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Rolex 86285 Review 

Rolex 86285 Review 

the relationship between Rolex Pearlmaster and Rolex 86285

The glamorous world of Rolex is full of chic, gleaming crowns and flags. Created in different collections, Rolex watches sparkle with ease. The Rolex Pearlmaster collection, which is a recent gem, features many models. And, of course, the Rolex 86285 is one of them. 

Before you learn about the Rolex 86285, you should know the Rolex Pearlmaster. 

What Is The Relationship Between Pearlmaster And Rolex 86285? 

Efforts that have gone into creating the Rolex Pearlmaster have been brilliant. It is easy to see it in the results. The white or Everose gold on the Pearlmaster always glitters! 

The designers of this collection have ensured that the shape is as excellent in design as the polish. And as expected, the casting is great too. It is easy to see that the designers were deliberate and meticulous in creating this from afar. And on closer look, you will hardly miss the unique hue.  This  collection, like others, goes through the test before distribution. After casting the design, the watch goes through the certification test. Thanks to these tests, we can say that the Rolex Pearlmaster collection is successful. The test that it undergoes ensures excellent performance. It enhances power reserve, encourages precision and protects from water. It also ensures that the watch is self-winding and serves users beyond expectation. 

Created to be the ultimate luxury, the Rolex 86285 is an inspired creation. The hand-finished diamond case and bezel set with a gorgeous array of shimmering gems enhance it. The result of this creation is nothing less than radiant. Looking at it, you’ll find yourself thinking about its beauty every minute of every day.

What is the origin of Rolex 86285? 

The Genesis of Rolex 86285

As earlier stated, the Rolex 86285 is a part of a collection. The Rolex Pearlmaster, which first appeared in 1992, is the mother of Rolex 86285. 

In 1992, the watchmakers created the original Pearlmaster. One of the most popular models under the collection is the Datejust. Many watch enthusiasts adore it. It has been around for a while. 

With its quality gemstone, the design of the Pearlmaster seems to be miles ahead. Little wonder we call it the masterpiece series. 

One of the things that we cannot take away from the Pearlmaster is quality. The designers were intentional when they used rich materials to make it. One of the rich materials is an 18k yellow cast. 

The watchmakers also made the Pearlmaster in white or Everose gold. We can see the uniqueness of this collection in the decoration. 

It is safe to say that the Rolex Pearlmaster excels in any design. The collection wears designs in style, from diamonds to rubies and sapphires. 

The designers used a golden design for this collection. Some of them have flawless diamonds, and all have the Crown-Lock clasp. 

Looking at the design of the Pearlmaster, there is no denying the beauty. The watchmakers put in their best into making the collection. And ever since the first set, they have gone on to make more. They have made more in different models too. 

The genesis of the Rolex 86285

The Start of the Collection of a Rolex 86285

The first Pearlmaster collection that the watchmakers designed came in different sizes. One was 34mm, and the other 29mm. The smallest of the Pearlmaster collection. This model, which is 29mm, was still larger than the Datejust model.

The beauty attracted many people across the world. There was no way to mistake the intentionality that had gone into making it. And the fact that the size was greater than the collections before gave it utmost popularity. 

Sooner, people geared towards using the Rolex Pearlmaster. For demography that lacked variety, this collection was a breath of fresh air. 

More vintage watch pieces came in 1988. At this time, the makers enhanced it with the Cal 2135. There were smaller movements after this great piece came around. And the excellence was glaring. In 1999, Cal 2235 took over. 

The first generation of Pearlmaster had yellow and white gold cases. And the generation that followed was more vintage. Samples like 80359 became popular. 

Rolex Pearlmaster Milestones So far. 

It has been a journey for the producers of Rolex Watchmakers. It has also been quite the trajectory for their consumers. Through the years from 1992 to date, there have been improvements. Improvements have happened to the quality and the aesthetics of the collection. 

These improvements have led to the making of the Rolex 86285. 


The first release of the Rolex Pearlmaster happened in the year 1992. This year, they had the 29mm and the 34mm versions of the collection. 

As expected, the watchmakers made different designs available. We had the yellow and white gold cases. 

Watch enthusiasts had their pick based on the size and color preference. 


The makers created a more defined model. They changed the engine from Cal 2135 to Cal 2235. This one had the ladies in mind at the point of the design. And it succeeded. After they tested with COSC, it was the most consistent and the most accurate caliber 


This year, the works gave birth to Everose, pink or gold-colored Rolex Pearlmaster. 


The Rolex 86286 came to life in style in the year 2015. It was the first 39mm Pearlmaster that the collection released. 

The model had two designs at the point of release; the yellow gold and one white gold model. The dial was unique, and of course, the sapphire bezel stood out too. 

You can check here to know more about the differences in these models.

Some of the parts of the Rolex 86285 have stood out for years. And others for more than a decade. One thing is for sure; these parts are the best thing about this type of watch under the collection.

