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Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Princess-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

A beautiful accessory such as a princess-cut diamond eternity band is a really great piece of jewelry for a range of different occasions. It is a lovely style for a wedding band. Not only does it pair well with a wide number of styles of engagement rings, it also has lovely symbolism that makes it a great option for this purpose. However, this is more than just a ring that will look good with an engagement ring. You can also wear this ring as a statement piece of jewelry on any finger. It will draw in the eye and add style and glamor to anything you pair it with. 


Whether you are looking for a wedding band or just a beautiful piece of jewelry for a special occasion, this ring is a great choice. It boasts a timeless and classic design. This is a design that never goes out of style, no matter what the current trend. It is a well-made ring that can withstand the rigors of daily life, which is part of what makes it such a great choice for a wedding band. 

Stunning Accessories


The accessories we wear go a long way toward creating a look that is all our own. We all have our own personal style and can use accessories to really show that off. A ring such as the princess-cut diamond eternity band we feature here is a really great choice for those who love classic designs and high-end materials. The ring features the best quality white gold. It holds the diamonds firmly in place and adds a cool, silvery hue that really offsets the diamonds well. A lot of people prefer white gold to traditional gold and it also pairs well with other accessories, too. 


High-end jewelry tells others that you appreciate the finer things in life and that you are willing to pay for quality. It also shows that you have a classic and timeless sense of fashion. The great thing about this ring is that it looks great with many different clothing styles. Since it is classic, it will pair with pretty much anything and take the look to a whole new level of style. And, you have the peace of mind that, even as trends come and go, this is a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time and always look great. 


The Best Place in Town for All Your Jewelry Needs


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we have a dedication to providing the Boca Raton area with everything they need as it relates to high-end jewelry. We work hard to cultivate a reputation as one of the finest jewelers in the area and beyond. Our selection is hard to beat. We have the best selection of rare, high-end jewelry around. This is because our buyers have a ton of experience as well as connections. These skills and connections allow them to source the finest jewelry from around the world. That is how we are able to offer such a beautiful selection of rare fine jewelry.


But our services go well beyond sourcing the finest high-end jewelry around. We also provide custom jewelry design services. We have incredibly talented jewelers that use the latest in computer software to turn your dream into a reality. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, we also offer a full range of comprehensive jewelry repair services. Whether you have something simple or you need a full rebuild of a piece of jewelry, we are here to help. 

Eternity Bands

The eternity band is a really beautiful and simple piece of jewelry. It combines high-end design with quality materials. And since it has symbolism, it makes a really nice choice for a wedding band. The eternity band consists of a band that features gemstones inset into the band. Here we have a white gold band and princess-cut diamonds. You most often see full, half, or two-thirds eternity bands. This refers to how far around the band the gemstones go. The ring we feature here is a full eternity band and its stones are a little larger than what you typically see.


What will work best for you will depend on your budget and comfort. Obviously, the more gemstones a ring has, the more expensive it will be. Since this is a full eternity band, the diamonds go around the whole band. Some people prefer the half or two-thirds eternity band not because it has a smaller price tag, but because they find it more comfortable. If you use your hands a lot, you might find the full eternity band can chafe your inner fingers. 

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The princess-cut diamond is an elegant and popular cut. It can be square in shape or rectangular. The ring we feature here boasts rectangular-shaped princess-cut stones. While there are quite a few different square and rectangular cuts, the princess cut is unique. It features pointed angles at the edges of the stone. Many other square or rectangular cuts have softer or rounded edges.


This gives the gemstone a really clean and elegant profile. This cut of stone looks great with vintage or classic styles, but it also looks good with modern and more edgy styles as well. It has a nice blending of fire and sparkle. Fire refers to the rainbow-like hues a stone gives from its depths when viewed in light. Sparkle is, of course, that glint that we all love so much from the diamond. Many cuts are meant to emphasize one or the other of these qualities. But here we have a cut that gives us both. It is not a wonder that this is such a popular cut for jewelry.


The princess-cut diamond looks great in all sorts of different jewelry applications. You’ll see it used in high-end stud earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and, of course, rings. 


