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Reasons Why Tennis Bracelets Remain Accessory Treasures

Reasons Why Tennis Bracelets Remain Accessory Treasures

tennis bracelets

Accessories like tennis bracelets stay timeless in their classiness and glamor. These accessory treasures can either stay simple or more ornate. But, whatever you choose, you still get a piece that will stand the test of time.

These diamond tennis bracelets may look simple, but that doesn’t take away from their versatility and elegance. You can easily pair a tennis bracelet with a wide range of fashions. And, they look great for a huge variety of social occasions.

The Tennis Bracelets are in a World of Its Own

There aren’t many accessories that stand the test of time like the tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are simple, elegant, and timeless. They have been popular for many decades and will remain so for many to come. It is just one of those accessories that hits all the right notes and thus doesn’t go out of fashion. Trends may come and go, but diamond tennis bracelets are here to stay. We think this is great!

Whether you are spending a night out on the town, a day in the office, or a quiet evening with family, tennis bracelets set off any look. They give you that effortless elegance that we all strive for. Something as simple as a strand of diamonds can take any look to a whole new level of elegance and style. Simple design and quality materials come together to create one of the most iconic accessories around.

Every woman should have a quality tennis bracelet. These elegant accessories are beautiful, and versatile, and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While we are all familiar with the classic thin clear diamond bracelet, you can find them in a lot more varieties than you might imagine. Let your creativity run wild and adorn yourself with one of these timeless accessories.

How Do the Tennis Bracelets Come to the Limelight? 

tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets have been around far longer than the name has been. The term tennis bracelet owes its homage to tennis champion, Chris Evert. She was one of the top tennis players during her career which ran from 1972 to 1989. During her storied career, she would win match after match, and leave a mark on popular culture that is still felt to this day.

This iconic bracelet was ever-present during her tennis matches. It was a signature accessory. During a US Open appearance, the bracelet she was wearing, a George Bedawi diamond bracelet, broke during the match. This was because the clasp of the bracelet would snap during the match. She would ask the officials to pause the match so she could retrieve her precious bracelet.

Officials gave in and stopped the match to allow the precious diamond bracelet to be located on the court. The moment would become an iconic sports moment and it would also launch the popularity of this bracelet. What was a simple bracelet soon because a style icon for people across a wide range of lifestyles. It is still popular with tennis players to this day but is also popular far beyond the court.

After the event, many jewelers began to create thin bracelets with lines of precious gemstones and secure clasps. This is how they got the moniker of “tennis bracelets”. To this day, many tennis stars still sport this iconic bracelet. It is one of the few accessories tough enough to be able to withstand the rigors of the sport.

Why are Tennis Bracelets Accessory Treasures? 

diamond tennis bracelet in history

A Burst of Variety

As we mentioned earlier, a diamond tennis bracelet features a continuous row of high-grade diamonds. These diamonds will feature precious metal prongs that secure the stones into place. This gives the bracelet the appearance of a solid row of sparkle and shine.

Most people select smaller stones for a classic bracelet, but you do not have to go that route if you don’t want to. You can select larger, more opulent stones for this bracelet as well. Larger stones create a dramatic and eye-catching accessory that features a continuous row of large, high-grade diamonds that are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

You can express your style and creativity while still sticking to this classic style. The great thing about these pieces is that there are more options than ever before. Whether you like simple and traditional or want a bold punch of color, you can easily find the perfect choice for your style and needs.

A Mix of Different High-End Materials

The diamond is a traditional stone that features diamond tennis bracelets. And gold is most often the precious metal of choice. These bracelets look amazing in pretty much any color of gold. From rose gold to white gold, all look great on this style of jewelry.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to gold. Stainless steel, platinum, silver, and even titanium can also feature in one of these elegant pieces. Whatever your favorite type of precious metal for jewelry, it will look good on this piece.

Some people pair diamonds with other precious gemstones like sapphires or rubies to create a colorful accessory. Others don’t use diamonds at all, but rather, feature other precious gemstones in a continuous line that features precious metal prongs to hold them in place.

Minimalist; Yet Elegant

A diamond tennis bracelet is a very simple accessory. However, we should note that simple doesn’t mean stodgy or boring. Just like the little black dress is simple and timeless, tennis bracelets are as well. Diamond tennis bracelets feature a row of small, clear, high-grade diamonds. These stones generally feature metal prongs that hold the stones in place. The result is a smooth bracelet that is a continuous line of stones. This is an accessory where the materials shine.

Since it is so simple, you want to choose quality materials and stones. Precious metals like gold, platinum, and even silver look great on a tennis bracelet. You can choose from diamonds of a range of shapes and sizes.

