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In-depth Review of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” Watch

In-depth Review of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” Watch

Tudor black bay GMT watch

This is a hands-on review of the hottest watch in the Tudor catalog right now, the Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” reference 79830RB. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Tudor Black Bay GMT and find out why it is currently one of the best values in the entire Swiss watch market.


Tudor is like the little brother of Rolex, or one could say little sister as Tudor is technically a sister company to Rolex. Both Rolex and Tudor are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

Hans Wilsdorf registered Tudor in 1926. The aim of Tudor was to provide a more affordable option in the Swiss watch market while giving Rolex a higher prestige of quality at the same time. The first watches from the Tudor brand came equipped with off-shelf movements, yet they used Rolex cases and bracelets, which allowed for the same reliability and dependability of a Rolex but at a lower price point.

For example, when the Tudor Oyster collection came out in the mid-1940s, the watches featured Rolex’s waterproof Oyster case, and in 1952, their first self-winding model, the Prince, used a Rolex self-winding movement.

Overall, the Tudor brand eventually established itself as a very trustworthy, well-built tool watch. From the 60s to the 80s, Tudor was famous for supplying watches to professional divers and the military, such as the US Navy Seals and the French Navy.

While there wasn’t too much buzz about Tudor in the 90s and early 2000s, in 2009, Tudor did a major relaunch with new product lines, one of which was the Tudor Heritage line, and this put Tudor among the ranks of popular watches like Omega and Tag Heuer.

reference 79830RB review


Tudor unveiled the Heritage Black Bay GMT at Baselworld 2018. It was the first Heritage Black Bay with a GMT function.

In fact, if you look back through Tudor’s history, there has never been a watch similar to the Black Bay GMT “Pepsi”. Yet, you are probably thinking, this watch is all too familiar. While it is distinct within Tudor’s product legacy, the blue and red bezel clearly pays homage to its brother from the same mother, the Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi.

Although the tone of the colors is not exactly the same, nor is the font, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay clearly uses the same concept of design and function – a 24 hour GMT rotatable bezel with a blue and red split color scheme that delineates day and night in the second time zone…

If you are wondering how was the reception among watch collectors, many of which are big time Rolex purists…well, it was almost surprisingly great. No one was expecting a watch like this from Tudor. It has instantly become one of its most popular models. After all, it has the same awesome functions and the exquisitely good looks of a GMT-Master II, but the price to entry is far lower. This would have been a detestable move from any other brand, but as Tudor is inextricably linked with Rolex, like family, this was an undeniably winning approach.

Now, let’s have a close look at all of the features of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT. That way you can see if this watch is right for you.

Note: We have two Tudor Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” watches available for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. Both models have a Q serial number, which means the production was in 2020.


Let’s start off with what makes this watch special, it’s GMT function.

The Black Bay GMT allows the wearer to keep track of up to three time zones thanks to its independently moving hour hand (the main time), its 24 hour GMT (red) hand, and its bi-directional 24 hour rotational blue and red bezel.

Here’s how the Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT works:

When you unscrew the crown to the first position, you can isolate the local time display. It will jump in one hour increments while bringing the date with it.

To set the GMT, you simply pull the crown out to the second position. From there, you can also use the bezel as well to set the GMT hand to your reference time zone.

With some simple mathematics, you have a third time zone by converting the GMT hand on the main hour markers (i.e. 6 o’clock will be 12 o’clock, as a full rotation for the GMT hand is 24 hours).

All in all, this kind of GMT is what watch enthusiasts call a “true GMT” or a “Flyer’s GMT”. It is flexible, quick and easy to use, and especially useful for traveling.

Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” reference 79830RB


The Black Bay GMT has a sizeable 41mm stainless steel case. As for thickness, it is a somewhat deep watch at 15mm. However, that includes the exposed sapphire crystal. Comparing to previous Black Bay models the case edge is a bit thinner on the GMT, which makes it more comfortable.

Overall, the case has a robust quality to it, but with the mix of satin and high polish finishing, it doesn’t feel too chunky, visually speaking. The high polish lug facets and flanks really help this cause. It creates the perfect sense of refinement to an otherwise beefy-ish case (it’s larger than the new GMT Master II Pepsi).

Thanks to the large screw down crown and wide-set bezel edge, the watch is very easy to adjust. You won’t have to take it off to make changes to the local time or to set the GMT time.

