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Julia’s Garage: Classic Car Collector From Boca Raton Meets Diamonds and Donuts on July 12th

Julia’s Garage: Classic Car Collector From Boca Raton Meets Diamonds and Donuts on July 12th

1939 Suburban

Today we are featuring Julia Rose Stallone (Julia’s Garage), a local Boca Raton woman who collects classic American cars and perfectly illustrates “when beauty meets gears”.

While stunning women who are are adept car nuts are not exactly uncommon, Julia Rose Stallone personifies the purest and rarest form of this demographic. Not only is she gorgeous, but she really knows her vehicles. From the engine bay to makes and models to the history of cars, Julia is the true definition of a gearhead.

julia rose stallone cars

If you know Diamonds By Raymond Lee, you are aware of our passion for all things automotive. We are connected with pretty much every car enthusiast in Boca Raton. So, it’s no surprise we are friends with Julia Rose Stallone. We even spent some time with her at Boca Concours d’Elegance this year (one of the biggest, most extravagant classic car shows in the nation). 

Julia epitomizes the term “car collector” – a classic car collector at that. She has a diverse collection of classic cars dating all the way back to the 1930s!

Vehicles are complicated, multifaceted pieces of machinery with a deeply rich culture the world over, so as automobile fanatics, it’s always an honor to spend a little time with someone who is knowledgable and has a sick collection of cars. 

Needless to say, it was a pleasure having Julia stop by in her 1962 Chevy C10 truck. Of course, we had to dress her up in some of our fine jewelry and watches for a little engine revving photoshoot. Let this be a small sample of what’s to come at the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show on July 12th, 2020. 

julias garage boca raton

In this feature, we are going to tell you a little bit about Julia Rose Stallone, then we are going to look at some of the classic cars in her collection, like the beastly ’62 Chevy C10, which she is taking to Diamonds and Donuts next month. 

ABOUT JULIA’S GARAGE (Julia Rose Stallone)

We reached out to Julia Rose Stallone of Julia’s Garage on Instagram so she could give us a little bio about how she got into cars. Here’s what she had to say:

“My love for cars started when I was very young. I was always wanting to get behind the wheel of every classic car my father used to bring home. I began sharing this passion with him when we started working on these cars together every weekend. Fast forward to today, and I am the one dragging him to car shows and car auctions all over Florida! I decided to start my page around January of last year to show off the collection to people who I know would enjoy it as much as I do.”

female classic car collector

Julia started an IG page called Julia’s Garage (@juliasgarage) back in January. It was an instant hit. In just under half a year, she’s already amassed 57K followers and every photo she posts, all of which are breathtaking (both the cars and Julia herself), get thousands of likes and spark conversations about cars.

We so often see fascinating, new exotics (which we love), but it’s not every day you see awesome classic cars that take you back in time. Her “Julia’s Garage” IG page naturally displays glimpses of various innovations in car mechanics and technology that have occurred throughout history with grade-A professional photos. It’s a niche that real car enthusiasts like us absolutely relish. 

Besides collecting cars, hitting quintessential donuts in abandoned parking lots, and attending all the best car shows in South Florida, Julia has other hobbies like collecting antiques (many of which have to do with the car industry), working out (clearly), and jet skis. Moreover, she is a licensed real estate agent at Stallone Properties. So, if you need a house, you know who to ask!

female car enthusiast

Now, let’s dive into her dope, recherché collection of classics. 

JULIA’S GARAGE (Collection of Classic Cars)

Julia has an assortment of cars like most people have shoes. While we aren’t sure of all the cars she has in her garage, we do know of several. 

Let’s have a look through her rare, exquisite collection of classic American cars…

1973 Chevy Camaro

1973 Camaro

Julia’s 1973 Camaro is a head turner for any car enthusiast, especially with the fact that she’s behind the wheel. If you know Camaros, then you can agree the best versions came out from 1967 to 1973. Those are “real” Camaros.  

The ’73 Rally Sport Camaro features the split bumper, an iconic look first developed in 1972. The car has that classic aggressive demeanor.

Julia’s done some modifications to her Camaro as well. And not just the fresh orange paint job with black stripes either. The car has a LS1/T56 build with clean, black Foose wheels. 

All in all, the ’73 Camaro will go down in history as one of the best Camaros. It’s a badass gas guzzler that drives incredibly well. It’s fast, comfortable, and it has fantastic suspension. We can only imagine how fun this car is to drive. Julia knows best. 

This is classic American muscle at its finest. 

1972 GMC Jimmy

1972 GMC Jimmy owned by Julia Rose Stallone

This monster is a 1972 GMC K5, better known as the GMC Jimmy. Julia Rose Stallone has it here with its top off. This is pure truck porn. 

The original GMC Jimmy had production from 1969 to 1972, so this model is not one you will see often. Especially not one like this. Her GMC Jimmy has a renegade-like paint job, huge tires, and a big block engine, among other modifications. 

