the best option. 

  • Blending in Precious Metals 

By combining three main colors of gold, the Tridor Masterpiece watch presented a very chic look ever since the 1980s. Especially during that time, tri-gold jewelry was the big deal and Rolex introduced their version of this trend with the Tridor Masterpiece watch. 

On the exterior of the semi-circular links of the iconic President bracelet of the ref. 18948, we have 18k white gold that matches the case. Then, the center links come shaped from a combination of 18k pink, yellow, and white gold. 

This version is different from the Rolesor as the metals are fully blended. The Tridor watch took a different approach in its creation. The stripes of the multicolored gold were delicately meshed together to create flawlessly straight lines running through the full length of the bracelet. That alone is one very unique design that will make any watch lover check it out again.

In all, the Rolex Tridor men’s watch 18948 runs with a blend of pink, yellow, and white gold metals.

Why is this Tridor Men’s Watch a True Masterpiece?

For various reasons, this Rolex Tridor men’s watch presents itself as a true masterpiece. This timepiece is an affirmation of all that Rolex is famous for. From the attention to detail, the use of the finest materials, the flawless blend of aesthetics and function, and the chic luxury aura, there is a lot to desire here. Check them out! 

  • Refined and Accurate

It is impossible to pick one of these two as what makes Rolex watches so outstanding. Some might say it is their elegance while others will say it is the precision of the watches. From the start, the focus was on accuracy and innovative internal mechanisms. What Rolex aimed at was to build a watch that will always tell accurate time. Also, a watch that doesn’t need to be wound by hand. In no time, this cutting-edge design soon became the industry standard and the patented mechanisms are still top-of-the-line in today’s watchmaking world.

Nevertheless, it isn’t only about the accuracy that makes the Rolex Tridor men’s watch and other Rolex watches different from the rest of the pack. The Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch also reflects care for craftsmanship and remarkable aesthetic design. You will discover how much attention goes to classic and sophisticated profiles. Also, there is the use of only top-quality materials. What you have as the end product is a quality that you can see with the naked eye just like the Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch.

With every watch being handmade by some of the finest watchmakers in the world, what is there not to be desired. Rolex craftsmen hand-select every stone and piece of metal you find on Rolex watches. That way, they ensure the highest standards of quality. Here is one way Rolex continues to guarantee such a consistent level of quality in both design, construction, and materials used in watches. 

In all, watches like the Rolex Tridor men’s watch are so well-crafted that they really stand the test of time. Also, the look is so classic and timeless that the Rolex Tridor men’s watch never goes out of vogue.

  • Fascinating and Timeless Design

The Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch comes furnished with classic design elements. These design elements make them both elegant and adaptable. With the timeless design on display, this timepiece looks great with all kinds of outfits and styles. 

One other impressive quality this timeless design offers is that it goes well with pretty much any look. We understand that trends may come and go. Still, the refinement and sophistication of this Rolex Tridor men’s watch never faded out.

Try pairing a Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch with a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. What you get is a casual look raised to a completely new level of class and style.

  • A True Definition of Style

With the Rolex Tridor men’s watch, you get a true style statement. This watch shows that you recognize luxury and quality. Donning a Rolex watch shows that you are a wise consumer who cares about the pieces they select as accessories. Regardless of what your intention for buying the Rolex Tridor men’s watch is, we are sure that you will love the style it offers. 

Alt-Image: Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch of style

With the classic design and quality craftsmanship that goes into every Tridor Masterpiece watch, nothing oozes style more. There is no better way to make a statement that you care about style and luxury than rocking a Tridor Masterpiece watch. It is a perfect way to show that you have good taste in choosing accessories.


Do you desire classic, understated elegance? Or do you have a fierce and daring sense of fashion? If yes, a Rolex Tridor Masterpiece watch is always a way to compliment every look flawlessly. With a Rolex Tridor men’s watch, you have an accessory that blends elegantly with all different styles and for any event.


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