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Hot Review: Limited Edition Richard Mille RM 011 “Black Phantom” Watch

Hot Review: Limited Edition Richard Mille RM 011 “Black Phantom” Watch

Richard Mille RM 11 Black Phantom RM 011

Presenting a very special and super dope Richard Mille watch, the limited edition RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph “Black Phantom”, which is now for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

What Richard Mille has achieved in the watch game is unprecedented, even among the greats of haute horology. In just a little over 2 decades, the ultra-high-end sports watch brand that is Richard Mille has reached the highest status in the luxury watch community. While very different than traditional brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, the Richard Mille sits right alongside these watch giants.

Since a car analogy is especially fitting for Richard Mille, considering they call their timepieces “A racing machine on the wrist”, here is the best way we can compare Richard Mille to other top Maisons…Richard Mille is like Ferrari or Lamborghini of the watch world, whereas Patek Philippe is Bentley or Rolls Royce and Rolex is Mercedes Benz or Porsche.

Owning a Richard Mille puts you in a very exclusive club that only the true elites of society can afford. It is in essence the modern equivalent of the billionaires’ Masonic handshake. You will only find Richard Mille timepieces on the wrists of the ultra-rich and famous because the watches are priced exorbitantly.

Out of all the Richard Mille collections, there is one that stands out and is a big contributor to the brand’s success, and that collection is the RM 011. The limited-edition RM 11 Black Phantom watch you see here today is one of the offsprings of the RM 011 collection.

limited edition black phantom rm 11 watch


The RM 011 collection is arguably Richard Mille’s most popular, most iconic, most sought after collection. After it hit the market in 2007, Richard Mille blew up. The RM 011 didn’t just put the ultra-high-end sports watch brand on the map, it took it over.

The full name of the RM 011 collection is the Richard Mille RM 011 (RM11, RM011, RM011-FM) Automatic Flyback Chronograph Felipe Massa.

Now a historical collection, the RM 011 was developed in collaboration with Felipe Massa, the famous Brazilian F1 driver who has 11 Grand Prix victories under his belt.

The design of the RM-011-FM (Felipe Massa) takes cues from the sophisticated engineering of F1 racing cars. It’s light, aerodynamic, and the movement delivers the absolute highest level of performance. Every single detail and aspect of an RM 011 is high-tech and precise.

“Richard showed me that the spirit of watchmaking and racing are the same. When making watches at this level, there are constant challenges to be overcome on a technical level. Likewise, high-end watchmaking also requires tremendous physical mastery and total concentration without a fraction of a second’s distraction.
“ – Felipe Massa

RMAC1 Calibre

RM 011 watches are powered by an “engine” unlike any other in the watch industry. It is the RMAC1 calibre movement, an automatic chronograph equipped with a variable geometry rotor. This is the Ferrari F1 engine of the watch game.

The RMAC1 has a 12-hour flyback chronograph function that can reset without stopping. It also provides a precise 60-minute countdown timer and an annual calendar with an outsized date.

One aspect of the RMAC1 that most people don’t really even understand is the variable geometry automatic rotor, which is exclusive to Richard Mille. It actually tailors itself to the user’s lifestyle. It naturally provides different settings based on the wearer’s level of physical activity, helping to circumvent overwinding of the mainspring.

Materials & Design

RM 011 watches have Richard Mille’s iconic tonneau shape with a curvaceous bezel, edges and caseback. Thanks to the scrupulous technical exploration of materials, the RM 011 is extremely lightweight.

The RM 011 was available in gold, titanium and all of Richard Mille’s patented materials, which include ceramic, silicon nitride, Red Quartz TPT®, and like the Black Phantom limited edition featured here, carbon TZP®. All of these materials have been used in a number of limited edition timepieces developed in collaboration with the Le Mans Classic, the Lotus F1 Team, Philippe Starck, and, of course, the man who inspired the entire collection, Felipe Massa.