White Gold

White gold is a beautiful silvery material that is incredibly popular in jewelry making. It offers all the properties that make gold such a popular material for jewelry, except that it has a cool silvery hue rather than the rich buttery yellow of traditional gold. Originally, white gold was developed as an alternative to platinum. A lot of people love the cool hue and shine of platinum but it is rare and expensive. White gold was a less expensive alternative that still has the silvery hue. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also more durable than traditional yellow gold, though it does need some upkeep on occasion.


No jewelry features pure gold. Pure gold is far too soft to make jewelry from. If you were to use pure gold the piece would quickly lose its shape. So what happens is that the gold is mixed with other materials that add strength and longevity to the metal. The same is true of white gold, except more of these other metals are used. Traditionally, pure gold will be mixed with nickel and zinc. The resulting piece of jewelry will also often have a rhodium plating on the outside. This coating may need occasional re-coating. 

Elegant and Stylish


The white gold princess-cut diamond eternity band we feature here is a beautiful piece of classic and timeless jewelry. A lot of people swear by the classics. And, well, they are classic for a reason. Their design is one that, for whatever reason, just defies trends and stands the test of time. Think about the classic little black dress. Regardless of what is in fashion, this is a look that will always be in style. There are also accessories that have these qualities and the ring we feature here is a perfect example of it.


Another great thing about a classic piece of jewelry is that it will look great with pretty much any style. Whether you have a bold and eye-catching sense of fashion, or you prefer classic cuts and styles, this is a ring that will pair incredibly well with either look. We know that you will love how great everything you pair with looks. And since it is so well-made and features only the finest materials, you know that it can withstand the rigors of your daily life. 


A Great Wedding Band

The princess-cut diamond eternity band we feature here is a really great choice for a wedding band. Since it is classic and timeless, you know that it will look great for many years to come. And the simple design of the ring ensures that it will pair well with all sorts of engagement rings. If you choose a white gold engagement ring that is of a fairly simple style, this look is a great choice. In essence, the eternity band is a band that features inset gemstones (in this case, diamonds) that go around all or part of the band. It will add some extra sparkle and shine to the overall look and it is simple and elegant on its own. 


The eternity band we feature here is a full eternity band. That simply means that the gemstones run all the way around the band of the ring. You can also find half and two-thirds eternity bands as well. There is a nice symbolism with this piece that makes it great for a wedding band. It symbolizes two joining as one for eternity. When it comes to a piece of jewelry that has the ability to express a happy, healthy relationship, it is hard to think of anything better than this. 


Statement Piece


While the full princess-cut diamond eternity band does make a really elegant wedding band, that is not the only option for its use. It can also make a really great statement piece. Statement jewelry is a ton of fun. This is where we can bust out our most elegant and over-the-top pieces. They are accessories that we will hold back for special events or a specific kind of formal event. This is the perfect opportunity to let your inner princess shine. Next time you have a formal gala or a high-end cocktail party, this eternity band might be just the accessory to really complete your look. 


It is elegant and formal, yet simple enough to pair with other accessories. The ring will add some glamor and sparkle to your look without taking too much attention away from the rest of your attire. And, if you want to pair it with other pieces of jewelry, it can look stunning. We simply advise that you stick to the same metal across different pieces. If you are looking to pair with the ring we feature here, you will want to stick with white gold jewelry. You can pair the piece with other gemstones, but sticking to the same metal is highly recommended. 

In Closing


We have a reputation for offering some of the best high-end jewelry in the area and strive to continue to cultivate this reputation. This is why we source only the rarest and finest pieces of jewelry. We hope this gives you the peace of mind that anything you find in our display cases is going to be well-made and feature only the finest quality materials. The princess-cut diamond eternity band we feature here is a perfect example of the quality and elegance we look for. It features the most high-grade gemstones inset into white gold. 


The coolness of the white gold offsets the sparkle of the diamonds to create a beautiful yet classic interplay. The classic and timeless design makes it a great choice for a wedding band. Since it is simple, it will look great with a wide range of different engagement ring styles. And the symbolism of two lives joining as one gives it even more meaning. But this doesn’t have to be a wedding band. It also makes a great statement piece as well. We know that you will love any excuse to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry. It can be the focal point of your look or used to enhance the look of your outfit. 


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