In a traditional tennis bracelet, the stones are small and dainty. However, there are variations for those who like a little more bling or who want a punch of color in their accessories. Today, you can find tennis bracelets in a host of different gemstones and materials. This allows you to express your personality and style while sticking to a simple, elegant design.

A Classic Affair

Another great thing about the tennis bracelet is its classic design. A continuous line of stones creates a sparkle and shine that works well with pretty much any outfit. Whether you are wearing a fine dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you can take your style to the next level with one of these accessories. Classic design and shapes come together to create a piece of jewelry that truly never goes out of fashion. It is a little black dress with accessories.

This classic design makes it work with a range of different styles. Whether you like classic, simple and elegant fashions or you prefer something bolder and more eye-catching, these accessories will give you that polish you crave. From formal wear to casual attire, these accessories feature a classic design that looks amazing with so many different styles and types of fashion.

Since it is so versatile, it can easily become part of your signature look. Who doesn’t want to be known for having a look of classic, timeless elegance and sophistication? And all it takes is carefully choosing high-quality accessories that stand the test of time. With these accessories, achieving this look is simple.

Never Out of Style

Think of your favorite fashion icon and what makes them have such great style. Chances are, they exude timeless elegance and glamour. Style icons that stand the test of time are those who know how to choose and pair accessories with their outfits. This doesn’t mean they have to be ostentatious. In fact, oftentimes the simpler the better. This doesn’t mean boring, but it does mean a focus on a classic design.

Diamonds never go out of fashion. They are one of the most popular stones for jewelry even to this day. There is something supremely elegant and timeless about a clear, high-grade diamond. When you pair these stones with high-grade metals, they create truly stunning works of art. Quality diamonds will catch the light and create a lot of sparkle and shine. The precious metals will help bring attention to the stones and give them that smooth look tennis bracelets are known for.

Aspects to Consider When Shopping for Tennis Bracelets 

 tennis bracelet

When you’re seeking out the perfect tennis bracelet, you want to find one unique and of top quality. So how can you make sure that you’re getting what you want?

The answer is simple: by choosing a crafted design for you! To help you choose the best tennis bracelet to fit your needs, we provide some helpful tips.

Your Lifestyle

Getting a tennis bracelet may be the perfect step if you love the sport. You may also fancy this jewelry piece if you are an active or adventurous person. Nothing says that you cannot let go of your big bangles for a while. If you are up to changing your style, the diamond tennis bracelet is a great piece to pick up.

Stone of Choice

It is no news that one of the most endearing things about this piece is the fact that it is diamond-studded. The gem makers crafted a standard version of the piece with yellow gold. And yellow gold may be the most popular. But, it is not the only gemstone associated with a tennis bracelet.

Other gemstones you can decide to use include rubies, garnets, sapphires, and emeralds. So, if you ever decide that the tennis bracelet is worth it, picking from any of these is a good call.

Wrist Size  

Deciding to buy any wristwear – either a watch or a chain- means that you have to consider your size. A smaller wrist may not be able to rock a piece meant for a bigger wrist. To enjoy wearing your tennis bracelet on your tiny wrist, choose a more delicate one. You might consider using a double or triple-row tennis bracelet if your wrist is larger.

A Safety Clasp

A safety clasp is almost as important as the original clasp or any other part. It is the perfect means to overcome the fear of losing your bracelet. While we can trust the original clasp for security, things happen; sometimes, they fail. With the presence of a safety clasp acting as backup, you need not worry. So, yes! You want to ensure that the safety clasp is in place before getting your tennis bracelet.

When you buy a tennis bracelet, you are not only purchasing a nice piece of jewelry. Yes, it can impress others with its high quality and sparkly diamonds. But is that all there is to the tennis bracelet? Of course, that is not all. You’re also getting a piece associated with a history and a significant beginning.

Conclusion: Extra Color is Never Too Much

Not everyone wants classic clear diamonds. Some of us like a little color. Or, a lot of colors. Regardless of your preferences, you can find the perfect bracelet for your needs and taste. While clear diamonds are traditional, they aren’t the only option available.

As we noted earlier, you can find these accessories in a wide range of gemstones of a rainbow of different colors. Whether you want a colorful diamond or wish to opt for a completely different kind of gemstone, you can find high-end tennis bracelets in a huge range of materials.

Classically, the diamond features tennis bracelets. However, diamonds aren’t just clear. Choose from a rainbow of different colors to create a lovely rainbow of a bracelet. Some people like to pair classic clear diamonds with other precious gemstones for a hint of color while still keeping with tradition.

The great thing about clear diamonds is that they pair with pretty much any kind of gemstone and look amazing. Whether you want diamonds as your main stone or accent stones, they add that sparkle and shine that we all covet.

Eventually, the call is yours to make! 


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