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Ruby and Diamond Rings

Ruby and Diamond Rings

Bold, but elegant, accessories, such as ruby and diamond rings, are a great way to show off your personal style. You will often find these rings in classic styles. Here, we see rubies as the main central stone and colorless diamonds as accent stones. The sparkle of the diamonds really offsets the ruby in a stunning way. Both kinds of stone compliment each other. We have a few different versions of ruby and diamond rings here, just to show the variety they come in. Each of these rings is in a pretty classic and timeless style, but the use of a bold gemstone such as the ruby really makes it eye-catching and bold.


The great thing about these pieces is that they are made from the finest materials. Only the highest-quality rubies, diamonds, and gold feature in these rings. And, they are made to the highest standards of quality. The design is amazing and the construction is flawless. This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a well-made piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time.


Give the Best First Impression 

We all want to give off a good first impression. And think about it, once we form an impression of someone, it can be pretty difficult to shake. So it really does make sense to put a little thought and effort into the accessories you wear. If the clothing you wear and the accessories you choose can have such an effect on how people perceive you, you want to make sure you are giving off the right vibe. A bold, but elegant, piece of jewelry such as ruby and diamond rings, is a great way to have that put-together and stylish look we all crave.


And, since these are high-quality pieces, you are telling others that you appreciate the finer things in life. These rings say that you have a passion for style and quality. And they will definitely enhance the look of anything you pair it with. The rings we feature here range from classic to more ornate. This shows that even with a bold gemstone such as the ruby, there really is something for everyone. 

Fine Jewelry to Show Off Your Style

Each and every one of us is an individual. We have our own sense of style and fashion and our personality is unlike anyone else’s. And, you know, it isn’t surprising that we want to show off who we really are. There are billions of people out there and we want to stand out from that proverbial crowd. We do this through our personal sense of style and fashion, in addition to our personality, of course. Creating a signature style that is all your own is a really great way to set yourself apart. People do this through the unique combination of clothing they wear, the way they do their hair and/or makeup, and the accessories they pair with all of this.


Ruby and diamond rings are a show-stopping addition to any look. The rich red hue of the gemstone will naturally draw the eye to it. And the stunning diamonds give that sparkle and shine we all know and love. The great thing about these rings is that, even though they are bold and unique, you can pair them with other pieces. This pairing will help you create your very own signature style that is completely yours. 

The Best Place in Town for Everything Jewelry-Related

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, all things jewelry are our passion. We know that there are many different places you can go for your jewelry needs and so want to make ourselves stand apart from everyone else. So we make it our mission to provide the best selection of the rarest and finest pieces available. The accessories you find in our display cases are not going to be the pieces you find in a run-of-the-mill strip mall jewelry shop. Our buyers have a lot of experience and connections, which allows us to source the most unique and elegant pieces available. 


And, we do a lot more than just sell fine jewelry. We offer a comprehensive array of jewelry repair services as well. Whether you need to resize a ring or you have a broken piece you would like to see fixed, we have the skills, tools, and knowledge to take it on. And, we have the latest in computer technology and a ton of experience, allowing us to create custom jewelry as well. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can work closely with our jewelers and see your dream turn into reality. 

Rings for All Occasions

Too often, when we think about rings, we think about engagement rings or wedding bands. These are, of course, important pieces of jewelry, but you can wear rings for far more than just to show your marital status. There are so many different styles and kinds of rings that there really is something for every style and every occasion. You will see simple rings that are meant to be worn on any finger or larger, bolder pieces that may go on a specific finger or hand. The cocktail ring or, for the men, the signet ring, is a popular choice.


Some people will wear multiple rings on each hand. There are no rules when it comes to developing your own signature style, except that you might want to choose the same metal across your different pieces. Ruby and diamond rings make a great addition to this look. You can wear them on any finger you wish and easily pair the rings with other fine pieces of jewelry. However, you may also choose to reserve rings like this for special occasions, which we will touch more on below. 

The Gorgeous Ruby

Jewelers classify gemstones in a variety of ways, but one of the most common is to categorize four precious gemstones. These are emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Rubies are known for their stunning red hue and even their name derives from the Latin word for red.


