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Review: Ladies Yellow Gold Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 With Sapphires & Diamonds

Review: Ladies Yellow Gold Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 With Sapphires & Diamonds

rolex pearlmaster sapphire and diamonds

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton, we’ve recently acquired one of the most luxurious ladies Rolex watches in existence. A watch of regal quality, worthy of a queen, a mechanical masterpiece and work of art. This watch is the factory set sapphire and diamond yellow gold Rolex Pearlmaster reference 80308

rolex pearlmaster 80308 review

Because we are absolutely in love with this timepiece, we’ve decided to do a hands-on review for our readers, as we think you are going to appreciate this gold gem-set Rolex Pearlmaster as much as we do. 

This Rolex 80308 Yellow Gold Pearlmaster Sapphire And Diamond Watch is in excellent condition and comes with its original box and papers. It is for sale now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee!


The Pearlmaster collection was derived from the iconic Datejust, yet it stands apart with softly curved lines, round corners, uniquely rich materials, and the distinctive Pearlmaster bracelet. It is Rolex’s most opulent collection of watches, and thus, their most expensive as well. It’s the collection that emphasizes Rolex as more than an iconic high-end tool watch, but also an upmarket luxury watch brand. Pearlmasters are only made from solid precious metals, and there is no such thing as a Pearlmaster without precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. And whilst the Pearlmaster collection features incredibly luxurious jewelry-like watches, it does not sacrifice durability. After all, Rolex will always take immense pride in robustness and imperishability.

rolex pearlmaster sapphire and diamonds


Rolex has been one of, if not the, greatest pioneers in Swiss watchmaking history. Since their inception back in the early 1900s, Rolex has registered over 500 patents. There are so many incredible innovations and moments in Rolex’s history to discuss. One of those remarkable moments in their unparalleled timeline is the birth of the Rolex Pearlmaster.

In 1992, Rolex wowed the world with a new magnificent line of “jewelry watches” called the Pearlmaster collection. They stated that the Pearlmaster collection was the “Jewel of the Crown of Rolex” and the “Pearl of the Oyster Collection”. Rolex had completely raised the bar of luxurious watchmaking.

Although Rolex had made some lavishly decorated Ladies Presidents prior to 1992, the definition of opulence was completely redefined with the introduction of the Pearlmaster collection. Every single reference was made of precious metal and had some sort of gemstone. Moreover, most of the dials were gorgeous Mother-of-Pearls. 

But the Pearlmaster wasn’t all about resplendence. It was a major shift in watchmaking history on the mechanical front too. The Pearlmaster featured a movement that made even the most adept watch gear heads giddy. Derived from the bulletproof Caliber 3135, found in many Rolex men’s watches post-1988, the Pearlmaster unveiled a new movement, the Caliber 2135, which still to this day holds the COSC record for the highest first time pass rate. At a time when watchmakers ignored the mechanical side of ladies’ wristwatches, Rolex managed to completely change the way the industry thought. It went from “men care about how a watch works, women just care that it works” to “women appreciate fine watch engineering just as much as men!”

The response from the watch community was terrific. People around the world could not stop talking about the Rolex Pearlmaster.

Pearlmaster Options Over The Years

From 1992 to 2004, Pearlmaster watches were produced in white and yellow gold. Moreover, they came in two sizes, a 29mm and a 34mm – The 29mm was for women and the 34mm for men, albeit the 34mm was unisex. 

And while that might not seem like many options, Rolex was immensely successful in creating a wealth of styles within the collection over the years thanks to exquisitely unique gemstone embellishment and characterful Mother of Pearl dials. 

In 2005, Rolex released the Pearlmaster in Everose gold. And in 2015, there was another big reintroduction when they launched the sizable 39mm Pearlmaster.

Nowadays, the plethora of dial, bezel and bracelet combinations available, new and on the second hand market, allow customers, both male and female, the opportunity to get the perfect, sumptuous Rolex with their own personal expression. What’s more, Pearlmasters are limited in production. So it feels as if you customized your own Rolex when you purchase a Pearlmaster – It’s highly unlikely that you will see anyone with the same Pearlmaster as you. 

rolex 80308 yellow gold


Even among a line up of Pearlmaster watches, this ladies Rolex Pearlmaster reference 80308 will standout. It’s a pure show-stopping, eye-catching, jaw-dropping timepiece for the ages. The Rolex 80308 Pearlmaster is crafted from solid 18k yellow gold and it features stunningly shimmering sapphires and diamonds. The case is 29mm, so it’s perfect for women with a 6-7 inch circumference wrist. 

This particular sapphire and diamond Rolex Pearlmaster has a small production, so there are not many on the market. Moreover, the watch you are looking at in the pictures is in excellent condition, with little to no signs of wear, and it is now available for sale with its original box and papers at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Learn more about the rare sapphire and diamond Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 below…


As with all gold Rolex watches, this timepiece is made from Rolex’s own, patented gold, which is 750% (thousandths) pure gold, or in other words 18 karats. Rolex’s gold is made entirely in house, at their own foundry, and it is known for being exceptionally rich, durable and scratch-resistant. Rolex’s yellow gold is the perfect amalgamation of gold, platinum and copper, guaranteed to keep its beauty for generations upon generations.

