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Popular Pear-shaped Rings with Accents

Popular Pear-shaped Rings with Accents

popular pear-shaped rings with accents 

Take a picture of what a teardrop looks like. There you have it! That’s exactly what pear-shaped rings with accents look like. With the image of a teardrop (preferable tears of joy), what best embodies emotions than pear-cut rings? 

Furthermore, you cannot deny the reality surrounding these uniquely shaped rings. Pear-shaped rings with accents are hitting the jewelry world again in what seems like a major comeback. Do you want to know why?  That’s quite obvious.

First, these spectacular teardrop-shaped jewels last the test of time in every way. Aside from this, pear-cut rings are as eye-catching as they get. In addition, these diamond rings again stretch out your finger to add that dashing feel. 

Moreover, regardless of what the size might be, Pear-shaped rings with accents retain their sparkle always. This is one edge these diamond rings have over their counterparts. And, in this blog post, you are about to experience the dazzles in the world of these stunning pieces of jewelry. Follow through! 

Introducing The Popular Pear-Shaped Rings with Accents

Pear-shaped rings with accents present an extended teardrop shape. These pear-cut rings are a blend of an oval and a marquise cut.

What makes these Pear-shaped rings with accents special is the array of aesthetic options it presents for every jewelry lover. Pear-shaped rings with accents vary from the smallest solitaires to vintage-inspired designs. Also, there are certain outstanding takes with brilliant jewels. 

When you consider the settings, you have several super-unconventional settings. They include:

  • Clusters
  • Double-band rings
  • Off-kilter stones

These settings are excellent if you tend to keep from regular engagement rings.

The Chronicles of the Popular Pear Diamond Rings

popular pear diamond rings with accents 

As we mentioned earlier, pear-cut rings are rings with a distinctive and timeless cut. A good point to note at this point is that these pear-shaped diamond rings also have an alternative name. They are also known as teardrop rings. 

These Pear-shaped rings with accents existed for over 500 years. And during these long years, this shape continues to evolve and conform to the ever-adjusting demand for more recent productions. Pear-cut rings are a product of a mixture of marquis cuts with another cut. This is the beginning of these innovative productions.

Meanwhile, as a result of its ever-changing and developing classy style, pear-cut rings are different. This ring shape is one of the most sought-after cuts in the world of engagement rings. 

The Gem Society confirms this by saying, “Since they’ve been around for so long, you’ll be able to see both modern and antique diamond jewelry with pear-shaped diamonds. And in doing so, you’ll be seeing a wide variety of proportions.”

Expert Guidance in Ring Shopping

popular pear-shaped rings with accents 

To get the best out of pear rings, you must get the help of an expert. It helps you get the best of the options out there. This shape of the engagement ring is a peculiar and intricate one. Hence, only an expert can assure you of an error-free purchase.

  • Raymond Lee Jewelers

is an expert jewelry store. Before its launch, this eponymous fine jewelry store gave due credence to the study of fashion design. Not just that, the brand has experts on ground in the areas of jewelry design, quality maintenance, and so on.

Getting the service of a brand like Raymond Lee Jewelers reduces your chances of making mistakes to the barest minimum. This is why we advise you to seek the help of experts like this. 

Lows and Highs of Pear Diamond Rings

popular pear rings with accents 

In this section, discover the lows and highs of pear diamond rings with accents. With the knowledge of these bones and banes, it only gets simpler. Afterward, learn about how you can take care of these rings, and lots more.

According to Grace Lee, the owner of the Grace Lee Fine Jewelry brand: “In general, because of its elongated shape, pear-cut diamonds show larger than some of the other diamond shapes like a traditional round brilliant. Because of this, they can be a better value with a larger surface area.”

Note that these pear-cut rings usually appear bigger per carat. However, thanks to their teardrop shape, these rings can also be very delicate. Grace Lee adds that: “[Pear-shaped rings] have a very small, pointy tip that can make them vulnerable to damage.”

Another jewelry expert and designer, Ashley Zhang adds that: “Placing a prong or a V-prong on the point or choosing a bezel setting around the entire stone can help protect the tip of the stone from breaking or chipping with wear.”

Grace Lee explains that: “Since Pear-shaped rings with accents are not symmetrical—when comparing the pointed side and the rounded side—they can sometimes appear lopsided and heavy on one side.”

Lastly, Pear-shaped rings with accents can feel effortlessly customizable. Simply put, you can rock your pear diamond rings with the diamond facing any other following sides:

  • Up
  • Down
  • East-west
  • A Little Bit Off-kilter.

More on the Highs And Lows Of Pear Diamond Rings

popular pear-shaped rings with accents 

How about more details? In this part of the post, learn about these highs and lows in more detail. 

To want pear diamond rings for your engagement is nothing short of a brilliant choice. However, it is equally a brilliant idea to always consider the pros and cons of these rings in more detail. Eventually, the goal for you is to buy the best of this diamond shape you so desire. 

We begin with the pros

Highs Of Pear-shaped Rings with Accents: Size, Value, and Design

We all know by now that the shape of these rings is eye-catching. Above that, pear-shaped diamond rings come with certain amazing pros. These are the edges they have over regular round-cut diamonds. 

All thanks to their extended shape, pear-cut rings appear bigger than a round diamond. Meanwhile, this is not only about their appearance. These rings are precisely 8% bigger on their top covering.

