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Rolex 18948 Review

Rolex 18948 Review

Rolex Day-Date series

For a watch that boasts quality water-resistance, dust-resistance, and shock-resistance, you can hardly dislike such watches. Even if you’re not a deep-sea diver, there’s still a lot to admire about the Rolex 18948. The Rolex Day-Date 18948 comes from a lustrous line of Rolex watches known as the Day-Date series. Coming from one of the most famous and grand collections of Rolex timepieces, the Rolex 18948 cannot fall far from the tree. 

The Day-Date series is a line of watches with varieties and unrivaled adaptability. The way he’s in this collection will blend in perfectly with almost anything. You can find numerous distinct styles and varieties of this beautiful wristwatch.

Introducing the Rolex 18948

Rolex 18948

Featuring pure, 19k yellow gold, this Rolex product is an absolutely rich hue. While other versions of the Day-Date series might feature two-tone gold on the bracelet, this version comes in all yellow gold material. More so, this watch comes with a 39 mm dial which makes it easy to read and offers it a masculine, yet fashionable, appearance.

This Rolex 18948 also comes with a diamond bezel with 4- high-grade diamonds surrounding the whole dial. By adding the diamonds, Rolex gives the timepiece a truly glamorous look and feel. More so, the hour markers of the watch also come encrusted in diamonds. 

Finally, the Day-Date 18948 also comes with a pearl watch face. This addition gives the timepiece a distinct refinement that sets it apart from other models in the famous Day-Date series. As a Day-Date, it also comes outfitted with the exceptionally outstanding and comfortable Oyster bracelet. This bracelet addition makes it a product fit for all-day comfort. 

The Similar Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece Watch

Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece

It is important to mention a similar timepiece to the Rolex 18948 even if it is no longer in production. The Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece watch is a very similar timepiece to the Rolex 18948. This watch comes with an almost similar level of quality and attention to detail. 

The Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece wristwatch is what you get if you blend a Day-Date with a Pearlmaster bracelet. As a special version of the Rolex Day-Date timepiece, there are quite some details to know about this watch. Keep reading to discover what exactly the Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece timepiece offers.

Taking Its Roots in the Pearlmaster

There is only one way to figure out how the Rolex Day-Date Masterpiece arrived on the watchmaking scene. That is by looking back at the company’s history a little bit. It all began in 1992 when Rolex introduced a new watch model known as the Pearlmaster. 

From its launch, the Pearlmaster came in as Rolex’s jewelry watch line. This model of Rolex watches is a product of precious metals and always comes adorned with diamonds. One trademark design marker of the Rolex Pearlmaster is its bracelet popularly known as the Pearlmaster bracelet. 

The Pearlmaster bracelet comes in as a five-piece links bracelet suited with a hidden Crownclasp. This bracelet is curvier than the Oyster bracelet but it is flatter than the President of the Jubilee bracelet.

Contrary to what you have with the popular President bracelet of the Rolex Day-Date, there is a Masterpiece watch parading a Pearlmaster bracelet. Initially, Rolex solely used the Pearlmaster bracelet on Lady-Datejust watches. With that, the watchmaker created spectacular gold and or platinum diamond Rolex watches for ladies only. 

This all changed in the 2000s when Rolex launched a new special-edition Day-Date watch suited with Pearlmaster bracelets. That special edition timepiece was the Rolex Masterpiece.

Cased Differently

Of all the qualities of this timepiece, the first detail you’ll notice is that its case is bigger than the typical Day-Date wristwatches. Rolex President or Rolex Day-Date watches naturally came in 36 mm cases. That was the case until the unveiling of the 41 mm Day-Date II in 2008. Then, the Day-Date 40 in 2015 followed suit. With the Masterpiece, you get a larger 39 mm case different from the usual 36 mm Day-Date case size. 

With the Day-Date Masterpiece parading a huge 39mm case, it became a great choice for those who needed a larger Rolex President. 

Sticking to the Dial, Changing the Bracelet

As for the dial, it maintains the standard duo of calendar windows to reveal the day of the week plus the day of the month. However, as cited above, instead of the iconic President bracelet, the Day-Date Masterpiece comes fitted with a Pearlmaster bracelet.

Both the Pearlmaster and Day-Date are products solely made from precious metals. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Day-Date Masterpiece also comes only in gold or platinum material options. Additionally, there are a lot of ultra-lavish editions such as Tridor models and platinum versions. While the Tridor models blend three shades of gold, the platinum types come with baguette-cut diamonds on the bracelet of the watch.

Presently, Rolex no longer produces the Day-Date Masterpiece timepiece having suspended its production a few years ago. Also, these Rolex Masterpiece models were products of such limited quantities plus their production was short-lived. Hence, you rarely find these watches out there. In all, rare, luxurious, and skillfully engineered, the Rolex Masterpiece lives up to its name in every sense of it.

Qualities of The Rolex 18948

Back to the Rolex 18948. There are certain qualities of the Rolex Day-Date 18948 parades that set it apart from other watches in the Day-Date series. Check them out!

  • Eye-popping Refinement

Possibly what makes the Day-Date series so elegant is the delicate quality of the materials that feature in this celebrated time tool. Particularly with the Rolex 18948, quality is the name of the day at every point. Featuring fine, pure 18k gold, you have a timepiece that is not just refined but eye-popping.