What’s more, the Black Bay GMT has 200 meters of water resistance. So, it didn’t lose any waterproofness of its Black Bay dive watch siblings. This watch can stay on your wrist for any recreational water activity, including diving, especially with the steel bracelet on it like the ones we have for sale at Diamond By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.


Although the dial is clearly reminiscent of the classic and iconic GMT-Master Pepsi, it is quite different in details. Unlike newer Rolex GMT-Master II’s, it has an aluminum bezel insert, which is what old Rolex GMT Masters had.

The color is not as bright and heavily saturated as they are on the Rolex GMT-Master II as well. The Black Bay GMT has a more subtle approach. It has a matte finish to it. The blue is navy and the red is a reddish burgundy. We think this understated approach is excellent. A less shiny look better suits the toolish nature of the Tudor. And the aluminum bezel allows for patina and scratches, which can give the watch more personality over time (if you are into that kind of thing, as a lot of collectors are).

You’ll also notice the 24 hour graduations are very similar in design, yet they have their own font. Side by side a GMT-Master II, both the difference in the numbers and the colors is quite noticeable.

Finally, as we mentioned, the serrated edges of the bi-directional rotating bezel make adjustments super easy. The grip is exactly what you’d expect from a utilitarian watch.


The dial is in the typical Black Bay form. It has a matte black finishing with large appliqués and well-balanced use of text. This is all very similar to the GMT-Master. However, noticeable differences come with the hands, including the long red GMT hand. The snow-flake handset is wonderfully unique.

The use of white on black makes for maximum legibility, and with the generous use of lume, this watch glows brightly at night.

As with most other GMTs, a date display is in order. Tudor opts for no cyclops eye, which most people seem to appreciate.

All in all, the uncluttered dial is supremely handsome, with a very elegant and sophisticated look to it. It has the true DNA of the Black Bay line.

Rolex GMT-Master II alternative


The steel bracelet is very well built. It has solid links and no wiggle. It’s a sport watch through and through. This also means it is pretty heavy, but if you are a bracelet kind of sports watch guy or gal, then it will feel normal to you.

The bracelet features a folding clasp with a safety catch. It is extremely secure and easy to use. You won’t ever have to worry about it popping open and it is a pretty seamless design so desk diving is a non-issue.

If you want to switch things up, the Black Bay can be fit with a fabric strap. It is pretty inexpensive. You can find them for sale at around $200. That said, we prefer the steel bracelet all day.


The MT5652 is one of Tudor’s full-size movements. The GMT functionality is integrated not modular, making it thinner than it would be otherwise.

The movement is COSC certified, so the Tudor Black Bay GMT accuracy is very precise. It ticks at 4Hz and it has a silicon balance spring with bi-directional winding.

The 27 jewel movement also offers a whopping 70 hours of power reserve. On the whole, this movement is a major value. The price point of the Black Bay GMT with its high-quality in-house movement is almost unheard of. This is where Tudor is really starting to shine. Economical is an understatement.

are tudor watches good


The Black Bay GMT has a wonderful wrist presence like other Black Bay models – great legibility, ample lume, fun bezel, and a large yet not too large case size.

Thanks to the ergonomic update to the case’s construction, it also wears a whole lot more comfortably. This could easily be a daily wear that won’t give you annoyances of any kind.

All in all, the style is very flexible. Yes, it is casual, but like the GMT-Master II, it could make its way into a meeting without any feelings of inappropriateness. It works with casual wear as much as it does with a sports jacket. If you are going tailored suit or tuxedo, there are better options, but even then the Tudor Black Bay GMT’s versatility will make it work.


The Tudor Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” is selling for around $4,600 at retail and $4,500 on the secondary market. This means the value of the watch is great. You could buy it new and resell it for the same price. That’s a clear indication of this watch’s success.

Is it an “investment?”, well maybe not at the moment, but then again, the GMT Master reference 1675 wasn’t either when it first came out but now the watch is worth 10,000% more. Will the Tudor Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” have a similar future? No one knows. Tudor watches inherently hold value well. Moreover, for the incredible value you get with the Black Bay GMT Pepsi, it’s worth finding out. You get a great, reliable movement and a solid, handsome watch with perfect GMT functionality for only $4,500. You really can’t beat it.


We are selling these Tudor Black Bay GMT watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. They come with their original boxes, papers and a 1-year warranty!

See the full sales listing of the Tudor Black Bay GMT “Pepsi” reference 79830RB.

If you have any questions, please contact us today.

You can come in and try on the Tudor Black Bay GMT watch at Diamonds By Raymond Lee. Our address is 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

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