Parts and Features of the Rolex 86285 

  • Movement 

It is hard not to think the Rolex 86285 is beautiful when you look at it. Elegance indeed is enough to make you want to buy one. But, there is more about the Rolex 86285 than the looks. While the beauty is great, the motion feature is also an advantage. 

As far as we know, for the Rolex 86285, the movement contributes to precision. We can expect a precision score of -2/+2 every day after casing. With rapid setting, you get a center hour, minute and second hands. The rapid setting also enhances instantaneous data. It is great to know that movement does not only impact precision. There are other things like perpetual, mechanical, and self-winding movement. 

About the oscillator, the features include high-performance Paraflex shock. It also has a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. 

The hairspring is an important part of the oscillator. It has a thin coil wire and is at the center of the balance wheel. The movement of the balance wheel back and forth is possible because of the hairspring. 

Wonder what else the hairspring represents? It is vital for a caliber’s accuracy. 

It took effort and a great time of about five years to make the blue Parachrom hairspring for a Rolex watch. But it happened. Intending to create a stable hairspring, the creators had to put in more effort. 

  • Power Reserve 

All Rolex watches have a power reserve. Have you ever wondered what makes a mechanical watch? One of the features that make mechanical watches unique is the power reserve. 

As far as we know, the power reserve can last for 36 – 72 hours. For the Rolex 86285, the power reserve lasts for 72 hours. This means that the power available helps the watch function for 72 hours. In those hours, the timepiece releases power to ensure that the watch functions well. 

While the power reserve is working, it alerts the wearer now and then. So, you would know when the power is available. And how long it will be available before it needs winding. 

  • Winding

Winding for the Rolex 86285, like any other Rolex, is important to the function of the watch. 

For this type of Rolex Pearlmaster, bidirectional self-winding is effective. It is also important to note that this is only possible with a perpetual rotor. 

  • Bracelet 

A watch crown has always been the most revered part of the watch. While this is no flaw, the crown is not the only thing that makes the watch. Other parts of the watch that make it wearable include the bracelet and clasp. 

The bracelet of a Rolex 86285 excels in many ways. First, it makes wearing the watch comfortable. So, we can say a lot about its ergonomics. It also does not lack strength and reliability. So, it is fine to focus on the center of the watch. But, it is crucial to see that the bracelet is available to make wearing the watch easy. 

The 86285 model has about rounded five-piece links. The designers also surrounded this model 18 CT Everose gold. 

  • Clasp

The clasp is a part of the bracelet that designers have created to hold it. But, does it do the job designers assign it to do? Well, first of all, a clasp can be of different types. We have the oyster clasp, Oyster Clock, and crown clasp. The clasp is the feature of the Rolex watch that ensures that you can pull off and put on the watch with ease. 

For the Rolex 86285, they have a concealed folding Crownclasp. That it is folding and concealed means that the blades are not visible. 

The opening and closing mechanism are out of sight under a crown-shaped lever. 

  • Dial 

As with other Rolex watches, the centerpieces of the Royal 8285 are the watches’ dials. 

Created with care, they feature six and nine-hour markers. These markers have 16 diamonds in each of them. With an added 16 diamonds, the watch gets a total of 32 diamonds. Of course, this adds to the diamonds around the hour markers throughout the dial. 

That is a lot of gemstones in one watch. It is one of the beautiful things about the Rolex 86285. 

It is for Rolex lovers who want a simple and classy classic purple dial metal watch. The Rolex 86285 is special in every way and different from other Rolex types because of its purple dial. This purple dial is also known as the Aubergine dial. 

What is Aubergine?

Aubergine is a purple egg-shaped fruit of a tropical old world plant. This plant has the nightshade family that bears the technical fruit of an eggplant. And most times, we use eggplant as a vegetable. If you take a close look at the Rolex 86285, you will notice the color of the center. This indicates that the color of the center comes from Aubergine. So, you should expect it to look like a rich dark purple eggplant color. 

According to history, this color represents royalty. So, if the dial of your Rolex 86285 has this color at the center. Or better put, at the top, close to the pinnacle of their entire line, you may feel like royalty. 

  • Model case

The Oyster case is as sturdy and waterproof as it is elegant. With exceptional finishing that reflects attention to detail: all bezel components are perfect. Screws on both casings help to avoid any risk of loosening. It is also what makes optimal resistance to wear possible. Like it is water-resistant, it is also scratch-resistant. Set with diamonds and 18 ct Everose gold, it has 39 mm in diameter and has a monobloc middle case. It also has a winding crown that contributes to the watch’s beauty and protection. 


The Rolex 86285 has a bezel, and they cover the entire dial in a harmony of colors and gems. There are no less than 32 diamonds occupying important areas. It is easy to get carried away with the glitters in a composition like that. But of course, the Rolex 86285 is more than the aesthetics. 

So, there is no reason for you to shy away from getting yourself one. You could also decide to get one for your loved one. Whatever decision you make, you can find out more about the collection here.   


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