What this timepiece presents is genuine, eye-popping gold which is some of the best you can find out there. Additionally, this model of the watch also comes with high-grade diamonds. Every bit of diamonds in this watch is of high clarity. Rolex ensures only the best quality stones come with these wristwatches.

When you set aside the beautiful materials used, the style and design of the timepiece are also a huge part of what makes them so desirable. These watches give anything you pair with instant beauty. It is one perfect way to add style and charm to something simpler. 

However, it can also offer you that put-together appearance that can be so crucial in today’s cutthroat world of professionals. This is something rare to find. It is a high-end accessory that can give a perfect look with so many distinct styles and trends. 

  • Typical Rolex Quality and Style

Rolex is one of those Swiss watchmakers that rarely requires any introduction. Here is a watchmaking giant known for its distinct class, style, luxury, and quality. That is one reputation that the brand continues to hold on to till this day. 

A crucial part of the prestige comes from the use of the best and highest quality materials that are available out there. With Rolex watches like this one, you get that peace of mind. This is what you get with the best quality materials. Plus, the watch is always an incredible value for every penny. That is the case whether you are out for a Day-Date or one of their other quality timekeeping offerings.

More so, Rolex is popular for its cutting-edge design and quality creations. This parade is Swiss-born construction and engineering known to be one of the most outstanding in the watchmaking scene. Although the Day-Date series is one of the most prominent lines, there are several other options available. 

So, if you are looking to get watches for a distinct collection of needs, this is your go-to watchmaker. This watchmaker has long operated with others who specialize and work in harsh settings. They strive to discern what their personal needs are and develop a watch that can survive these factors. All of these features then become a part of all Rolex timepieces. 

  • Outfitted with a Diamond Bezel

There are several models of the Day-Date series featuring a metal bezel that is of the same metal as other parts of the wristwatch. You want to know if there are other options available. Occasionally, people admire the quality and style of classic styles. Yet, they desire something a little bit more different than a classic version. That is where the Rolex 18948 comes in as a great option. 

Moreover, this time tool comes with all the elements that we have come to expect from a Day-Date timepiece. However, these features come with something a little extra. 

As for this model of the Rolex favorite, you have an all-diamond bezel addition. There are over 40 small round, brilliant-cut diamonds that encircle the dial of the timepiece. Using this cut of the diamond is excellent for those who want their wristwatch to stand out. 

Likewise, round, brilliant-cut diamonds come with several facets cut into the sides of the stone. With that, there is light refraction. That gives the diamond the sparkle and shine you find so endearing and desirable. Hence, with this cut of diamond, you get the utmost amount of sparkle a watch can deliver.

That sparkle sets this wristwatch apart from other models that are a bit more subtle. Still, this isn’t an over-the-top watch. Regardless of the addition of high-grade diamonds, this watch is still excellent for daily wear. 

  • Furnished with an Oyster Bracelet

The Rolex brand has several patents on materials, styles, and internal components of their time offerings. Here is another aspect that makes Rolex timepieces the one-of-a-kind products they are. 

With these Rolex-exclusive features, you have some of the most cutting-edge and top-of-the-line features available. Also, since they are exclusive, you don’t see them anywhere else. Among all these patents, their exceptionally prominent Oyster-style bracelet remains the best.

In addition, the Oyster bracelet saw its first unveiling in the 1930s. Ever since the bracelet has been a hero among watch lovers all over the globe. That design is a special three-piece flat link bracelet.

Presently, this bracelet comes with several different Rolex models. So, it is safe to say that this piece of design is a timeless classic from Rolex. What you find on the watch mostly is an Oysterclasp and Oysterlock. With that, you can comfortably and safely tighten the watch onto your wrist for all-day wear and comfort. 

Overall, the bracelet addition gives this timepiece a distinctive elegance that never goes out of style. Also, knowing that it is a product created with comfort in mind, you know it is excellent for daily wear. 

  • A Piece for Different Occasions and Outfits

In all, with a watch like the Day-Date 18948, you enjoy the luxury of having an accessory that will give you that style and timeless beauty, and charm. The fact that this is a piece for different occasions and outfits makes so many people desire it. 

This wristwatch can give you that professionalism that can be so very helpful if you are a constant figure in the world of business. When you wear this watch with a well-fitting suit, you can effortlessly get that style and elegance that everyone yearns for. 

However, this watch does not only fit with only business attire. Being a wristwatch that also features high-grade diamonds, you can easily pair this watch with casual or other kinds of outfits also. 


In all, are you looking for that formal look and seriousness? Or do you want a wristwatch that is beautiful, but distinctive, the Day-Date series from Rolex is a perfect place to begin. With the Rolex 18948 model we review here, you have a more sophisticated and elegant model of the series. 

This wristwatch spouts 18k yellow gold of the most genuine quality. Also, it comes with a diamond bezel. With the bezel, you get 40 high-grade round, brilliant-cut diamonds in one watch. With these stones, you add to the watch an extra bit of refinement, beauty, and uniqueness. Plus, you add sparkle that not many watches can boast of.


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