The cases aren’t just light, they also super stiff with silent blocks. The non-slip pushers are aerodynamic, the crown is reminiscent of a smooth tire surrounding a spoked wheel rim, and the dials are all skeletonized with layers of sapphire crystal so you can see the horological mastery of the movement.

All in all, the RM 011 crystalizes everything Richard Mille represents: avant-garde materials, high-tech precision, and beautifully awesome designs, all with the underlying foundation of the brand’s inspiration, race cars.


RM black phantom

The watch you see here is a Richard Mille RM011-FM Black Phantom Flyback Chronograph. Like most RM 011’s, this watch is a very special limited edition. Richard Mille only produced 50 Black Phantoms. We are thrilled to have acquired it here at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton (this one is the 24th out of 50). It is now available for sale. You can submit your name and email to get pricing details and answers to any questions you may have by clicking the link above.

Continue reading on to learn all about the Richard Mille RM011-FM Black Phantom Flyback Chronograph…

black phantom rm 11

Nickname – “Black Phantom”

This RM 11 watch got the nickname “Black Phantom” because it combines Richard Mille’s proprietary Black TZP ceramic and NTPT® carbon. This is the first-ever Richard Mille watch to use both types of black carbon.

Combined with the black rubber strap, you have a completely blacked out watch.

If you like all-black watches, this is without a doubt the dream watch. It is the billionaire’s version of the highly desirable and fashionable blacked-out sports watch trend.


Black Phantom watch review

We lent our Richard Mille RM 011 Black Phantom to our friend Alexa Collins for a photoshoot. Alexa is an extremely popular model here in South Florida and IG influencer with 1.2 million followers,

The result of the photoshoot is insanely sexy. As such, we will be mixing in photos of her wearing the RM 11 Black Phantom from here on out.

Black TZP Ceramic Case & Bezel

The case and bezel of the RM 11 Black Phantom are made entirely from Black TZP ceramic, which is a highly innovative material exclusive to Richard Mille. “TZP”  stands for Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal.

Their Black TZP ceramic is extremely lightweight, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Richard Mille’s watch masters give it that super dope, impeccable matte finish by sandblasting it. Richard Mille knows what new generation money like, and this is it.

The iconic tripartite tonneau shape case measures 50.00mm x 40.00mm x 16.15mm. So, it wears something like a 44mm.

Needless to say, this is a big boy case. At 16.5mm it sits high above the wrist. However, thanks to the beautiful ergonomics of the case, this watch never gets snagged or in the way.

For the size of this, case, it is almost ridiculously light. It’s feather-ish on the wrist, yet in touching it, it is undeniably sturdy and durable. This is a watch that could take high-speed impact…i.e. an F1 crash, perish the thought.

The ability to make a watch so robust and durable yet lightweight and comfortable is a specialty saved for Richard Mille alone.

Is the Black Phantom RM 011 waterproof? Of course! Ensured by two Nitrile O-ring seals, the watch is waterproof to 50 meters. This is more than most recreational divers will ever need.

richard mille black phantom

Black NTPT Carbon

The center of the caseband (the inner flanks of the case), the F1 tire-looking crown, and the aerodynamic slopping pushers are all made from Black NTPT carbon, which is the deepest shade of black.

Black NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon is another Richard Mille creation. It comprises multiple layers of parallel filaments procured by splitting carbon fibers. They infuse these layers with resin then weave them on a special machine to modify the direction of the weft. With that, you get a visual effect akin to the texture of wood. But more than its gorgeous texture and badass jet black look, NTPT carbon is an amazingly strong and light material, which you would only expect from an RM 011.

While this is not the first time Richard Mille has used Black NTPT in an RM 011 watch, as it can be found in the Automatic Flyback Chronograph RM 011 Lotus F1 Team-Romain Grosjean, it is the first time it is used in an entirely all-black setting with its black carbon brethren, TZP.