The yellow gold Pearlmaster Rolex reference 80308 has a truly captivating radiance and sheen, clearly born from decades of experience in creating superior precious metals. We can confidently say Rolex makes some of the most gorgeous and durable gold in all of fine jewelry making, let alone watchmaking. 

What’s more, their polishing technique is beyond superlative. Like all Pearlmasters, the Rolex 80308 features a high polish finish. This is more in line with the finishing fine jewelry uses, which the collection obviously pull inspiration from. The high polish mirrory finish gives the watch a stellar, lush, premium appearance. It pops on the wrist, creating a presence of richness that can’t be matched. We absolutely love the luster of mirror-finish Rolex yellow gold. Pictures simply can’t do it justice. 

Just like the creation of the gold itself, the polishing is an intensive and meticulous trade that Rolex has perfect over the century. Technical know-how has been empirically passed down to successive generations of Rolex watchmakers, with new innovations in technology along the way. The combination of human eye and touch with advanced machinery makes for a finishing that is smooth, brilliant, and everlasting. 

yellow gold pearlmaster with sapphire


When the Rolex Pearlmaster collection was in its early stages, Rolex hired an army of gemologists to make sure purity, clarity and intensity was of supreme quality. The powerful force of gemologists are still with Rolex to this day. Right there in Rolex’s own gemology laboratory. 

Rolex uses the highest and most advanced testing methods, which results in gemstones that are finer than the vast majority of engagement rings on the market. They also strictly control the cutting of the gems so that they are perfect for the setting of each individual watch. Rolex goes above and beyond the rest. They do things with gemstones that other companies simply don’t do. Their attention to detail is what makes them the best.

Each gem perfectly matches the rest. They have a rigorous criteria to ensure the gems produce the most intense radiance and they are set with absolute security. 

Factory Set Blue Sapphires

The Rolex 80308 features trapeze-cut blue sapphires in the bezel, small round blue sapphires in the hour markers, and large round blue sapphires along the center of the bracelet. All of which were set to perfection by a Rolex gemsetter. 

The blue sapphires are unbelievably exquisite. They shimmer with such intensity and the contrast with the yellow gold gives the watch an undeniably regal look. We can only imagine how painstaking the process must have been to create a watch of this perfection. It literally takes years to create a watch like this Pearlmaster 80308.

Factory Set Round Brilliant Diamonds

Although the diamonds sort of take the backseat on the Rolex Pearlmaster 80308, they add flawless contrast to the watch and there’s a whole lot of them lining the intermediate links of the Pearlmaster bracelet, totaling up to a considerable carat weight. Moreover, they are of the highest quality. These are IF VVS1 round brilliant diamonds. 

While this watch has a ton of intrinsic value, it is worth much more than the precious metal and gemstones it is made from. This is a historical piece of art and a mechanical masterpiece by one of the world’s most iconic brands. The Yellow Gold Rolex 80308 Pearlmaster will only continue to rise in value. Far, far above its gold, diamond and sapphire market price.

pearlmaster 80308 review


Rolex’s Oyster case is the most iconic case in the history of contemporary watchmaking. Developed in 1926, it was the first-ever waterproof case for a wristwatch. And to this day, it is the epitome and de rigueur of watch fashion. It comprises a patented system of screwing down a bezel case back and winding crown against a middle case. It emphasizes robustness, waterproofness, impeccable proportion, and elegance. It’s form, it’s function, it’s a masterpiece that is wholly Rolex. 

This 18k yellow gold Oyster case is 29mm in diameter, 34mm lug to lug and 11mm thick. Thanks to the Triplock winding crown, the case is waterproof down to 100 meters, providing optimum protection for the Pearlmaster’s high-precision movement. 

As for the bezel, it features 40 blue sapphires. The sapphires are simply amazing, almost majestical. Blue on gold is such a classic, beautiful color combination. When its gold and sapphires that create it, it’s unbelievably breathtaking.

The setting is just as mind-blowing. The sapphires are cut in a trapezoid shape, rather than being straight cuts like you find on most other watches. Thus, they go around the bezel and form to the beveled edges impeccably. For those that don’t know, it takes an extremely high level of precision cutting to achieve this kind of sublimity. 


Carefully taken from the inner lining of an oyster’s shell, the Mother-of-Pearl is arguably Rolex’s most fascinating type of dial. It expresses all of nature’s mystery and surprises.

Depending on its origin and the part of the shell from which it is extracted, a Mother-of-Pearl can be white, black, yellow or pink. For this particular Pearlmaster, we have a white Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) dial, and one that is of a very subtle, and clean complexion. In certain lighting, it is as pure as snow, while at other times, it can appear like a stormy sky. Yet no matter what, with the flick of a wrist, you will always see it’s beautiful iridescent reflections.