Overall, the styling is classy and the truck is powerful. When you see Julia driving around in this, you don’t know whether to be intimated or ridiculously attracted. It’s an impressive truck that cruises in style and can just as quickly tow heavy loads. Every owner of the GMC Jimmy holds it close to their heart. It’s a very accomplished vehicle. 

1968 Charger – General Lee Tribute Car

1968 General Lee Tribute Car

If you’ve seen the Dukes of Hazards then you instantly recognize this car. It’s the 1968 Dodge Charger, General Lee Tribute.

The awesome wedge shape of Chargers built from 1968 to 1970 makes them standout immediately from other Chargers. 1968 was the year the Charger went from a sedately-styled GT to a B-body battler. Dodge heads say these were the best years of the Charger. 

The ’68 Charger is cool, fast, and ferocious. Even more so when it’s equipped with a 440 big block like Julia’s.

This is the kind of car you can only hope to spot burning donuts in the lot. 

1948 Chevy 3100

Julia's Garage Instagram

This truck is beyond classic, it’s antique. The Chevy 3100 is a rare short bed, half-ton pickup truck from the post WWII era. The 3100 was far ahead of Chevy’s first new postwar cars. For those who know car history, and Chevy’s more specifically, this is a very special, iconic vehicle. Acquiring this must have been no easy feat.

We don’t know much about what went into it, restoration wise, but if you follow Julia, we are sure you will learn more. 

1939 Suburban

1939 suburban restoration by Julia Rose Stallone

Another fine specimen of an American antique car, the 1939 Chevy Suburban. This one clearly expresses Julia’s passion for classic cars. She is fully restoring it back to its glory days. The above pic shows some of the restoration progress.

We need to thank people like Julia for preserving car history! This is truly amazing. 

1986 Jeep CJ7 Mudtruck

1986 Jeep CJ7 mudtruck

When Julia Rose Stallone pulls up to the mud park in her Jeep CJ7, all jaws drop, men and women alike. Her 1986 CJ7 Mudtruck is unlike anything we’ve seen. It’s striking and undeniably singular. 

A few of its recent mods include a replacement of the bikini top with the original hardtop, new windshield frame, sound bar, doors, steps for driver and passenger side, and she relocated the gauges. She also installed a new winch and we believe she gave it a new paint job since last posting. 

So, basically…big time truck goals right here. The country in us can’t get enough of this. 


c43 AMG

Did you think Julia Rose Stallone only loves classics and antiques? Think again. 

Here is a pic of Julia’s daily whip. The Mercedes Benz C43 AMG. This girl has unrivaled style. 

Now, to the feature vehicle. The truck that will be parked up VIP-style at Diamonds and Donuts on July 12th – a 1962 Chevy C10.


chevy c10 pick up truck

This is a car fanatics version of ‘Beauty and The Beast’. 

The truck is a 1962 C10 Chevrolet pickup truck. The “C” in C10 indicates that the truck is a two-wheel drive model. This is the first generation of the C10 (1960-1966). It was a new type of truck from Chevy. This is the truck that paved the way for the future of light-duty and heavy-duty pickups.

julia's garage at diamonds and donuts car show

Julia’s Chevy C10 is obviously fully restored and upgraded. Beautifully at that. 

It has an LS3 motor running 525 HP and it sits on a 1978 K5 chassis with a 3 quarter ton running gear.

classic trucks boca raton

I think we can all agree this is probably the best Chevy build ever?

If you see this truck cruising the streets of Palm Beach and Broward County, now you know the lady behind the wheel.  

You can see Julia and the Big Guy, side by side exotics, sports cars, imports and more, at Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Diamonds and Donuts Car Show next month. 


julia rose stallone
Peep the extra large yellow gold diamond hoop earrings Julia is wearing. Those have an accumulative 23.12 carats of radiant diamonds, inside and out.

She’s also wearing a yellow gold diamond tennis necklace. A classic, classy look for an elegant, cool woman.
julia's garage
In this pic, Julia is wearing the white dial Rolex Sky-Dweller. It’s a stainless steel sports watch with a fluted gold bezel. This is one of the hottest Rolex’s out right now. Everyone wants to get their hands on the Sky-Dweller.


Diamonds and Donuts needs no introduction. It’s easily the best monthly car show in Boca Raton, and dare we say all of South Florida.

As you’ve probably heard by now, we are finally back after the lockdown from COVID-19!

It’s going to be a banger. Expect to see exotics from Lambo, Ferrari, and Mclaren, among other supercars, all kinds of dumb-fast Porsches, Teslas, Benzes, and, of course, all types of American muscle from Dodge, Chevy and Ford. If you are lucky, you may even be able to pick Julia’s brain a bit about cars.

There will also be live entertainment by DJ Nikko, food and a jewelry giveaway. There’s never a dull moment at Diamonds and Donuts.

If you want to come, be sure to RSVP here.

Date: July 12, 2020
Location: Diamonds By Raymond Lee
Time: 9 AM to 2 PM

Let us know which one of Julia Rose Stallone’s classic cars is your favorite in the comments below!

Follow Julia’s Garage on Instagram


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