The implication of this is that even a tiny diamond will reveal a great presence on these rings. Therefore, a huge pear will appear large.

When it comes to their value, pear-shaped diamond rings come in 10-30% less than a round diamond ring. This is the same when they both have an exact carat weight.

Additionally, Pear-shaped rings with accents come in several varieties of styles. They are perfect for vintage, contemporary, and distinctive looks. This explains why celebrities like Ariana Grande have this cut as their engagement rings. Public acceptance continues to grow especially amongst celebrities. 

When you use these rings in a nature-inspired way, they can signify rain or water in general.

Lows Of Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings: Delicate Angle And Only A Few Neat Cuts

Nonetheless, pear diamond rings come with a few disadvantages as well. For instance, the tip of the diamond is very delicate. They tend to get damaged or chip easily. When these rings are set properly, the prongs protect against these damages.

Furthermore, it can be tough to find a properly-cut pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. Plus, it doesn’t help matters that the gemological laboratories fail to authorize cut quality grades. They do not do this for fancy-shaped diamond rings like pear diamond rings. 

Therefore, it falls on you to verify the sparkle and shape of the rings carefully. That is the only way you can get a well-cut diamond ring.

Ask the Following Questions before Buying Your Pear Rings

popular pear-shaped rings with accents 

There are certain questions you must find answers to if you must get the best Pear-shaped rings with accents available. Below are crucial questions that rank the highest in importance.

  • How Do You Identify Pear Diamond Rings With High Quality?

Ashley Zhang provides an answer to this already when she says: “Pear-shaped diamonds, like ovals, can have a ‘bow-tie,’ or a darker loss of light in the center of the stone. The bow tie on a well-cut pear-shaped diamond should be minimal and the symmetry of the stone should be even and have nice proportions—not too long and skinny, or too wide and stubby.”

  • What Are The Best Settings For Pear-shaped Rings with Accents?

For this question, the answer comes from Grace Lee. She explains that: “Traditionally, pear diamonds have been set in a north-south (vertical) or east-west (horizontal) orientation.” Grace Lee prefers to set her pear-shaped rings at an off-angle. This works for both her prongs and bezel settings.

  • What Are The Best Metals For Pear Diamond Rings?

Ashley Zhang says that “all metals work with pear-cut diamonds.” More so, she points out that pear-shaped diamond rings are prone to revealing more color compared to other cuts. 

Do you desire a diamond engagement ring that appears very radiant? A ring that shines perfectly especially when set in rose or yellow gold. Then, your choice should be Pear-shaped rings with accents with an H color grade or higher.

  • What Is the Perfect Length-to-Width Ratio For Pear Rings?

Deciding the length-to-width ratio (L/W) of Pear-shaped rings with accents is subjective. It is mostly a matter of what you as a person prefer. Still, the most preferred ratio is 1.45 to 1.75.

Ensure you pay attention to the real dimensions of the diamond. More so, pay attention to how huge it will look when you have it on. Lengthier diamonds look larger. Plus, they add more of a slimming effect to your finger. This is probably why some people prefer a wider diamond.

However, if you want a smaller diamond on your ring, it may be better you stick to ratios of 1.60 to 1.75. Finally, note that prongs in particular settings can cause the pear shapes to take a more triangular appearance.

  • How Well Does The Shape Appeal To You?

Again, you must give close attention to the real shape of the diamond on your ring. When the shape isn’t good enough, try another one.

Pear diamond rings should come with one semicircular edge. Again, these Pear-shaped rings with accents have equally rounded shoulders. Finally, there are these gently curved wings that come to a point at the other end on pear-cut rings.

Stay away from Pear-shaped rings with accents that have a flat end instead of a semicircle. Also, the shoulders and wings of these rings should not be flat or grow out. In areas where they grow out, they appear unappealing. 

Plus, these also conceal the weight. Hence, you will be paying for the weight you can’t enjoy.

  • What Is The Clarity Grade Best For Pear-shaped rings with accents?

Similar to other brilliant-cut diamonds, a well-cut pear-shaped diamond ring conceals clarity flaws. For instance, an SI1 or SI2 clarity diamond ring will probably be eye-clean. What this means is that you won’t find these inclusions with your naked eye. 

We recommend that if your budget is tight, you should go for an I1 diamond that’s at least eye-clean.

But, if you want a 2+ carat diamond, it is only ideal that you go higher on the clarity scale. Also, remember that clarity grades are assessed in relation to the size of the diamond. Hence, we advise that you go for a VS1 or VS2 clarity diamond ring.

Taking Proper Care Of Your Pear-shaped Rings with Accents

Taking care of your pear rings is crucial. Without this, you can’t enjoy these amazing pieces long enough. Grace Lee suggests using a soft baby toothbrush. For her, a soft baby toothbrush should work perfectly with an all-natural mixture of apple cider vinegar.

Grace Lee also recommends the addition of baking soda to this solution. Then, you should carefully clean your diamond. Ensure you do this as mindfully as you can always. 

Have it in mind that pear-shaped rings with accents are vulnerable to chipping and damage. Hence, it is essential to always deal with your ring as carefully as you can.

Conclusion: Popular and Precious Pieces 

If you wish to take a slight deviation from the usual, then Pear-shaped rings with accents are the perfect option. These rings come in so many dashing styles. So, you have several options to pick from. Plus, with the detailed knowledge we provide in this text, you have the foundation you can build on.


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