You must really appreciate the craftsmanship of a Rolex MOP dial. It’s not only nature that allows it to behold such beauty. While Rolex never uses artificial coloring, they employ special techniques to enhance and preserve the allure of its original hues. Not to mention, it takes countless hours to find an oyster with the intensity and structure worthy of a Rolex watch.

What makes the MOP dial even more special is the fact that no two are the same. Each MOP dial is entirely original and unique. Because of the MOP dial, there isn’t an identical Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 out there. 

Even without considering that, not all Rolex 80308 Pearlmasters are the same. For example, some use diamonds for indices, while this particular example features round sapphires. Personally, we feel the sapphires offer a nicer look as the contrast with the white MOP dial is more powerful. Appliques can really change the look of the watch, and this is the perfect representation of that…

All of the metal on the dial is yellow gold, as to prevent any tarnishing and to keep the consistency of color with the case and bracelet. The indices are yellow gold, the date window is yellow gold, all the hands are yellow gold, and so is the Rolex crown. Everything has a high polish finish, which makes them appear like they are floating high above the MOP dial.

And finally, written below the Rolex crown is the classic…

Oyster Perpetual

As to pay respect and let you know the origins of the Pearlmaster – The Rolex Datejust. Although the collection is just (nearly) 30 years old, its roots are much deeper. 

sapphire and diamond watch


The Pearlmaster bracelet is something in itself to marvel, even without the diamonds and sapphires, so let’s discuss the bracelet alone first.

As the name suggests, this bracelet design was created specifically for the Pearlmaster collection. Rolex created the Pearlmaster to have the spirit of jewelry. It has 5 wide links, all curvaceous and round. It has a high polish finish as well. All of which makes it feel like a jewelry bracelet more than a watch bracelet.

That being said, it’s tremendously solid and robust. Maybe even more so than the newer Oyster bracelet, and definitely more than the President and Jubiliee bracelets.

Pearlmaster bracelets are a solid, not hollow linked, and with the way the links are set together, it feels like a smooth, flexible blanket of gold. What’s more, it uses an innovative hidden crown clasp. This enables the bracelet to avoid common desk diving issues that an Oyster bracelet faces.

From the clasp to the bracelet to the case, it feels and looks exceptionally well integrated. And while we love the Pearlmaster bracelet, we are happy that Rolex doesn’t use it on many watches, as it makes pieces like this Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 all the more rare. 

Sapphires and Diamond Pearlmaster Bracelet

As for the gemstones the intermediate links are sublimely set with round brilliant diamonds of the highest quality. And each center link highlights one large blue sapphire, echoing the bezel and insides all the way around the Pearlmaster bracelet.

All combined, this sapphire and diamond Pearlmaster is one of the most impressive and authentic bracelets to ever come out of Swiss watchmaking. 

very high end luxury timepiece


We briefly mentioned the movement of the Pearlmaster while discussing its history. The Pearlmaster collection was the first watch to take the movement of a ladies watch as seriously as they do men’s. The original Pearlmasters came equipped with a calibre 2135 chronometer movement with a date and sweep seconds function. It set records with COSC (the division of the Swiss government that tests chronometer movements). It received the highest first time pass rate of any watch ever tested, men’s watches included. 

The Sapphire and Diamond Rolex Pearlmaster 80308 that we are reviewing today features the newer calibre 2235. The calibre 2235 was introduced in 1999. The upgraded movement went on to set even more records. It is currently the most accurate and consistent movement that COSC tests. 

This watch is more than a Datejust dressed up to the max. It is a mechanical masterpiece. Up there with the best in Haute Horology. 

rolex pearlmaster 80308 price


The Rolex 80308 Yellow Gold Pearlmaster Sapphire and Diamond Ladies Watch is selling for $78,995. For a watch of this rarity, this is an extremely competitive price, and comparing to newer Pearlmaster watches, it is far more affordable and a much greater value. Here’s why…

Women’s watches simply don’t hold value the same as men’s watches. New ladies Pearlmaster watches are very expensive. And when this watch was new back in 2002, its price was way above what it is now. So, if you purchase a ladies Rolex Pearlmaster new then sell it some years later, you will likely lose a significant amount of value. As soon as you buy it, value drops. However, if you buy a pre-owned Ladies Rolex Pearlmaster, you could resell it down the line with no value lost as the person who bought it new took the loss. Once it is second hand, there is no further loss in value. It doesn’t matter how many times it switches ownership. From here, the value can only rise. And it will, as this is a rare, limited production timepiece with a movement worthy of any of the best horological investments. 

The point is, if you appreciate a smart watch investment, pre-owned is the way to go, especially with Ladies watches. Plus, a watch is only new until it’s bought and worn once.

For men, this is a watch that you can feel great about buying your lady. There isn’t a woman that will say no to one of these watches. The value, craftsmanship, and movement are as amazing it gets.

You can buy this Yellow Gold Rolex 80308 Pearlmaster MOP Sapphire and Diamond watch with its original box and papers at Diamonds By Raymond in Boca Raton. We also provide fast shipping options and curbside pickup. Contact us if you have any questions.


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