You can find rubies in a variety of shades of red, from a pinkish color to a deep, blood-red. The darker and more saturated the stone, the rarer and more expensive it will be. Rubies get their color from the mineral chromium. The levels of chromium in a particular stone will determine how rich the color is. 


The ruby is also the birthstone for the month of July and couples may use this gemstone as a way to celebrate either a 15th or a 40th wedding anniversary. An interesting thing about rubies is that they are actually the same in chemical makeup as sapphires. Both are corundum but the trace minerals within the stone give it its signature hue. 


The ruby is a stone that tends to have imperfections and flaws within it. They can be brittle which means it is only suitable for a few different cuts and shapes. You will often see rubies in more simple cuts and shapes, thus protecting the integrity of the stone.


Stunning Diamond Accents

Though the ruby is the centerpiece of the rings we feature here, diamonds play a big role as well. We really cannot say enough about the diamond. Anything that features high-grade diamonds is going to have a look of refinement and elegance. Here, the diamonds are meant to accent and offset the bold and beautiful red ruby. Some pieces we feature have diamonds in a halo around the main stone. Others have different cuts that surround the ruby to create a unique shape and silhouette. The diamonds tend to be cut into shapes that will maximize the amount of sparkle it gives off.


There are two main visual qualities in diamonds: sparkle (or brilliance) and fire. Sparkle really doesn’t need much introduction. It is the cascading of light that reflects off of the many facets of the stone. Fire refers to a rainbow of hues that emit from the center of the stone when it is viewed in the light. The fire of a stone shows off its depth and internal qualities. What you end up going with really is a matter of aesthetic preferences. Some people will even choose rings that blend stones that have lots of sparkle and some that show off that fire. 

A Great Signature Piece or Statement Accessory

You might look at the ruby and diamond rings we feature here and think that these are only for special occasions, but you would be surprised. Of course, these rings look great with formal attire, but they look good with a lot more than that. These rings can easily become part of your signature look. It is a bold piece that people will remember and if your style is such that it can stand up to something bold, it is a great piece for daily wear. It is elegant and stylish and the pieces we feature here are classic enough that they will pair well with a variety of styles for different occasions. And, as we will discuss below, they even pair well with other accessories. 


But since this is a bold and really dramatic piece, it can definitely also be reserved for those special occasions as well. It looks incredibly good with fine dresses or even ball gowns. You can use this piece to enhance the look of the formal attire you pair it with, or you can allow it to be the focal point of your look. To do this, you would simply pair one of these rings with a simple and classic dress that allows the accessories to shine.

Pairs Well with Other Accessories


We don’t often think about high-end jewelry being versatile, especially not pieces with bold colors such as the ruby. However, you might be surprised at just how versatile some of these pieces are. The color of the stone is rich and elegant and red actually goes with a lot more than we might originally think. The diamonds also give it more versatility as well. The great thing about jewelry that is in a classic style, such as we feature here, is that it can pair well with other accessories of varying styles.


The red of the stone will not clash with most other gemstones. However, we do recommend avoiding pairing rubies with other red or pink stones. Pairing the ruby with blue, green, clear, brown, etc., colors work wonderfully. As we mentioned above, the biggest rule of thumb for pairing different pieces of jewelry is to stick to the same metal across the different pieces. If, for example, one of your main pieces is yellow gold, then you will want to choose other yellow gold pieces to pair with it. This will help you avoid clashing. 

In Closing


Rings are for far more than just to show that you are married or taken, they are a style statement all on their own. Whether you are looking at a bold cocktail ring or something a bit more simple, the ring is a versatile accessory. Ruby and diamond rings, such as those we feature here, pair well with a variety of different styles. They will add a punch of bold color and elegant style to anything you pair them with. The stunning diamond accent stones give the ring that sparkle and shine that we all love so much. And each piece is made from the finest gold. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or a two-tone blend, it will look great with both diamonds and rubies.


These rings can be found in classic and timeless styles or bolder and more contemporary styles. What this means is that there is an option for pretty much anyone. Any of these rings are a great addition to your wardrobe, whether you are going to add them to your signature look or reserve the piece for a special occasion. You can also easily pair these rings with other fine accessories as well. We know that you will love any chance to wear these well-made, high-quality, and bold rings. 


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