Note: The crown has torque limiting security that prevents accidental overwinding. This makes it impossible to damage the winding stem or put extreme pressure on the mainspring barrel. This is one of the countless examples of how Richard Mille watches are built to last forever – The one-and-only billionaire’s apocalypse timepiece.

rm 011 black phantom

Black Rubber Strap with DLC Titanium Buckle

The RM 11 Black Phantom is matched by a black rubber strap with a black DLC titanium buckle. Like everything on a Richard Mille watch, the rubber strap is of the highest quality in the industry.

The rubber is extra sumptuous. It feels wonderful on the wrist and it balances the large case perfectly. The rubber strap will never pull hair. It almost feels like a sturdier version of silk on the wrist.

In terms of design, it is ultra-sporty. It has horizontal lines that let the wrist breathe, so you will never have to deal with sweaty wrists. What’s more, the rubber is completely dust and hair resistant. It will keep its pristine black look to infinity.

As for the pin buckle, it is also of the most superb standards. Not only does it match the look of the watch as a whole flawlessly with its clean matte finishing, but it is made to be supremely durable. It’s elegant and sleek and forever lasting. Plus, it states two words that are always a sight to behold – Richard Mille.

RM011-FM Black Phantom

Skeletonized Dial

While there have been skeletonized watches for literally centuries (Frenchman Andre-Charles Caron was the first to create a “skeleton” watch in the late 1700s), Richard Mille made it a core aesthetic to their watches. They understand what many brands are now coming to realize too, the modern buyer of luxury sports watches greatly appreciates the mechanical nature of watches and they want to enjoy the beauty of it day in and day out. One of the most interesting and visually appealing aspects of a mechanical watch is its movement, so why hide it! Skeletonized dials say “an exhibition caseback isn’t enough, we want this haute horology to be seen from the top down”.

All of the RM 011 watches have skeletonized dials. It’s as much about simply offering a view of the movement as it is about understanding the complex nature of the mechanical movement.

The skeletonized dial, albeit busy, is very easy to read. This is due to the shrewd color scheme, which matches the concept of the Black Phantom as a whole. The hour indicators, counters, flange and hands integrate white elements above the black and gray industrial setting, making for effortless legibility. This is made possible by the use of layers of sapphire crystal. You can’t see this just by looking at it, as everything is consummately seamless, but the “appliqués”, hour track, and hands all rest on their own sapphire crystal.

Altogether, because of the rethought and simplified use of colors, the RM 011 Black Phantom probably has the most legible dial of all Richard Mille RM 011’s. That said, when peering into the dial, it still looks complex, like you are looking into an F1 engine.

all black richard mille


As we mentioned about the RMAC1 Calibre, which all RM 011’s have, the skeletonized watch features a flyback chronograph, 60-minute countdown timer at 9 o’clock, 12-hour totalizer, oversize date and month indicator, in addition to the standard hours, minutes, seconds.

Just take a moment to examine the dial to see how it is all laid out. It’s truly a mechanical work of art.

Note: The watch has a 55 hour power reserve.

richard mille rm 11 black phantom on the wrist


The RM 011 Black Phantom is a masterpiece on all fronts. Each of the 50 Black Phantoms that exists underwent many, many hours of craftsmanship. Just the case and bezel alone must have taken countless hours to craft. Creating the ergonomics of this watch with these kinds of materials requires incredible precision and what we imagine was many years of research and development. Then you have the skeletonized movement, which is another entirely complex beast to master.

With how well this watch was received and the fact that there are only 50 of these ever made, they are extremely hard to obtain. We are lucky to have got our hands on the RM 11 Black Phantom here at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. This is probably the only one available on the secondary market, which is the only place you would be able to find one as they are of course not being produced anymore. This was a limited edition run, like most of Richard Mille’s most popular watches.

We are now selling the Richard Mille RM 011-FM Black Phantom watch. You can purchase it online or at our showroom in Boca Raton.

See the full sales listing by clicking the link below. We have a form that you can fill out if you want to request pricing and ask questions.

Richard Mille RM 011-FM Black Phantom watch For Sale

all black RM 11 watch


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